Chapter 645: Confrontation of Souls

Chapter 645: Confrontation of Souls

A ninth rank spirit master seemed to only be a step away from the spirit emperor rank. However, the soul remembrance difference was enormous. It would be very difficult to guide an emperor item’s energy with ninth rank spirit master remembrance. Additionally, it could cause the energy to end up dispersing. 

Fortunately, the White Nightmare emperor’s soul that Chu Mu had obtained only had one difficulty: the soul could potentially try and devour him, attacking his soul. 

Only spirit emperor rank people would be able to withstand this kind of soul attack. Nonetheless, due to Chu Mu’s half devil transformation, his soul’s ability to withstand the Nightmare flame burning was very high.

The only problem right now was whether his weak ninth remembrance spirit master rank would be able to control an emperor Nightmare’s soul so that the White Nightmare would be able to devour it!

After Chu Mu left, he went in search of an area where no one would disturb him.

The emperor’s soul was collected in a special soul device. When Chu Mu took it out, he summoned White Nightmare. 

“The enemies are two spirit emperors, and they both have pseudo emperor rank soul pets. Moreover, their secondary pets have probably reached the peak monarch rank. Thus, they can summon a total of eight peak monarch pets…” Chu Mu spoke to the White Nightmare and the small Mo Xie on his shoulder.

“Nie nie~~” the White Nightmare cracked a smile and confidently told Chu Mu that it would definitely be able to subdue the emperor’s soul!

“Wu wu wu~~~” the small Mo Xie also made some noise, and indicated for Chu Mu to calm his emotions. 

Chu Mu had to succeed. Otherwise, everyone in the Chu Family and the citizens of Seven Color City would all perish tomorrow!

In the past, most of Chu Mu’s strengthenings had had a hundred percent chance. Chu Mu would rarely have to worry about failure; additionally, even if he failed, the repercussions weren’t serious. 

Chu Mu had initially planned on gathering all the necessary spirit items and waiting until he reached the spirit emperor rank before attempting to strengthen. But now, the situation was dire and he had to strengthen at the ninth remembrance. Thus, exactly how much the chance of failure rose, Chu Mu was not too clear about. However, he understood that he absolutely could not failure because the repercussions were too high. 

Chu Mu took in a deep breath. He knew that if his body contained any resentments while he was guiding the emperor’s soul, it would instead help the Nightmare devour him. Therefore, it would also increase the chance of failure. He had to calm his state of mind.

A while later, Chu Mu’s eyes returned to their normal tint. It was now that Chu Mu finally decided to begin! 

“White Nightmare.” Chu Mu had Mo Xie guard nearby, not letting anyone near. At the same time, he summoned the White Nightmare next to him. 

Chu Mu cautiously opened the device and slowly released the emperor Nightmare’s soul.

A biting cold emperor aura immediately covered the surrounding area, igniting the plants in this area with a serene devil flame!! 

The emperor Nightmare’s soul flames had enormous energy. Chu Mu shockingly discovered that when the aura proliferated, it burned everything within a thousand meters of him, while he himself was placed in an ocean of Nightmare flames!!

Since Nightmare flames could burn souls, this ocean of flames would cause extreme pain and suffering to a normal soul pet trainer. Only spirit emperor rank experts would be able to remain conscious in these devil flames! 

“Nie nie~~~Nie nie~~~~~”

Once the emperor Nightmare’s soul was released, it immediately let out a palpitating cry. It resembled a Nightmare that had finally been freed after being imprisoned for many years!

“Nie~~ Nie~~~~~”

The emperor Nightmare’s soul quickly discovered Chu Mu, and instantly let out a nefarious laugh! 

A wave of mental energy transmitted into Chu Mu’s brain. The emperor Nightmare’s soul was full of mockery, and it was clearly telling Chu Mu, “A mere ninth remembrance spirit master wants to control me?” 

Before the Nightmare emperor had been released, it had been in a state of induced half-sleep. Nonetheless, it understood that its soul would become food for surviving members of its species. 

However, after it was awakened, it joyously discovered the human and his White Nightmare that wanted to devour its soul still hadn’t reached the emperor rank. 

Two creatures that hadn’t reached the emperor rank wanted to devour it? Its emperor rank arrogance began to baselessly mock and pressure the two of them! 

“White Nightmare, devour it!” Chu Mu gave the White Nightmare an order! 

The soul form White Nightmare didn’t have any defensive or true offensive abilities. Thus, Chu Mu had his White Nightmare devour it!

The White Nightmare’s body flashed and the nine underworld devil flames on its body began to overlap with the Nightmare emperor’s soul! 

The Nightmare emperor’s soul was incapable of dodging and was quickly devoured by the White Nightmare.

However, Chu Mu was clear that it was far from this simple. 

Chu Mu used his soul remembrance and his soul link with the White NIghtmare to immediately enter its body! 

“What powerful flames!!” 

There was a wave of flames that struck him. The moment Chu Mu’s soul remembrance entered, he immediately detected the soul remembrance backlash that struck his own soul! 

Chu Mu utilized his soul remembrance guide. The White Nightmare needed to use Soul Devour; therefore, it had now become a contest of soul vs soul. As a soul form Nightmare emperor, it was naturally unafraid of Chu Mu and the White Nightmare’s weak souls. It began to construct its own devil flame castle, not giving Chu Mu or the White Nightmare any chance to succeed.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance and the White Nightmare’s soul also began to launch attacks, attempting to disperse its soul before devouring it. 

However, Chu Mu discovered that each attack would only disperse a tiny amount of the emperor Nightmare’s soul. At this pace, it would take a few months before they succeeded. Most importantly, Chu Mu probably didn’t have enough soul remembrance to last this long. 

In this situation, Chu Mu and the White Nightmare were in a bind. 

“No wonder humans that haven’t reached the spirit emperor rank are unable to strengthen emperor rank soul pets. It’s not merely that the rate of failure increases, but that it’s impossible to accomplish!” Chu Mu’s heart was anxious as he spoke. 

Soul remembrance could be compared to an arm, while the soul could be compared to a heavy piece of prey. If the arm didn’t have enough strength, how would it be able to lift the piece of prey to feeds its soul pets? 

“Young master, after you release its soul, if you don’t succeed, it will flee. Don’t give up so easily!” Old Li’s voice rang out.

“Also, you must be extremely careful. Your body already has a Nightmare in it. If the emperor Nightmare’s soul merges into your body, it will transform you into a half devil. However, due to it being an emperor rank soul, it will be much stronger than you, causing your usual temporary half devil state to become permanent!!” 

Old Li had emphasized this while Chu Mu was strengthening, because the chances of this weren’t high. Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had entered his soul pet’s body and unless the White Nightmare emperor had a method of utilizing the soul link between Chu Mu and the White Nightmare to forcible enter Chu Mu’s soul...

Chu Mu didn’t respond. He continued to concentrate on finding a gap in the emperor Nightmare… 


“What on earth happened?” 

“I’m not sure. Just now a pillar of flames sprang up and burned a huge area before quickly disappearing.” 

 The flames are nothing. It’s the aura that is terrifying. I feel that my entire body is trembling.” 

The abnormalities from Chu Mu strengthening the White Nightmare were detected by the Chu Family disciples. Many people went there to check it out.

“All of you return!” at this moment, a strict voice yelled out. 

Nearby the dithering Chu Family disciples, Chu Tianlin appeared. They hastily bowed towards him before retreating.

Chu Tianlin watched these curious young soul pet trainers and helplessly shook his head. These people didn’t know about tomorrow’s huge crisis.

“Young Lady Jian Qin, this should be the aura from Chu Mu’s White Nightmare, right?” Chu Tianlin glanced at the adjacent Jian Qin and softly spoke.

“Mhm, I also felt the Nightmare aura. However, this aura is extremely powerful.” Jian Qin nodded her head. 

Jian Qin had already ordered her grass type soul pet to find the cause of the illness. In order to treat it, finding the root was the first thing to do, otherwise the illness may come back. 

 Chu Mu?” not long after walking forward, Chu Tianlin astonishedly discovered Chu Mu standing on a spacious grassy patch of ground. Next to Chu Mu astonishedly was the nefarious White Nightmare! 

The serene devil flames silently burned the surrounding hundred meters. At the very center of the flames was Chu Mu and his entire body was burning with white devil flames. It was as if a Nightmare had latched onto his body. Chu Tianlin was stunned by this!

“Don’t go over!” Jian Qin saw that Chu Tianlin was about to rush over and she hastily stopped him.

“But… But isn’t Chu Mu about to be burned to death?!” Chu Tianlin frantically said.

“He’s using a Nightmare soul to strengthen a White Nightmare. It’s an emperor Nightmare. If you go over, your soul will be burned to ashes.” Jian Qin was a Nightmare Palace person, and obviously understood what Chu Mu was doing. 

“We should leave this place and not let others near.” said Jian Qin.

As she spoke, Jian Qin didn’t stay there. She immediately turned and left. However, as she left, she intentionally turned back and glanced at Chu Mu. Her eyebrows were tightly knit together... 

“Ninth remembrance spirit master… he wanted to strengthen it to an emperor White Nightmare even at this rank…” Jian Qin muttered to herself. 


The nightmareish ninth day finally arrived. The Kingdom Lord’s lackeys that blocked outside the valley finally entered. 

These lackeys were Luo Qiufeng, Luo Qiusheng, and other Luo Region Sect members.

Chu Tainheng had wanted the Great Chu Family’s four masters to silence these people. However, they had already known of the Kingdom Lord and Sun Qiming arriving at the valley. They didn’t succeed in killing them. Instead, they ended up telling Kingdom Lord Luo Hei and Sun Qiming about Chu Mu and the Chu Family.

herefore, Luo Hei and Sun Qiming took Chu Xian and others as hostages. The others sealed off the valley in order to cause the illness to torment them until death.

“We’ll wait until sunset because by then, the only ones that remain will be soul pet trainers. We’ll get rid of them, and our mission will pretty much be finished,” said Luo Qiufeng. 

“Yes, no one in the outside world knows about Barbarian Valley. Even if they do find Barbarian Valley, their deaths would have been because of the illness, and will have nothing to do with us. Hahahaha~~~” Luo Qiusheng nodded his head. 

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