Chapter 659: Little HIdden Dragon’s Ghost type Technique (1)

Chapter 659: Little HIdden Dragon’s Ghost type Technique (1)

“I am Lin Qi, the great palace master of Xuan Zhen Palace. Yu Palace Master often brings you up in front of me.” The middle aged man named Lin Qi said.

This man was wearing a dark robe. His face was amicable, and his eyes weren’t large, but they twinkled with an unfathomable gleam, giving Chu Mu a feeling this person had a great intelligence that just seemed simpler on the outside.

“Young master, this Lin Qi is Yu Palace Master’s superior, a well-known character in the academic world as well. He usually stays in Wanxiang city.” Old Li had heard of Lin Qi and explained.

Since he was a soul palace expert, Chu Mu politely addressed him as Elder Lin, and started asking this elder about his reason of visiting great Chu Family.

As a great palace master, their strength definitely was very powerful. At the very least, he was an expert with a low class emperor rank soul pet. As such a large character, the nearby kingdoms should all be worshipping him. Why would he suddenly run to Great Chu Family? And hearing Teng Hai’s previous words, it seemed a lot of people were about to come to soul palace.

“There wasn’t anything to hide about this. An expert had predicted that there will be a great hibernating desolation in Great Broken Sting Valley that will spread to the nearby kingdoms and even further. After about a year, all the areas will have to prepare for this desolation. Tianxia City will also send spirit emperor, spirit master, and spirit teacher ranked experts to the main cities of each kingdom.” Lin Qi said.

Chu Mu learned more about the situation during his ascent with Lin Qi and Teng Hai.

It seems that almost everyone who made the honors list in Battle of the Realm would be sent here to stop the calamity as well as be given great rewards and honors. It was a training for all Tianxia Realm young generation experts. It was also mainly to protect the countless billions of lives of the kingdoms on the west side.

Because Chu Mu was now a spirit emperor member, Lin Qi also told Chu Mu that there may be a large group of spirit emperors that come over.

“A large group of spirit emperors? Why are they congregating here?” Chu Mu said questioningly.

“It’s the ten year realm throne. Ten Year Realm Throne’s nomination requirement is to kill an emperor rank Heavenly Devil Insect. At the same time, spirit emperors’ auction exchange will happen in Wogu City too.” Lin Qi rubbed his whip-like beard and laughed, “Then, you have to save up well, or else you may only be able to watch as amazing items cross paths with you. Afterwards, you could never get the chance again.”

Chu Mu didn’t know that Tianxia Realm’s soul emperor exchange would be in Wogu City. Looks like a large group of spirit emperors will indeed be gathered here. A little Wogu City will be filled with experts.

“Chu Chen, you should try for the nomination requirement of Realm Throne, maybe you can become the youngest person in history to earn the nomination for Realm Throne.” Teng Hai said excitedly.

After Teng Hai finished, Great Palace Master Lin Qi laughed and patted Teng Hai’s head, “The nomination requirement for realm throne isn’t that easy to get. Bug type soul pets’ reproduction abilities are extremely powerful. Their armies are nearly double the size of normal tribes. Having one or two pseudo-emperor ranks will be hard pressed to kill a Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor. The best method is to wait until the hibernating desolation comes.”

It wasn’t that Lin Qi didn’t favor Chu Mu’s strength. After all, everyone knew that Chu Mu had an emperor rank soul pet. Even if they counted the reward of Battle of the Realm final honor, he would have two emperors. Two emperors wasn’t enough to fight against a first rank tribe, let alone a bug type tribe!

After entering the main mountain, Chu Mu split ways with Lin QI and Teng Hai. Both of them said they would stay in Wogu City all the way until the hibernating desolation strikes. Afterwards, more soul palace experts will come forth. It won’t take long before the soul palace will appear in Wogu City, and then they could meet back up in the soul palace of Wogu City.

Chu Mu had told someone to notify Elder Tu already, so when Chu Mu went forth, Elder Tu quickly ran forward to meet Chu Mu.

“Young master, we are honored by your presence, excuse me for not going out to meet you.” Elder Tu gave his respects. His white hair was disheveled as if he just woke up from a noon nap.

“Elder Tu, are there any famous soul teachers in Wogu City? I want to combine some things.” Chu Mu said directly.

“Young master, what rank soul teacher do you need?” Elder Tu asked.

“At least ninth rank, there are quite a few types I want to combine.” Chu Mu said.

“Chu family has a soul teacher that recently passed the ninth rank exam in Soul Creed. She’s called Chu Jianyin…..” Speaking of this soul teacher, Elder Tu showed some admiration.

Ninth rank soul teachers had a very important meaning. They could concoct and combine high class monarch and even top tier monarch rank soul items with only some seventh and eighth rank materials. With special soul pets and purposeful type modulation, they could ensure soul pets could completely strengthen their types, which makes an advanced soul teacher even more important.

“This old lady often is crafting soul crystals and soul cores on the outer peaks and rarely sees guests. Let me go and report to her first to see if she is willing to concoct for you.” Elder Tu said.

Elder Tu, in reality, knew that this old soul teacher was very virtuous and proud. In Chu Family, other than the family master, other people attempting to see her was incredibly hard. Elder Tu couldn’t guarantee that she could convince the old lady to mix soul crystals for Chu Mu.

Elder Tu led the way, while Chu Mu followed him to the side peak to find the old soul teacher’s residence.

Old soul teacher’s living grounds were specially furnished to be especially luxurious. It was even more upscale than the main peak’s courtyards, showing just how high status this soul teacher was.

“We’ve said it already, my mother isn’t seeing any visitor! Really, you guys are so annoying, coming all the time. If you guys aren’t tired of it yet, I’m tired of it!” An impatient voice roared.

Just as they entered the courtyard he heard a shout from a middle aged man. Looks like there were a lot of people that came to visit daily.

“Why does the voice similar?” Chu Mu was secretly strange. He didn’t mind the voice, and still walked into the courtyard.

Elder Tu stood aside awkwardly and explained in a small voice, “Young master, showing your identity may be better or else the elder doesn’t care about me enough to care.”

Chu Mu laughed and shook his head as he glanced at the middle aged man comfortably laying in the courtyard sunbathing.

The middle aged man was skinny and had a small beard, laying comfortably in a rocking chair taking a nap.

The roar was clearly from him. He thought that the person had been driven away. He didn’t think that the two would walk in without permission. Truly outrageous!

“Younger disciple, please calm down and let me introduce you, this is……” Seeing this younger disciple about to be angry, elder Tu quickly went up to stop him.

Soul Palace young master was an identity Elder Tu knew very well about. Even the family master would have to be respectful towards him. Elder Tu didn’t want to satisfy this young master.

However, what made elder Tu surprised was that before he even introduced Chu Mu, this younger disciple quickly jumped out of his seat, and changed his previously nearly angry face to one of flattery and respect!

“So it is the great young master Chu. I thought it was some critter that wants to beg my mother to refine something again. I am extremely sorry for shouting at you!” The unscrupulous businessman looking middle aged person smiled and quickly walked up to Chu Mu, similarly showing an attitude of being sorry for not meeting earlier.

“Seems like your life is pretty good, and your strength improved by quite a bit.” Chu Mu immediately saw the improvement in the profiteer’s soul remembrance and said with interest.

Chu Mu’s appearance was slightly changed, a mix between Chu Mu and Chu Chen. Though the profiteer saw that Chu Mu’s appearance changed, he could still deduce by mannerisms alone that this was the formidable Chu family Chu Mu. In reality, this was Chu Mu’s true appearance. When Chu Mu needed some identity, Old Li would change his face a little. Of course, to people familiar to Chu Mu, no matter what appearance Chu Mu used would still be recognizable.

“Hehe, you’re too kind. Compared to great young master Chu family, I’m still leagues away. Then, since great young master Chu is here, presumably you are here for important matters. Just let me know and I, Profiteer, will promise to complete it!” Profiteer said face full of smile.

Elder Tu stood aside, and stared surprisingly at the treacherous younger disciple. In reality, he rarely saw the profiteer treat a young generation so well. He hadn’t even introduced CHu Mu yet.

Speaking of which, after the hibernating desolation, the great chu family’s four people all returned to great chu family. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Profiteer truly understood the meaning of this words because after he returned to great chu family, his old mother became ninth rank soul teacher, and immediately became a great character right below family master. Profiteer had also increased in strength due to his old mother’s help, and his position rose like never before!

As they were close, the tasks were much easier. After Chu Mu said his intent, he immediately went to bring the old mother out.

Profiteer naturally knew that this was the person that killed the western kingdom master and Sun Qiming. No matter how high his old mother’s position was, it was nothing compared to this young man.

So, if Chu Mu had any requests, the proud old woman naturally couldn’t go against it.

Elder Tu, who still didn't know Chu Mu was the first tier final honor winner, was very confused. He had no idea what powers the young master had to be able to get the old soul teacher to be this polite without even saying his identity.

“Great young master Chu, my old mother still needs a while to finish a concoction. Let me bring you around great chu family. This is probably the first time you came, correct?” Profiteer said with a face full of smiles.

“En, lets walk around randomly.” Chu Mu nodded.

Although they said they were walking around, Chu Mu instead just told profiteer to bring him and elder Tu straight to the battlefield on the mountaintop.

Little hidden dragon hadn’t trained in a while. Now that the fifth phase morphing ingredients were fixed, he should bring little hidden dragon to fourth phase ninth stage as soon as possible.

Of course, the main thing was Chu Mu wanted to see the effects of the slowly forming ghost type in little hidden dragon.

To test the effects, he naturally had to find someone to go against. Great Chu family’s mountaintop should have great chu family’s disciples, so he could just find a couple.

Elder Tu and profiteer naturally went with him to the mountaintop. Both the old men were high status people in great chu family. After they accompanied Chu Mu to the mountaintop battles, they quickly drew a lot of attention from great chu family members, causing them to guess which great faction’s prince came up and wanted the two to accompany him.

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