Chapter 651: Kingdom master? Sect Master?

Chapter 651: Kingdom master? Sect Master? 

Spirit master army were the same as the other armies. A large portion of them came from other places or were freelance soul pet trainers. Their responsibilities were only to kill western wetlands tribe. They listened to the kingdom master’s commands under the condition that their lives weren’t in danger. 

Yet, in the ruined city, there were two emperor ranks. Any of their techniques could cause the soul pets they tried so hard to develop to die, and even die in large groups!

Kingdom master Luo Hei was riding his destructive wind emperor towards the spirit master formation right now, but the spirit master formation people were all terrified, having no fighting intent. The plant world soul pets very symbolically casted some defensive techniques to block Chu Mu’ White Nightmare and seven sin fox.

Countless vines and roots twirled together to build a massive plant wall amidst the shaking structures within the ruined city, covering hundreds of meters into the skies and blocking off the way between White Nightmare and destructive wind emperor!

“Block him, he’s the one that started this disaster!” Kingdom master Luo Hei shouted to all the spirit masters.

The spirit master formation was just up ahead. Now that kingdom master Luo Hei was flying over, White Nightmare emperor was killing its way over as well. They could no longer stop halfway, so they could only do as kingdom master Luo Hei said and attack the White Nightmare!

“Formation!! Formation!!!!”

The spirit master leader yelled, telling all monarch rank soul pets to gather into a formation that could reduce the amount of casualties as well as concentrate all their techniques to be able to cause some threat to the emperor rank soul pet.

The first to attack was naturally the elemental world soul pets. The elements and all the monarch rank techniques all launched an attack towards the White Nightmare!

Immediately, multi colored techniques covered the high skies. Turbid and impetuous winds, roaring tides, scorching flames, meteors, lightning…...

The night sky was completely covered by the radiance of these techniques. Countless techniques collided, creating shockwaves that shook the very space. The black clouds were shocked apart, mixing into an even more turbid curtain that covered all of western kingdom city!

Of all the monarch rank techniques, white devil’s body swayed, sometimes blinking, sometimes becoming fuzzy. In such a heavy coverage of techniques, White Nightmare could still dart through smoothly. The occasional ice arrow that hit it wasn’t even able to cause any obstruction.

“White Nightmare, Devil Shriek!”

Chu Mu gazed into the night sky, saying using his soul remembrance to White Nightmare.


As more wave of techniques flew into the air to stop White Nightmare’s advance, White Nightmare finally let out a furious devil shriek!!

The devil shriek had a piercing sound wave that created countless interrupting ripples that spread throughout the skies and into the elemental monarch rank soul pets’ mental worlds.

The devil shriek’s sound caused all elemental soul pets lower than middle class monarch rank to be interrupted, unable to cast techniques anymore.

The monarch rank formation had a hundred people. Every person had four monarch rank soul pets, meaning there were 400 soul pets around monarch rank. However, over 300 of these were middle class monarch rank or lower, with elemental world soul pets taking up a third of this portion.

So, when white nightmare’s devil shriek sounded, a hundred elemental incantations lost their effects, causing the curtain of techniques to become drastically less dense!

“Attack them!” Chu Mu gave a command from afar!

White nightmare had already been angered by all these monarch rank soul pets. Two small globules of white resentful flames were slowly lifted up over its head.

While lifted up high, the flames suddenly expanded, becoming a resentful flame fire ball that spanned ten meters in diameter.

More surprisingly, this ten meter diameter fire ball continued to expand, growing faster and faster. In no time, it expanded ten times to reach 100 meters!!

The White Nightmare flew 100 meters in the skies, yet the giant devil flame fireball was about the same size as its height. The blazing fireball was like a meteor, floating above the lighthouse. The hundred meter tall lighthouse was like a candle flame compared to this technique!

Seeing the giant meteor’s flames shroud over everyone’s heads, the huge pressure on everyone’s hearts and the visual shock caused their breathing to be difficult. A feeling of insignificance and weakness quickly manifested in them all!

“Defense…… quickly defense!!!!” Spirit master commander let out a panicked shout!

If the commander rank was this terrified, the other spirit masters couldn't calmly command their soul pets either. Many of the weaker minded individuals were losing control of their soul pets already.

“It’s over, its over. We’re all going to die!” The soul pet trainers who averaged low class monarch and pseudo-monarch were all shaking with fear.

When they were spectating before, they were only shocked visually. Now that they were targeted by the emperor rank technique, feeling the pressure from a technique that could kill them countless times over, they were more truly aware of the terrifying nature of an emperor rank soul pet!

“This is a grudge between I, Chu Chen, and the kingdom master Luo Hei. If you don’t want to die, get away!!!”

Suddenly, a soul remembrance voice sounded from afar!!

There were nearly a hundred people in the spirit master formation, and all hundred quickly noticed a black clothed man standing in the dusty ruins, gazing at them.

Standing by this man was a handsome beast with fox tails that spanned several streets. Dark red flames burned upon it as it locked onto all of them!

Soul master army commander turned pale with fright. In the high skies, they were quickly being locked on by the white nightmare emperor’s massive energy. On the ground, the fox monarch was similarly done its technique gathering. If the two emperor ranks cast their techniques forth at the same time, how many people in the army would still be alive?

“Why aren’t you leaving!!” Chu Mu shouted coldly.

All of the spirit masters realized they were up against an unbeatable opponent. Especially the soul pet trainers who didn’t belong to western kingdom, they all stopped paying attention to the commanders and started escaping in all directions!

As the commander rank army split up and ran, Kingdom master Luo Hei looked down and found that all the spirit masters brought their soul pets to escape. He started cursing loudly and angrily at this scene, not caring about his identity as kingdom master anymore.

The commander rank and the other two top tier monarch rank soul pet trainers were Luo Hei’s direct subordinates. Chu Mu saw these three people aside Luo Hei remained, and looked as if they still wanted to fight.

Chu Mu won’t show any mercy. Since they were looking for death, Chu Mu naturally would grant them this wish!

“White Nightmare, kill them!” Chu Mu commanded.

White Nightmare smiled. Its arms were almost sore from lifting this massive energy sphere for so long; it had wanted to throw this ball over for a while!


The massive devil flame meteor finally fell down. Its hundred meter diameter was just enough to cover half the length of the street. Once locked on, there was no space to dodge it!

In reality, Luo Hei’s three subordinates were all hesitating, yet when the technique fell, all their faces turned black.

The three of them had six top tier monarch rank soul pets. The white devil’s techniques completely covered all six of their soul pets!!


Devil flames within the fireball exploded in the city center, creating a huge energy pulse that spread throughout western region city !!


The commander rank and warrior rank armies were on the main street. All of them felt the shockwave of the energy, causing their originally tidy formation to be completely disassembled!

The western wetlands only destroyed around 60% of the city. Western region city still had a lot of structures standing.

However, this shockwave spread from city center all the way to the city walls. As the city walls shook, another 30% of the city’s structures completely collapsed, and cracks lined the countless alleyways within the city!!

In the city center, a plaza sized large crater appeared. Luo Hei’s three subordinates and their six top tier monarch ranks all died within this crater, leaving not a single alive!

The spirit master army members that escaped earlier were all sent flying very far. At this moment, they were all climbing out of the ruins and staring slack-jawed at the place they were previously standing!!

If they didn’t escape just now, that crater could have been the burial ground for a whole lot more spirit masters and monarch ranks!

 "Almost died!” Soul master army members were all shocked yet relieved at the same time!

“Truly can’t imagine that young man wants to kill kingdom master!”

“The entire western region city is completely destroyed!”

Deep in the base, through tens of thousands of soul pet trainers and all their soul pets, he directly killed a spirit emperor and was chasing down a kingdom master. He instantly killed three of the kingdom master’s most worthy subordinates. Just how scary was that!


Within the ruins, a whirlwind gathered up, blasting the rubble and wood apart. Kingdom Master Lu Hei and his destructive wind fairy climbed out from underneath.

Seeing his three subordinates instantly killed by the opponent’s technique, Luo Hei’s face was pale as a dead man!

Both emperor ranks, white nightmare emperor rank’s fighting strength was too overwhelming. Top tier monarch ranks didn’t stand a chance, while pseudo emperor ranks weren’t its match either!!

“Chu Mu…...are you truly trying to kill me? I am western kingdom’s kingdom master, as well as Luo Region’s old sect master. If you kill me, don’t even try to live in a human city for the rest of your life. You and your family will all get affected. If you stop now, we can wipe our slates clean and I will not make trouble for you! Kingdom Master Luo Hei said.

“Western kingdom kingdom master, Luo region sect old sect master?” Chu Mu was secretly laughing as this man tried to use his identity to threaten him!

It would have been better if he didn’t talk. Once he brought it up, Chu Mu was even angrier. As a kingdom master, sect master, how could he not die after committing such heinous crimes of disregarding human lives!!

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