Chapter 646: Emperor, White Nightmare!

Chapter 646: Emperor, White Nightmare! 

When dusk fell.

Due to the spreading of the illness, the people guarding the valley weren’t willing to enter. Therefore, they had no idea what was occurring inside the valley.

Luo Qiusheng and Luo Qiufeng were both Luo Hei’s lackeys. Their souls were wounded, but they each had a peak monarch rank soul pet. With this kind of strength, it was impossible for people in the valley to flee from them.

“They should pretty much all be dead. Let’s enter.” Luo Qiufeng said.

Luo Qiusheng nodded his head and swept his eyes over the other soul pet trainer sent by Kingdom Lord Luo Hei.

This soul pet trainer was called Qing Nan, and he was a capable underling. He had three peak monarchs. Therefore, with him, even if everyone in the valley combined their strengths, it would still be impossible to escape.

Qing Shan was short, and his eyes were small. He gave off the feeling that his eyes were hiding some dark intentions; thus when people looked at him, they never thought he was a good person.

Qing Nan walked ahead of them. He turned around and coldly swept his gaze over Luo Qiusheng and Luo Qiufeng as he said: “You guys will take action. I don’t want my soul pets to fight in such a dirty place.” 

“Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of them all.” Luo Qiusheng and Luo Qiufeng hastily spoke.


The three of them rode on their soul pets into the valley. In their minds, they imagined Barbarian Valley littered with corpses. After all, Qing Shan had played a part in this illness, causing it to become even more serious.

“That’s strange, why has the odor become lighter?” Qing Shan creased his brows.

Qing Shan was a soul teacher himself, but was a dark soul teacher which the Soul Temple did not recognize. The illness was something he created. In a closed environment without cure for fifteen days, even a spirit master would be infected.

However, Qing Feng was shocked because the illness inside Barbarian Valley had weakened.

“They… they don’t seem to have died!” Luo Qiufeng looked at the camp in the distance, but found that many people were still walking about there!

“Hmph, someone helped them get rid of the illness!” Qing Nan harrumphed and abruptly slapped the soul pet under him. 

“These people are still struggling at death’s door. Why don’t I give them a hand!” said Luo Qiufeng. 

The soul pets these three were riding on were all peak monarchs. Their angry charge caused the ground the tremble. When the residents in the distance saw these savage creatures charging at them, they were all flustered.

“They’ve arrived. Everyone summon their soul pets!!” 

In the underbrush, Chu Tianheng gave an order. Immediately, thirty spirit teachers appeared as well as a large group of commander rank soul pets. They attempted to stop the three of them. 

Although nearly a hundred soul pets had appeared, Qing Nan revealed a smile as he said: “Dying of illness was already my charity towards you. If you fall into my hands, you’ll wish you had died!” 

A group of commander rank soul pets wasn’t of much threat to peak monarchs. Despite being faced by so many Chu Family members, the three of them were not afraid; indeed, they began mocking them.

“A group of idiots. I’ll show you the difference between monarchs and commanders!” said Luo Qiufeng. He urged his peak monarch rank Shackled Magic Ox Beast to charge into the Chu Family spirit teacher camp!! 


The wild ox was incomparably irascible. It brandished its enormous arms, instantly smashing a few commander rank soul pets into meat paste. Fresh blood flew everywhere!! 

After Luo Qiufeng attacked, Luo Qiusheng ordered his Silver Armor Heaven Ox to charge at another group of commander rank soul pets. 

Luo Qiufeng’s Silver Armor Heaven Ox was not something commander rank defenses could stop. At least 5 commander rank soul pets were instantly killed from its charge. The difference in strength was immense.

After the charges, the Chu Family’s commander rank soul pets were utterly defeated. It wasn’t even close.

Seeing these people overestimate themselves, the three people began to laugh. What was more exciting than watching their soul pets crush their enemies as if they were stepping on ants? 

“Tianheng, we aren’t their opponents.” Chu Tianlin’s forehead was full of sweat.

These spirit teachers from the Chu Family were all elites. However, in the eyes of Luo Region Sect, they couldn’t even take one attack. If they continued like this, even if they wouldn’t be killed by the illness, they would be slaughtered by these three people.

“I’ll deal with them. Have your soul pets retreat further away.” at this moment, the soul teacher, Jian Qin, stood forth. 

Jian Qin didn’t say anything more. She immediately chanted an incantation and her slim figure was quickly wrapped by a white devil flame!

White Nightmare!!

Jian Qin had summoned the White Nightmare, which was a soul pet with an even more intense aura that the three Luo Sect Region member’s peak monarchs. 

The Chu Family members were all shocked. They never expected that this young and beautiful female soul teacher was also a powerful soul pet trainer with a peak monarch rank White Nightmare!!

The appearance of the White Nightmare undoubtedly gave the Chu Family hope! 

“Oh? An expert.” Qing Nan quickly noticed the appearance of the White Nightmare. His eyes fell on Jian Qin.

“It’s… it’s a White Nightmare! Moreover it’s a peak monarch!!” Luo Qiusheng and Luo Qiufeng’s faces changed.

Most White Nightmares had multiple attributes. If it reached the peak monarch rank and the opposing soul pet’s attributes did not counter it, it would have no problems fighting one versus two. If its attributes were also strengthened, fighting one versus three was also possible. Neither Luo Qiusheng or Luo Qiufeng’s peak monarchs had multiple attributes so they were naturally afraid.

“I thought it was Chu Mu, but it turned out to be a woman. A single White Nightmare is nothing to be afraid of!” although Qing Nan was astonished, he was still very calm.

As he spoke, Qing Nan chanted an incantation and summoned another peak monarch! 

An icy cold aura instantly froze the earth. The atmosphere that had been heated by the White NIghtmare abruptly dropped, and even the White Nightmare’s aura was covered!! 

“Tundra Ice Beast. It’s a peak monarch rank with a secondary attribute!!’ Luo Qiufeng and Luo Qiusheng were immediately happy.

The Tundra Ice Beast instantly suppressed the majesty of Jian Qin’s White Nightmare. Its ice attribute was a clear counter to the fire attribute, causing the White Nightmare to lose the effect of its secondary attribute, transforming it into a normal peak monarch!

Although Jain Qin didn’t cause the entire fight to turn in her favor, she was at most the equivalent to Qing Nan. She wasn’t able to stop Luo Qiufeng and Luo Qiusheng’s peak monarchs. 

“Has CHu Mu not finished? If he doesn’t appear soon, we’re going to lose miserably.” seeing people continuously lose their lives a the hands of Luo Qiusheng and Luo Qiufeng, Chu Tianlin was extremely anxious. 


Deep in Barbarian Valley.

Chu Mu, whose entire body was engulfed in devil flames, was still standing there. He had been like that the entire day.

Suddenly, Chu Mu opened his eyes and scorching white devil flames seemed to spit out from his eyes. It was incredibly nefarious!

Slowly, the devil flames on his body began to dissipate and his pupils returned to their original black color… 

“Hu…” Chu Mu let out a long breath of air and it seemed that his heart was beating very fast.

“Young master, you’re too… what’s it called… who on earth would play with their life like you do!” Old Li saw that Chu Mu had recovered to his normal self and hastily jumped out. He began grumbling to him. 

Chu Mu managed to break into a smile as he said: “I succeeded, so it’s fine.” 

“Succeeded… You used your own soul as a bait! You wanted the emperor Nightmare to devour it so that you could get rid of its defenses! If you didn’t succeed, your soul really would have been devoured, and you would have turned into a Nightmare!!” Old Li yelled. 

Strengthening the White Nightmare was extremely difficult, and Chu Mu practically had no option. His soul remembrance was too low. 

Old Li’s word of reminder back then had allowed Chu Mu to think of a method to bait the emperor Nightmare into his soul to devour him.

This method was obviously dangerous, because if Chu Mu’s White Nightmare wasn’t able to devour the emperor Nightmare before it managed to enter Chu Mu’s soul, Chu Mu’s soul would have been completely devoured by the Nightmare… 

This was the first time Old LI had seen someone use their own soul as bait to complete a Nightmare strengthening. Chu Mu’s method was obviously unprecedented. 

“Nie~~~~~~ Nie~~~~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, a devil cry rang out!

At the same time the devil flames on Chu Mu’s body dissipated, the devil flames on the White Nightmare’s body abruptly increased. Devil flames flew everywhere and its wild majesty began to proliferate, covering the entire Barbarian Valley!! 

This was true emperor rank devil flames and when the White Nightmare released it, his aura was even stronger than the ninth phase Mo Xie!

Its energy began to spread, unhinged. Even the Chu Family and the three members of Luo Region Sect fighting in the valley were able to feel the terrifying Nightmare power!! 

“What… what happened!!” Qing Nan’s face changed. He stared in shock at the bitingly cold

Jian Qin was a Nightmare Palace member and understood best what this Nightmare aura meant. Huge shock rose in her heart. She never expected that Chu Mu was really able to subdue an emperor Nightmare soul as a ninth remembrance spirit master and strengthen a pseudo emperor White Nightmare!! 

The White Nightmare could rely on multiple attributes to fight those a level higher than it! 

The moment he managed to strengthen the White Nightmare to the pseudo emperor rank, with its abnormal attributes, there would be no problem for it to fight one versus two!! 

A single pseudo emperor White Nightmare was absolutely comparable to two pseudo emperors!! 


Deep in Barbarian Valley.

“The emperor Nightmare’s soul has been devoured, and the White Nightmare has been strengthened to an emperor!!” 

Feeling the onslaught of the majestic aura that was unable to harm him, an excited smile arose on Chu Mu’s face!!

“Nie~~~~~~ Nie~~~~~~~~” the White Nightmare stared at Barbarian Valley in front of it and it let out a shout at Chu Mu.

“They’ve come? Perfect, let’s use their lives as a warm up now that you’ve become an emperor!!”

“Get rid of them then we’ll make our way to Western Region City where we’ll take Kingdom Lord Luo Hei’s and Sun Qiming’s trash lives!!” Chu Mu had a merciless smile!!

A pseudo emperor rank White Nightmare was comparable to two pseudo emperors. In addition to Mo Xie, Chu Mu had the equivalent of three pseudo emperors. Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were going to die! 

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