Chapter 652: Pursuit Through Half the City, The Kingdom Lord that Must Die

Chapter 652: Pursuit Through Half the City, The Kingdom Lord that Must Die

Chu Mu ignored the problem of status. The highest ranks in Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace, the senior elders and elders didn’t dare do anything to Chu Mu. Thus, what about a trifling Western Kingdom Kingdom Lord? If Chu Mu killed him, no one would bother criticizing him.

“Take out his soul and burn it for one day and one night until his soul is so weak it’s just before death!” Chu Mu stood on a pile of ruins. He didn’t only want to kill Kingdom Lord Luo Hei but he also wanted to torture him before death!

Western Kingdom’s Kingdom Lord face paled. He swept his gaze over the Western Kingdom legion that was hiding far away.

If Luo Hei was able to rally the legion to defeat Chu Mu, perhaps he would have a chance against Chu Mu. However, the army couldn’t be used for no reason to fight against a human expert. Moreover, this was clearly the grudge between two spirit emperors. As free soul pet trainers, there was no reason for them, being so weak, to meddle in this. 

Without being able to use the army’s strength, the only path to survival was fleeing. 

“You guys, no matter what must stop him!” Luo Hei quickly summoned his four peak monarchs to his side.

Obviously, Luo Hei wanted to use the lives of his four peak monarchs in exchange for his survival!

If the four peak monarchs combined their strength, perhaps they would be able to delay the Nightmare emperor. Then, by relying on the Destructive Wind Fairy, he would be able to flee.

Seeing Luo Hei using his four soul pets to struggle at death's door, Chu Mu sneered and said to Mo Xie: “Mo Xie, kill them! White Nightmare, chase!” 

Mo Xie had received multiple attacks from the Destructive Wind Fairy and Pool emperor. Despite the wounds, Chu Mu had fed her an emperor healing medicine. Further adding the rest she got just now, she had already somewhat recovered. It would be very easy for her to get rid of the four peak monarchs!

Mo Xie’s body burned with dark red colored sin flames, and her nine fox monarch tails swept towards different streets, each swiping at the four peak monarchs!!

“Beng beng beng beng!!!!!!!”

The ruins were scattered and flew towards the four peak monarchs. The destroyed bits and pieces covered their field of view! 

The four peak monarchs all used techniques to break apart the ruins flying at them!!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~”

Mo Xie’s silver body was hidden among the countless fragmented objects. Her strong silver body was like silver lightning that suddenly flitted past the ice type elemental monarch. Her scorching hot flame claws pierced its body, melting the ice crystal body into water! 

A normal ice type peak monarch could not defend against an emperor rank attack. After instakilling the peak monarch, Mo Xie ran along a broken courtyard wall… 

Behind Mo Xie, hundreds of long vines followed, and they easily pushed down the courtyard wall. However, Mo Xie who was running along the wall suddenly jumped into the air and ran in an arc over the street filled with scattered ruins. Her nine long tails were like a rainbow in the horizon as they swept across! 


The beast type peak monarch wasn’t even able to use a technique before Mo Xie’s tails arrived. Its sternum caved in under the attack and it was knocked flying, heavily injured, into a large destroyed house. It would probably struggle to get back up! 

Chu Mu didn’t have to worry about Mo Xie’s fight. He raised his head and stared at the White Nightmare that had transformed into a serene specter that passed through several streets!

The White Nightmare’s speed was not slower than the Destructive Wind Fairy. Moreover, with each Displacement Specter, it was able to close a bit of the gap with Luo Hei.

By the time Luo Hei and the Destructive Wind Fairy had reached the outskirts of Western Region City, the White Nightmare had already used two Displacement Specters, and was close to the Kingdom Lord Luo Hei! 

“Why can’t we throw it off our tail!!” Luo Hei angrily looked at the resentment flame White Nightmare and gave the Destructive Wind Fairy an order.

The Destructive Wind Fairy had already been preparing this technique. Black streams of air began to circulate around the outskirts of the city before rapidly transforming into two black wind sickles! 

The Destructive Wind Fairy’s wind sickles were terrifying. They each reached a width of 500 meters, spanning from the outskirts to the destroyed city!! 

“Shua!!!! Shua!!!!!!”

The two windbreaking sickles were behind one another and moved extremely quickly. They practically moved several thousand meters in a few instances. They cut through the air and the wind sickle at the back managed to break a city wall into two halves! 

There were a thousand meters between the White Nightmare and Luo Hei. It had been preparing a devil flame technique when it saw the onslaught of the wind type technique. It quickly stopped the technique, and suddenly transformed into an illusory state in midair!! 

Two wind sickles swept past the White Nightmare. They looked like they were going to cut the White Nightmare into pieces. However, in the next moment, the White Nightmare’s body became material again, but there were no wounds!

After dodging the technique, the White Nightmare suddenly sped up. Its devil claws transformed into sharp swords and it used Evil Behead!

The White Nightmare’s Evil Behead was much stronger than the wind sickles. The Destructive Wind Emperor had no ability to resist. It could only flusteredly haul along Luo Hei as it used a wind attribute dodging ability! 


The Evil Behead chopped past, and a bloody wound was left on the Destructive Wind Fairy and Luo Hei’s bodies! 

However, the White Nightmare’s attack hadn’t ended. A wind cave formed on top of its claws, and it began to violent suck in the surrounding air flow while also dragging Luo Hei and the Destructive Wind Fairy towards it. 

The Destructive Wind Fairy hastily chanted an incantation to control the flow of air in an attempt to prevent being sucked in! 

“Jie jie~~~~”

The White Nightmare suddenly let out a wicked laugh. It suddenly retracted its hand. The wind cave technique was just a front; it didn’t actually release the entire technique! 

“Displacement Specter!” far away on the lighthouse, Chu Mu gave the White Nightmare an order.

The White Nightmare’s figure suddenly ignited with flames and in an instant, its body was completely on fire! 

A distance of a thousand meters could be made up with two Displacement Specters. Thus, the White Nightmare used consecutive Displacement Specters, passing through the Destructive Wind Fairy’s wind type energy!!

Kingdom Lord Luo Hei was anxiously trying to flee. Seeing that he had fallen for its trap, he became even more anxious, and he urgently had the Destructive Wind Fairy try and take him away.

“Nightmare Black Hole!” 

Chu Mu gave the White Nightmare another order!

The White Nightmare’s pupils had a demonic glint. It waved its hands, and a devil flaming ring appeared before forming a pattern. It burned the air into nothingness, transforming into a black colored vacuous space! 

The Nightmare Black Hole also had powerful gravitational pull. Even the air was sucked in! 

When the air disappeared, there was no longer any streams of air that the Destructive Wind Fairy could utilize. Therefore, it could not speed up as it fled!

“You can die now!” Chu Mu watched from far away, but everything seemed to play out as if it was playing out in his hand.

Both the White Nightmare and Chu Mu had demonic smiles. The White Nightmare opened its mouth and an other type attributed energy wrapped in devil flames manifested in its throat!


A silver ray of light spat out of the White Nightmare’s mouth, and it blew up the air, flying at Luo Hei and the Destructive Wind Fairy!!

The Destructive Wind Fairy was unable to dodge. Its wind type defense was easily destroyed and the energy smashed into its body!!

Space shattered and signs of fracturing appeared on its body. The Destructive Wind Fairy was a long ranged fighting type soul pet and its defenses were incomparable to the Abyss Beast emperor. This attack, delivered serious wounds to its body!

Luo Hei’s arm was also shattered by the energy. He spat out blood, and his face contorted as he let out a miserable cry!

“Kill the Destructive Wind Fairy first!” Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare.

The White Nightmare’s figure flashed, and it appeared in front of the Destructive Wind Fairy. It inserted its devil claws into its body and forcibly pried apart its body!! 

“Shua shua!!” the Destructive Wind Fairy’s body was ripped into several pieces...

However, even this could not kill the Destructive Wind Fairy. Even if an elemental world soul pet’s body was smashed to pieces, it could still survive!

Chanting an incantation, the Destructive Wind Fairy’s head continued to release wind type techniques. Its body swirled with a violent wind as it forcibly blew the White Nightmare back! 

The White Nightmare was too close and could not dodge. It was immediately swept up by the violent wind and pushed back a thousand meters! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The White Nightmare wobbled in the air before quickly finding its balance. Its demonic eyes stared at the Destructive Wind Fairy which it had ripped to several pieces and Luo Hei!

The Destructive Wind Fairy was still alive and continued to chant. It created a wave of black violent wind as it continued to flee. 

The White Nightmare wasn’t hasty, and it revealed a treacherous smile towards Luo Hei.

The Destructive Wind Fairy had nonetheless been heavily wounded, and its speed had drastically fallen. In the White Nightmare’s eyes, the Destructive Wind Fairy and Luo Hei were essentially corpses without legs that were pitifully crawling away. 

Luo Hei turned around and discovered that the terrifying Nightmare was just standing there in the distance staring at him. He immediately felt his bones go cold!

“Faster!! Go faster!!!!” Luo Hei yelled at his wind type emperor!!

Streams of air began to form around the Destructive Wind Fairy’s body. Its body was able to slowly reform after being ripped apart, but this process was very slow!

Luo Hei fled with his life on the line. That’s all he wanted to do. Flee this place and flee from that Nightmare! 

“Jie jie~~~~” the White Nightmare’s terrifying laughter echoed in Luo Hei’s ear.

Luo Hei’s face paled. He never expected the White Nightmare to catch up so quickly. His body and soul were frozen with fear!

“Take out his soul and burn it for one day and one night!!” Chu Mu’s words suddenly reverberated through Luo Hei’s brain.

Luo Hei then felt his soul being dragged out of his body. Then, he began to suffer from torture that made him wish he was dead!

The White Nightmare was able to feel its enemy’s fear. The more fear its enemy had, the more chilling its devil aura was!!

Luo Hei’s fear was already at the point of slow collapse. The half decapitated Destructive Wind Fairy was virtually useless. Thus, the White Nightmare floated in between Luo Hei and the Destructive Wind Fairy, using its left hand to clutch the remaining portion of the Destructive Wind Fairy’s head and its right hand to throttle Luo Hei’s throat!!!!!


The White Nightmare let out a devil cry. Devil flames in its left hand suddenly flourished, instantly burning the Destructive Wind Fairy’s head to ashes that fell out of its hand! 

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