Book 2 Chapter 64 - A Gorgeous Yet Intense Fight of Existence

Chapter 64: A Gorgeous Yet Intense Fight of Existence

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen also belonged to the group of people who didn’t waste words once he entered a battle situation. Chu Mu could feel from the killing intent that blossomed from this fellow’s eyes that this expression was not something those trash pampered and spoiled from childhood could manifest. Instead, it was something only experts who had truly experienced various forms of life and death could display!

Nightmare Palace’s method of raising members was extremely cruel. Those who could truly step into the ranks of peak experts had all done so after hard work, numerous retrospections, drinking blood, eating flesh, and growing up amidst slaughter! The fact that the Luo Region Nightmare Prince’s fame was able to cause such a great clamor definitely meant that he wasn’t some normal person!


Terrifying frosted ice filled the air and danced about. Like a plethora of white ice knives, they turned the remaining tall pillars on the plaza battlefield into smithereens. The ice type control of the two great ice type soul pets was tyrannical to the max!

Those without adequate battle experience could only see the seventh level dazzling ice type techniques released by the two ice type soul pets.

Yet, those with more profound knowledge of battles felt waves of shock, because inside these ice type techniques were multiple hidden killing intents! Normal people and soul pets would have been turned into pulps of meat by these attacks long ago!!

The superposition of ice type techniques would occasionally appear and occasionally dissipate. It was simply impossible to grasp the potency of these techniques!

Enormous frozen swords danced about chaotically in the sky. Under the control of the two ice type soul pets, sword after sword turned into shattered ice crystals in front of both Chu Mu and Yang Luosen.

From time to time, the oddly terrifyingly sharp Ice Spike and the sharp sword hidden in the dancing icy snow would appear in front of the audience’s eyes. Then, while everyone’s hearts was hanging in suspense, it would ingeniously be dissolved by the opponent!

The Ice crystals that transformed into fragments before the icy snow would quickly condense once more. Such repeated changes incessantly confused everyone’s eyes. However, what everyone felt was not the chaotic yet gorgeous display in the air, but the waves of terrifying and imposing killing intent that rendered them trembling with fear!!

This was the most pure form of an ice type fight between two soul pets. The killing intent was like the icy cold snowy wind that violently danced about. This was the true strength of two young peak experts. It surpassed the soul pet control ability of everyone present in the same generation. Moreover, many of the older generation considered themselves to be inferior!

“Black Crystal!”

An awn of ice rose out of the Luo Region Nightmare Prince’s hands, and shattered the Ice Sword that Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy controlled. Then, he spoke to his soul pet, ordering it!

“Black Crystal! An even colder and even more terrifying freezing ice!

Black Crystal was similar to the Demon Fire Evil Flame on Mo Xie’s body, and could directly increase the might of a soul pet’s ice type technique!

Although the effects of Black Crystal didn’t have the ability to double the damage of fire type techniques like Demon Fire Evil Flame did, when the winner or loser of minute control of techniques couldn’t be decided, it became the crucial key to winning the fight!!

The revolving white colored crystals around the Black Crystal Ice Fairy’s body slowly subsided. Wearing a serene cold, a rather indigo green colored cold awn appeared.

The Black Crystal slowly revolved around the Black Crystal Ice Fairy. Suddenly, an even colder freezing aura wantonly engulfed Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy. In that instant, the battlefield in the center of the plaza was completely frozen over!!

Yang Luosen chanted an incantation again. The Black Crystal Ice Fairy released an even more powerful Black Crystal, in addition to using Ice Attachment for the Black Crystal Ice Fairy!

After Yang Luosen used Ice Attachment, the number of black crystals around the Black Crystal Fairy grew increasingly many. Under this effect, any ice type technique used by the Black Crystal Ice Fairy would double in strength!

“Black Crystal Meteor Peak!!!”

The Black Crystal Ice Fairy immediately chanted an incantation!

A vacuous black crystal whirlpool suddenly appeared in the air above the plaza battlefield. As the Black Crystal Ice Fairy let out a long chant, a strange energy suddenly pressed downwards, smashing the ice crystals on the ground into fragments!!


A delayed sound suddenly exploded out from with in the center of the battlefield!

In the next moment, people finally discovered an upside down, mountain-like icicle that protruded out of the middle of the battlefield. It stood loftily in the field of everyone’s view, and none of them could see the top of it!!!


Another loud sound. This upside down mountain like icicle that seemed to have fallen powerfully suddenly exploded, transforming into tens of millions of fragments that shot in all directions!!

“Ding Ding!!! Ding Ding Ding!!!!!”

The battlefield’s length and width was three hundred meters and one hundred and fifty meters respectively. It was also enclosed by a surrounding dense defensive net. However, the terrifying ice type technique that shot black crystals violently struck the defensive net and ripped right through it, creating holes everywhere!

In this moment, everyone sucked in a breath of air. They could clearly see that the waves of people encircling the battlefield had all retreated when the technique was released. A huge ring of empty floor appeared in the area that was near the defensive net!

The spectators who previously had been next to the defensive net inhaled a breath of air!

Among the spectators were a few whom hadn’t cultivated soul power. If such sharp objects were to pierce through the defensive net and strike their bodies, they would definitely be instantly penetrated and die!

Even those further away from the battlefield could feel the terror of this technique. What about Chu Mu who stood at the centermost of this technique then?! This question surfaced in everyone’s minds!

Countless smithereens at the center of the battlefield still filled the air with the particles of black crystal that had violently risen. The air was hazy, and it was impossible to clearly see the state of battle.

However, as the pervading particles of black crystal disappeared, people could see a sturdy, tall, green colored silhouette that gradually came to clarity in the center of the battlefield.

This tall figure was as straight as a pine, and its two feet were dug into the ground. Its arms hung down to its toes, and the feeling it gave was like a small giant with long arms!!

“It’s a Devil Tree Battle Soldier- Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier!!”

Everyone was stunned. They didn’t expect Chu Mu to switch out soul pets in such a short period of time.

The extremely strong in defense Demon Wood had toughness comparable to rattan wood. Slowly, it undid itself and it returned to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. As for Chu Mu, who was being protected by the Demon Wood, he got up and nimbly jumped onto the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s lofty back. Clearly, under the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s protection, he hadn’t suffered any damage!

“Chong Mei - Ice Armor!”

Chu Mu’s two black pupils instantly dyed a snowy white color, unexpectedly turning incomparably distant and indistinct!

Ice Armor adhered by the Ice Air Fairy was already on Chu Mu’s body. Thus, his soul technique was naturally used for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, adding an ice type defense onto its body!

“Demon Wood Piercing Drill!”

“O!!!!” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier immediately let out a roar, and its long arms that weren’t equipped with Ice Armor abruptly swung in front. Suddenly, row after row of eminently solid Demon Wood astonishingly appeared and floated in the air in front of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!!

“O!!!!!” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out another angry voice and immediately, ten or so exceptionally sharp Demon Wood shot towards the Black Crystal Ice Fairy!

The Black Crystal Ice Fairy’s reaction wasn’t slow. It didn’t even have to chant an incantation; it waved its arms and surprisingly, a few Ice Walls came up, appearing in a line in front of it. The Demon Wood flying at it shot into these Ice Walls!

The majority of Plant Kingdom techniques didn’t require stored energy or an incantation to prepare. Therefore, one of the best traits was that it could simultaneously release multiple techniques!

As such, as numerous Demon Wood were flying through the air, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s second technique had already used the roots in its feet that were dug in the ground!!

“Demon Wood Mad Python!”

Two enormous python-like Demon Wood suddenly drilled into the ground, one on the left one, and one the right!

“Beng!!!! Beng!!!”

A few of the large pillars that hadn’t collapsed obstructed the two Demon Wood Mad Pythons. After smashing them apart, the two Mad Pythons fiercely charged at the Black Crystal Ice Fairy!!

“Double release!”

In the previous fight, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier hadn’t used a dual technique, but that could only mean that the opponent was too weak, and that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t have a need to use it.

“Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier previously didn’t have to use its full strength. A Plant Kingdom facing an ice type soul pet; it should have a slight advantage!” Chu Xing had completely been attracted by the gripping and impelling marvel of this fight. Even while he was speaking, his eyes never left the battlefield.

“Double release. There are many sixth phase commander ranks that cannot even do this.” Chu Lang nodded his head.

The difference between a true peak expert and their Gangluo City experts was clearly embodied here!

Many soul pet trainers had plant soul pets with normal aptitudes, so it was even less possible that they could use these abilities. Even if the soul pet’s rank, phase, and stage was higher, it wasn’t strange for it to be instantly killed.

As for true experts, they would have already drilled their soul pets to obtain such powerful abilities at an earlier time!

However, just after Chu Lang finished speaking, his eyes suddenly grew a bit wider, because he distinctly heard Chu Mu chant a third technique.

“Demon Wood Chains!!”

The dual release already made a plethora people exceptionally shocked. Yet, Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier unexpectedly released three techniques at the same time, and they were all high ranking plant type soul pet skills!

Demon Wood Piercing Drill! Demon Wood Mad Python! Demon Wood Chains!!

The sharp Demon Wood penetrated the ice wall!

The Demon Wood Mad Python violently smashed into the Black Crystal Ice Fairy’s thick body!

Finally, the four Demon Wood Chains mysteriously shot out from under the Black Crystal Ice Fairy’s body and, after criss-crossing a few times, abruptly pulled tight. Unexpectedly, they rigidly hauled the Black Crystal Ice Fairy, which had lost its balance from the Demon Wood Mad Python, from the air to the ground!


Being completely bundled by four Demon Wood Chains, the Black Crystal Ice Fairy fiercely smashed into the depths of the ground. Furthermore, it was immediately dragged along the ground, causing layer after layer of soil to turn over and burst apart!!

Yang Luosen slightly lost his focus. He completely did not expect Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier to be able to reach the realm of being able to simultaneously release three techniques!

The Prison Island King, if he didn’t have outstanding strength, how would he be able to survive on the exceptionally dangerous Prison Island?!

When he entered that jungle in the depths of Prison Island, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier which had been continuously fighting against plant type soul pets could already used double release. Once he used the Demon Wood’s Heart and the sixth level soul crystal to strengthen its attribute, this, coupled with Devil Tree Battle Soldier evolving to the sixth phase, allowed the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to reach a level where it could simultaneously release three techniques!!

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