Chapter 637: Western Kingdom VS Western Marsh

Chapter 637: Western Kingdom VS Western Marsh

Luo Region Sect

“Luo Region, Gangluo City’s Chu Family… I’ve never heard of them.” Kingdom Lord Luo Hei shook his head as he spoke.

“Senior Qiu has arrived here, yet is concerned about a no name small family. It’s probably best to deal with the disaster problem first. The disaster this time has come from Western Marsh. and is a true third rank tribe. Just the two of us have limited strength. We hope that Senior Qiu will help.” said Merchant Alliance’s Sun Qiming. 

Presently, in a wide and luxurious hall were three people. On the Lord’s seat was Western Kingdom Lord’s Luo Hei. Next to him was Merchant Alliance’s spirit emperor, Sun Qiming. Finally, there was the mysterious middle aged man who had gone to Gangluo City to inquire about the Chu Family.

“Help me find out information about this family first. Then we’ll speak about the other matters.” said the middle aged man.

This man didn’t seem to care too much about the disaster. Clearly, he hadn’t been sent by a faction to alleviate the disaster.

Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were both spirit emperors, however, from the way they treated this man, this man’s status was above theirs. 

Of course, Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were thinking of ways to have this powerful man in front of them help deal with Western Marsh. If they weren’t able to eradicate Western Marsh, how would they be able to obtain the spirit source? 

“Gangluo City, Chu Family… Hmm. I’ll immediately have a subordinate go inquire. Don’t worry, we’ll have news very quickly.” Luo Hei saw that Senior Qiu was very firm in his stance and immediately agreed to do so.

Although Kingdom Lord Luo Hei had dispatched people to Seven Color City to do things, he had never bothered caring about who governed this city. Therefore, he never thought of Seven Color City’s Chu Family.

However, as a Kingdom Lord, it wouldn’t be too hard to find a family in an eighth rank city, unless they had hidden their identities.

Quickly, he had people find out information from the various regions before ultimately being able to find out Western Regions’ Seven Color City’s emerging Chu Family.

Simultaneously, when inquiring about the information, Kingdom Lord Luo Hei summoned an inner female disciple. This female disciple had come from Gangluo City’s Qin Family and seemed to know about the Chu Family.

“Qin Menger, right? Is Seven Color City’s Chu Family the same family from Gangluo City that moved there?” Luo Hei watched this kneeling female disciple and asked her a question.

This was the first time Qin Menger spoke with the Kingdom Lord, and she was a bit nervous. She slightly nodded her head and said softly: “Yes.”

Qin Menger often saw Chu Xing and Chu Ning in Tianxia City. From the two of them, she heard that the Chu Family had migrated to Western Region’s Seven Color City; moreover, she had returned to Western Kingdom earlier than Chu Xing and Chu Ning.

Chu Mu had guessed another possibility for why Luo Region Sect went to help the Chu Family: Qin Menger may have written a letter to inform Luo Region Sect that he, the winner of the first grade’s ultimate honor, had come from this small Chu Family. However, the truth was that Qin Menger didn’t know that Soul Palace’s Chu Chen was Chu Mu. She only knew from Chu Xing and Chu Ning that Soul Palace’s Chu Chen had some blood relation with their Chu Family.

“Where is Seven Color City?” asked the man surnamed Qiu.

“This… it’s in Western Region… it’s the area most severely affected by the disaster…” Luo Hei reacted somewhat slowly. 

After hearing this, the man surnamed Qiu immediately changed expressions, and his chest began to heave.

Qin Menger sensed this man emit a terrifying aura, and hastily retreated a few steps. As for the two spirit emperors, their expressions changed when they sensed his mood was off.

“Luo Hei, you’re a Kingdom Lord, yet you’ve let your entire southern side succumb to a disaster. Who is more trash than you?” the man coldly stared at the Kingdom Lord and unexpectedly berated him! 

Luo Hei’s face immediately turned dark, but in front of Senior Qiu’s aura, he didn’t have any intentions of talking back...

Sun Qiming sat to the side with his mouth gaping. He wanted to say something, but didn’t dare to say anything.

Qin Menger stood next to them, but was so shocked that she couldn’t close her mouth. She never expected that the Kingdom Lord, who was the highest status person in Western Kingdom, would be berated as trash. Who on earth was the middle aged man in front of her?! 

“Dispatch troops tomorrow to enter Western Region, and eradicate the Western Marsh for me.” coldly said Senior Qiu.

“This… Senior, our Western Kingdom’s strength is meager, and the opponent is a third rank tribe…” Luo Hei swallowed his anger as he spoke.

“Hmph, when the disaster arrived, what were the two of you doing?” Senior Qiu fundamentally couldn’t be bothered with the administration of Western Kingdom. Whether Kingdom Lord Luo Hei did a bad or good job had nothing to do with him. However, the Chu Family had migrated to Western Region, which was the area affected most severely by the disaster. This immediately angered Senior Qiu like he was hit by a clap of lightning, and he began to vent on the Kingdom Lord.

“We… we will try our hardest.” softly said Sun Qiming.

“Your hardest? Stop screwing around here!” Senior Qiu’s anger shifted to Sun Qiming.

There were two spirit emperors in Western Kingdom, yet when the disaster appeared, the two of them seemed to not have realized, and let the southern side of the kingdom completely be devoured. Even if it was a third rank tribe, they would still have the ability to resist it. Clearly, these two bastards had neglected their jobs. 

Senior Qiu was clear that if it wasn’t because Luo Hei was Old Luo Region Sect’s sect master and had received the favor of New Luo Region Sect and Great Luo Region Sect, he would have definitely been punished for this neglection. 

“We were waiting for assistance from Luo Region Sect.” Luo Hei’s face turned increasingly unsightly, and he had already berated Senior Qiu tens of times in his heart.

“How long will it take before your crappy Luo Region Sect’s people will arrive? I can’t be bothered to bicker with you two trashes. Tomorrow first thing in the morning, dispatch troops to the southern side and eradicate Western Marsh’s tribe!” Senior Qiu immediately gave an order.

Luo Hei’s face darkened. He knew that this Senior Qiu had come from Soul Pet Palace. and was a Palace Lord level figure. He was a much higher ranked person than him; however, he was the one who called the shots in Western Kingdom. Thus, when Senior Qiu berated and ordered him, how could he feel comfortable? 

Of course, even if he was extremely unhappy inside, he couldn’t show it on his face. He forcibly smiled and said: “This matter must be considered at length, we can’t…” 

“I will head into Western Region myself tonight. Tomorrow morning, if I don’t see your troops and the two of you leading them, I will slaughter the two of you first!” the man harrumphed before turning and leaving. 

Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were shocked, but could only helplessly watch Senior Qiu leave.

A moment later, Luo Hei discovered this female disciple still standing there. He glared at her and roared: “What are you still standing there for? Leave!” 

Qin Menger was so frightened her face paled. She hastily bowed and left. 

After leaving the great hall, Qin Menger guessed that Senior Qiu should be extremely concerned with the Chu Family’s survival. Promptly, she chased after him. 

In the great hall, Luo Hei and Sun Qiming were gloomy for a while. Finally, Sun Qiming spoke in a low voice: “If this fellow takes action, the matter will be a lot more stable. However, the Chu Family he’s looking for is in Seven Color City which is very close to the spirit source… If he discovers the spirit source, with his temper, I’m afraid it won’t only be one of us that gets screwed, but he’ll expose the two of us.” 

“Don’t worry. The small Chu Family he was talking about was probably already annihilated by the Western Marsh. Him going to Western Kingdom is merely to blow off steam. We’ll just use him to get rid of those rather tricky emperors from Western Marsh… However, just in case, I’ll send troops to fight Western Marsh tomorrow, and you will take the opportunity to go around Seven Color CIty and into Barbarian Mountain Range. You will pretend to eradicate the leopard tribe there. This way, it will prevent that fellow from slaughtering his way from Seven Color City to Barbarian Mountain Range in anger. If he did that, he would definitely discover the spirit source.” said Luo Hei.

“Why don’t you go?” said Sun Qiming, slightly unhappy.

Barbarian Mountain Region still had a panther leopard tribe residing there. Moreover, he would have to pass through Western Marsh’s line of defense to enter Seven Color City. If he encountered an emperor rank soul pet, his life would be in danger.

“I need to accompany that man named Qiu to eradicate the southern side’s disaster. There’s no need to haggle about this. If he were to discover us, the two of us will spend the rest of our lives in prison!” said Luo Hei.

“Ok.” Sun Qiming helplessly shook his head.

“Also, get rid of all those who know about this spirit source secret…” said Luo Hei.

“I know.” Sun Qiming waved his hand.


Barbarian Valley.

After the great battle, Chu Mu spent two days resting.

Among his soul pets, aside from Zhan Ye and the Night Thunder Dream Beast, his other soul pets were extremely exhausted. This included Mo Xie who spent her time inside Chu Mu’s soul pet space deep asleep.

Chu Mu understood that if Western Marsh were to arrive at this moment, he would have to rely on the Great Chu Family’s masters and the Chu Family’s members to guard the valley. He needed five or six days to recover his fighting strength.

“Brother Chu Mu, Brother Chu Mu…” at daybreak, the lively Chu Yishui ran into Chu Mu’s tent.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu was using water to wash his face. 

“Our messenger soul pet trainer’s messenger soul pet has flown out and attempted to make communication with the outside world. The outside world managed to write back and apparently, starting yesterday, the Kingdom Lord dispatched troops to fight against the disaster. Presently he’s already approached Western City. If the situation is optimistic, they should be able to reach Seven Color City within a week.” excitedly said Chu Yishui.

“Ok, that’s very good. Everyone can be saved.” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. 

Presumably the various large factions had already dispatched troops to fight against Western Marsh. If this was the case, Western Marsh wouldn’t dare stay too long in human territory and would retreat soon.

When Western Marsh retreated and passed through Barbarian Mountain Range, they would definitely discover in great anger that the resources from the spirit source had already disappeared. They would only be able to futilely retreat. 

“The messenger soul pet trainer has already informed the outside world that us 30,000 people are still alive. They said that this was truly a miracle. Indeed, of Western Region, Xiling Region and Helang Region, the deaths are innumerable. Yet, our Seven Color City’s people in the most severely affected area, still survived…” as Chu Yishui spoke, her voice grew softer and softer. It was due to this disaster that the people from the three kingdoms had nearly all died. Just the thought was terrifying. 

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. Things will get better.” Chu Mu saw that she was extremely upset and consoled her.

“Mhm. Thank goodness for Brother Chu Mu. Otherwise, we would have ended up like the other regions and killed by Western Marsh. Brother Chu Mu truly is our hero!” as she spoke, Chu Yishui suddenly embraced Chu Mu’s neck and she left a kiss on Chu Mu’s cheek.

Chu Mu still hadn’t reacted when Chu Yishui quickly ran away. This left Chu Mu there just embarrassedly rubbing his cheek. 

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