Chapter 639: The Disappearing Spirit Source

Chapter 639: The Disappearing Spirit Source

Entering into the night, Chu Mu stood alone at the edge of the valley lake.

The lake came from the mountain, and flowed through the underground river towards the outside. A few days ago, the entire lake was red, but it was much clearer now.

Chu Mu watched the ripples in the lake, and slowly his eyes seemed to show a loss. After Chu Mu returned to his family, he often remembered a lot of things from before, so naturally he liked to sit by himself…...

“Chu Mu, why don’t you rest?” A gentle voice came from aside Chu Mu.

Chu Mu knew who walked over so he smiled lightly, “This is already rest to me.”

“Are all your soul pets recovered? You fought an entire tribe.” Chu Qian slowly walked over and said by Chu Mu in a low voice.

“Not yet, the higher the soul pet rank, the slower their stamina and fighting strength recovers.” Chu Mu shook his head.

“Oh, you improved so quickly. A few years ago in great Chu family, when you fought nightmare palace young princess, your strength was already shocking. Now, you’re the top expert of all of Western Kingdom. I didn’t believe that the person that could fight an entire tribe was the little Chu Mu that couldn’t even be a soul pet trainer.” Chu Qian laughed lightly.

“Hehe, its been so long, things always change.” Chu Mu expressed, his eyes gazing at the rippling water still.

The starlight and moonlight passed through the lake, and fell into Chu Mu’s black pupils, causing Chu Mu’s eyes to become even more enrapturing…...

The water reflected Chu Qian’s slender figure, her tied up hair letting down a few strands of hair that floated in the wind.

The two didn’t speak much, sometimes going silent for a long time.

This silence wasn’t uncomfortable. The two were just each thinking of their own things.

“Do you have someone you like?” Finally, Chu Qian broke the silence, saying something Chu Mu was somewhat surprised to hear.

Only then did Chu Mu slightly turn around to look at Chu Qian with her head slightly down.

Chu Qian was mature and beautiful, l with a very sensitive mind. Her words broke through the thin veil between them, but also showed that she understood how to handle the strange relationship between them.

Chu Mu nodded, “En.”

“The princess?” Chu Qian asked probingly.

Chu Qian believed that, with Chu Mu’s current strength and huge potential, getting the highly positioned Nightmare Palace princess wasn’t impossible. Even an unfathomably massive faction like Nightmare Palace probably didn’t have such a young emperor rank expert.

Chu Mu shook his head. He had a hazy good opinion of her before, but it didn’t really count as love.

“Then it must be the girl you went to great Chu family with. She’s called Ye Qingzi, right?” Chu Qian smiled.

Chu Mu paused, but then nodded and said, “En, its her.”

“She likes you too?” Chu Qian continued to ask.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded again.

“Then good, why didn’t she come with you?” Chu Qian siad.

“She had her own things to do. We agreed to leave our mark in some of the east side cities. If we were nearby, we would meet up…..” Chu Mu siad.

Speaking of Ye QIngzi, her figure appeared in Chu Mu’s mind, evoking a smile on his face. He didn't know where she was, whether she had already grown in strength from her teacher’s will, or whether she had gotten more materials to increase her soul teacher skills.

Chu Mu was still regretful now; Ye QIngzi had left too hurriedly. Chu Mu didn’t take the next step to become more affectionate with her. He hadn’t even gotten to try Ye Qingzi’s cool yet alluring lips in a kiss…..

However, it was this process of slowly warming into a passionate love that was truly unforgettable.

Chu Mu wasn’t hurried to get all of Ye Qingzi. However, this feeling of longing when she wasn’t here caused his heart to itch, making him want to leave Western kingdom and go towards the east side of Tianxia City to see her immediately.

Chu Qian looked at Chu Mu. Her observant eyes quickly noticed the sliver of anticipation that slowly came over Chu Mu’s stern face. This expression wasn’t different than any other young man falling into the clutches of love. If there was any difference, it was that Chu Mu’s expression was far more gradual and gentler than any young and inexperienced boy.

Seeing Chu Mu show such expression, Chu Qian understood, and asked about their process of getting to know each other…..

Chu Mu didn’t hide anything, slowly speaking of everything from finding the cold pool to Tianxia City. It was rare for him to share the experience of him slowly falling in love with a woman…...

Chu Mu was only a young man. This was his first time truly falling in love with a girl. He didn't have the experience of the playboys that roamed the hearts of women. So this time, he didn’t have the usual silence, instead speaking calmly with a smile always on his lips.

“That’s really good.” Chu Qian nodded. Hearing Chu Mu finish speaking, she smiled, “You must be very happy.”

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

“I should head back, or else father will be looking for me. He can never be at ease with me……” Chu Qian siad.

“Okay, I’ll continue to meditate here.” Chu Mu had a good time talking with Chu Qian.

However, Chu Mu didn’t notice that when Chu Qian turned around, she had a disappointed and lost face propped up by a forced smile…...

Of course, only Chu Mu knew whether he knew the feelings of this other girl who he talked his feelings with.


After Chu Qian left, Chu Mu let out a light sigh, and glanced at the water to calm his heart.

Chu Mu closed his eyes and entered a meditative state.

His soul pets’ strengths were nearly used up. Chu Mu’s own soul power hadn’t completely recovered either. Ye Qingzi’s soul power medicine was incredibly valuable, so he didn't want to use it unless it was a special circumstance.

“En? My soul remembrance improved!” When Chu Mu entered meditation, he was surprised to discover this truth.

“I had tried my hardest to break through, but could never reach ninth remembrance spirit master. Yet, without even meditating, just thinking of Ye QIngzi, I improved!” Chu Mu was truly surprised.

Ninth remembrance spirit master was just a step away from spirit emperor.

To Chu Mu, the meaning of spirit emperor was massive. Not only could he use his soul remembrance to empower emperor rank soul pets, Chu Mu could finally leave three soul pet control behind, and enter the realm of four control!!

Summoning four soul pets at once to battle, the change this would bring was exciting and needed no thought!

“Looks like Qingzi truly has a husband-prospering nature.” Chu Mu smiled and thought to himself sheepishly.


In the east, on a plain.

“What’s up, Qingzi?” Ye Wansheng looked at Ye Qingzi who suddenly stopped and asked questioningly.

Ye Qingzi shook her head and told purple robed dream beast to catch up to Ye Wansheng’s Star Wilderness Devil Colt.

"Why am I thinking of him again, still the same expression……” Ye Qingzi muttered.

The expression Ye Qingzi spoke of was the face Chu Mu put on when he wanted to look serious but say shameless things, with eyes that basically said “am I wrong?” Every time he spoke to her like that, Ye Qingzi always muttered shameless to herself because it always made it sound like Chu Mu was in the right, and that she was just overthinking things as a girl.

“Hei hei, very soon I’ll have higher rank soul pets. In a few years when we meet Chu Mu again, maybe my secondary soul pets will be enough to defeat him, ahahaha, seeing Chu Mu’s speechless face will definitely be interesting.” Ye Wansheng laughed almost neurotically.

Ye Qingzi was just thinking of Chu Mu, so with this laugh of Ye Wansheng, she was startled. Noticing that he was just speaking to himself, she rolled her eyes, “We haven’t even found the things on the recipe.”

“No worries, we’ll find it eventually. All those who bullied us in the past will know the power of I, Ye Wansheng!!” Ye Wansheng said excitedly.

Ye Qingzi didn’t want to say much anymore. Though it was true that their strength will increase quickly after getting teacher’s will, removing any concept of bottleneck for them, for some reason, Ye Qingzi had a lot of confidence for Chu Mu. Even Ye Qingzi didn’t know where this confidence came from. After all, the will teacher left was something that could cause countless spirit emperors to go crazy over.


Barbarian mountain range

“How is that possible, how could this happen!!! Panther species, where are all the panther species? Spirit source, where’s the spirit source!!! My spirit source!!!”

In the cave, the remaining hole was what caused Sun Qiming to nearly have a nervous breakdown and shout out loud.

Initially, when Sun Qiming and Luo Hei flew over and saw the spirit source and tried to steal it, panther emperor and the entire panther species intervened, causing the two to have to leave and take it slowly.

Originally, their strength was enough to deal with the panther species tribe. However, this would cause a commotion, and the news would easily leak.

This time, coming to seven color city, Sun Qinming was worried that the western wetlands had already attacked, so he specially came back to barbarian mountain range to check it out.

The result? All the panthers in the mountain range were gone.

The entire tribe disappearing wasn’t the key, however, as the most important spirit source was taken as well!!

Sun Qiming roared for a long time. He and Luo Hei had a heavy crime on them. If it were revealed, their soul pets would be sealed, and they would have to sit in Maze Prison for a while.

Facing such a large risk, they were determined to get it. However, it ended up being all for nothing. Anyone would be angered by this outcome.

After a long while, Sun Qiming finally calmed down.

“There aren’t any western wetland lizard corpses, so it can’t be the western wetlands that came. Can it be that bastard Qiu Di that took it and deliberately acted like…… that’s impossible. Qiu Di had just come to Western kingdom, so he wouldn't have news of the spirit source, and he had never been to seven color city either……”

“Can it be…… is it the seven color city’s 30,000 lucky survivors?”

“Barbarian valley had a large group of panther species. They were destined to die even if they got to barbarian valley. If they lived, there must be an expert amongst them….. Heng heng, you dare steal I, Sun Qiming’s, things, you truly have lived for too long. NO matter who it is, I’ll force you to spit it back out!!” Sun Qiming said with a beet red face.

After talking, Sun Qiming brought his thick anger as he advanced towards barbarian valley!

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