Chapter 641: Kingdom Lord’s Scheme, the Chu Family’s Predestined Fate

Chapter 641: Kingdom Lord’s Scheme, the Chu Family’s Predestined Fate

“Then where is this great hero? Can you invite him over?” Luo Hei swept his gaze across and slowly spoke. 

Everyone looked around, searching for Chu Mu. But Chu Mu wasn’t among them.

“Senior Kingdom Lord, some illness has emerged among the people here, and Chu Mu had gone to another city to find medicine for it.” Chu Tianheng stepped forward and spoke.

Although Chu Tianheng had lowered his head, his eyes were staring up, and he was carefully examining the expression from these two seniors.

When Luo Hei and Sun Qiming heard that Chu Mu wasn’t here, their faces grew much darker.

Both of them were very clear that a spirit source was extremely valuable. If a spirit emperor obtained it, he would definitely flee right away, and not give others the chance to steal it. Therefore, when the two of them heard that Chu Mu had left, they naturally thought that Chu Mu had fled.

“Hmph, he fled so quickly!” Luo Hei sneered.

“It seems that we were a step too slow, and gave this criminal the chance to escape.” immediately said Sun Qiming.

The words of these two seniors immediately made everyone confused. The hero to them, Chu Mu, had suddenly become a criminal in the Kingdom Lord and Senior Sun’s eyes. Moreover, they claimed that Chu Mu had fled?

“Senior Kingdom Lord and Senior Sun, why do you call the person who saved us a criminal?” Chu Tianheng raised his head and stared at these two spirit emperors.

“Yes, Chu Mu saved all of us. He’s our guardian angel. How can he be a criminal?” the Chu Family was unhappy.

“Truly stupid civilians, even consecrating him as a hero. Could it be you never thought of how this disaster had occurred?!” Kingdom Lord Luo Hei emphasized these words and immediately, a powerful soul remembrance weighed down. It caused everyone from the Chu Family to not dare say another word.

“Isn’t this a natural disaster?” Chu Tianlin had his family calm down and asked a question.

“Natural disaster? What a joke!” Luo Feng mocked.

Sun Qiming said: “After the fight these past few days with Western Marsh, we’ve become aware that the Western Marsh has come to Barbarian Mountain Range for the huge resources which were hidden here. However, these resources were mysteriously taken away, causing the spirit energy to spill out.” 

“We should have originally reported this matter to other kingdom members so we could join together to deal with this. However, some person has embezzled the resources, and didn’t tell anyone. This has caused the Western Marsh to arrive first and engulf Western Kingdom. This disaster isn’t a natural disaster but a human-caused disaster! 

“Even now you’re still in the dark about this and have consecrated the person who caused this disaster as your hero. If the two of us didn’t come to expose this, how long would you be deceived for?” Luo Hei said in a righteous tone. 

Luo Hei’s words immediately sent the Chu Family into a panic! 

“The disaster… was the disaster truly caused by Chu Mu…”

“That’s impossible. How could Chu Mu be someone who would do something to upset both the common people and the heavens.” 

“Senior Kingdom Lord, there could be some mistake here, or it could be the fault of someone else.” Chu Tianling hastily defended Chu Mu.

“Hmph, do you think that people who are capable of annihilating the leopard tribe can be found anywhere? Moreover, the resources that triggered the Western Marsh disaster have been taken. It’s definitely all on him.” coldly said Sun Qiming.

“This… after annihilating the leopard tribe, Chu Mu had really been missing for a period of time…” softly said an outsider. 

Luo Hei maintained a cold facade and emphasized: “In the entirety of Western Kingdom’s southern side’s three regions, over half of the population has perished. How many people have died because of his crime!! Doing such a nefarious act in my Kingdom… even if I have to chase him to the ends of this world, I will bring him before justice.” 

“He used you to hide him and act as a shield, hoping that you wouldn’t realize. As long as you tell us the direction he went, not only will we not pursue this matter with you guys, but we’ll also think of a way to save you from here.” said Sun Qiming. 

These words stunned everyone in the Chu Family. They had completely overturned Chu Mu’s image in their hearts!

“Impossible. Chu Mu would never do something like this.” Chu Xian shook her head and determinedly refused to believe their words.

“Senior KIngdom Lord, you must carefully investigate this matter. You absolutely cannot accuse someone wrongly.” most of the others didn’t believe either. 

Luo Hei and Sun Qiming’s faces changed. They never expected these people to be so obstinate!

It seemed that Chu Mu really had formed a very good impression in their hearts. Even they, with their statuses, were unable to make these people come to a full belief. 

Seeing that they were so obstinate, Luo Hei and Sun Qiming faintly felt like they were going to erupt!

They had come up with this allegation in order to find out the location Chu Mu went, and they were also planning to spread this story to the outside world and shift the blame to Chu Mu.

Of course, due to Qiu Di’s relationship, Luo Hei and Sun Qiming didn’t plan on letting the Barbarian Valley people survive. If they did, it would be easy to determine the truth. 

“All of you shut up!” 

Suddenly, a voice rang out through the tent. Immediately, this suppressed all of the hubbub in the Chu Family.

“Family leader…” everyone’s eyes quickly fell on Chu Tianheng. 

Chu Tianheng gritted his teeth and said: “This matter truly has something to do with Chu Mu. He previously inadvertently mentioned this matter to me. At the beginning, I didn’t understand the relationship behind this, but now that the two seniors have come forth to speak about it, this disaster was truly the cause of Chu Mu’ mistake.” 

“Family leader!” 


“Big brother, this… why would you believe that…” 

Everyone was shocked. They never expected Chu Tianheng to say something like that.

Luo Hei and Sun Qiming immediately revealed traces of faintly discernible smiles. It seemed that this family leader was very tactful. 

“You leader is very smart. Then, family leader, do you know where this man named Chu Mu went? If we can capture him, it will be merit for you.” Luo Hei finally wore a smile as he spoke.

“Senior Kingdom Lord, he went to Nightmare City. Previously, I found it strange that he went to the further Nightmare City instead of the closer Luo Region City to find medicine. So it turns out he fled. As for whether he truly went to Nightmare City, I’m not too sure…” said Chu Tianheng. 

“Nightmare City?” Luo Hei’s face immediately changed. He silently conjectured whether Chu Mu was from Nightmare Palace. If he was, then it would be a bit troublesome to deal with him.

“Seniors, previously I was hidden in the dark and mistakenly saw the criminal as a hero. It was us that was stupid. Please don’t worry, seniors. I, Chu Tianheng, will definitely represent the Chu Family in exposing his crimes. Moreover, Seven Color City’s people all know of his true appearance. I will inform them all of this disaster’s criminal.” said Chu Tianheng. 

Chu Tianheng’s words immediately angered many of the Chu Family. They understood that if Chu Mu really was the criminal, he could have just taken the item and fled. There was no need to protect them; they were just a burden. Therefore, even if the disaster had something to do with Chu Mu, they believed that it was an unintentional mistake from him, and he truly wanted to protect the Chu Family.

Luo Hei and Sun Qiming looked satisfactorily at Chu Tainheng, and began to converse with soul remembrance. 

“This Chu Tianheng is very tactful. We can use him to disseminate this matter and shift the blame to Chu Mu. We may not be able to obtain the spirit source, but we definitely won’t be blamed.” Sun Qiming used soul remembrance to speak to Luo Hei.

Luo Hei was presently worried about people investigating matters after this disaster. Fortunately, these thirty thousand Seven Color City citizens could act as the perfect testimony. If they could really make them believe that it was all Chu Mu’s doing, they wouldn’t have to kill them.

“I don’t know what relation Liu Di has with the Chu Family. Moreover, Chu Mu is also surnamed Qiu, so he presumably has some relation with the Chu Family. If there really is a relation, this family leader could be intentionally tricking us…” said Luo Hei.

“Then let’s leave them for now. In any case, Liu Di won’t return for another ten days. Let’s get a better understanding of the situation first. It won’t be too late if we take action then.” said Sun Qiming.

“That Chu Mu seems to really plan on saving these people. If this Chu Family really is his family, then he will definitely come back. We can wait here and spread our net. We can leave them alive to force him to hand over the spirits.” Luo Hei nodded his head.

The two of them had a discussion and came to a conclusion.

Promptly, Luo Hei said: “We will rescue you out of this valley as soon as possible. However, Western Marsh’s influence is still too big. You still need to wait here for a period of time.

“We will wait here patiently. We would just trouble Senior Kingdom Lord to think of a way to give us medicine to stifle the illness.” said Chu Tianheng hastily.

“Ok.” Luo Hei responded, “We’re going to clear up Seven Color City’s disaster right now. You must absolutely not leave the valley.” 


After the two seniors left, inside the big tent, everyone’s faces were dark. They all glared silently at the family leader, Chu Tianheng. 

Chu Tianheng didn’t say anything about it. He just had them continue doing what they were doing. He ignored their voices of protest.


“If you want to trick the enemy, you must first trick you own people.” Chu Tianqi used soul remembrance to speak to Chu Tianheng who was leaving.

Chu Tianheng stopped and looked at Chu Tianqi. With a bitter smile he said: “You saw?” 

“Luo Region Sect’s people planning on governing our Seven Color City is proof that the Kingdom Lord already knew of the resource. The so-called spirit energy leaking was very well caused by them. Now, they want to shift the blame to Chu Mu.” Chu Tianqi nodded his head and conversed in soul remembrance with Chu Tianheng. 

“Mhm, if we didn’t cooperate, they may have killed us to silence us. We can only delay them right now. Tianqi, go and inform Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier that he hid in Barbarian Valley. See if it can communicate with its master.” said Chu Tianheng. 

“Big brother, this time could truly be our Chu Family’s calamity and disaster. One mistake, and we could all perish.” Chu Tianqi was gloomy.

“We’ll get past it.” Chu Tianheng patted his fifth brother, Chu Tianqi, on the shoulder.

Chu Tianheng was presently walking to the tent of the Great Chu Family’s four masters.

Chu Tianheng understood that if he wanted to completely hide this matter, he would have to first kill Luo Region Sect and Merchant Alliance’s people. 

Therefore, before Kingdom Lord Luo Hei and Sun Qiming could silence them, Chu Tianheng had to silence these two groups of people, taking advantage of the fact that those people did not know they were in Barbarian Valley yet.

“How can this be?!! This Luo Hei truly isn’t a person!!” Jian Shang was the first to jump up!

Jian Shang thought he only pretended to be virtuous and loved taking advantage of others. However, he couldn’t stand such a rude thing. Today he finally saw Western Kingdom Kingdom Lord’s true face!!

“Family leader, don’t worry. We’ll get things done very cleanly. After all, this matter concerns our life and death!” said the old lecher, Zhang Ying.

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