Chapter 647 Inside Barbarian Valley

Chapter 647 Inside Barbarian Valley

Chu Tianheng knew that his commander rank soul pets don’t threaten the top tier monarch rank at all. Especially the Silver Armor Heaven Ox, its defense couldn’t be broken even if the commander rank soul pets all gathered together to launch a single attack, which would result in at most a shallow cut!

“No one can break through my Silver Armor heaven Ox’s defense!” Luo Qiufeng said mockingly.

Chu Tianheng’s commanding abilities were good. He let a couple commander rank soul pets bait the Silver Armor Heaven Ox in before gathering all 40 commander ranks to attack at once. However, when everyone saw that the forty commander ranks’ attack only left a shallow mark, everyone felt hopelessness!

The wide disparity in strength caused no one to have any fighting intent, only able to command their soul pets to back further and further up!

“Qiufeng, why aren’t you leaving yet! Don’t you feel that White Nightmare’s aura!” Suddenly, younger brother Luo Qiusheng yelled at Luo Qiufeng.

Luo Qiusheng and Qing Nan already didn’t dare to fight anymore, because they sensed the powerful White Nightmare’s aura from deep in the valley. It was definitely more powerful than any monarch rank soul pet!!

Though Luo Qiufeng was the older brother, his soul remembrance wasn’t as high. He always thought it was just the top tier monarch rank aura of Qian Qing’s White Nightmare. He didn’t realize that there was an incredibly terrifying presence inside the valley!!

“Leave? Even if there is that White Nightmare, my Silver Armor Heaven Ox’s defense is enough to fight against it!” Luo Qiufeng dismissed!

Luo Qiufeng was just getting started with the killing, so he truly didn’t want to leave yet. And, Chu Tainheng’s move to assassinate him truly angered him. He just wanted to kill all of Chu Clan right now!

“Kill just a few more!” Luo Qiufeng said.

Luo Qiusheng naturally couldn’t let him continue to be this stupid. Just as he was about to say that there may be an emperor rank White Nightmare in the valley, a scene abruptly caused Luo Qiusheng to be unable to speak!!

A figure completely covered in resentful flames, full of evil that seemed to emanate from inside the body, sent frigid air outwards. It looked like fire, but it was a materialization of negative emotions. It was like facing a resentful devil, staring directly into its crimson eyes.

Luo Qiusheng could no longer speak, staring stupefied, as the devil like phantom neared the Silver Armor Heaven Ox!

Suddenly, the devil shadow appeared, evilly floating behind the Silver Armor Heaven Ox!!

The Silver Armor Heaven Ox was top tier monarch rank. From all of Chu Family’s perspective, it was a killing monster, already drenched with blood.

Yet, this powerful Silver Armor Heaven Ox was clueless about the devil that appeared behind it. It was still letting out fearsome roars towards all the commander rank soul pets!

“That’s……” Luo Qiufeng was behind the Silver Armor Heaven Ox. Seeing it float behind the Silver Armor Heaven Ox, he became a stiff statue as well!

The White Nightmare slowly extended its devil claw, and stabbed it into the Silver Armor Heaven Ox’s body!

With resentful flames inserted, it slowly started burning away the top tier monarch rank Silver Armor Heaven Ox’s innards!

“Huo~~~Hu~~~~~~” The Silver Armor Heaven Ox was just roaring when its lungs were suddenly filled with devil flames. Its roars quickly became the spewing of devil flames, causing its roaring to suddenly stop.

“Huo!!!!! Huo!!!!!!!”

Silver Armor Heaven Ox’s roars quickly became painful roars, as roiling devil flames came out of the Silver Armor Heaven Ox’s mouth!!


The devil flames grew stronger and stronger, burning its way from inside of its body out.

Very quickly, the Silver Armor Heaven Ox’s body was covered in resentful flames. Even its outer armor was burnt through, rendered to ashes!

“This…...this Silver Armor Heaven Ox’s defense was useless - it was burnt to ashes!” Chu Tianjue’s jaw fell slack.

The other soul pet trainers were even more shocked. All forty of their commander ranks together could only leave a small scratch on its armor. Such a defense was too powerful for them to imagine.

Yet, in mere seconds, this Silver Armor Heaven Ox was burnt to ashes. That was a top tier monarch rank’s best defense! Just how powerful was this devil like being!!

“Exterminate them all, including their souls!” At this point, an icy command came.

Chu family suddenly reacted and turned around to find Chu Mu, also shrouded in a cold aura, walking over. His stature was exactly the same as the white nightmare, as if it was merely a shadow that split off from this man!!


White Nightmare cracked a cruel smile, its body slowly burning into nothingness with the devil flames!!

Everyone stared closely at the devil phantom, but they noticed that three devil shadows appeared, floating scarily behind Luo Qiufeng, Luo Qiusheng, and the Shackled Signal Ox Beast!

Luo Qiufeng and Luo Qiusheng were both high remembrance spirit masters. They immediately felt a cold resentment pour into their bodies from behind them, like an evil and vengeful spirit.

The Shackled Signal Ox Beast also noticed the presence of White Nightmare. It kept trying to turn itself around clumsily, waving its arms around. However, no matter which way it turned, the devil was always behind it.

The three devil shadows all only appeared for a split second, leaving an afterimage. The next second, White Nightmare appeared in another place, its burning white claws holding something.

The White Nightmare didn’t have any splitting techniques. The reason everyone saw three devil shadows was because the White Nightmare was truly too quick. These three motions seemed to happen at the same time.

“What…...what are those……”

The White Nightmare grabbed three things in its claws. All three of these things were still sticky with blood, and still pumped!!  


Three fresh hearts!

“Nie nie~~~~~~~~” White Nightmare laughed as its devil claws suddenly tightened, shattering all three hearts at once!!

Three hearts. Two were human, and one was the crystal of the Shackled Signal Ox Beast!

After its claws tightened, the innards blew up!

Luo Qiufeng and Luo Qiusheng both fell down at the same time, the corner of their mouths leaking blood.

The Shackled Signal Ox Beast even let out a roar before blood spewed out from its mouth. While its roar was still echoing, it slumped to the ground!

With their hearts shattered, none would survive!

Shattering their hearts didn’t seem to satisfy the White Nightmare’s killing. The White Nightmare’s two evil pupils suddenly lit up. Immediately, the three lifeless corpses started burning!!

As Chu Mu said, if they were destroying even their souls, then White Nightmare won’t let them remain corpses!!

Luo Qiusheng, Luo Qiufeng, and Shackled Signal Ox Beast quickly turned into ashes, their souls disintegrating along with their bodies!!

Two top tier monarch ranks and two high remembrance spirit masters were instantly killed. Qing Nan was shaking all over, quickly about to retract his soul pet!

When Qing Nan sensed the emperor rank White Nightmare aura, he already began to escape. He was a couple hundred meters away already…...

Yet, after the White Nightmare became an emperor rank, it was extremely fast, with well trained movement. How could Qing Nan possibly escape!?

White Nightmare’s body flashed, almost immediately appearing beside the Tundra Ice Beast.

No matter how much the Tundra Ice Beast countered White Nightmare, it wouldn’t be of much use against the emperor rank!!

White Nightmare’s claws extended, becoming a blade. The technique it was casting was the Demonic Beheading that Chu Mu used in half devil state!!

Demonic Beheading was an Other type technique that directly ripped the space apart!

The demonic beheading flew past, leaving a tear in the space the blade passed throguh. This tear just happened to coincide with the Tundra Ice Beast’s skull, causing its head to split off from its body!!

Devil Flames spread, darting into the Tundra Ice Beast and burning it!

After the demonic beheading, White Nightmare didn’t care about Tundra Ice Beast anymore, floating forwards again. Tundra Ice Beast’s body only then blew up from the neck down!!

Qing Nan escaped very quickly. However, he still couldn’t escape death. Very soon, a bleak scream came from the forest ahead, along with a wave of devil flames that spread in all directions, disintegrating everything!!

In a short time, the few undefeated soul pets were all turned to dust. Those were all top tier monarch rank soul pets!!

Top tier monarch rank, to them, were a peak they never even hoped to achieve in their lifetime. Just when did any of them expect such a powerful being to still be instantly killed!!

Chu family members were still stock still, including Chu Tianheng, unable to believe what just happened.

Just previously, they had seen how powerful White Nightmare’s invincible monarch rank strength was. How could they expect that today, this White Nightmare transcended top tier monarch and became a true emperor rank!!

In fact, they were sure that this White Nightmare’s aura was even stronger than Chu Mu’s nine tailed inferno monarch!!

Of course, Mo Xie’s aura was weaker than White Nightmare because Mo Xie was only ninth phase right now.

Chu Mu didn’t reach soul emperor rank, so Mo Xie couldn’t reach tenth phase, meaning she was only as powerful as a normal pseudo emperor rank.

Meanwhile, White Nightmare was pseudo emperor rank with fire, dark subtypes. This caused it to be able to handle two normal pseudo emperor ranks by itself!

“Chu Mu, your White Nightmare…..” Chu Tianheng stared blankly before saying to Chu Mu.

“En, the strengthening was successful, its an emperor rank now.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Emperor rank, another emperor rank!” Chu Tianheng, Chu Tianjue, and Chu Tianqi’s faces were beyond surprised.

Chu Mu already had a pseudo emperor rank seven sin fox. Now that he had the emperor rank white nightmare as well, his strength was even stronger than the kingdom master!

One has to know that the kingdom master that brought disaster upon all of chu family only had one pseudo-emperor rank!!!

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