Chapter 65: Monarch White Nightmare, Disregarding Blue Flames!

Chapter 65: Monarch White Nightmare, Disregarding Blue Flames!

The roots of the wood type soul pet buried into the ground. If the other soul pet were to be dragged underground by the wood type soul pet and didn’t have enough time to adopt measures, then it would definitely be pierced thousands of times!!

“Beng!!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!!!!”

Wave after wave of noises resonated out from underneath the battlefield. The surface of the ground had been pierced through, and one was able to clearly see sharp, thick Demon Woods stick out. Evidently, underneath the surface of the ground, numerous Demon Wood roots were launching piercing attacks!!

The Black Crystal Ice Fairy’s defense was extremely high, and it had perhaps even reached the late seventh level. A normal attack would find it hard to leave a wound, but in this circumstance, where it was being pierced by over fifty Demon Wood roots, even if its defence was even higher, it would eventually be shattered!!

If it were someone else, if his or her soul pet was dragged out of sight and attacked, then he or she would have already panicked. However, the Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen was still able to his maintain calm, and he chanted an incantation!

“Mental Sword!”

An awn of light suddenly shot out of Yang Luosen’s eyes; two incomparably strange mental swords astonishingly materialized from these lights. Almost instantaneously, they shot towards the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s head!!

The mental swords were extremely fast, and Chu Mu didn’t have enough time to react.

“O!!!!” After suffering from the sword’s mental attack, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar, and its body began to clearly tremble...

Mental Swords didn’t do extensive damage to the soul pet’s soul and mind. Its true use was to momentarily cause pain to the soul pet and make it lose its focus from this pain!


As the Devil Tree Battle Soldier momentarily stopped, the surface of the plaza battlefield loudly disintegrated. Subsequently, a violent Ice Blade Storm swept up!!

“Shua shua shua shua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The moment the Ice Blade Storm swept up, the Demon Wood roots were torn into pieces, and they chaotically fluttered about!!

After seeing this scene, everyone was further shocked. Despite being dragged underground, the Black Crystal Ice Fairy was still able to free itself!!

The Ice Blade Storm didn’t last too long. Once the Black Crystal Ice Fairy used this technique and freed itself from the Demon Wood Chains that dragged it underground, it once more began floating above the ground!

The Black Crystal Ice Fairy’s defense had probably reached the late seventh stage. However, after being violently pierced by over 50 roots, its thick, Ice Armored body had clearly been penetrated in many areas. If it were a soul pet from any other world, it definitely would have died due to its internal organs being penetrated!

Luo Region’s Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen chanted another incantation, and extremely decisively recalled the Black Crystal Ice Fairy that was heavily wounded by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier...


A violent flicker happened to the flames in the center as Yang Luosen was chanting his summoning incantation, and the flames slowly were dyed a deep blue color!

Deep blue colored flames were being held in his two hands and, after Yang Luosen threw them out, two balls of Devil Fire began interweaving ten meters in front of him. Suddenly, a magnificent yet serene and cold Devil Fire Lotus blossomed forth!


The deep blue colored Devil Fire burst forth in front of everyone’s shocked gazes. The fire ascended into the air and burned furiously!

In the center of the deep blue colored violent Devil Fire that unceasingly flickered appeared a figure in an even darker shade of color. Suddenly, a wave of cold Devil Fire aura rushed forth and diffused in all four directions!!

As a Nightmare Palace member, one needed to sign a soul pact with a Nightmare! The Luo Region Nightmare Prince, therefore, had a Nightmare of his own!

A fifth phase eighth stage Blue Nightmare!! It was also a high class commander rank, but the Blue Nightmare’s fighting strength was definitely above the Black Crystal Ice Fairy’s!

Once the terrifying soul Devil Fire of the Blue Nightmare swept up, the tens of thousands of people in the plaza couldn’t help but inhale a breath of air!

In Gangluo City, as long as one had a sixth phase commander rank soul pet, he or she would be considered an expert. However, the two soul pets the young man Yang Luosen had just summoned were both high class commander ranks. Moreover, they were of excellent quality. Although it was only at the fifth phase eighth stage, it was still enough to instill fear in the hearts of a few sixth phase commander ranks!

“Dark type and fire type against wood type. Absolute advantage!”

“Everything points to disaster for Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier…”

Plant type soul pets had a clear advantage in battle against the majority of soul pets. However, their biggest weakness was their fear of fire type techniques!

The Blue Nightmare’s Devil Fire didn’t directly increase the burning damage of fire type techniques, but instead gave them the terrifying ability to burn souls!!

Nightmares were Chaos World soul pets, and they possessed control over fire abilities not inferior to pure fire element soul pets. They further had the strange, demonic spirit-like techniques of Beast World soul pets. Nonetheless, the most terrifying aspect of Nightmares was their powerful control over darkness that Other World dark types had!

Such a soul pet with abnormal talent, amongst those of the same rank, was naturally entirely worthy of being a king!!


Devil Flames surged forth, and a devil’s cry rang out!!

The powerful and tyrannic appearance of the Blue Nightmare was unrestrained!!

“Flame Wave!!”

Yang Luosen issued an order, and the Blue Nightmare’s devil claws violently raised into the air. Instantly, a wave of Devil Fire taller than ten meters rushed towards the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!!

The blue Devil Fire’s temperature was extremely low, and it caused others to feel a bone-piercing chill. However, it still had the same burning effect of a normal fire. Coupled with its terrifying ability to burn souls, it was definitely much more terrifying than a normal fire by a few times!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

With the onslaught of the Devil Fire, Chu Mu could only order his Devil Tree Battle Soldier to construct a root net to obstruct the Devil Fire attack...

However, while the root net could resist a myriad of techniques with extreme destructive power, under the terrifying onslaught of the Devil Fire, it wouldn’t be of any use!

The Devil Fire waves devoured all the roots, which quickly turned into ashes. The thick defensive skin of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would be very difficult to be of any clear use under the attack of the Devil Fire!

“Hu hu hu!!!” finally, the Devil Fire rushed over, and quickly devoured Chu Mu and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!!

The Ice Armor on the outer layer of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was quickly melted off, and after feeling both its soul and flesh both being roasted, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a painful cry!

Standing in the terrifying blue colored Devil Fire, Chu Mu’s body didn’t move in the slightest. In an extreme state of calm, he chanted an incantation...

“What is Chu Mu doing? Don’t tell me that he wants to recall his Devil Tree Battle Soldier?”

Seeing Chu Mu’s actions, Chu Ming was stunned!! The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body was still being burned by the blue Devil Fire. If it were recalled, then the unextinguished Devil Fire would burn Chu Mu’s soul. Afterward, it would burn Chu Mu’s body from the inside out!!

“Chu Mu, don’t recall your soul pet!!”

Chu Tianheng was aware of this, and he immediately used soul remembrance to condense a voice and shouted towards Chu Mu!!

Chu Mu heard Chu Tianheng’s nervous warning, but he didn’t stop his incantation. He continued to recall the Devil Tree Battle Soldier into his soul pet space!

“It’s over… it’s over…” Chu Xing and the others frightenedly stared at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, whose body was still wearing Devil Fire as it returned to the soul pet space. They could no longer continue watching!

“Haha, he’s dead! He’s dead!!” Underneath the stage, Yang Luobin saw that Chu Mu unexpectedly made a rudimentary and fatal mistake as he immediately began to howl with laughter!

After knowing that Chu Mu had become a Prison Island King, the fear in Yang Luobin’s heart had reached its peak. He was deeply afraid that Chu Mu would come to kill him. Yet, as long as Chu Mu died, it didn't matter if the family had offended Nightmare Palace, his older step-brother of the same father but different mother, Yang Luosen, would definitely protect his life!

Yang Luobin’s laugh lasted a long time. His eyes stared at Chu Mu, wanting to see this fellow’s miserable state. He wanted to see Chu Mu being roasted alive by the Devil Fire until death...

The deep, blue colored Devil Fire flickered around Chu Mu’s surroundings, and his two eyes were full of marks of a few deep blue colored flames. The expression on his face was unperturbed and indifferent. He simply didn’t reveal a pained expression from the Devil Fire burning...

The Devil Fire continued to burn, but as the Devil Fire around Chu Mu’s body began to sway, people began to gradually discover that Devil Fire unexpectedly hadn’t burned Chu Mu’s body. Faintly, they found that a strange, pale white Devil Fire had indistinctly outlined Chu Mu’s body!!

“Why is he unscathed after recalling the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that was wearing Devil Fire?”

“That’s right. It seems that he didn’t use any technique. Why didn’t the Devil Fire cause any burning damage to him?!”

Loftily standing tall within the Devil Fire, Chu Mu who didn’t use any soul technique simply didn’t feel any harm from the Devil Fire. Moreover, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier he had recalled into the frail soul pet space was still unscathed. This weird phenomenon caused everyone to be suspicious...

“A pale white colored fire. What is that white colored thing keeping away the blue colored Devil Fire?!”

Finally, someone discovered the pale white Devil Fire burning on Chu Mu’s body. Instantly, discussion began to spring up everywhere!

The majority of people in Gangluo City only knew of Cyan Nightmares and Blue Nightmares. They had never heard of an evil creature with white colored Devil Fire!

Seeing Chu Mu standing tall within the Devil Fire, the expression of Yang Luobin, who had just been laughing heartily, froze. Currently, Chu Mu completely gave others a feeling of endless evil. Such evil gave others a fear that made them tremble!!

White colored Devil Fire. Chu Mu’s strength had already surpassed the knowledge of Chu Xing and the others. They could only questioningly turn their gazes towards Chu Tianheng, attempting to obtain an explanation from the more knowledgeable Chu Tianheng.

Yet, Chu Tianheng’s expression was lifeless, because the silently burning white colored Devil Fire on Chu Mu’s body happened to be one of the Nightmare Palace’s most terrifying soul pets - the White Nightmare!!

The White Nightmare was an extremely terrifying monarch rank. How many people in the entire Luo Region even had a monarch rank soul pet?

The pale white Devil Fire without any temperature serenely burned on Chu Mu’s body. However, the shock it brought Chu Ming was like a raging wave of fire that fiercely surged!!

Chu Ming’s experience was much richer than Chu Tianheng’s, and he had an extent of understanding towards the Nightmare Palace’s cultivating method of feeding soul power to soul pets.

In the past, Chu Ming had heard a rumor that Nightmare Palace had used 1000 soul pet trainers as soul pet food to breed a White Nightmare. At that time, his blood had run cold.

Yet, what made his soul feel even more shocked was that his own grandson, Chu Mu, had unexpectedly signed a soul contract with the most nefarious soul pet in this world!

Constantly being pursued by this monarch rank devil until death!

Day and night having to bear the torture of the soul Devil Fire!!!

In these four years, how did the Chu Mu, who lost a soul and signed a soul pact with a White Nightmare, survive?!!

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