Chapter 649: Chu Mu Fighting Two Spirit Emperors (2)

Chapter 649: Chu Mu Fighting Two Spirit Emperors (2)

“Whose… whose White Nightmare is this! Why are you attacking my Violent Blood Pool Beast!” Sun Qiming yelled in shock!

“Your death is imminent, and you still don’t know?!” mocked Chu Mu.

Sun Qiming turned around, and discovered that the emperor rank White Nightmare’s figure and appearance was exactly the same as Chu Mu. It was as if the devilish figure had split off of this man’s body!!

“How is this possible?!! You have two emperors?!!” Sun Qiming’s face was full of disbelief. 

A young man with one emperor rank soul pet already gave Sun Qiming and Luo Hei much shock. If they hadn’t determined that he had come from the Chu Family, they would have considered whether this young man had the support of some huge faction. Otherwise, relying on his own strength, a twenty year old young man would not be able to reach this level. 

However, the appearance of the White Nightmare emperor gave Sun Qiming the feeling as if he had been struck by lightning. Firstly, this young man was stronger than them, first rank Kingdom Lord spirit emperors! Secondly, they were very clear that a pseudo emperor rank White Nightmare as much stronger than normal pseudo emperors! 

“White Nightmare, don’t let others enter this place!” Chu Mu quickly gave the White Nightmare an order.

The White Nightmare’s resentment aura’s dense resentment flames serenely began to pervade the area. It clashed with the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s bloody mist. However, the latter immediately collapsed while the former continued to rapidly proliferate through the entire district. 

Chu Mu understood that the spirit master rank army would appear soon. With the addition of the spirit master rank army, they would pose a huge threat to Chu Mu. Therefore, he couldn’t let them enter the battlefield. 

After giving the White Nightmare an order, Chu Mu gave Mo Xie an order to fight the Violent Blood Pool Abyss Beast. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie increased her speed. The sin flames on her body began to rapidly extinguish as dark red sin imprints appeared on her quick moving front limbs. They were like indistinct dark red lightning bolts! 

“Illusion split!” 

Chu Mu didn’t have Mo Xie save her physical strength! 

Mo Xie’s body split into six. Six true fox monarchs moved forward together. Their long tails were beautifully unfurled on the street. It was magnificent! 

“Sin Imprint Claw!” 

Mo Xie’s true body was at the front while her illusions were half a beat behind her. The dark red claw flew across the air, and ripped the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s body. 


Mo Xie flitted past. All of Mo Xie’s illusions with seventy percent of her strength used Sin Imprint Claw. Each illusion attacked a different spot on the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s body.

The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s flesh was burned by the resentment flames and in the innards of its broken body, sin imprints appeared. This caused its skin to crack like a fractured rock! 

The Violent Blood Pool Beast used its claws to block a few attacks, making its body seem even more strained. It angrily punched its arm at one of Mo Xie’s illusions!


The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s punch landed on the ground, causing the entire street to collapse. A row of buildings were demolished and a loud rumbling sound echoed through the entire district. 

The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s realiatory ability was very strong, however its judgemental abilities were lacking. It was unable to find Mo Xie’s true body. Although it had a strong attack, it only managed to knock Mo Xie flying without dealing much damage. 


As Mo Xie fought the Violent Blood Pool Beast, the White Nightmare was fermenting its technique!

Finally, it finished its technique! 

Four boundary separating devil flames began burning on the ground from one street to the next.


Suddenly, a shocked devil cry resounded through the night sky. Those who heard it trembled with fear; even their souls were shattered by this piercing cry!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!”

Anywhere the boundary separating marks moved, devil flames would spring up. Instantly, the entire district was filled with white resentment flames. An astonishing white torrential sea of flames appeared in the district!! 

Luo Hei’s subordinates was mustering a large force of spirit masters to block off the eastern district and planned on surrounding Chu Mu. However, before the spirit masters had managed to gather nearly 2000 meters away, the sea of flames suddenly appeared. The entire district and its hundreds of streets and thousands of buildings were completely submerged in devil flames after the devil cry!!

The height of the resentment flames reached the roofs of the buildings. All of the spirit masters stood, dumbfounded, in place and watched the district engulfed in devil flames. Not a single one of them dared step a foot inside!!

Thus, the spirit master legion numbering in the hundreds was forced back.


Kingdom Lord Luo Hei watched from the sky. His face was pale from the reflection of the beautiful yet terrifying sea of flames below him.

The emperor rank White Nightmare’s technique exemplified the difference in strength between a Nightmare emperor and a normal emperor. Neither Luo Hei’s Destructive Wind emperor or Sun Qiming’s Abyss Beast emperor could create something so terrifying!!

“Luo Hei, what are you still staring at?! Help me!!” suddenly, amidst the white sea of flames below, Sun Qiming’s angry and frightened voice rang out!

When Luo Hei had had the Destructive Wind Fairy erect the four wind boundaries, he had also summoned his other four peak monarch rank main pets. These four peak monarch rank soul pets were supposed to fight on the ground.

However, as he watched the torrential sea of flames, Luo Hei hesitated.

The strength of his peak monarchs were not even 20 percent of the White Nightmare emperor’s. If they were to participate, they would be easily instakilled. 

“Extinguish the sea of flames!” Luo Hei didn’t allow his four peak monarch rank soul pets fight. Instead, he had the Destructive Wind Fairy suppress the terrifying sea of flames first!

The Destructive Wind Fairy used air pressure to press down. A powerful spiral wind force slowly manifested and as it continued its incantation, the spiral transformed into an emperor hurricane that stretched from the ground to the black layer of clouds!

The emperor hurricane’s span extremely quickly and it engulfed the roaring devil flames. Soon, the devil flames from a few dozen blocks were absorbed by hurricane, transforming the hurricane into a white colored devil flames hurricane!

As the hurricane spun faster and faster, the amount of fire it absorbed was more and more. However, there was a limit to how much the hurricane could absorb. It only managed to extinguish a third of the sea of flames before it could not anymore. It was then swept to another district by the Destructive Wind Fairy.

The battlefield had become a place of ruins, even more destitute than when Western Marsh had occupied this place!

“Jie Jie~~~~~~”

Amidst the wanton flames, the White Nightmare’s figure outlandishly floated past a few of Sun Qiming’s peak monarchs. In its hands were two living and beating inner crystals!

These two inner crystals were from two of Sun Qiming’s peak monarchs.

Sun Qiming had also summoned four peak monarchs. If it wasn’t for their obstruction, the White NIghtmare would have already made its way to the Violent Blood Pool Beast and coordinated with Mo Xie to kill with Abyss Beast emperor. 

However, even with the obstructions, Sun Qiming’s peak monarchs only managed to block the White Nightmare for a brief moment. Moreover, in order to obtain this brief moment, he had to sacrifice two souls! 

“Pai!!!!!” the White Nightmare mercilessly crushed the two inner crystals in its hands. It demonically gave a peculiar smile at the pale faced Sun Qiming!

This was the first time Sun Qiming fought an emperor rank White Nightmare. This harrowing feeling caused fear to rise within him! 

Sun Qiming’s other two peak monarchs no longer dared to try and stop the White Nightmare. Thus, like a remote phantom, it began to float towards the Violent Blood Pool Beast in order to kill it! 

The Abyss Beast emperor was already wounded and had strength comparable to the fox monarch emperor. If the White Nightmare joined in, the Abyss Beast emperor was definitely dead!

Seeing the White Nightmare emperor grow closer and closer to his Abyss Beast emperor, Sun Qiming raised his head, and prayed that Kingdom Lord Luo would be able to stop it. 

“You… you still aren’t sending your soul pets down?!! Do you really think our Violent Blood Pool Beast and Destructive Wind Fairy can contend against his soul pets?! The moment my Abyss Beast emperor dies, don’t even think of living!!” seeing Luo Hei cower like that, Sun Qiming angrily roared at him.

Two of Sun Qiming’s souls had been injured and his emperor rank Violent Blood Pool Beast was in an imminent crisis. Yet, Luo Hei was still hiding in the sky using techniques that were incapable of stopping the White NIghtmare emperor. Why would Sun Qiming not be mad?

“Go down, stop the White Nightmare!” Luo Hei finally dispatched his four peak monarchs. 

Luo Hei’s four peak monarchs didn’t have the ability to fly, but the Destructive Wind Fairy’s control over the wind allowed them to hover in the air.

The four peak monarchs were all sent to the ground, and they used techniques to attack the White Nightmare. 

“White Nightmare, ignore them. Focus on killing the Violent Blood Pool Beast!” Chu Mu gave the White Nightmare an order. 

The White Nightmare was easily angered. If it spent time killing these peak monarchs, it would definitely give the Violent Blood Pool Beast a chance to catch its breath. 

Moreover, Luo Hei’s Destructive Wind Fairy was continuously using wind type techniques to suppress Mo Xie. It delivered many injuries to her. If her dodging abilities weren’t so strong, Mo Xie would definitely have been heavily wounded already.

Luo Hei was smart, and knew that against Chu Mu’s two emperors, he had to use his peak monarchs to delay the White Nightmare while focusing on getting rid of Mo Xie.

If they managed to make Mo Xie lose her fighting strength and then combined all of the peak monarchs and two emperors to deal with the White Nightmare, Chu Mu would be disadvantaged in this fight! 


The White Nightmare didn’t violate Chu Mu’s orders this time. It ignored the four peak monarch attacks and forcibly broke through the Destructive Wind Fairy’s wind barrier!!

“It’s over!!”

Seeing the White Nightmare emperor reach his Violent Blood Pool Beast, Sun Qiming’s face turned unsightly!

Sun Qiming understood that it would be very difficult for his Violent Blood Pool Beast to block the White Nightmare emperor’s terrifying attack. Any of the White Nightmares techniques would be able to deliver a fatal blow!

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