Chapter 630: Barbarian Mountain Leopard Emperor, Emperor vs Emperor (2)

Chapter 630: Barbarian Mountain Leopard Emperor, Emperor vs Emperor (2)


The aura of a tenth rank wind type technique swept in from the distance. It carried sand and rocks with it, screaming and whistling!

The leopard emperor was displaying its might towards Mo Xie!!

The aura even devoured a few weaker starlights, covering everyone’s field of vision. The people far away in Barbarian Valley were no longer able to see the stars clearly and could only see this turbid aura!

“Wu wu~~~~~”

Suddenly, in the turbid night sky, a dark fed figure with nine gorgeous long tails rapidly lit up the clouds in the sky with its sin flames blossoming in the darkness. Slowly, it created a huge sea of fire in the night sky that gorgeously burned above the mountains!

The sin flame sea was Mo Xie’s domain that had lit the entire sky on fire by brandishing her nine tails!

Barbarian Mountain’s Leopard Emperor didn’t dare take Mo Xie’s flames head on. Its ostentatious black boned wings that reached twenty meters in length retracted and its body suddenly dropped onto a mountain ridge!

The leopard emperor was a pure beast creature. Although its physical composition was not as incredible as a mixed-blooded soul pet, its strength was extremely tyrannical. Just from dropping to a mountain ridge, it crushed the mountain!

“Young master, this fellow’s explosive strength is very strong. If it’s storing its strength, you absolutely cannot fight it!” Old Li said to Chu Mu. Chu Mu nodded his head. If Mo Xie only had beast type strength, her fighting strength rank would be a little bit lower than a pseudo monarch. She needed the other two secondary attributes to truly be an emperor. Therefore, Chu Mu could not allow Mo Xie to fight the leopard emperor head on!

Mo Xie didn’t have wings and could only step on the air for a temporary amount of time. Seeing the leopard emperor fall onto the undulating mountain ridges, Mo Xie also dropped from the air and firmly landed halfway up the mountain on rocks. Her pair of silver demonic pupils stared at the leopard emperor a thousand meters away.

The leopard emperor’s deep yellow eyes released a savage glint. Chu Mu was able to tell its coldness from its eyes!

Chu Mu could see what the leopard emperor looked like. It was about five to six meters long and was all black, as if its body was cast out of black steel. 

At the location of its feet, bone spurs spiked outwards. They were incomparably sharp. Its emperor bone claws were buried in the rocks and he could see deep claws marks on the rock!

The leopard emperor didn’t have anything superfluous on its body. It was a pure black leopard, something numerous commander rank soul pets also were. 

However, at the back of its strong body were bone wings formed by countless protruding bone spurs!! 

These bone wing were half-retracted right now, but if they were to unfurl, they would resemble two black swords on its back. They were imposing and tyrannical and accentuated its might, wildness and killing intent!  

Chu Mu was certain that this was its strongest weapon, and it was not inferior to Mo Xie’ fox monarch nine tails!

“Hou hou~~~~~~~~”

The leopard emperor issued a roar to Mo Xie from a distance!!

The roar carried a special mental force. Clearly, it was speaking to Mo Xie!

“Young master, the small fox’s species rank is still of a monarch and she’s being looked down on by this emperor. Most importantly, the small fox still hasn’t reached the tenth phase.” said Old Li.

If Mo Xie hadn’t released her multiple attributed aura, she really would’ve only possessed a monarch rank aura. Presumably when the leopard emperor had made its way over and saw that Mo Xie was only a monarch, it naturally looked down upon her!

“This piece of trash; so arrogant!!!” even Chu Mu could feel the arrogance from the leopard emperor’s eyes and he bluntly cursed it! 

“Wu wu~~~” Mo Xie’s anger was ignited. So what if it was a monarch? It’s fighting strength was comparable to a low class emperor!!

If she was able to reach the tenth phase, Mo Xie would be able to annihilate this pseudo emperor in a few techniques!

Therefore, being looked down on by the leopard emperor with lower fighting rank strength mad things unforgivable for Mo Xie who was naturally prideful! 

“Mo Xie, use sin imprint. Let it witness a low class emperor’s strength. Crush this bastard!” said Chu Mu.

“Wu wu wu!!!!!!”

The dark red colored sin flames slowly receded into Mo Xie’s body and mask-like dark red sin imprints began to slowly appear all over her silver body!!

Mo Xie’s true species was a Seven Sins Fox because it was a legendary soul pet that had been sealed to a monarch in order to atone for its sins!

The sin imprints strength was the accumulation of nearly a thousand eons of atoning for its sins. When the Seven Sins Fox undid its shackles, its strength truly surpassed that of a monarch!!

When she had sin flames, Mo Xie wielded an emperor’s flames filled with might, honor and dignity. But when she had the sin imprint, she would break free of a fox monarch’s shackles, imbuing her with demonic strength, wildness and sins! 

The leopard emperor was standing on top of a thousand meter mountain and when it witnessed Mo Xie’s transformation, its yellow eyes changed from contempt to slight fear! 

Mo Xie using sin flames was a pseudo emperor!

A ninth phase pseudo emperor in front of a tenth phase pseudo emperor truly was of no intimidation.

However, Mo Xie using sin imprints was a low class emperor!

A ninth phase low class emperor’s strength was in no way inferior to a tenth phase pseudo emperor. Moreover, the strength a low class emperor wielded was often something many pseudo emperors had no chance of stopping!!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!”

The flames on Mo Xie’s nine tails completely disappeared. In its place appeared incomparably demonic sin imprints. They not only didn’t weaken the boundless and majestic aura from her nine fox tails, but instead added a wild and prideful nature to them! 

“Mo XIe, sin imprint nine tails!” Chu Mu gave an order to launch an attack first at the leopard emperor looking down on them! 

The dark red sin imprints on Mo Xie’s body were completely under her control. By the time she reached the mountain ridge, a death flower-like sin imprint appeared under her feet. It allowed her to step on the air as if she was stepping on land and moreover left a few cracks in the air!!

Her nine long tails fluttered behind her as she ran. They looked to be wantonly fluttering in the air, but instead, they were rapidly crisscrossing in the night sky as sin imprint strength gathered at her tail!! 

“Beng!!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!!!”

The nine tails smashed towards the leopard emperor together. Immediately, enormous spatial sin imprints appeared. Each sin imprint was able to destroy space and even more so this weak mountain! 

The nine tails continuously attacked, but the leopard emperor didn’t dare try to stop them. Instead, it agilely dodged in between her tails!

However, even if it had even stronger dodging abilities, it still would not be able to dodge the final largest sin attack formed by her nine tails together! 


The final sin attack landed on its body and scars immediately appeared on its body. Its skin instantly ruptured and blood began to seep out!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

The leopard emperor never imagined that a ninth phase perfect monarch would be able to damage it. Its angry roar also carried a bit of embarrassment. It angrily lept up and the two black swords on its back completely unfurled!!

“Shua!!!! Shua!!!!!!!”

The two wings intersected with each other as two markings appeared visibly in the night sky, chopping towards Mo Xie’s nine tails!!

Mo Xie quickly retracted her nine tails while also making them as supple as ribbons, fluttering about. The strength that was capable of razing mountains swept past Mo Xie’s fluttering tails, merely cutting off a few silver hairs! 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!”

Another roar rang out. After the attack ended, the leopard emperor abruptly jumped up and launched itself at Mo Xie. Its claws filled with bone spurs gathered some black colored energy as it attacked Mo Xie!

“What a crafty fellow. It was unexpectedly gathering strength just now!” Chu Mu was shocked!

The leopard emperor had indeed been looking down on them, but was gathering strength. It waited for Mo Xie to finish dodging before launching an attack at her!

In terms of body composition, Mo Xie was definitely inferior to the leopard emperor and thus could not fight it head on. Especially against this very obvious close-combat technique!

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Confusion!” 

Chu Mu had Mo Xie use her inherited Nine Tail Fox dodging technique. 

Unfurling her nine tails, Mo Xie hid her body among these incomparably supple tails. 

After reaching the emperor rank, Mo Xie’s Nine Tail Confusion was imbued with a demonic illusion effect. When her tails extended, her nine tails transformed into eighteen tails. Her eighteen tails then split apart into even more illusions. Her tails grew increasingly in number and the leopard emperor had no clue what was real and what was fake!


The leopard emperor disregarded the illusions and its claw attack range suddenly increased. It unexpectedly attacked all of the confusing illusions Mo Xie had created!!

A claw blade that spanned nearly a thousand meters appeared. It swept through the mountain ridge and shockingly tore open the night sky!

All of the illusory tails Mo Xie had created were attacked and disappeared after the imposing strength swept across them!

The leopard emperor’s cold eyes looked on. It didn’t matter what was real of fake. As long as it attacked all of them, it was bound to attack the true body. The leopard emperor was sure Mo Xie would be injured!


Finally, all of the confusing sin imprinted tails disappeared. The leopard emperor was certain Mo Xie’s body was hidden among the illusory tails; however, the technique continued to pass through the sky, not hitting anything. Instead, it left a huge gulch in the ground!


Behind the leopard emperor, Mo Xie suddenly appeared and nine real tails began to slowly unfurl!

All of the nine tail illusions had been illusions. Therefore, everything the leopard emperor had struck was illusory. Moreover, after its stored attack, it left open a gap!

“Sin Imprint Claw!!”

Chu Mu gave Mo Xie an order!

The sin imprints on Mo Xie’s body had already extended to her claw. Its strength emerged as Mo Xie swiped her claw. Instantly, wilted death flower sin imprint was torn open in the night sky. The leopard emperor which hadn’t been able to react in time received this sin imprint attack and its body began to rupture from the inside!! 

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