Chapter 636: Beyond Kingdom capital, Chu Tianheng’s Excitement

Chapter 636: Beyond Kingdom capital, Chu Tianheng’s Excitement

After entering the valley, the seven color city’s 30,000 residents had already set up tents in the old city address, gathering in the plaza of the old city.

In the center position, the yellow tent was the Chu Family member location. Chu Lang led Chu Mu ahead, so many people looked curiously at Chu Mu.

The seven color city people actually all didn’t know that the person that saved all their lives was the young man that walked by their faces. As for the tale of the nine tail inferno monarch, all thirty thousand people learned of it in one night. They only knew that a soul pet trainer rode the powerful nine tail inferno fox monarch to protect them from the dangers of the panther species.

“Strange, why is it chaotic?” when Chu Lang walked into the tent group of Chu family, he suddenly noticed a small commotion with the members.

Chu Mu and Chu Lang quickly sped up and walked towards that area.

“Chu Mu!!”

“Chu Mu, thank god, you are fine!!!”

Chu Mu walked over and many people recognized him, all coming up to surround him excitedly.

“We thought you sacrificed yourself to end the panther species. We were almost ready to set up a memorial for you.” Chu Ying rubbed her small almond shaped eyes and was near tears from happiness.

Young sister Chu Yishui was already in tears, talking nonstop while hugging Chu Mu’s arm.

The old men who fought alongside Chu Mu were all previously at rest. However, when they heard Chu Mu was back, they all got up as smiles blossomed on their tired faces. Even the old lecher Zhang Ying’s smile seemed genuine!

“Chu Mu, you’re our great hero!!!” Chu Tianlin said without any resemblance of an elder.

“Yes, Chu Mu is our clan’s great hero, as well as Seven color city’s great hero!” Chu Tianqi immediately joined in.

Immediately, all of the family’s main members had given Chu Mu the honor of great hero, their hollers each louder than the previous, bringing in seven color city residents from the outer rings. They all wanted to peek in to find out who the great hero from Chu family was. Was it the legendary soul pet trainer that protected all of seven color city?

The situation was immediately afire, causing Chu Mu’s usually thick-skinned face to blush.

Chu Mu had gone through countless impressive scenes. When he took the first tier final honor, there were multiple folds more people than all of the residents of seven color city combined.

What was different was, there was the emotion from family members here. Seeing these familiar faces becoming proud of him, his heart was in a different state.

Chu Mu was always honest. This time, he came back to the family mainly for the spirit source. Of course, Chu Mu shouldn’t explain in this situation. In his own family, Chu Mu felt that he could afford to stay in a positive light.

“Continuous battling can cause even our great hero to get tired. Everyone should scatter for now and let Chu Mu rest.” Finally, it was Chu Tianheng that controlled everyone’s enthusiasm.

“Yes, you’re right.”

“Yes, let our hero rest first. Hero can’t get too tired.”

“If we get through this great disaster and return to seven color city, we definitely will put up a great memorial for great hero.

Through all the chatter, Chu Mu heard the last sentence and thought to himself, “They wanted a memorial for me if I didn't make it back, why do I still get a memorial if I come back……”

After the crowd slowly dispersed, Chu Mu entered the large tent with Chu family’s core members.

The large tent was more spacious, and was able to hold a lot of people. Chu family usually held meetings there.

Chu Mu had something to discuss with Chu Tianheng, so he walked into the inner tent with him, while the rest of the family stayed outside.

“Yes, it was loud and full of commotion just now, why?” Chu Mu remembered the previous event and asked Chu Tainehng.

“Oh, its Merchant’s Alliance and Luo Region sect’s people.” Chu Tianheng siad.

“Them?” Chu Mu seemed puzzled.

Chu Tianheng’s face grew more serious and said in a low voice. “They just escaped to here. To not let them send the message out and cause panic, we put them in the tents to rest and heal them. The news hasn’t spread.”

“Since they didn’t manage to make it out…...that means……” Chu Mu sighed.

Since they didn’t manage to escape, it meant western wetlands had an extremely large force, meaning most likely seven color city was not the only one that fell to it.

“Luo region sect had six deaths, four escaped. All of merchant alliance people are still alive, but other than Sun Silong, the others are all wounded spiritually. They escaped from different directions to western region city. After western region city fully fell, it was taken over by a tenth rank clan. They didn’t have the power to escape after that. After gathering near the western region city, they got all the way to seven color city. Sun Silong still remembered the plan you told him, so he found his way to the barbarian valley.” Chu Tianheng said.

Chu Tianheng’s words were all describing Luo Region sect and merchant’s alliance escaping the surrounding. However, these words revealed a terrifying truth; the entire south region of western kingdom may have all fallen!!

“Chu Mu, if you didn’t help us escape here, we may have become like the other regions and have been all killed by western wetlands.”

“Its still not very optimistic right now. Western wetlands may come over at any time. Before they appear, we should take a powerful team and collect all the panther species young soul pets.” Chu Mu said to Chu Tianheng.

With Chu Mu’s suggestion, Chu Tianheng’s eyes lit up.

Panther species is an entire first rank tribe. They must have a lot of young soul pets. Because of the tribe’s collapse, these soul pets are easy to capture.

An entire tribe’s young soul pet resource was massive. If they could collect all of it and use it as a reward mechanism, Chu family’s strength will be bolstered in an extremely short time!

Most importantly, without the panther species tribe, the entire barbarian mountain range belonged to seven color city. Though the south side was relatively poorer, this mountain range was at least equivalent to a human world’s kingdom. The resource in it could sustain a kingdom sized family!

“Uncle, I have other things to discuss with you….’ Chu Mu said seriously.

“En, speak what you want.” Chu Tianheng said more sternly too.

Immediately, Chu Mu told Chu Tianheng of his plans of strengthening Chu family, and letting them take over a massive resource.

Initially, when Chu Mu brought up the fact that spirit source would be given to Chu family to deal with, and that he would help him get rid of the panther species, Chu Tianheng found it hard to believe. After all, the panther species tribe needed Western kingdom to send troops to get rid of.

Yet, in a short few days, Chu Tianheng’s wildest dreams were realized. Chu Tianheng naturally had 100% faith in Chu Mu’s depicted future for Chu family!!

Because the barbarian mountain range was completely excavated, the seven color city had to be quickly taken over by the tenth rank region capital to become the strongest city of western kingdom’s south side- maybe even surpassing the kingdom capital!!

Chu Tianheng’s wish was to become the city master of this city beyond tenth rank!!!

After hearing about Chu Mu’s description of seven color city very likely beating the kingdom capital, Chu Tianheng’s blood was boiling, his heart was palpitating non-stop!!

When he was young, Chu Tianheng had always worked towards it.

However, Chu Tianheng’s power was limited. No matter how hard he fought, he couldn’t walk out of his eighth rank city.

Only when Chu family moved to western region did Chu Tianheng’s opportunity finally come.

So, Chu Tianheng had an unbelievably strongly rooted heart in this ninth rank yet slightly desolate seven color city. Chu Tianheng wished that in a few years, he could develop this city to near tenth rank region capital. After all, this seven color city truly had the potential.

The change of fate came when he was middle aged. However, clearly Chu Tianheng’s hot-bloodedness hadn't faded completely. It was this determination that caused him to fight his way out in hot blood when Chu Mu faced the seven color city sworn enemy panther species alone.

“Uncle, what’s wrong?” Chu Mu looked at Chu Tianheng, and noticed his expression was extremely complicated, so he asked.

“Finally, I’ve waited for this day, finally!! Seven color city didn't’ disappoint me!! Seven color city didn’t disappoint me, haha!!!!!!!” Chu Tianheng suddenly laughed out loud.

Chu Mu stared blankly. It was rare to see his extremely collected uncle open up like this and laugh.

“Chu Mu, do you know?” Chu Tianheng patted Chu Mu’s shoulder and said excitedly, “You know, when your great uncle was around your age, I swore to become a city master of a tenth rank city. I always wanted to make our clan better and larger, but there were too many variables, and as I grew up, the hard truth slowly rubbed away at my dreams.”

“Even I didn't think that, after all these years, I would still have the chance to become the kingdom capital city master. This opportunity came solely from you. I truly didn’t think that, didn’t think that. Chu Mu, for all you’ve done, I uncle truly don’t know what to say anymore…...I…...I……”

As Chu Tianheng spoke, tears spun in his eyes and he started choking up!!

An old man’s choked sobs, this contained the uncontrollable emotions of excitement that came after years of bitterness!!

Every soul pet trainer had their initial dream and goals, especially when they were young and high-spirited.

However, because of countless variables, countless young soul pet trainers’ dreams were wiped away by reality and they would silently grow old, living completely different lives from their dream.s.

Chu Tianheng was fortunate. After all, once he stepped into middle age, he had a chance to change.

Maybe, even if Chu Mu didn’t appear, he could become an incredibly successful city master and take over a region city.

However, with Chu Mu’s appearance, Chu Tianheng was given a larger dance floor that allowed Chu Tianheng to display his passion as much as he wanted!

The previously unfulfilled dream came back to reality after middle age, except even grander. Even if he were middle aged, his emotions would definitely swarm back up like the violent tides, causing him to risk it all for one more chance!

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