Chapter 654: An Expert, A Nomad

Chapter 654: An Expert, A Nomad

From the western wetlands to the human faction road, there was a streak of blood that went along the marsh river path and flowed towards the barbarian mountain valley. What used to be dark green swamp ground now had many deep pools died red with blood. Many corpses were drenched in the dirt piles.

Evil crows spiraled in the skies, creating flocks. When the time was right, they all dived towards the ground.

Evil crow was a servant rank organism that often appeared a few hundred at a time because only then could they capture more powerful prey. Their prey wasn’t restricted to just the corpses thrown in the wilderness. It also included many hurt and tired soul pets, who they would attack in groups when they found weakness.

Yet, in this large wetland wilderness, corpses were all over, and the evil crows in the skies were nearing ten thousand.

Yet, these tens of thousands of evil crows still didn’t dare to fall on the ground simply because there still stood a human in the middle of the wilderness full of an inauspicious aura. Beside the human, there were two incredibly vicious emperor rank soul pets that nearly killed half of western wetlands!

This human seemed to be red-eyed from killing already. When he lifted his head and looked around, he no longer saw anything living; only far in the skies were the evil crows letting out guttural caws.

This man seemed to be tired. He lifted his feet through the muddy wetlands as he stared soulessly at his soul pets, “That should be enough killing to commemorate everyone.”

After he spoke, the man started to walk slowly out of the forbidden realm.

No one would understand that half of all the lives in the third rank tribe, totalling multiple ten thousand soul pets, were just for the man to commemorate his dead family…...


At the edge of the forbidden realm, the man summoned Ice Cloud Crane, and retracted his two emperor rank soul pets. 

Since everyone was dead, he felt there was nothing to be concerned for anymore. He didn't want to stay here either, so he planned on going east from there all the way.

East of the western wetlands meant he had to pass by near seven color city.

The middle-aged man rode his Ice Cloud Crane, as he glanced aimlessly at the ground rendered even more desolate after the ravaging of the western wetlands.

The Ice Cloud Crane flew very high, and its angle of vision was very wide; the mountains, valleys, hills, and basins were all in sight.

Suddenly, while he was going from the barbarian valley towards seven color city, he noticed a winding, thin black line that slowly moved towards seven color city!

The man concentrated his soul remembrance towards the area and found it was actually a large group of people methodically in line to migrate from barbarian valley to seven color city.

“This many residents? What happened?” The man said to himself. Immediately, he told Ice Cloud Crane to fly towards that region!

As he got nearer and nearer, tens of thousands of refugee-like people slowly came into sight. Aside all these refugees were a bunch of soul pet trainers protecting them with soul pets as they travelled towards seven color city.

Qiu Di’s Ice Cloud Crane was a pseudo monarch rank soul pet. When this soul pet came down from above, it immediately lifted a huge commotion.

The moving seven color city residents noticed the powerful soul pet appear and were all alarmed. Only when they realized that it was a human expert that they slowly calmed down.

Commander Li Zuofeng recognized Ice Cloud Crane. It was the spirit emperor expert that single-handedly caused all of the western wetlands tribes to retreat, so he immediately ran up to the crane and saluted respectfully.

“Boss Qiu, Boss Qiu, you’re back!”

The other few high commanders also knew that this Boss Qiu had a higher position than even kingdom master Luo Hei. It wasn’t only his identity and power, however. A huge reason why this calamity was this quickly averted was mostly because of this spirit emperor’s efforts. As for the western kingdom army, they mostly just cleaned up the remains.

“What is with these these people?” Qiu Di looked at the long refugee line and asked.

“They’re seven color city residents. When the disaster started, a young spirit emperor moved them all to barbarian valley. Using the geography there, they avoided the disaster and they were in the region with the highest survival rate this disaster.” Li Zuofeng quickly replied.

Hearing Li Zuofeng’s words, Qiu Di’s lifeless eyes suddenly burst with color as he quickly asked, “Then is seven color city Chu clan part of the survivors?”

Li Zuofeng was secretly strange as to why this Boss Qiu cared so much for the Chu family. Seeing him this worried, he quickly added, “Yes, Chu Family people are all still alive. They’re at the end of this group of people, boss you……”

Before Li Zuofeng finished speaking, he saw the expert that saved western kingdom suddenly turn around and walk straight to the end of the team.

To the achievement of killing most of western wetlands, Qiu Di didn’t seem to mind that much. When he walked to the end of the team, he retracted his Ice Cloud Crane to avoid attracting too much attention.

However, Li Zuofeng and the few commanders still followed tightly behind Qiu Di because they knew the true savior of western kingdom was the man in front of them. He himself swept through nearly half of western wetlands by himself!

At the end of the migrating team was Chu Family. Chu Family had around 500 people. Because of the plague, around 100 old men and women lost their lives. Now that the danger was finally past, the entire Chu Family looked incredibly slumped and tired, slowly stepping out of barbarian valley.

Qiu Di walked to the edge of barbarian valley before finally finding a bunch of chu family people.

Most of the people in Chu family he didn’t recognize, including the direct young generation members descendants. The ones he truly had an impression of were his brothers.

Qiu Di didn’t immediately walk over, instead standing a distance away, watching like a stranger at the old men all reaching middle age. Though his expression didn’t change, his eyes betrayed a new emotion.

Before, if nothing had happened, Qiu Di probably could’ve maintained an emotionless face or even watched as a stranger.

Yet, after the disaster, after a near miss with death and a massacre that took over his body, this nomad who went out for nearly twenty years finally understood that, no matter how much he rejected some things, they were still just as precious as day one, just hidden deeper in his heart.

His face’s lack of expression was built through years of roaming everywhere. However, his eyes betrayed his true emotions. At this moment, Qiu Di was standing aside, eyes showing gratification, yet also some bitterness…...

“That must be Tianheng. He seems much older now.” Qiu Di muttered to himself.


“That person is so strange, standing there and watching us” Chu Yishui pointed at the stranger and said to her sister Chu Qian.

Chu Qian also glanced at the old man but didn’t give it much thought, “Probably some army’s commander.”

When Chu He walked by the man, he took a few extra glances but didn’t say much, instead continuing to walk.

The young generation members walked over, and Chu Tianheng was getting closer and closer. However, at this moment, Qiu Di turned his body around.

Qiu Di didn’t plan on truly meeting them. Since they were still alive, and he had seen most of it, it was enough.

“Taincheng isn’t here. We couldn’t even offer some sacrifices from him. It’s been so many years that no one knows where he went. If he knew his father would pass away, he must feel extremely bad, too.” Qiu Tianheng said quietly to Chu Tainehng.

Chu Tianheng’s face was gloomy. This disaster of Chu family finally safely passed. However, at the same time, the old man Chu Ming also left this world, and was buried by everyone inside barbarian valley.

Just as Chu Tianheng finished speaking, the stranger suddenly stepped forward and grabbed hold of Chu Tianheng’s collar.

“What did you say, what did you just say!!!!!!!!” The stranger yelled, immediately startling all of chu clan.

Chu Tianlin felt it bizarre, as he looked at the cleanly dressed man.

“This friend, if you have something to say, say it slowly, don’t get too excited.” Chu Tianheng quickly pushed down the stranger’s shoulder.

Yet, just when Chu Tianheng finished speaking, his entire body froze as he stared in disbelief at the unfamiliar yet familiar face!

“You are… are third brother!!” Chu Tianheng said with surprise.

Chu Tianlin only then saw the man’s appearance. He grabbed onto the man’s arm as he stared dumbfounded, “Tianren! It really is you!! You…’re finally back!!”

Chu Tianren, Chu Ming’s third son- news said he died in the wilderness at a young age. However, only Chu family members really knew that Chu Tianren left the family alone because he had a great dispute between father and brothers. The first time he left, it was for three years. While the second time he left, it was a dozen years ago or more!

This caused Chu Tianheng and Chu Tianlin both to believe he was dead. THey hadn’t thought he would finally appear now!!

Qiu Di saw that he was immediately recognized by his brothers, and dropped all disguises. Instead, he asked seriously, “Father…...he really……”

Speaking to here, Chu Tianheng and Chu Tianlin all fell silent, and didn’t dare to say more.

Seeing both brothers stopping their words, Chu Tianren knew it was the truth!

The previous moment, seeing Chu family people all alive, he could still remain calm and watch aside. However, at this moment, the eyes of this expert, who single handedly destroyed half of western wetlands, were brimming with tears.

Chu Tianren was free, and had a stubborn yet firm personality. Even when he left home, even though he never swore any deadly oaths or ever say that he would never want to see his father again until death, he was stubborn. However, when he heard of the disaster in western kingdom, he immediately came over from the nearby kingdom.

First Gangluo City was safe, which caused him to let out a breath. Soon, he found out that Chu family migrated to the western region, which fell to the disaster, which caused him to go crazy with grief, starting a massacre in western wetlands. After, he found that Chu family actually survived, which caused him to experience great joy….. Yet finally, the person he should have seen the most had left forever…...

Many people had to experience the divide between life and death before they appreciated the preciousness of family.

Now, Chu Tianren finally understood this.

Or else, why else would an expert who defeated half of a third level tribe, facing hundreds of thousands of enemies, stagger, dazed, towards the burial grounds in barbarian valley…...

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