Chapter 644: Strengthen Emperor Rank White Nightmare

Chapter 644: Strengthen Emperor Rank White Nightmare

“Great uncle, second uncle, sixth uncle!!!” At this time, a woman’s voice shouted shrilly and hurriedly.

“Truly nonsense. Who still has the energy to yell around.” Chu Tianqi quickly realized it was his daughter Chu Yishui’s voice, and quickly walked out of the tent. Yet, not after long, Chu Tianqi brought Chu Yishui into the tent. At this moment, everyone could sense the change of expression on Chu Tianqi’s face!

“Father he…...he…...he’s almost done……” Chu Tianqi used the lowest of voices to announce this bad news. This sentence caused everyone to feel struck by lightning, immediately stopping everyone in their place!

 Even Chu Mu forced his anger down and asked Chu Tianqi of his specific situation, “What’s wrong with grandfather!” 

“Old man wasn’t feeling good before, and with the awful environment, he accidentally contracted the plague. This plague was already lethal for old people, and I asked kingdom master and Sun Qiming to bring the old man out before, yet they truly wanted to kill us all!!” Chu Tainheng’s entire body stiffened as his fists curled up very tightly, shaking slightly!

“First, bring me over to see him.” At this time, the silent Qian Qing spoke. Hearing Chu family’s conversation, she had a general understanding of the situation. She was incredibly angry at kingdom master Luo Hei’s actions as well, and she never would have expected there to be such a politician that acted with total disregard for his countrymen!!

Chu Mu knew the old man’s life was the most important matter at hand, so he quickly told Chu Yishui to lead the way and go with Qian Qing towards the tent Chu Ming as at. On the eighth day, half of Chu family’s soul pet trainers were infected with the plague. Only the spirit teachers and masters were still holding out. On the ninth day, another large group of people would probably be killed.

Along the way to Chu Mings tent, Chu Mu was again surprised to find that the pit originally filled with panther species was now filling up with normal resident corpses…… 

“These are all the people that died from the plague. There are more than 5000 now. After tomorrow, the people who die will double because all of our medicinal teachers were taken away by the kingdom master and Sun Qiming. Chu He and Chu Qian were also taken as hostage.” Chu Tianqi looked at the corpse pile full of all sorts of bugs and said through clenched jaw.

To save the seven color city residents, Chu Mu also spent a large amount of effort. Now that he saw a huge pile of corpses, most of which were old or female, it was incredibly miserable. His anger towards Luo Hei and Sun Qiming was also at a peak. Qian Qing bit her lips and didn’t dare to glance at the corpses anymore, quickly following behind Chu Mu.

Everyone’s emotions were at a low. When they reached Chu Ming’s tent, and saw the old man laying there, barely breathing, his dry lips trembling, the decrepit and weakened state he was in while still suffering from the torments of illness caused all of them to feel heartbroken. Qian Qing knew the old man was in danger, so she quickly summoned her grass type soul pet and examined Chu Ming’s body. After an inspection, Qian Qing quickly told her grass type soul pet to cast some techniques and also give the old man some life energy…… however, this series of healing didn’t cause Chu Ming’s situation to get any better.

“Young lady, it's fine……” Chu Ming waved his hand weakly, watching as Qian Qing tried to cure him. Chu Ming knew Qian Qing was a very high ranked spirit teacher. However, the closer he was to death, the clearer his thoughts were. Chu Ming was very sure that his near-death state wasn’t only due to the plague; he had lived to the end of his life as well…...

“Father, don’t be like this. Chu Mu is already back, we have hope!” Chu Tainheng’s eyes were red, quickly kneeling down beside Chu Ming. As the eldest son, Chu Tianheng was very ashamed of himself because in the last few years of his old father’s time, he couldn’t live it peacefully, instead being stranded in a simple tent stricken with illness…...

This time, Chu Mu’s uncles also kneeled down to beg the old father to not give up.

“Please, believe in me old man, give me some more time and you can quickly be free to move around again.” Qian Qing quickly comforted as well. Chu Ming again waved his hand, his wrinkly eyes barely open as he said again breathlessly, “Even if you heal me, I won’t have any more comfortable days ahead…...this way is fine…… this soul teacher should try to figure out how to save the others with plagues……”

Since the old man’s mind is made up, no one could stop him. Qian Qing got up, and looked at Chu Mu, saying in a low voice to Chu Mu, “The old man was already unwell before, so the plague took the remains of his life. Qian Qing, in reality, can’t do much about it either, I’m very sorry……”

Chu Mu stood by Chu Ming’s bedside motionlessly, looking like a stern black statue. His heart felt unbelievably complicated right now. In front of him was an elder with no blood relation to him, yet it was his true family. Even though Chu Mu was trying his best to convince himself that the old man was dying peacefully and normally, but the rage in his body was already covering his entire body!

Grief and anger, these two emotions consumed him, causing him to be barely suppressing his emotions. “Chu Mu…..Chu…....Chu Mu……” Old Chu Ming lightly waved for Chu Mu to come. “Chu Mu, grandfather is calling for you.” Chu Tianjue quickly pushed Chu Mu. Chu Mu only then recovered from his emotional stupor, quickly walking in front of Chu Mu and half kneeling beside him, “Grandfather……”

 “Don’t be like this, child, control…….control your emotions……” Chu Ming quickly saw the emotions Chu Mu was hiding and lightly comforted him.

Chu Mu nodded, pushing down his near-erupting emotions.

“I, your grandfather, have squandered my life without much achievement, but I am proud to have you all as son and grandsons. Your father and you…… if possible, let everyone else in seven color city live…… but only do what you are able to …….” Chu Ming didn’t speak much. In two short sentence, it covered a lot.

Chu Mu nodded heavily. Even without Chu Ming saying it, Chu Mu wouldn’t have let seven color city or Chu family perish in this barbarian valley here!”

“You guys can leave…...I want to spend this last moment to talk with him……” After Chu Ming finished talking, he waved for everyone to leave.

“Him?” Chu Tainheng paused and suddenly realized. However, he found that the old man was staring into empty space and not at anyone, yet his eyes were showing complicated emotions that no one could read.

“You should leave, I have things to say to him, everyone leave……” Chu Ming repeated. This time, Chu Tainheng seemed to finally understand what he meant, his face showing a bitter smile.

“Grandfather, third brother isn’t here……” Chu Tianheng was just about to say when Chu Tianheng immediately stood up to stop Chu Tianjue’s words.

“Leave……” Chu Ming continued to wave his hand. When Chu Tianjue was interrupted halfway, Chu Mu finally understood Chu Ming’s emotions. He specially glanced at everyone and noticed that everyone was silent, but holding expressions of helplessness, sadness, and bitterness. Finally, everyone left the tent. They knew that after they left the tent, they would never see the old man anymore, so everyone walked with heavy steps.

After leaving the tent, Chu Mu pulled Qian Qing aside and said very seriously, “Lady Qian Qing my grandfather wished for everyone to live. This plague is something I can’t stop.”

“I understand. I will try my absolute hardest to not let the old man leave with regrets.” Qian Qing understood Chu Mu’s emotions.

“Thank you, I, Chu Mu, owe you a favor.” Chu Mu said. After speaking, Chu Mu walked towards the cousins and uncles. Chu Tainheng and the folks all wanted to ask Chu Mu how to solve the problem in front of them.

“Don’t worry, I will deal with it completely. Kingdom master Luo Hei, Sun Qiming will all die!” Chu Mu said coldly. 

“Chu Mu, don’t be rash. They are after all two spirit emperors and they have subordinates too. Tomorrow, the people outside the valley will kill their way in. They don’t plan to leave us alive past the ninth day. Chu Qian, Chu He, and Cu Lang with other young generation members were all taken captive……” Chu Tainheng explained the situation to Chu Mu.

“I know what to do. Great uncle should partner with Lady Qian Qing to deal with the plague issue. Leave everything else to me!” Chu Mu said.

“Chu Mu……” Everyone was still worried because they knew Chu Mu only had one emperor rank and couldn’t deal with two soul emperors. They didn't want a young generation member like Chu Mu with limitless potential to have any accidents. But, Chu Mu didn’t say much, deciding to leave alone and not give anyone a chance to stop him.


After the two events, Chu Mu had collected even more resentment, growing the devil inside himself. Chu Mu’s eyes were slowly burning with devil flames.

 “Young master, please don’t use half devil. Soul alliance people are all trying to find the half devil. If you use it here, with soul alliance’s power, they will quickly track you down. Not only will you be heavily suspected, but your family may also fall too.” Old Li said.

“I know, I don’t need you to say that.” Chu Mu answered. Chu Mu still had half of the ground immortal ice, completely enough for him to use half devil again. But, kingdom master Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were residing in the middle of the humans of western region city and seven color city. Chu Mu’s half devil definitely would raise people's’ attention, bringing the lead Soul Alliance lost at Tian Ting over to here.

“Then what do you plan on doing……” Old Li asked.

“I will strengthen White Nightmare to emperor rank! No matter how hard the emperor rank nightmare soul is, I will take it down today.” Chu Mu said determinedly. Tomorrow, Chu Mu would make Kingdom Master Luo Hei and Sun Qiming pay the price!!

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