Chapter 655: New Region City, New Seven Color City

Chapter 655: New Region City, New Seven Color City

After a month

After a long time of all round cleaning up, the western kingdom south three regions were all completely cleaned out by the western region army.

There were too many people who died in this calamity, and the radius of destruction was too broad as well. Many people who originally lived in western region all moved elsewhere, as if not willing to come back there to live anymore.

The western kingdom south region's cities all became sparsely populated. Often, one could find a massive city with only a few hundred families. They all lived in a limited space and slowly cleaned up the streets, residences, shops, and halls of the city.

Lang He city, Xi Ling City, and Western Region City were all like this. Seven rank and lower cities almost had no one living there, since they were mostly completely destroyed too. Many regions’ new region masters would also collect all the people who escaped from seven rank cities and below into one big city. Through raising funds from Nightmare Palace, Soul Pet Place, Soul Palace, Merchant’s Alliance, Elemental Sect, Luo Region sect, various great families and great churches, they started rebuilding the region city.

The western region region city itself was pretty severely damaged. After Chu Mu and the two soul emperors’ fight, they completely destroyed western region city.

Nominally, western region city was still the region city, but everyone knew that the seven color city that was being rebuilt had the most population, and would most likely replace western region city’s old position and become the newest tenth rank region city.

Seven color city was the city with the most surviving residents. The masters of the city, Chu Clan, brought its 30,000 residents to escape when the calamity struck. Their stories of escapade traveled through multiple kingdoms.

To a normal resident, there was nothing more important than a commander who loved and cared for its people. Adding on the fact that Chu family announced the spirit emperor that destroyed half of western wetlands tribe and pushed them back was from Chu family, many people who came back to western region decided to move to seven color city. Some people from the other regions nearby even came over to seven color city.

Without knowing, seven color city slowly became the refugee collection spot after the calamity, so all the factions’ resources all came to the leaders of seven color city.

After disasters, there always was a large group of nomads and refugees. If this group of people weren’t treated properly, it would cause a great impact. This mission was of course the responsibility of all the important great factions. Now that seven color city was solving this major issue for all the factions and the government of the kingdom, the resources and aid naturally were transported to this city as well.

In addition, to make seven color city, which was closest to the calamity, a safer place, all factions sent a group of soul pet trainers and started a early warning line of defense across western wetlands and barbarian mountain range. Presumably, after this painful lesson, humans would have realized that the south side of western kingdom needed defenses too.

All the great factions sent mostly spirit teacher level experts. They would take turns becoming the new guards of seven color city to protect its safety. Even though, most of the factions knew that the western wetlands tribe was half killed and the panther tribe was also cleaned out, meaning seven color city was probably the safest place in all of western kingdom. However, the residents didn’t know this. They needed tangible protection, and the place needed to seem safe in their eyes.

With all the factions taking turns, there were around 500 spirit teachers at the warning line at the two sides of seven color city every year. These 500 spirit teachers were all around commander rank in strength, and could each summon 3 soul pets. This meant there were 1500 commander rank soul pets protecting this city, meaning army was the size of half a first rank tribe commander rank army.

Seven color city’s warrior rank army was mostly hired through money. There were around 5000 people, and the money was funded by Luo Region Sect.

Western Kingdom was nominally Luo Region Sect’s. Luo Region Sect not managing the calamity properly and letting out such a morally decrepit kingdom master both meant that Luo Region Sect had to take on heavy responsibility in the recovery efforts. Thus, the 5000 spirit soldiers at around warrior rank had to be funded by them for five years.

The servant rank spirit disciple army was much simpler; they just had to bring in people from the refugees and residents.

Though seven color city’s residents were all called refugees, a large amount of them were still soul pet trainers. The saturation of many cities cause spirit disciples to have no room for development. Many kingdoms and regions have a large portion of spirit disciples that want to find a new city to grow in, especially one that is being focused on by many large factions.

A city’s reconstruction, in reality, didn't take that long. If dirt type soul pet trainers who specialized in construction acted quickly, a week was enough for him/her to finish creating a building of 30m by 30m alone.

So, in the third month after the calamity, the seven color city was already back to a livable city state. And as the population increased, they already started expanding outwards.

Seven color city’s surroundings were mostly flat slopes, fitting the requirement for expansion. With the panther species tribe destroyed, the barbarian mountain directly became the territory of Chu family. They set up relay stations there that could provide for soul pet trainers who enter further into barbarian mountain range to train, hunt, and look for treasure. Western wetlands were greatly weakened, so the Qingfeng Wetlands’ difficulty was now more suitable for many soul pet trainers to get training in. Advanced soul pet trainers could also go deeper into western wetlands to get better training.

The conditions needed for a great city were almost all met by seven color city. As long as people went and money flowed, the city definitely would prosper!


On the new city wall, the newly promoted city guards’ leader Chu He stood and patrolled. After multiple calamities, Chu He finally broke through spirit teacher and became a spirit master. He now spends most of his time improving his strength. In the past few months, his soul pet fighting strengths have rose rapidly. Presumably, a monarch rank soul pet will be born from him soon.

Chu He wore his city guard outfit. On his shoulder was a completely black spiritual little panther. This little panther opened its circular eyes and mimicked its owner, also sweeping its gaze in a patrolling manner.

This little panther naturally was one of the five monarch rank young panthers that Chu Mu took from the panther emperor cave. Chu Mu gave them to Chu Lang, Chu He, Chu Ying, Chu Qishui, and Chu Qian.

Now, Chu family young generation were all focused on development, so they naturally wouldn’t be missing any resources. They could grow their soul pets to tenth phase easily. Of course, Chu Mu reminded them that they have to focus on their own strength and couldn’t rely on other people’s soul items too much. This caused chu family young generation’s wilderness trainings to become much more frequent.

This was the first time Chu He had a monarch rank young soul pet. He was already planning to go and train by himself for a bit. On one hand, he wanted to improve his strength. On the other hand he wanted to grow his young panther’s stage and phase.

“Great leader, look, expert!!” A guard aside shouted and pointed towards the flat slopes near the barbarian mountain direction.

Chu He at first didn’t mind, only glancing at it cursorily. Suddenly, he noticed that the expert the guard mentioned was incredibly fast. The black figure was stepping through the skies, gracefully creating an arc through the slopes that quickly neared seven color city.

Such a spirited and elegant soul pet immediately raised a commotion amongst the guards on the city wall, all of them watching enviously after the soul pet.

“This speed, it must be high class monarch rank?” The guard aside Chu He spoke again.

“I guess its top tier monarch rank!” a guard that was a refugee before said.

“In the kingdom capital before, it was rare to see such soul pet. I truly didn’t expect seven color city to have such an expert. Seven color city truly is a place of hidden experts.” A spirit soldier from western kingdom capital who came to seek development siad.

As the lithe figure got closer, Chu He’s face immediately lit up with a smile because he recognized the soul pet. It was Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“This Night Thunder Dream Beast got more powerful? Is it really top tier monarch rank now?” Chu He watched Chu Mu ride Night Thunder Dream Beast closer and guessed secretly.

While thinking, Chu Mu was already under the city. Chu He also immediately went down to the city building and stopped Chu Mu.

"Chu Mu, you left and came back after two months. Are your trainings usually all this long?” Chu He asked.

“This one is a shorter one.” Chu Mu laughed and replied. Chu Mu trained usually for over three months. A couple of times, he often appeared after over half a year in the city. Most people couldn’t stand this long in the wilderness.

“Okay.” Chu He laughed bitterly and continued, “What’s the situation like in barbarian mountain range?”

“The deep parts of barbarian mountain valley are all restricted regions. After I entered there, I met a second rank tribe of horned beasts that was hard to deal with. Even further, there was a fourth rank tribe. Once I reached there I didn’t dare to go deeper. I could only train my other soul pets at the horned beast tribe.” Chu Mu said.

The restricted region truly was restricted for a reason. On the human map, tribes were all already very famous deadly grounds. Only in Tianxia City’s region would they appear on a regular basis.

Yet, on this south side restricted region, tribes were everywhere, even fourth rank tribes with multiple low class emperor ranks. It was truly terrifying.

Thankfully, the fourth rank tribe was very far from human territory and wasn’t a large threat. Second rank horned beast tribe covered a very large area of the mountains. The edge regions all had different ranking clans that were good for spirit teacher and spirit master level people to train at. Chu Mu also trained there to raise Night THunder Dream Beast, Ghost King, and Zhan Ye’s strength. Of course, little hidden dragon was the main target of the training.

Hearing all these tribe level powers, Chu He shook his head helplessly. At his strength, he couldn’t even handle seventh rank clans. These tribe levels were something useless to him even if he knew about it.

“My godfather has been looking for you to discuss important matters.” Chu He said.

“En, then I’ll go back first.” Chu Mu nodded.

Chu He’s godfather was Chu Tianren. Chu He was an abandoned infant Chu Tianren had picked up when he was training outside and brought back to nurse. After Chu Tianren left, Chu He continued to be in Chu family. Because he didn't have parents and had a godfather that left the family, Chu He himself was usually quiet and not outspoken.

The spirit emperor shown to the public in Chu family wasn’t Chu Mu- it was Chu Tianren.

Chu Tianren planned on returning to the family, which caused Chu Mu to put his heart at ease. After all, Chu family was still weak and he couldn’t constantly stay here. With an expert like Chu Tianren, Chu family would be much safer.

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