Chapter 638: 30,000 People All Must Die

Chapter 638: 30,000 People All Must Die

Just as Chu Yishui had said, Western Kingdom began to dispatch troops against Western Marsh.

In the past few days, the messenger soul pet hidden in Barbarian Valley among the Seven Color City citizens was able to find out a bit about the war. However, when the fourth day came, the messenger soul pet was unable to reach the outside world. 

“No one needs to worry. We are very safe in Barbarian Valley. This fight will definitely last a long time. We only need to calmly wait here. There will be a day when the Western Marsh tribe will be sent back to their home.” Chu Tianlin loudly spoke to the people in the valley.

Because they had no more information, the people were afraid that they would be trapped in the valley. Chu Tianlin had appeared to lift everyone’s spirits. 

The safety of Barbarian Valley made it not as helpless for everyone. Eventually, a few soul pet trainers that understood construction had their earth type soul pets build a few simple houses, providing people with a bit more comfort.

Inside the big tent. 

“Reason dictates that they should be sending people here knowing that we’re still alive. Moreover, they should have maintained communications. Yet, for some reason, there hasn’t been the slightest communication in the past two days.” Chu Tianheng’s brows creased.

In this disaster, the survivors should have received more assistance. Seven Color City’s citizens were probably the only ones that had survived in the three southern regions. A Kingdom Lord should have immediately thought of ways of saving the thirty thousand people once he knew they were alive. Yet, from the state of the war these past few days, not much attention had been placed here… 

“Just keep waiting. We’re very safe inside this valley. Returning is only a question of when.” said Chu Tianlin.


Seven Color City

Under the setting sun, the majority of the stone city had transformed into ruins.

Western Marsh’s legion had occupied Seven Color City after its citizens had evacuated, becoming the masters of this city. Groups of them lived on the streets and they used the human residences as breeding grounds. On the city walls, they created large scale defenses.

The sun set and the temperature decreased. Humans enjoyed the warm sunlight, but the Western Marsh creatures were the opposite. When night came, they came out and lay on the cool ground, enjoying the night breeze. They then opened their alligator-like mouths and yawned. 

The Western Marsh creatures were from the lizard species. Their back limbs were very long and they could stand upright like humans. However, their front limbs weren’t claws but instead mutated keratin membrane weapons. The outside of their left side weapons was a thick flesh shield while their right side were long arms filled with rows of blade-like hunting teeth. This weapon was capable of easily ripping open any object. 

If this lizard species were to stand among rows on the city wall, unmoving, they would seem like an organized group of human troops wearing imposing armor and with the sharpest weapons.

The lizard species in Seven Color City amounted to that of a ninth rank community. Most of the buildings inside the city showed signs of destruction...

Under the setting sun, a white cloud-like creature floated across the sky, nearing Seven Color City.

It had always been the case that soul pets were prohibited from flying. This was especially because when one flew into the territory of enormous soul pet communities or tribes, he would attract the attacks of those soul pets who wouldn’t rest until he was dead.

Those who dared to fly had strength that far surpassed others, which was capable of pacifying those groups of creatures. 

Western Kingdom’s southern side had been occupied by Western Marsh and only the messenger soul pets, who were like flies to this tribe, were able to fly through the southern skies. Otherwise, humanity’s wing type soul pets were unable to do so.

However, there was a flying creature above Seven Color City right now, and it was definitely the only one in Western Kingdom that dared fly. 

The white creature was the Ice Cloud Crane of the man surnamed Qiu. Right now, the man surnamed Qiu was standing, with an aura of coldness, on his soul pet. He stared at Seven Color City which was completely in the occupation of soul pets.

He couldn’t see a single living person in Seven Color City. The lizard species which covered the entire city meant that everyone who used to live here had died.

In front of such a scene, this man’s expression turned as cold as possible. He just stood there and stared down at the lizard group.

However, behind the Ice Cloud Crane was a large group of black dragonflies. This enormous aerial legion had chased the Ice Cloud Crane for a while; however, they were unable to keep up in speed and were a few thousand meters behind right now.

A moment later, on the ground, a man riding an Abyss Beast appeared. He raised his head and looked up at the man on the Ice Cloud Crane. 

This person was Merchant Alliance’s spirit emperor, Sun Qiming, who had come as well.

“Senior Qiu, I already said that it’s impossible for humans to survive here.” Sun Qiming swept his eyes over the defeated Seven Color City, and spoke to Senior Qiu who was in the air. 

Right now, the man surnamed Qiu still had his dark expression and completely ignored Sun Qiming’s words. His gaze just stared coldly at the enormous lizard species in Seven Color City.

“Where is Western Marsh’s territory?” finally, the man surnamed Qiu opened his mouth. His soul remembrance even carried a slightly threatening feeling.

“Senior Qiu, please calm down…”

“I’m asking you a question!” Senior Qiu emphasized his words. He seemed like he was on the verge of erupting!

“It’s, it’s in the western direction. Follow Seven Color City’s western wind to the wetlands and you’ll reach Western Marsh’s territory. Senior Qiu, you’re going to…” asked Sun Qiming in a low voice.

“I want you to annihilate these bastards. I’m going to destroy Western Marsh tribe’s roots!” after speaking, the man rode on his Ice Cloud Crane towards the wetlands in a fit of rage!

Sun Qiming gave a few shouts to him, but Senior Qiu was already far away and nobody could stop him, even the enormous Western Marsh tribe...

“Thank goodness we kept the thirty thousand survivors from the city a secret. Otherwise, this man named Qiu would have definitely went to Barbarian Valley, which is very close to the spirit source. If he goes there, he will definitely discover the spirit source…” Sun Qiming watched the Ice Cloud Crane in the distance and let out a sigh of relief. 

Suddenly, Sun Qiming’s eyes turned cold and sinister: “Hmph, I truly never expected that thirty thousand people still survived from Seven Color City. Moreover, they’re in the territory of the panthers. They include the Chu Family. How were they so lucky!” 

However… you really can’t blame me for being ruthless… why did you guys have to survive? Aren’t you guys just adding trouble for me?” 

Sun Qiming gave a merciless laugh, and urged his Abyss Beast around Seven Color City and towards Barbarian Valley.

Inside Sun Qiming’s head rang Kingdom Lord Luo Hei’s cold words: “You absolutely cannot save these thirty thousand people. If you save them, the spirit source will be exposed. You must kill them all!” 

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