Chapter 632: The First Emperor Slain

Chapter 632: The First Emperor Slain

“Young master, these emperors are all incredibly sly. Their wisdom is already not weaker than humans. Though the little fox can beat pseudo emperor ranks, killing them would be incredibly tough. If it tries its best to escape, it would be very hard for you to keep it from doing so.” Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

Panther emperor was currently heavily wounded by Mo Xie, but panther emperor didn’t immediately escape, looking like it wanted to continue fighting.

Mo Xie’s body still had a couple medium level wounds that were slowly healing up. The panther emperor’s dark yellow eyes were eyeing these very wounds. As long as it could rip these wounds open further, the angry panther emperor still had a chance of a comeback!

Finally, the panther emperor attacked. Though it was covered in wounds, its running speed wasn’t any slower. Its black wings frenziedly danced, creating blades of black death that ripped through everything nearby!

Seeing the panther emperor pounce over, Mo Xie didn’t show any weakness. Her nine sin imprint tails flew up, and directly went against the panther emperor’s blade wings.

At the same time, the panther emperor’s front claws slashed forward, sending explosive beast type energy that extended towards Mo Xie’s wounds!

“Mo Xie, Illusion!” Chu Mu suddenly gave the command.

Mo Xie’s silver body hazed up a little before morphing into six separate sin imprint foxes!

After the emperor rank, Mo Xie’s phantom was already basically her real self, having seventy percent of her attack power. Though it didn’t last long, if the five clones and herself all attacked, the single target damage it could cause was definitely immense!!

The panther emperor’s attacks were dodged by Mo Xie’s Illusion, but what caused this Barbarian Valley emperor to become even more enraged and surprised was it had fallen into the surrounding of six seven sin foxes!!!

“Sila!!!!!!! Sila!!!!!!”

All of Mo Xie’s clones activated their sin imprint claws at the same time, causing many death branches to flourish within the panther emperor’s body, frenziedly destroying its bones, blood, and muscles!

If Mo Xie herself cast sin imprint claw, the panther emperor’s powerful body may still resist it. However, with the other clones activating it too, the panther emperor’s body was severely damaged on the inside. The cracks had actually reached all parts of its body, starting to rip through the skin too!!


The panther emperor spit out a glob of blood as it let out an extremely pained emperor roar!!

This painful roar echoed through the night. Even people many kilometers away, in the Barbarian valley itself, could hear it clearly, as if it were right beside them, causing them all to become unsettled.

In this large mountain range, the scattered panther species were scared soulless after they heard their panther emperor howl this painfully. They no longer dared to prowl this piece of wilderness, frantically escaping to other places.

All of the clones’ sin imprint attacks together proved lethal to the panther emperor. After a pained howl, it fell down heavily on the ground, blood spilling everywhere.

However, though the panther emperor fell down, its deep yellow eyes were still open. It clearly hadn’t died yet!


Suddenly, panther emperor’s wings opened up, sharply sweeping around and accurately hitting all of Mo Xie’s illusions, destroying them all.

Before Mo Xie could deliver a finishing blow, the panther emperor’s wings suddenly flapped, lifting up a black cloud and blood as it flew into the sky!

Clearly, this panther emperor was about to escape!

“Don’t even try!” Chu Mu’s eyes had somehow already been dyed an otherworldly color!!

Chu Mu was already out of soul power; the last bit was just enough for Chu Mu to cast Other Pupil on himself. Through other pupil, Chu Mu could clearly see the panther emperor’s take-off route!

“Mo Xie, step up and use your tails to restrict it!” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

After Mo Xie stepped into the sky, its nine tails were like nine soft tapestries that appeared around the panther emperor!

The panther emperor glanced at the tails around it. These tails’ restrictive power was incredibly powerful. However, to the panther emperor, dodging in the air definitely wasn’t a problem. These tails couldn’t stop it.

Panther emperor’s wing flipped around, nimbly guiding it through the chaotic nine tails, flying further and further and seemed to be almost out of Mo Xie’s grasp completely!

Suddenly, a sin imprint tail swept past, not attacking the panther emperor, but instead swiped empty air.

However, it was this empty swipe that blocked off the route the panther emperor was about to dodge!!

The panther emperor’s body paused for the briefest moment in the air as his eyes stared at the tail that seemed to have predicted the future, staring with disbelief!

Yet, it was with this brief instance that Mo Xie’s other tails caught up, flexibly binding the panther emperor up, deadly restricting its bone wings as well!!


Panther emperor let out a roar!!


Mo Xie’s tail similarly used sin imprint’s power. This sin imprint spread all through panther emperor’s body, again destroying its inner structure in an already broken body.

This time, the panther emperor truly couldn’t escape death, only able to howl pitifully under the crushing force!!

The sin imprints got denser and denser, almost taking over the entire panther emperor’s body.

Finally, the panther emperor’s body split open completely, becoming chunks of meat that fell through Mo Xie’s many tails, staining Mo Xie’s silver tail with crimson…...

The panther emperor’s skull wasn’t destroyed. Even though its body was completely destroyed, the panther emperor still stared wide-eyed with its deep yellow eyes, staring deadly at Mo Xie.

Maybe, the panther emperor couldn’t believe, even until death, that it had dominated the Barbarian Mountain for nearly a hundred years but would die at the hands at a fox monarch.

“Young master actually killed it. Speaking of which, this panther emperor was going to die regardless. The Western Wetlands tribe has this place completely surrounded anyways. If it wasn’t killed by young master, it would have been killed by the western wetlands emperor, eh…...young master, quickly see if there is any soul crystal……” Old Li said.

Sin imprints of course wouldn’t destroy the connected panther emperor’s innard crystal and soul crystals. Sadly, this emperor’s corpse didn’t have any soul crystals, only a black innard crystal.

Innard crystals was something every soul pet had, similar to a human’s heart. However, soul crystals rarely appeared. After all, an emperor rank soul crystal could create a new emperor!

“An innard crystal isn’t bad, its equivalent to 500 spirits. Young master truly is dominant, killing an emperor the first time you fought one. Many pseudo-emperor rank soul pet trainers couldn’t even do that…… however, its normal. Little fox is a low class monarch rank and sin imprints truly are imbalanced. If it faced low class monarch ranks, to defeat it and kill it would require a lot of thought, and would be much more difficult.” Old Li said.

“Killing a pseudo-monarch is only 500 spirits?” Chu Mu didn’t realize that an emperor rank innard crystal was this cheap.

“500 spirits is good enough already. If a pseudo-monarch’s corpse was worth thousands of spirits, then this panther emperor would have been killed by emperor rank soul pet trainers long ago. Mainly, its for this panther emperor’s resources…...oh, young master should check the spirit source out. THe spirit source would definitely have an incredibly high value!!!” Old Li said fervently.

The spirit source’s appearance lead two factions of spirit emperors over to check things out, even bringing out a third rank tribe. Just how many souls would it have caused Chu Mu himself to become incredibly excited!

Around 1000 spirits could be exchanged for a soul item that had a 10 percent chance of strengthening a single type soul pet to pseudo-emperor rank. Chu Mu knew that 10 percent was a little low, and Chu Mu didn’t like to gamble. If he wanted to guarantee a strengthening to pseudo-monarch rank, he would have to pay the price of 10,000 spirits.

Old Li said that these spirit sources could produce around 1000 to 2000 at once. Yet, if the western wetlands created such a commotion for it, it means that the spirit source definitely has multiple times that of what Old Li estimated!!

“Mo Xie, let’s check out our spoils of war!” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.


Mo Xie returned to the ground and followed Old LI’s guidance towards the spirit source.

The spirit source’s location was where the panther emperor usually lived. Along the way, Mo Xie met many panther species too.

However, when these lone panther species saw Mo Xie, their limbs would completely turn into jelly, becoming a group of panthers lacking in any organization.

The entire barbarian valley mountain range’s panther tribe, which lasted near hundred years, was completely disintegrated this night!


Outside the barbarian valley, Chu Tianheng and company’s ears still resonated with the dying howls of the panther emperor.

The battle finished, all the sounds faded, leaving the entire mountain valley in deathly silence.

Yet, looking over, the aftermath of the battle left the entire region with pits and holes. However, these holes were massive. To humans, they were craters.

“The barbarian mountain…...barbarian mountain king was really killed?”

All of them started thinking of the same question, one they held with disbelief.

When the Chu family members first came to seven color city, the panther species tribe that dominated the entire barbarian mountain range was like hell for them. Only the outer rings would gather the occasional soul pet trainer to train there.

Seven color city elders again and again warn young soul pet trainers not to go deep in the barbarian mountain range, for there laid a panther species tribe that all of western region couldn’t deal with.

However, everyone was deep in this mountain range while the legendary panther species tribe was completely eliminated!

In fact, even with the appearance of the panther emperor, a being beyond monarch rank, this tribe still was completely destroyed!

This meant that the territory of humans could again expand southwest and go furhter into the horrifying forbidden realm!

“That guy truly killed the panther emperor…… At the time our family fought the Heavenly Devil Insect emperor, we couldn’t even keep it from escaping……” Zhang Ying exclaimed.

Tonight’s battle let Zhang Ying and Chu Mo, two teachers of great Chu Family, witness the true prowess of emperor battles. This shock from the battle was definitely many times that of all previous battles.

Yet, every time they realized that the entire tribe and its emperor was killed by a single young man, they would find it hard to believe!!!

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