Chapter 633: Paradise Under the Moonlight, Rich Spirit Source

Chapter 633: Paradise Under the Moonlight, Rich Spirit Source

So-called spirits were naturally formed spirit crystallizations of enormous amounts of gathered pure energy.

After reaching the emperor rank, normal resources would not be able to satisfy an emperor’s large energy requirement. Only special pure spirits would be able to do this.

There were many forms of spirits inside earthen mines, thousand year ancient trees, at the bottom of the ocean and underneath the earth. Most of them had formed from the corpses of soul pets, their inner crystallizations, soul crystals, soul cores, spirit medicines, elements and other special locations. Normally, they were dispersed in a large territory filled with a large soul pet ecosystem. 

Spirit sources, however, were different from scattered spirits. They were the gathering point of unlimited crystallizations of life force aura. On the piece of earth the spirit source would form, it would be modified for over a thousand years. Numerous regular crystals would be able to absorb this huge natural energy and become the spirit source that emperor ranks required.

This area in which a large amount of crystals appeared would be called a spirit source. The continuously proliferating spirit source would be able to catalyze various crystals that would allow it to absorb energy.

To an emperor rank soul pet, it was very important to occupy a spirit source. Not only were their existences predicated on them, but it was also the resource that would strengthen them. 

In both Western Kingdom and Zhanli Kingdom, emperors could only rely on gathering scattered spirits to survive. Spirit sources didn’t exist here. 

Therefore, the spirit source Chu Mu was heading towards right now was the only spirit source in the two kingdoms. Simultaneously, it could also be the forbidden region of the Western Marsh’s sole spirit source!

The leopard emperor’s habitat was situated on an enormous mountainous area. Surrounding the mountainous area were fast moving rivers. The sound of torrential water would converge in some deep natural pond, transforming into a waterfall. 

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~”

The spiritual energy emitted by spirit sources were akin to the fragrance of a delicacy to emperors. Without needing for Chu Mu to search himself, Mo Xie was able to smell the spirit source over the surrounding mountains. 

Old Li also impatiently jumped out of Chu Mu’s spatial ring. He also couldn’t stop sniffing.

“Young master, this spirit energy is very rich. It’s completely different from last time when I passed through here. No wonder it’s attracted the contestation of so many factions. It’s definitely not a small spirit source.” said Old Li has he clutched his hand. 

Chu Mu nodded his head, and followed Mo Xie towards the richest spirit energy location.

A pure moonlight was shining down on the mountain ridge. Chu Mu immediately saw a special star and moonlit luster flickering in between mountain ridges

This luster was clear and magnificent, akin to a treasure flashing in a lake. It was extremely enticing and emitted a unique brilliance in the night environment. 

“These are spirits?” Chu Mu looked at the star-like sparkling kernels embedded in the mountain wall and asked in slight shock.

Chu Mu had obtained 1000 spirits from Tian Ting. However, all 1000 of these spirits combined weren’t even as large as his thumb. If they were on their own, one spirit was as small as a speck of dust. 

Right now, the mountain rampart was shining with these crystals. The smallest was as large as a soybean, but its brilliance was enchanting. The larger ones were very close to the size of a thumb. In other words, a large piece was equivalent to 1000 spirits while the small ones were equivalent to ten spirits! 

The spirit source mountain rampart had about dozen of them! 

“Young master, there are a total of fifteen pieces. From what I can see with my experience, it should be about 7000 spirits!!” Old Li moved very quickly. He didn’t wait for Chu Mu to reply before climbing up the mountain rampart. He used his claws to carefully take the spirits. 

The composition of the mountain rampart was much more unique compared to other special rocks. An emperor rank strength probably wouldn’t be able to destroy it. Yet, Chu Mu was shocked because Old Li’s small claws were able to tear apart these incomparably sturdy rocks and nimbly fetch the spirits. 

Watching the half old man adeptly pick the spirits, Chu Mu couldn’t help but ask: “Did you use to do these things?” 

“Of course. When I followed my master in the past, we went to forbidden regions to take spirits. There were a few times when we went near empire territory to take spirits. One of those pieces was the size of a fist and completely pure. I was in charge of taking down high rank spirits with even larger energy quantities.” said Old Li. 

“7000 spirits still isn’t enough to strengthen the White Nightmare.” although the amount of spirits surpassed Chu Mu’s original estimate, it was still a bit less than Chu Mu hoped for.

Chu Mu’s White Nightmare required 20,000 spirits to strengthen it to an emperor. 7000 was definitely not enough. 

“Young master, I’ve found that you’re too ungrateful. 7000 spirits has about a 70 percent chance of creating an emperor through strengthening. Do you know how many peak monarch rank experts are unable to collect 7000 spirits in their whole life time? Yet you were able to obtain so many in one night. You had best talk less about this, so that other people will be endure it.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu rubbed his ears, and couldn’t be bothered to listen to Old Li. 

Chu Mu’s current goal was extremely far away. How could it compare to those people without an emperor soul pet? Moreover, the Barbarian Mountain Range’s spirit source was the only place Chu Mu knew had spirits. If he were to completely excavate this place, he wasn’t sure where he would be able to find the next batch of spirits. Therefore, since 7000 spirits wasn’t even enough to strengthen a soul pet into a pseudo emperor. Chu Mu indeed felt that this was slightly lacking.

“Wu wu~~~~~~”

Mo Xie waved her tails, and suddenly pulled Chu Mu to the other side of the mountain rampart.

“What’s the matter Mo Xie?” Chu Mu asked, confused. “Wu wu~~ Wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie responded in a slightly excited voice. 

“You’re saying that there are more inside?” Chu Mu glanced at the shiny mountain rampart.

Mo Xie nodded her head. Sin imprints gradually began to extend from her body to the ground. They then extended to the shiny mountain rampart in front of Chu Mu. 


Suddenly, the mountain rampart cracked!! 

The mountain rampart didn’t completely disintegrate. Instead, a portion was broken apart and the cracks began to spread inwards. Immediately, a cave appeared! 

“The rock here is even more flimsy. Could this be the leopard emperor’s nest? That crafty leopard emperor intentionally had rock type soul pets seal this place up?” said Chu Mu.

Soon, a cave was opened up by Mo Xie’s sin imprint, and Mo Xie ran in first.

“Old LI, put away all those spirits. Don’t embezzle them. If there’s one piece lacking, I’ll pull out all your beard hairs.” Chu Mu left the outside to Old Li and hastily followed after Mo Xie. 

Old Li was in the middle of concentratedly taking the spirits. He gave a grunt in reply, and ignored Chu Mu and Mo Xie who had already entered the cave. 

After entering the cave, Chu Mu was able to distinctly feel a rich spirit energy hit him. This feeling was akin to life force energy. Every time he breathed, it would seep into his body. There was a chance if soul pets that were heavily wounded and near death were placed in this rich life force spirit source, their wounds would take a turn for a better.

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

As Chu Mu walked near, he suddenly heard a weak breath and a cry. 

Through the darkness, Chu Mu discovered that in the cave, yellow eyes were shining at him through the darkness!

“Wu wu wu~~ Wu wu wu~~~~~~~~~~”

The shouts were weak, like a child’s. An excited expression appeared on Chu Mu’s face. This clearly was an infant pet! 

“Could this be the leopard emperor’s infant pet?” Chu Mu muttered. 

The leopard emperor was a true pseudo emperor rank, and its infant was definitely also an emperor. There were several pairs of eyes. Didn’t this mean there were several emperor rank infant pets? 

Chu Mu hastily chased after Mo Xie. When the small black leopards saw a strange life force run over, they ran in retreat towards the depths of the cave. 

Mo Xie wasn’t rushed. These small creatures couldn’t escape her grasps. Thus, she slowly followed behind these small black leopards. 

“They seem to only be monarch rank Black Winged Leopard Monarchs… truly unfortunate.” after approaching, Chu Mu was able to see these small leopards’ bloodlines. 

Thinking about it again, how could a small nest of emperor rank infant pets appear? It was extremely difficult for emperor ranks to reproduce. He wouldn’t be able to obtain an infant pet after killing a pseudo emperor...

The Black Winged Leopard Monarch was a middle class monarch. If he had obtained one in the past, Chu Mu would have definitely been extremely excited. After all, among Soul Palace’s Seven Saint Diagram Pets, the Linying Beast and Binding Wind Spirit were only middle class monarchs. 

But right now, Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t sign a soul pact with a middle class monarch rank infant pet. One reason was because a middle class monarch rank was unable to satisfy Chu Mu’s progressively strengthening requirements. Another reason was because they were all under the third phase and it would be extremely troublesome to slowly raise them.

“I’ll give them to Chu He and Chu Lang. They should really like these soul pets.” as Chu Mu spoke, he had the small Mo Xie use her tail to grab these Black Winged Leopard MOnarchs before putting them into his spatial ring. 

“There is still one that ran even deeper. Get it too.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

“Wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie still unhurriedly chased after it, following this second phase small black leopard.

The small black leopard was incredibly frightened as it ran. From time to time, it would turn around before being extremely flustered. It ran as fast as it could deep into the cave. 

Just as he was about to grab this small fellow, a pillar of light flashed in front of Chu Mu’s eyes. 

Chu Mu quickly got used to it, and abruptly discovered that a pillar of silver and pure light had appeared at the end of the cave. 

“Moonlight? That’s strange. How can there be moonlight inside this cave?” Chu Mu looked at the light shining through and spoke in a bit of astonishment. 

He continued to run and the narrow cave suddenly gave way to a huge and wide room! 

At the very top of this part of the cave was a five meter in diameter hole. Through this hole shone moonlight and it illuminated the black stones inside the cave, creating an even more beautiful light.

Such a unique cave for a nest made Chu Mu incredibly shocked!

However, when Chu Mu stepped into this part of the cave and scoured the four walls, his face immediately lit up with happiness!!

The moonlight that shone on the stone at the center of the cave reflected on the cave’s walls. And on top of these rock walls were embedded even more flickering spiritual items.

An incomparably dense spirit aura was being emitted from these small spirits embedded in the wall! 

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