Chapter 650: Purgatory, Incinerate the Pool Beast Emperor

Chapter 650: Purgatory, Incinerate the Pool Beast Emperor

“Send him into hell!” Chu Mu gave a command!

White Nightmare’s evil pupils slowly lost their demonic glint, its pupils becoming hollow!

White Nightmare let out a roar, slashing forward with its devil claw. Immediately, two other type spatial black holes opened up!

These black holes were like quicksands, clearly showing signs of spatial collapse nearby!

The collapsing region got larger and larger, slowly devouring the position of the pool beast emperor!

From afar, the two spatial quicksands were like the opening gates of hell that pulled in the dead from afar!

Pool beast emperor attempted to leave, yet half of its body was already in the spatial quicksand. This spatial quicksand constantly sucked the pool beast emperor’s body in…...

If its entire body fell into the spatial quicksand, it couldn’t even think of the terrifying things that would happen. At this point, its face was full of worry and terror, unable to think of a way to fix this White Nightmare emperor’s strange techniques!


In the night sky, a huge mountain sized wind pressured downwards!

This was the destructive wind emperor’s wind type technique. Kingdom master Luo Hei couldn’t let Sun Qiming’s pool beast emperor get killed. At this point, he commanded destructive wind emperor to use wind type techniques to destroy White Nightmare’s space quicksand.


The tornado the destructive wind emperor created was already over a thousand meters wide. Compared to the mere fifty meters of the White Nightmare’s spatial quicksand, it was massive.

The turbid wind fell down, constantly pouring into the spatial quicksand.

But, the spatial quicksand was like a bottomless hole that was unmoving as the emperor rank wind type technique. It was still pulling the pooled beast towards hell. The lower half of pool beast was completely stiff, while the upper half was still sustaining a certain amount of wind type damage from techniques.

“Houhouhou!!!!!!” Pooled beast emperor let out a pained howl, its destructive arms frenziedly breaking nearby space to shatter the spatial quicksand!

Seeing the pooled beast emperor sink deeper and deeper, Luo Hei’s four top tier monarch ranks constantly casted techniques to attack this spatial quicksand…...


Finally, when the pooled beast emperor was devoured to its chest, the quicksand trap that the soul pets were all attacking slowly showed signs of dissipating.

The quicksand trap slowly shrunk as the space returned to normal. The violent blood pool beast pulled itself back out of the spatial quicksand.

However, once pulled out, its body from the chest down was already ripped apart by some terrifying energy, bloodied and torn to the point of bone showing.

Seeing his pool beast emperor this damaged, Sun Qiming’s heart was pumping with fear. This White Nightmare emperor’s technique was extremely dangerous, almost instantly killing his pooled beast emperor!

This pool beast emperor was what caused Sun Qiming to become a powerful presence in merchant alliance. If he lost the pooled beast, Sun Qiming was nothing!

“You’re happy too soon, that’s the spatial quicksand, not hell.” Suddenly, an evil sound floated over!

Sun Qiming paused and then stared in shock as, through the ruins of the structures, he saw Chu Mu. Immediately, his face was filled with terror.

While Sun Qiming and Luo Hei’s collected efforts destroyed White Nightmare's strange technique, Mo Xie was already gathering up another technique!

At this moment, her technique was complete. The technique she was casting was the most powerful Flame Monarch Purgatory!

Mo Xie's eyes burned with the primal sin flames, dark and demonic, yet it was calmly burning, burning the world reflected within Mo Xie’s eyes!

Suddenly, the primal sin flames appeared in the realm world. At the same time, this entire region seemed to fall prey to Mo Xie’s pupil world. Sun Qiming and the yellow clothed man’s soul pets were all shrouded in it, as if entering an illusory world!

“What…...what is this!!” Sun Qiming shouted out loud and frenziedly tried to back away.

However, what caused their hairs to stand on their ends was, no matter how they moved, his soul pets and him were constantly within this hell!


Within the dark red territory, rolling heat waves came over as strange sin imprints covered the world, like a devil extending its sickly blood claws outwards.

The combination of sin imprints and sin flames caused Mo Xie’s destruction to raise another rank! At this moment, Mo Xie’s demon pupils were gazing at this pool beast emperor, meaning it had completely fallen into the Flame Monarch Purgatory. Though others may have a chance at escaping, the pooled beast emperor couldn’t escape no matter what!

“Houhouhou!!!!!! Houhouhou!!!!!!!!!”

The heavily injured violent blood pool beast let out a roar. Though the attack hadn’t truly come, the feeling of falling into another powerful soul pet’s territory had already magnified the fear within the pool beast’s heart.

Suddenly, a sprout of sin flames started burning, darting from below the pool beast’s feet to its head, completely encasing its bloody body in sin flames.

Violent blood pool beast’s alarmed cries quickly became pained howls!


At the same time the sin flames burned, the claw-like sin imprints entered the violent blood pool beast, starting to rip apart the beast’s body from the inside!

The violent blood pool beast was already heavily injured. Combining the terrifying power of sin flames and sin imprints, as the violent blood pool beast was howling, its life left its body at an extremely fast rate. Its shrieks were audible throughout all of western kingdom city!

“Luo Hei!!” Sun Qiming let out an involuntary cry.

This time, Sun Qiming truly felt his pool beast emperor walked towards death. If it didn’t succumb this second, it was the next second.

Kingdom master Luo Hei’s destructive wind emperor was in the sky. Though it wasn’t affected by the Flame Monarch Purgatory, its wind type techniques couldn’t stop Mo Xie’s low class emperor rank ultimate technique in such a short time, especially when the sin imprints were completely unaffected by wind type techniques.

Let alone the fact that Chu Mu’s White Nightmare wasn’t there just for decoration. When Destructive wind emperor’s powerful wind type techniques fell down, wanting to throw Mo Xie thousands of meters away, all the wind power was sucked away by the White Nightmare’s nightmare black holes!


Finally, within the purgatory, the pool beast emperor’s body was completely destroyed!

This meat mountain fell down heavily, becoming countless meat squares that were still being burned by the dark red sin flames.

If the violent blood pool beast was still at its peak state, it may be able to block the technique. However, after being severely injured, the violent blood pool beast definitely couldn’t survive the flame monarch purgatory!

Sun Qiming’s entire person seemed to have lost his soul, as he stared idly at the pool beast emperor’s corpse.

At this moment, his face was filled with pale pain. At the same time, he couldn’t accept the death of his violent blood pool beast. In fact, he felt that this was all just a nightmare, because he and Luo Hei were still planning on how to receive this massive spirit source before, and he was imagining how he would become a second rank kingdom master.

Yet now, his emperor rank pool beast was killed. Not only were his dreams shattered, he couldn’t even hold his current position.

“Die with your soul pet!” Suddenly, the cold voice sounded again!

Sun Qiming instantly realized. Only then did he notice that the merciless Chu Mu didn’t plan on letting him go. Sun Qiming was ice cold with fear, as he pathetically scrambled onto his top tier monarch rank ice falcon to escape.

With only top tier monarch rank soul pets, Sun Qiming had became an ant that could be easily crushed without any threat.

A single sin imprint followed and quickly neared Sun Qiming’s ice falcon.

It couldn’t resist in the slightest, and was immediately destroyed into countless ice shards. Sun Qiming cast a soul technique to protect his body and barely block the sin imprint.

However, very quickly, sin flames darted up. Able to block a hit from the sin imprints, he couldn’t stop the next attack. Sun Qiming was devoured by the flames amidst his own pained screams!

Mo Xie’s sin flames burned very slowly. This was intentional by Chu Mu, because he wanted Sun Qiming to burn to death slowly under this unbearable pain!!


Sun Qiming’s screams echoed through this city area. High up in the air, Luo Hei’s face twitched as he watched Sun Qiming rolling around as he was painfully burning.

With Sun Qiming dead, Luo Hei couldn’t possibly go up against Chu Mu with just one emperor rank and four top tier monarch ranks.

At this time, Luo Hei’s face no longer was filled with the satisfaction and greed from getting a large amount of spirits. If he knew this abnormal young man had two emperors, there was no way he would have so brashly paid such a heavy price to fight. In his current situation, he was both regretful and angry!

“Fly towards the spirit master army!”

Luo Hei saw the situation, and quickly started to escape.

Utilizing the destructive wind fairy’s high ground advantage, Luo Hei didn’t bother to even care about his four top tier monarch rank soul pets, directly escaping towards the spirit master army.


This battle that shook half the city area caused all the armies to watch from afar already. Most of these people were witnessing the clash between emperor ranks for the first time.

On the main street, the warrior rank armies and commander rank armies totalling a couple ten thousand people were all staring wide-eyed at other half of the city rendered into ruins, unable to come back to their senses for a while.

“Kingdom master has a command to immediately form teams and attack the intruder!” Just as everyone was staring shocked, a commander shouted with his remembrance out loud.

Gathering the crowds! Luo Hei was about to use the entire western kingdom army to fight Chu Mu!

“Is this a joke? That’s an emperor rank- won’t we all be going towards our certain death?!”

“One technique was enough to destroy half the city. If that same technique is used with us, won’t we all die!!”

"Our mission is to destroy the western wetlands, why are we going against an unknown human expert!”

The commander rank army and warrior rank army leaders were the first to oppose the command!

The kingdom master was the leader of all of western kingdom. However, the kingdom master could directly command only the city commanders of the great cities, and these city commanders could only lead the city guards.

These western kingdom armies were mostly western kingdom free soul pet trainers. They came from all different kinds of families, clans, and powers, and some even came from other kingdoms.

To tell these people averaging warrior and commander rank to fight against an emperor, they may have an advantage in numbers to suppress the emperor, but they would definitely be giving up thousands or even tens of thousands of lives. Who could guarantee that they wouldn’t be one of those that died unfortunately?

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