Chapter 648: Chu Mu Fighting Two Spirit Emperors (1)

Chapter 648: Chu Mu Fighting Two Spirit Emperors (1)

“Ignore them. Take down Chu Mu first!!” said Kingdom Lord Luo Hei.

Using the Chu Family member as hostages was to force Chu Mu to come here. Now that this goal had been achieved, the hostages were useless. At most, they would be able to expose the matter about Barbarian Valley. However, there were only unimportant people left from the Chu Family and, as a Kingdom Lord, he would be able to find someone to spread that they were spouting fake news. There wouldn’t be people that believed them!

Sun Qiming nodded his head and chanted an incantation, summoning an emperor rank soul pet!!

An enormous pattern appeared next to the golden tent. The tent was ten meters high, but as the pattern flashed, an Violent Blood Pool Beast which head was reached a height above the tent appeared! 

This emperor rank Violent Blood Pool Beast’s muscles were bulging, and its skin was as glossy as a sleek piece of stone. Its Arms, waist, shoulder armor, thighs and head were composed of weapon-like spiky bones. It looked malevolent and fierce, much more so than commander rank Violent Blood Pool Beasts. This type of a soul pet would be a killing machine if thrown into a community of soul pets. Its entire body was composed of weapons!!

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!”

The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s eyes were flushed red. When it let out a roar, a bloody mist billowed through and covered the entire tent! 

The emperor’s roar had shocking intimidation effect. The surrounding spirit masters were all so frightened they began trembling as they stared at this savage emperor rank soul pet!

“Isn’t… isn’t that Senior Sun’s emperor Abyss Beast?!!” 

“What tyrannical majesty. How many monarchs would one need to defeat it?!!” 

“Who on earth has the guts to provoke Senior Sun? That’s practically suicide!” 

The strongest Violent Blood Pool Beast had appeared. Thus, this was no small matter. The spirit masters stationed nearby didn’t immediately head there because this was an emperor rank soul pet and their monarchs could be instakilled if it was careless! 

Moreover, everyone could see that Kingdom Lord Luo Hei was there too. Even if something unexpected occurred, the two of them had emperor rank soul pets. What couldn’t they deal with?

“Get rid of his fox monarch!!” Sun Qiming naturally knew that Chu Mu’s fox monarch was an emperor rank soul pet. He didn’t dare look down on it, and immediately gave his emperor Abyss Beast an order! 

The bloody mist around the emperor Abyss Beast grew increasingly dense. It had completely covered the central plaza and was continuing to spread through the city.

Chu Mu was in the path of the blowing dense bloody wind. The wind even caused Mo Xie’s silver fur to flutter! 


A wave of trembling occurred, and a footprint-like hole abruptly appeared in the ground. Around the hole, cracks began to proliferate. This was the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s charging strength. When it ran at full speed, it was capable of knocking down the entire street!

The Violent Blood Pool Beast and the leopard emperor were both beast types. However, the VIolent Blood Pool Beast’s strength was definitely higher than the leopard emperor while its speed was inferior! 

Seeing its charge, Mo Xie didn’t meet it head on. Instead, she carried Chu Mu and dodged in another direction. 

Mo Xie was extremely fast. She left a few flaming footprints at a few locations on the plaza as she moved to a ruined stone building.

The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s reaction speed was equally fast. When it saw Mo Xie dodge, its powerful steps came to a halt. It abruptly raised its two arms and fiercely smashed the ground!

Instantly, a blood energy rushed through the plaza, surging towards Mo Xie.

The bloody energy easily ripped apart the solid ground. The stone buildings in a half-destroyed state were razed to the ground!!

Mo Xie saw the energy pursuing her, and she hastily changed locations. Her body hid in another building of the large exchange. At this moment, the bloody red colored energy struck. 

Outside the plaza, the damaged buildings that were over thirty meters tall all collapsed. It was chain effect that lasted a few blocks as dozens of damaged buildings became ruins! 

“This strength… is too terrifying!!”

“An entire three blocks… are all gone, just like that…”

The spirit master army nearby the battlefield were all flabbergasted by this. The reality was that they rarely saw emperor rank soul pets display their strength.

Seeing the three streets destroyed by one technique, they were able to clearly understand the strength difference between an emperor and a monarch!!

“Sun Qiming, don’t let him flee!” Luo Hei angrily roared. He swept his gaze over the two people behind him and said: “Follow Sun Qiming. Gather the spirit master army and have them block off the eastern side. We cannot let this criminal flee!” 

Kingdom Lord Luo Hei immediately gave an order. 

There were over a hundred people in the spirit master army. Moreover, all of them could summon four soul pets. All together, they possessed an enormous amount of strength!


Luo Hei’s two subordinates immediately bowed. The dark yellow clothed spirit master rode on their Phantom Sables and chased in the direction Chu Mu was fleeing in. The other subordinate moved quickly to the spirit master army. He was going to send the troops to surround Chu Mu!

After giving his order, Kingdom Lord Luo Hei chanted an incantation! 

The opponent was also an expert with a pseudo emperor. Sun Qiming, by himself, would not be able to defeat him. Indeed, the fox monarch clearly had the demon attribute, so if it felt like fleeing, Sun Qiming’s Violent Blood Pool Beast would not be able to make it stay.

Luo Hei’s incantation finished. The soul pet he summoned was an emperor rank Destructive Wind Fairy!

Wind type soul pets were extremely fast. Luo Hei didn’t summon any other soul pets for the time being. Instead, he ordered the Destructive Wind Fairy to chase in the direction Chu Mu had fled.

The violent wind it controlled swept up countless pieces of debris from the city. The debris was then spread throughout the air. Utilizing the Destructive Wind Fairy’s help, Kingdom Lord Luo Hei was able to step in the air. It was as if he was controlling a huge wave of air that covered the heaven and earth. Its majesty was shocking! 

“With my emperor fairy present, you think you can flee?” in the air, Luo Hei quickly discovered a silver figure quickly moving between the buildings in the city!

“Suppress its speed!!” Luo Hei pointed at Chu Mu and Mo Xie, giving his Destructive Wind Fairy an order!

The Destructive Wind Fairy chanted an incantation. Its technique was still in embryonic stages when the weather in the entire night sky transformed. A dark black horizon began to pressure downwards and gradually appeared a horrifying wind pressure!!


A violent wind formed, and it began moving the debris from one city district. Immediately after, the people in the distance were able to visibly see a black wind pressure down from atop the district's countless roofs!! 

The air pressure began to increase. It was as if the sky was sinking down. The roofs of the standing buildings in this city district were crushed to pieces. A bolt of lightning streaked through the sky. The blinding white flash only added shock to this scene!! 

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

The powerful air pressure caused Mo Xie’s body to become heavier and her running speed visibly slowed.

“Stop.” Chu Mu swept his gaze over the black destroyed city district. He had Mo Xie stop running.

Chu Mu had come here to take the lives of these two trash spirit emperors. Why would he choose to flee? He had baited them here because he didn’t want to fight the two spirit emperors in the midst of such a large army of soul pet trainers.

“Hahaha, let’s see where you can flee? Hand over the spirits and perhaps we’ll let you live.” Sun Qiming’s laughter rang out from another street.


A row of shops was destroyed by a pair of blood red energy arms. Debris flew everywhere and a ten meter tall Violent Blood Pool Beast took heavy steps forward. Its face was full of malevolence and savagery! 

Sun Qiming was next to the Violent Blood Pool Beast. He was riding on a three meter tall Ice Falcon!!

Even higher up in the air, Kingdom Lord Luo Hei saw that Sun Qiming’s Violent Blood Pool Beast had caught up and a smile rose on his face.

They just had to get rid of Chu Mu’s emperor rank fox monarch and ten thousand spirits would belong to them! 

Luo Hei looked down. To prevent Chu Mu from fleeing, he had the Destructive Wind Fairy erect wind energy on all four sides of this district. The area of the wind force was very wide. Even if emperor rank soul pets entered, their speed would decrease. 

After Luo Hei erected the last wall of wind energy, he suddenly discovered that a demonic white Nightmare figure had appeared fifty meters behind the Violent Blood Pool Beast!

“What is that?” Luo Hei was confused, and he wasn’t able to immediately recognized this soul pet.

However, when Luo Hei focused his soul remembrance and used it to look, his face immediately changed!

A White Nightmare!! An emperor rank White Nightmare!!

Luo Hei was a Kingdom Lord, and obviously knew that if a White Nightmare reached the emperor rank, it was capable of fighting one versus two. In the pseudo emperor rank, it rarely had opponents!

While Luo Hei was extremely shocked, he was also confused as to why an emperor rank White NIghtmare had suddenly appeared here! 


An underworld lotus suddenly erupted where the emperor Abyss Beast was standing. The emperor Abyss Beast should have been unmovable as a mountain. However, when this underworld lotus erupted, the Violent Blood Pool Beast was knocked flying. The thick defensive skin even began to fester!!

Sun Qiming stared blankly as his emperor rank Violent Blood Pool Beast was knocked flying by a single attack, while its flesh lacerated from burns!! 

“How is this possible?!!” Sun Qiming roared!

The Violent Blood Pool Beast was a true emperor. Just now Sun Qiming had detected a creature approaching him and had the Abyss Beast adopt defensive measures.

However, even in a defensive position, the Abyss Beast was still injured. Therefore, wasn’t the soul pet that attacked his Abyss Beast an even stronger emperor?!! 

It was impossible for someone from Western Kingdom with an emperor rank soul pet to appear here. Therefore, Sun Qiming had no idea whose emperor had attacked his soul pet. He turned around in confusion. 

A devilish figure radiating in coldness entered his vision. Sun Qiming was instantly so shocked he couldn’t say anything. His eyes carried slight panic as he stared at the emperor rank White Nightmare!! 

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