Chapter 640: Natural Disaster, Barbarian Valley’s Danger

Chapter 640: Natural Disaster, Barbarian Valley’s Danger

The mountain range was still a distance away from the barbarian valley.

Sun Qiming rode his beast all the way to barbarian valley. Yet, as they neared barbarian valley, the shock on Sun Qiming’s face was even more evident!!

Because, as he was nearing the mountain valley of barbarian valley, Sun Qiming saw a large pile of corpses!!

Panther species corpses!!

Sun Qiming couldn’t even believe it himself. The originally disappeared panther species were all here, and they were all dead bodies!!

Most importantly, the battle marks left in the mountain range showed the power of an emperor rank!!

“How is this possible!! How is this possible!!” Sun Qiming was stunned. The power of the entire panther species was massive, so how could it just get destroyed like this!!

The tribe was killed. Even if the panther emperor wasn’t dead, it must have escaped.

At first, Sun QIming thought it was someone using a distraction method to divert all the panther species while they took the spirit source. What he didn’t expect was for the entire panther species to be killed.

This meant that the expert that protected the 30,000 people in barbarian valley was an expert with emperor rank!!

Sun Qiming’s heart shook. If they had an emperor rank soul pet, Sun Qiming himself wouldn’t be a match. After all, he only had a pseudo-emperor rank!

Sun Qiming knew that, with a pseudo-emperor rank soul pet trainer, his other soul pets probably reached top tier monarch rank as well. Sun Qiming didn’t understand just how powerful the seven color city hidden expert was, so how could he dare to go recklessly!

“No, I have to go find Luo Hei. Or else, if he is more powerful than I, I am dead for sure.” Sun Qiming wasn’t stupid. Someone able to defeat the panther species tribe and the panther emperor was at least a soul emperor with a pseudo-emperor rank.

Sun Qiming glanced at the barbarian valley and no longer hesitated, turning around and riding pool beast away.


Barbarian valley

A danger that Chu family worried about came, swift yet fierce!

Terrifying plague!!

Though Chu Tianlin had already buried all the corpses in barbarian valley, the air in the valley were very stagnant, and the purification of the water was very slow. Finally, a large plague erupted, causing a few hundred people to get sick, and it got worse every day.

To a species, plague was the poison of the reaper. After it spread out, it would kill everyone.

This plague was something even Chu clan’s medicinal staff couldn't do anything about. The only way to make the plague disappear was to leave this valley that stank of corpses.

“How could this be!” Chu Tianheng was so worried he gained new white hair.

Most of Chu family’s members were soul pet trainers, so their resistance was better. However, plagues were soundless and odorless. No one could guarantee that soul pet trainers won’t get infected.

Chu Mu stood in the tent. The arrival of this news Chu Mu could do nothing about. After all, though he was powerful, he couldn’t kill these plague soul pets.

These plague soul pets were, in reality, minute and invisible to the naked eye. A random flame could kill this plague soul pet. However, once these plague soul pets get more powerful, unless they killed all people infected, even emperor ranks couldn’t do anything.

Always, Chu Mu didn’t pay attention to this hidden danger. Only when it really appeared did he realize just how terrifying plague were.

“If only Qingzi were here……” Chu Mu said helplessly.

Such a plague could only be dealt with by soul teachers.

Walking outside, seeing more and more people get infected and are left laying in tents breathing shallowly, faces pale from fatigue, Chu Mu felt anxious as well, forcing him to think constantly for a solution…...


Western Region City

All of the Western Region City organisms were cleaned out. In the slightly worn city master hall, Luo Hei stared angrily at Sun Qiming.

“So you’re saying someone stole our spirit source! And this person is an expert of emperor rank strength!” Luo Hei’s entire being was taut, ready to explode.

“En, the battle with the panther species was at barbarian valley. The reason these seven color city people are still alive definitely has something to do with this person. I just don’t know if this person is still in the group of refugees.” Sun Qiming said.

“Where’s the bastard named Qiu.” Luo Hei asked.

“He’s killed his way over to Western wetlands. He definitely won’t return in ten days.” Sun Qiming said.

“We can go to barbarian valley together and find that person.” Luo Hei said coldly.

“What if he’s more powerful than both of us combined?” Sun Qiming asked in a low voice.

“Heng, then he would've brought the 30,000 seven color city people out already. He wouldn’t need to use the geography as defense. He, at most, has a pseudo-emperor rank!” Luo Hei said.


Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were both soul emperors. Once Luo Hei gave the command of cleaning up the remaining western wetlands to someone else, he and Sun Qiming quietly passed through the western wetlands and reached seven color city before going towards barbarian valley.

“All of these corpses added together are merely two ninth rank clans. Even with the panther emperor, anyone of us could deal with it.” Luo Hei stood in the mountain range and surveyed all the corpses in the region.

“Then let’s enter the valley right now? How will we deal with the people in seven color city?” Sun Qiming asked.

“Who knows if anyone else in there knows of the secret of the spirit source……” Luo Hei said in a steady voice.

Suddenly, a smile crept onto Luo Hei’s face as he seemed to have thought of a good plan.



Barbarian Valley tent

“Clan leader, clan leader, two experts came from outside the valley, one of which calls himself Luo Kingdom Master, the other of which is merchant’s alliance Boss Sun. They both said they got our messenger soul pets’ information and have come to save us.” A Chu family member who was waiting outside the valley quickly ran over and said excitedly to Chu Tianheng.

Chu Tianheng was just a face full of worry. The issue of the plague didn’t give him any liberty to think of much else. Yet, the news this member brings caused Chu Tianheng to stand up suddenly!

When the outside world knew 30,000 people were trapped here and the news was transmitted to the kingdom master, the kingdom master actually personally came to help and save all of seven color city!!

“Then…...then call them in!” Chu Tianheng quickly said.

“Yes, yes!!”

Unable to deal with the plague, the only way was to leave barbarian valley.

This kingdom master and the boss sun came too timely. They were saving everyone from imminent disaster!

“Wait……” Suddenly, Chu Tianheng stopped the member.

“Clan master, any other commands?”

Chu Tianheng looked at Chu Qian beside him and said, “Call Chu Mu over.”

“Chu Qian paused and said somewhat hesitatingly, “Chu Mu…...Chu Mu he left……”

“Left? Where did he go? Why would he suddenly leave!” Chu Tianheng asked worriedly.

Chu Tianheng believed that Chu Mu definitely would stay to protect everyone until they were all safe. The plague had just come a few days ago, sending people into even further danger. It was the weakest moment for all of barbarian valley, so how would Chu Mu leave without a noise? Was it that he gave up on everyone and escape for himself?

Impossible. Chu Tianheng didn’t believe that Chu Mu would throw away his own family here.

“Quick, explain what’s the matter!” Chu tainheng asked.

“Father, don’t worry. It’s like this: The plague isn’t that low rank this time. If they don’t find a cure within ten days, possibly over half of the people will die, so Chu Mu decided to head to Nightmare Palace to find some spirit item to subdue the plague. He was afraid that everyone would be even more scared once he left and lose all confidence, so he didn’t tell anyone else. He even left Devil Tree Battle Soldier here to protect us.” Chu Qian said in a low voice.

Chu Tianheng let out a breath, quickly realizing the meaning behind Chu Mu’s actions.

Indeed, if they just continued to wait, everyone would get destroyed by the panic and sickness. They had to find another solution, so Chu Mu’s actions were correct.

“If only he went a little later. Connecting the kingdom master and boss sun’s strength, they should be able to protect us safely. However, why didn’t he go to western kingdom capital, instead heading to Nightmare Place?” Chu Tianheng asked.

“This, I’m not too clear about.” Chu Qian shook her head.

“Whatever, let’s go meet the kingdom master first.” Chu Tianheng didn't think of it much, also stepping out of the tent quickly.

Though Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were outside the valley, what identity were they? How would they wait outside idly? Once they told the guards outside, they stepped right in.

So, it wasn't long after Chu Tianheng walked out of the tent before he saw the higher status Kingdom master Luo Hei and Sun Qiming walked over.

Chu Tianheng had never seen the kingdom master, but he thought that no one would fake his identity at this point, so he respectfully welcomed both of them into the large tent.

Luo Hei stepped into the tent and sat straight into the main seat. His eyes gazed at Chu family’s people, looking arrogant and apathetic.

Sun Qiming similarly didn’t bother acting polite with these commoners, sitting aside without a word.

Seeing the two characters not speak, Chu family members didn’t dare speak first either.

The person on the seat was western world kingdom master, the most powerful and authoritative figure in western kingdom. Everyone had to be humble in front of him, so no one dared to speak about his attitude.

However, when Chu Tianheng saluted, he lightly furrowed his brows. He felt the two had a strange attitude. They weren’t satisfied that everyone was still alive, and were instead gloomy.

“Who’s the expert that saved you and wiped out the panther species?” Luo Hei finally spoke, not saying anything useless and going straight to the point!

Speaking of this expert, Chu family members all smiled proudly. After all, by strength, Chu Mu was similar to a kingdom master.

“It’s Chu Mu, our great hero.” Very quickly, someone answered.

“Yes, he single-handedly destroyed most of panther species!!”

“Oh, Chu Mu?” Luo Hei glanced at Sun Qiming.

Sun Qiming shook his head, signifying he had never heard this name.

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