Chapter 658: God-like Young Man, Chu Mu

Chapter 658: God-like Young Man, Chu Mu

Barbarian mountain was already Chu Family’s territory. Especially the regions with spirit source, Chu family had heavy protection. The 250 spirits monthly was enough to cover Chu Mu’s expenses of feeding his soul pets. These spirits naturally couldn’t be wasted.

Chu Mu didn’t tell Chu Tianren to go look for Old Li. Instead, he said that he learned from a book on how to look for spirit sources, and thus could directly go towards great broken sting valley.

Chu Tianren was only half believing. However, after the calamity in western world, the spirit-finding expert probably had left long ago, so looking for him would be pointless.

Seven color city already had many faction armies protecting it, so the two needn’t worry about it and they headed straight for Wogu region.

Chu Mu remembered that initiall,y when he reached Luo Region from Nightmare Palace, he needed nearly two months to get there.

Now, with Chu Tianren’s Ice Cloud Crane, they only needed three days to pass straight through western world. This speed was incredible.


The vast and boundless plans extended towards two mountain ranges with a valley between. Wogu City sat right between the plains and the mountain ranges.

Wogu City always looked so solemn and grave. Maybe this had something to do with its special architecture.

All of Wogu City’s buildings were hard to destroy, being much sturdier than other cities’ structures. The entire city’s ground was tiled with thick stone bricks. These bricks weren’t for artistic purposes. Instead, they were for defenses of the underground cellars under any house. Once a disaster came, people could hide in these underground cellars.

Wogu City’s underground cellars were all very exquisitely designed. The ventilation, piping, and storage, as long as there wasn’t any poison gas leaking, were very safe hiding in the cellars.

Wogu City was special. Naturally, this was because they suffered constant hibernating desolations, so the city’s specialties grew to fit this need.

Of course, even with so many calamities, Wogu City remained a kingdom city only inferior to kingdom capitals. After all, they held a large amount of resources, and Great Broken Stinging Valley was a destination for countless soul pet trainers to train, hunt, and search for treasures.

This was the second time Chu Mu entered Wogu City. Initially, when Chu Mu stepped into this place, the first thing he felt was the city’s magnificence. At the same time, he was the most average soul pet trainer in the vast crowds of people.

Today, on the emperor rank wing type soul pets back flying directly into Wogu City, as a soul pet trainer at the tip of the pyramid, Chu Mu felt vastly different, despite it only being a few years.

“Third uncle, I have some things to buy. Wogu city should have something that I want.” Chu Mu said.

“Eighth rank and under, it probably has all those things. Ninth rank, tenth rank you need some luck. Most likely, it is all hidden in collections and put up for auction. If you’re buying things, old man will not accompany you. I’ll go find a few old friends of mine and ask them about the recent news of great broken sting valley.” Chu Tianren said.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded, releasing his soul remembrance to make a small mark on Chu Tianren to find him easier.

After speaking, Chu Tianren rode the Ice Cloud Crane down from the skies. After dropping off CHu Mu at the auction hall, he went towards a different direction in Wogu City.

When Chu Mu fell in the streets, the hundreds of people around all stared in shock at Chu Mu. In a moment, discussion started all around.

Even in Tianxia City, the appearance of emperor rank soul pets could cause sighs, let alone in Wogu City. The people around were all starting to guess secretly whether this young man was another crown prince of some great faction.

Chu Mu didn’t mind everyone’s discussion, and walked straight towards the exchange.

The auction hall was always the property of merchants alliance. Their motto was that they would treat anyone with money with passion.

Chu Mu came to the auction house naturally to fix little hidden dragon’s problem.

After the calamity, Chu Mu specially told Qian Qing to keep an eye out for ghost type soul items for him. If they appeared he told her to send it over. Instead, Qian Qing directly sent a multi-type soul item that could be used to morph little hidden dragon. This caused Chu Mu to be surprised. However, with more thought he realized that Qian Qing was a soul teacher. Concocting soul items was her specialty. He was also secretly grateful for this soul teacher in Nightmare Palace, a rare kind lady.

Little hidden dragon’s growth soul item was a dragon type innard or soul crystal with a mixture of beast type soul crystal, bug type soul crystal, and ghost type soul crystal. These materials together was nearly 6 times the normal resources.

With little hidden dragon’s strength,the material was most likely within the tenth rank, so though the initial resources wereare very expensive, it wasn’t much for Chu Mu, an owner of an emperor rank soul pet. The problem was how he would find such a multi-type soul item.

Little hidden dragon was past the morphing stage between third and fourth phase. Now, it was fourth phase fifth stage, and would be fifth phase soon. Originally, Chu Mu wanted to ask Qian Qing for help, but Qian Qing said her type combining powers couldn’t concoct such an advanced multi-type soul item. The little hidden dragon’s third and fourth phase soul item was something she spent a long time making already.

“Young master, little hidden dragon is only fourth phase right now, but its strength is already commander rank. Commander rank soul pets usually need seventh rank and above soul items. People able to combine three main types above seventh rank are rare. Young master could find Elder Tu to see if he knows anyone in Wogu City that could concoct such advanced soul items. If they couldn’t concoct it, combining or merging works as well.”

Combining and merging were techniques Chu Mu had heard of before.

They were all subtypes of soul teacher techniques. In reality, soul teachers could be split into soul medicine teachers and soul crystal teachers.

Soul medicine teachers mainly used rare plants or plant world soul pets to create soul items that many soul pets need to strengthen them. Their main specialty was to use cheap and easy to find soul items to create advanced soul medicines.

Soul crystal teachers mainly had a specialty within soul cores, soul crystals, innard crystals, and gemstones. They knew how to concoct and compress them, making a bunch of soul cores into a soul crystal, compressing a low rank soul crystal to a higher ranking one, or making single type soul crystals to duo type soul crystals.

Because these concoctions often needed other other expensive soul items as support, multi-type soul crystals weren’t just a one plus one type of resource expenditure. Often times, the support soul items were even more expensive than the resource itself.

Chu Mu walked past the auction hall. Readily made soul items were nearly impossible to find. He could only buy all the resources needed for a concoction and then find an advanced soul teacher to combine them.

Yet, advanced soul teachers also weren’t easy to find!

“If only Qingzi were here, this wouldn’t be that complicated.” Chu Mu shook his head helplessly. Hopefully, Elder Tu could introduce him to a good soul teacher, or else Chu Mu would have to suppress little hidden dragon’s growth again.

“Young master should just let the long legged chick come over once. She’s the perfect choice to be a mother. She would solve all the problems of young soul pets. She’s also the apprentice of Ying Long, meaning multi-type concoctions are probably something simple for her.” Old Li said.

“I will try my best to meet up with her soon, or else once little hidden dragon reaches too high of a rank, the things it would need would be even harder to find.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly.


After leaving the auction hall, Chu Mu went straight towards great Chu family.

Chu Mu didn’t waste any time, directly showing his soul palace young master identity to save the guards of chu family the time of going up and reporting him. Or else, Chu Mu probably would have to wait in a side courtyard for a while. Chu Mu didn’t have the patience to waste that time.

“This…...this seems to be the tenth rank title of soul palace……” The guard looked at Chu Mu’s soul palace decree and carefully examined it.

“This…...can this lord wait for a second…” The guard said in a low voice. It seemed like they needed to find a higher level person to identify this decree accurately.

Chu Mu rolled his eyes. The reason he showed his identity to save time. Yet, he still had to wait. Immediately, Chu Mu didn’t care to pay attention, and decided to directly ride Night into Chu mountain.

“It’ll be very quick. Another highly ranked soul palace member just entered chu mountain. I can just run over and ask him. You may even know each other.” The mountain guard saw that Chu Mu was impatient and quickly explained.

“Soul palace?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow, somewhat questioning why a soul palace person would come.

The guard indeed didn’t make Chu Mu wait long before he led a young man and middle aged man came. Their speed was indeed quick.

“Tenth rank decree, another young man? Not likely. Fang Ze usually comes at least in another year……” Young man walked and said.

However, when the young man passed the pavilion and saw Chu Mu, the young man paused and stared at Chu Mu for a while, murmuring.

The middle aged man also measured Chu Mu up and was surprised, but remained calm.

“You’re Chu Chen!!” Finally, the young man yelled out!

The young man’s gaze was fervent, as if he finally saw his belief. He excitedly ran in front of Chu Mu and seemed at a loss!!

Chu Mu saw this young man and looked for a while before realizing this was Ting Lan’s brother, and his name is called Teng Hai…...

The young man indeed was Teng Hai, Ting Lan’s brother. Initially, Teng Hai had always worshipped the new hunter king Luo Peng, and didn’t favor Chu Mu who had just appeared.

However, in the following times, after Chu Mu went from third tier to second tier and became incredibly famous, Teng Hai finally looked at him in a different view. As for a character like Luo Peng, this young man who respects experts threw him to the back of his mind long ago. Instead, he constantly used Ting Lan to gather information about Chu Mu, wanting to catch up.

And then, after Chu Mu dominatingly summoned an emperor rank soul pet that swept through first tier and won the final honor, in that moment, Chu Mu instantly went from a person of respect to a god-like character within Teng Hai’s eyes!

Instead, what Chu Mu didn’t expect was that he would meet this god-like young man at such a far place like Great Chu Family. How could the fervent Teng Hai not be excited!!

“You’re Ting Lan’s brother Teng Hai, right? What brings you here?” Chu Mu asked lightly, wondering secretly why this kid’s eyes were looking at him strangely.

“Ah? You remember my name?! Chu Chen remembers my name, HAHAHAHAH!!” Teng Hai yelped and seemed overwhelmed by the act.

“......” Chu Mu was speechless. This kid truly couldn’t keep his calm. Wasn’t it just his name? Is there a need to react this way?

Teng Hai remained exuberant. In reality, one couldn’t blame Teng Hai for this behavior. One has to know the impact of the name soul palace Chu Chen. Especially for young men and women of Teng Hai’s age, comparing this name to their gods definitely wasn’t an overstatement!

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