Chapter 656: Searching for an Expert from the Last Century, Half Human Half Pet?

Chapter 656: Searching for an Expert from the Last Century, Half Human Half Pet?

Chu Mu was riding on his Night Thunder Dream Beast that had already reached the peak monarch rank. It ran along the wide main street towards Seven Color City’s City Lord Residence. 

Coming back after two months of training, Seven Color City had turned over a new leaf. Although it couldn’t be considered flourishing, it was in the early stages of becoming like that. Chu Mu was very satisfied.

The size of a city was often times determined by whether there were large factions stationed there.

Nightmare Palace, Soul Palace, Soul Pet Palace, Merchant Alliance, and Hunting Association...

Merchant Alliance’s trade line was already established in the city’s bustling district. Presumably, Merchant Alliance had seen some business opportunity and planned on making money here.

As for the omnipresent Soul Pet Palace, they had already occupied a patch of land, and were beginning to open up to every soul pet trainer. 

Soul Pet Palace never had an entrance barrier, and one would be able to find them in many eighth rank cities. Soul pet trainers could also engage in exchanges in Soul Pet Palace regardless of status.

Of course, being able to enter Soul Pet Palace didn’t mean one had the qualifications to join Soul Pet Palace, since the requirements to join were as strict as Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace. In reality, numerous people understood that the Soul Pet Palace that was established in this low ranking city was only a subordinated Soul Pet Palace. A true Soul Pet Palace was normally only found in kingdom rank cities. 

Equivalently, Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace were also missing from Seven Color City. These two factions would normally only establish themselves in kingdom cities or special cities.

A large city had to have all of the large factions in order to convince more soul pet trainers to reside in this city. If they could even make Hunting Association and Soul Palace establish themselves in the city, this meant that the city’s rank was high. 

If Seven Color City were to truly develop, then these factions had to come and set up shop here. This, in turn, would depend on the state of Seven Color City’s growth and whether Chu Mu had the resolution to go and attract these factions. 


After returning to the Chu Family residence, Chu Mu returned to this room. He washed himself and changed into clean clothing before heading to Chu Tianren’s residence. 

Chu Tianren was the Chu Family’s number one expert, as his strength was even higher than a third rank Kingdom Lord. However, he had no clue how to manage a city and had no interest in doing so. Therefore, the City Lord position went to Chu Tianheng. 

After Chu Mu went to Chu Tianren’s courtyard, he saw him an astronomy book. 

“Third Uncle, Chu He said you wanted to discuss something with me?” Chu Mu walked up to Chu Tianren and spoke.

Chu Tianren didn’t look at Chu Mu but instead seemed to be talking to himself: “The fifth rank ice type crystallization is ground immortal ice. But will ground immortal ice reject the fifth rank absolute rock?” 

Attributes could reject each other and could be combined. For example, the Ghost King’s dark rock was the combination of its dark attribute and rock attribute. Chu Tianren probably had an ice rock type soul pet, otherwise he wouldn’t be researching this.

“Ground immortal ice is found underneath glaciers and innately is very closely tied with the rock attribute. The two can be combined; however, you must spend a large amount of money while training to do so.” Chu Mu thought that Chu Tianren was asking him the question, so he answered.

Chu Tianren heard Chu Mu’s voice. Stunned, he looked up at Chu Mu and said: “How do you know?” 

Chu Tianren had already seen Chu Mu, and after knowing that Chu Mu was essentially a spirit emperor at such a young age and managed to kill the Kingdom Lord and Sun Qiming, his expression had become strange. 

Everyone knew that Chu Tianren and Chu Mu’s father, Chu Tianmang, did not get along. Yet, Chu Tianmang’s son ended up so abnormal that Chu Tianren was speechless after training for so many years. 

Of course, he was now much older and much time had since passed. Thus, he had gotten over their dispute. Chu Tianren actually admired Chu Mu, since he was so young, yet so strong. 

“I saw it in a book.” Chu Mu didn’t tell him Old Li had told him this. He continued to ask, “Third Uncle wanted to see me for this matter?” 

“Oh, of course not! I went to go see the spirit source you spoke of. It really does produce 3 thousand spirits every year. To a first or second rank Kingdom Lord, this is a huge treasure.” said Chu Tianren. 

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“If my soul pets don’t fight, they need to eat 200 spirits every month. According to my normal cultivation, I need about five hundred spirits every month, but this spirit source doesn’t produce even 300 spirits a month. At most, they will be able to appease your soul pets, while my soul pets will starve to death.” Chu Tianren was very straight forward. 

Having interacted with him over this period of time, Chu Mu got to know that while Chu Tianren was serious and callous on the outside, he was actually rather carefree, and sometimes spoke of irrelevant things. It was no wonder that young female servant by his side would often just babble on. She probably got it from Chu Tianren. 

“If they don’t fight, you’ll need 200 spirits. Third Uncle, how many emperor soul pets do you have?” Chu Mu was a bit shocked. 

“3 pseudo emperors, and one low class emperor. A low class emperor eats five times that of a pseudo emperor. Or in other words, five spirits a day. You can calculate yourself whether they need that much a month.” said Chu Tianren. 

 After listening to Chu Tianren, Chu Mu finally understood how difficult it was to raise emperors. 

“I am a high ranking guest in Soul Pet Palace, and each month they will give me 50 spirits as pay. I don’t earn as much as Palace Lords. Normally, I head to tribes and slaughter and steal things. Ever since I accidentally obtained a low class emperor, I haven’t been able to stay idle in one place… moreover, I have another pseudo emperor that’s about to be born. I’m really worried about that.” Chu Tianren continued to speak.

Although Chu Tianren said he was worried, he also looked a bit pleased. 

One had to understand that with another pseudo emperor, one’s strength would greatly rise. Chu Tianren could also quintuple control and in the future, his main pets would be composed of solely emperors. He would be considered an incredible person in large factions. 

If Chu Tianren was willing to settle down in Soul Pet Palace and become a Great Palace Lord, then Soul Pept Palace would definitely provide Chu Tianren the fees to raise his emperor rank soul pets. However, Chu Tianren enjoyed freedom and only stayed as a high ranking guest. Each month he would earn 50 spirits, which was practically nothing...

“Then that’s a problem. After I reach the spirit emperor rank, a large group of my soul pets will reach the emperor rank.” Chu Mu bitterly laughed. 

When Chu Mu reached the emperor rank, the small Mo Xie would probably evolve from the ninth phase to the tenth phase, becoming a true low class monarch. That meant that Mo Xie’s everyday food requirements would be five times that of a pseudo monarch. In other words, five spirits a day. 

As for the Binding Wind Spirit and Devil Tree Battle Soldier, they were destined to become emperors. Chu Mu was about to enter the same circumstances as Chu Tianren, where he would consume a huge amount of spirits. For the time being, Chu Mu truly didn’t dare spend the remaining 10 thousand spirits. 

“A group of soul pets… could it be, after you killed the Kingdom Lord and Sun Qiming, you obtained a large amount of gains?” Chu Tianheng opened his eyes wide. 

Just now he was pretending to be worried as he flaunted his new pseudo emperor. Yet, Chu Mu’s words ended up shocking him. This was the first time he heard someone say that they had a group of soul pets that were about to become emperors! 

“They only had 3 thousand spirits, and the inner soul crystals from their two emperors.” Chu Mu shook his head. 

“Fine, you’re even more ruthless. At least you understand that Seven Color City provides quite a bit for normal spirit emperors. However, to the two of us, it’s still too little. Without a spirit source, I won’t be able to oversee this place for a long period of time. At best, I will be able to head to Nightmare Palace’s Eternal Ocean to find resources. However, I don’t have any water type soul pet and will be disadvantaged in a fight in the water.” said Chu Tianren. 

“The forbidden region in Barbarian Mountain Range has a fourth rank tribe. You can head there, and you’ll be able to find an even larger spirit source there.” said Chu Mu.

Old Li had told Chu Mu that there was a spirit source there. Chu Mu himself was unable to determine where spirit sources were located, but Old Li was rather adept at this.

Chu Tianren shook his head and said: “A third rank tribe is my limit. I can’t deal with a fourth rank tribe, which will have at least two low class emperors. That would cost my life. Moreover, it would also have pseudo emperors and legions under the pseudo emperors. Our combined strength wouldn’t be able to deal with them either.” 

“Then there’s only Great Broken Sting Valley.” said Chu Mu.

“I was also planning that. We can’t get rid of Western Marsh, otherwise Seven Color City’s soul pet trainers won’t have a place to train. We can go to the depths of Great Broken Sting Valley and after combining our strengths, we’ll be able to get rid of a third rank tribe. After all, it’s impossible to kill all of the bugs in Great Broken Sting Valley.” said Chu Tianren. 

Chu Tianren indeed had the strength to fight against a third rank tribe by himself. However, the third rank tribe’s legion was very troublesome, and Chu Tianren would only be able to fight with the third rank tribe’s emperors, which normally comprised of a low class emperor and three pseudo emperors. 

However, underneath the three pseudo emperors was the tribe’s legion which had the aggregate strength of about six pseudo emperors. The legion of six pseudo emperors would pretty much exhaust most of Chu Tianren’s soul pet’s physical strength. If it wasn’t because Western Marsh had dispatched its legion to Western Kingdom this time and the fact that Chu Tainren had taken advantage of this, he would not have been able to kill half of the third rank tribe without suffering injuries. 

Therefore in order to deal with the third rank tribe, Chu Tianren needed a helper.

Chu Mu was originally planning on going to Great Broken Sting Valley to train. It was about time to raise Zhan Ye’s strength. If he worked with Chu Tianren, the two of them would be able to head to Great Broken Sting Valley. 

“The third rank tribe may not necessarily have a spirit source, and we may only end up with inner crystals. Therefore, we should find another person who can accurately find a spirit source for us, and know how many spirits there are inside the tribe.” said Chu Tianren. 

“Then who are we going to find?” Chu Mu saw that Chu Tianren seemed to have someone in mind already. 

“Accurately speaking, it’s a half pet. I’ve heard before that he roams around Western Kingdom. I don’t know now if he’s still here, but we should still search for him. If we can find him and have him give us some suggestions, we won’t be wasting our effort. You need to understand that someone who knows spirit sources is much more valuable than another expert. Otherwise, we’ll just be going to a tribe and killing without profit.” said Chu Tianren. 

“A half human half pet?” hearing this, Chu Mu suddenly realized something.

Old Li, who was hiding in Chu Mu’s ring, shivered from head to toe and an ominous premonition arose in his heart. 

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