Chapter 653: Dying Without Pity, Ruthless Kingdom Lord

Chapter 653: Dying Without Pity, Ruthless Kingdom Lord

After the Destructive Wind Fairy perished, five of Kingdom Lord Luo Hei’s souls were wounded.

At the moment, his life force was extremely weak, and any one of the White Nightmare’s attacks would kill him on the spot! 

However, the White Nightmare remembered what Chu Mu had said. It had a ruthless smile, as it stared at Kingdom Lord Luo Hei who was trembling from head to toe. It slowly extended its hand and placed it on Luo Hei’s skull!

Resentment flames gradually formed a devil silhouette that enveloped Luo Hei’s body. It was as if Luo Hei’s body had caught fire...

The White Nightmare raised its claws, and a wisp of soul was extracted from Luo Hei’s body! That indeed was his soul! 

In its left hand was Luo Hei’s soul, while in its right hand was Luo Hei’s body. The White Nightmare let out a terrifying laugh and its body transformed into a phantom that flew towards Chu Mu.

A spirit emperor’s soul possessed its own consciousness to a certain extent. When the soul form Luo Hei saw his body next to him, he was so frightened his soul began to tremble. It was an unprecedented fear! 

The White Nightmare was extremely fast and travelled halfway across Western Region City quickly before landing in front of Chu Mu.

By this time, Mo Xie had disposed of any threatening enemy nearby and had arrived next to Chu Mu.

“Let’s go to the camp.” Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare and Mo Xie.

As he spoke, Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie, and had the White Nightmare pick up Kingdom Lord Luo Hei as they went towards the camp.

Due to the fight between emperors, everyone in the army camp had gone to the other end of the city to hide. They had been watching the fight from afar. 

Now that the fight had ended, although they didn’t know what the outcome was, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Chu MU went straight into the camp, but none of the soul pet trainers dared stop him. They all respectfully stepped aside for him.

“Who is the commander?” Chu Mu swept his gaze over the several tens of thousand manned soul pet trainer legion and coldly spoke. 

The three commanders were from other  factions or other kingdom. They weren’t standing far away from Chu Mu and when they heard him ask for them, their hearts trembled. They were afraid this young expert was going to kill them too.

“I…. I am the commander of the spirit master legion… my name is Li Zuofeng. This senior do… do you have any commands…” the commander of the spirit master  legion, Li Zuofeng, gave a bow first before speaking.

Experts required utmost respect. Although the legion was not under the control of the young man in front of them, this person had even dared kill a Kingdom Lord. How could they not listen to his orders?

The other two commanders also staggered forward and gave a bow in fear. 

“This… this senior is so young…” 

“Ya, I thought it was a middle aged man before.” 

“This young man unexpectedly fought two spirit emperors… if I hadn’t personally witnessed it…”

The free soul pet trainers in the surroundings, although they were uneasy, were all shocked when they saw Chu Mu.

“White Nightmare, come here.” Chu MU summoned the White Nightmare next to him.

Chu Mu’s words immediately caused every legion member on the main street to go pale with fear. They all couldn’t help but step back and their summoned soul pets let out whimpers. With the White Nightmare’s aura suppressing them, they didn’t dare to roar. 

The White Nightmare’s flaming and demonic body floated next to Chu Mu.

At this moment, its hands were still gripping Kingdom Lord Luo Hei’s body and soul.

Luo Hei’s soul was already is despair. Its head was lower, and it looked lifeless. Only from its slight trembling could one tell that this wasn’t a dead soul.


The three commanders were all stunned!! 

These relatively high ranked soul pet trainers had all seen the Kingdom Lord before. But now when they saw the Kingdom Lord’s corpse and soul being gripped like that, they all let out shocked cries!

They never expected the young man in front of them would actually kill the Kingdom Lord!!

Moreover, he even took out the Kingdom Lord’s soul!! 

Specter type soul pets were rare, and most of the soul pet trainers present had never seen a soul separated from its body. Seeing the Kingdom Lord who they revered now as an imprisoned soul without any hope, they were greatly affected!

“Luo Hei, tell the truth about the Barbarian Valley matters and about this disaster!” Chu Mu coldly stared at Luo Hei and yelled at his soul.

Luo Hei’s soul trembled. He raised his head and stared at the countless pairs of eyes around him!

“If you want my White Nightmare to slowly torture you, then you can carry the heinous acts you committed to the grave.” Chu Mu apathetically said.

Hearing soul torture, Luo Hei’s soul showed an even more frightened expression.

Since his soul had been extracted, Luo Hei could not survive. To someone who would definitely die, he could either keep his anger and hatred towards the person who killed him or be fearful of the torture that was awaiting him before death. 

Luo Hei was extremely clear that the White Nightmare possessed the ability to torture souls. Luo Hei was filled with anger at Chu Mu, but he was even more frightened right now of being tortured an entire day and night. Pain from the soul was far more severe than bodily pain. Being tortured for one day and one night was akin to an entire year!

“I… I…” Luo Hei’s soul let out a weak voice. 

Chu Mu indifferently glanced at Luo Hei’s soul, and let him narrate his actions in this Western Kingdom Disaster and his attempt to eliminate everyone in Barbarian Valley. 

Although Luo Hei had become a soul, when he justified the outbreak of the disaster, he never said he was coveting the spirit source, but had inadvertently discovered the spirit source...

“I… after the disaster broke out… I immediately requested help…. Then I immediately dispatched troops. Regarding the Barbarian Valley matters, I… I just never found the right opportunity to save people…” 

Luo Hei’s words were half the truth and half a lie. He tried to spin his greed, ambition and mercilessness into helplessness and accidents. 

Chu Mu sneered, but he couldn’t be bothered to expose this fellow. He just needed everyone to understand how the disaster broke out, and let everyone know about Barbarian Valley.

However, even if Luo Hei had tried to convey that it was an accident, when the matter of Luo Hei inciting the disaster this time spread throughout the camp, the several tens of thousands of soul pet trainers all began to curse at him!! 

Among the tens of thousands of soul pet trainers, a large portion of them were soul pet trainers who had gone out into the wild to train. Their family members had been in the three regions that had succumbed to the disaster. Further, those who perished also included many comrades and friends who had intentionally come to rescue others from the disaster. 

These soul pet trainers who had lost family were extremely aggrieved, which fueled their desire to kill Western Marsh. They never expected this disaster to be caused by Kingdom Lord Luo Hei.

This person alone had caused one third of Western Kingdom to perish and the deaths of millions of people. Anyone with emotions would be unable to control the anger in their hearts!

“He deserves to be dead!! He deserves death!!!!”

“He should be dead!!!! He should be dead!!!!!!”

When the truth was exposed, the tens of thousands of people in the army began to shout!!

Their voices were like a surging wave, and Luo Hei’s miserable soul began to cower. 

When he had greedily attempted to annex the entire spirit source, he never thought he would one day reach his current state and be spurned and reviled by several tens of thousands of soul pet trainers!! 

In Chu Mu’s opinion, a Kingdom Lord with this wicked of a heart definitely had not only committed this one evil sin. Thinking of Chu Ming who had perished due to Luo Hei spreading an illness, the anger in Chu Mu’s heart flared. 

"Your death does not deserve pity!” Chu Mu gave the White Nightmare an order. 

A black wind cave suddenly appeared in the White Nightmare’s hand, and it sucked Kingdom Lord Luo Hei’s soul inside! 

The wind cave was the White Nightmare’s devil flame domain and a soul sucked inside would not die so easily. It would be slowly burned by the White Nightmare’s devil flames until its soul died from the pain!! 

It would faint from the enormous pain, but it was a bare soul that could only suffer. To a person like Luo Hei, if his soul was able to last longer, Chu Mu would consider tormenting him for a few years!

His ears reverberated with Luo Hei’s cries of pain after being sucked into the wind cave. Chu Mu then casually tossed his body onto the ground, and let the soul pet trainers who had lost their family members because of Luo Hei do as they pleased. 

It was obvious that these pained and angry soul pet trainers wouldn’t treat his body well.

“This… this senior, how many survivors are there still in Barbarian Valley?” Li Zhuofeng softly said. 

Li Zhuofeng was a smart man. Hee understood that Kingdom Lord Luo Hei’s soul was in Chu Mu’s hands and that what Luo Hei had said was probably true. However, there was no other proof. But if there were indeed survivors in Barbarian Valley, these people would be able to determine if this was all true. 

“There are still 20 thousand people in Barbarian Valley. Tomorrow morning, send a few people to take the people in Barbarian Valley out.” Chu Mu wasn’t someone who exposed the truth to become a righteous hero, but rather to use the Western Kingdom Legion to save people from Barbarian Valley.  

Chu Mu was very strong right now, but he wasn’t able to take care of 20 thousand weak and sick people right now. If they encountered any remaining forces from Western Marsh, there would be people killed. 

Chu Mu had promised his grandfather Chu Ming that he would rescue everyone from Seven Color City. He couldn’t afford to make a mistake as he had to accomplish this. It would be even more appropriate to have a legion protect these 20 thousand people. Moreover, the legion would have food and medicine and they would be able to take care of the weak, the children and the women.  

“Senior, don’t worry. We will try our hardest to save any fortunate survivors, even if there are only a few, yet alone 20 thousand!” Li Zhoufeng earnestly said. 

Chu Mu nodded his head and suddenly thought of something. He asked: “I heard that an expert slaughtered his way into the Western Marsh Tribe’s territory and caused them to retreat?” 

“Yes. That person is Senior Qiu Di. It’s said that Senior Qiu Di forced Kingdom Lord Luo Hei to dispatch his troops, otherwise this heartless Kingdom Lord would still be sitting back and letting people die.” said Li Zhuofeng. 

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