Book 2 Chapter 63 - Luo Region Nightmare Prince VS Prison Island King

Chapter 63: Luo Region Nightmare Prince VS Prison Island King

“Since the two honorable Nightmare Princes wish for Lin Huang to act as a witness, then it can be regarded that the two honorable Nightmare Princes are showing respect for this old man. Thus, this old man will be the referee for the battle between you two.” the organizer Lin Huang also knew that this fight, which was under the attention of tens of thousands of people, was inevitable. He gradually stood up from his spot and walked towards the plaza battlefield!

In Gangluo City, there were many people who felt rather at a loss at what kind of status these two peak experts held, especially the female soul pet trainers like Chu Ying whose thoughts were still confined to only the range of Luo Region.

“Why is Blue Feather City’s vice city lord so polite to them? Aren’t they only young people…” Chu Ying finally could not bear it any longer, and she asked her question.

She didn’t understand these things, but in truth, the people in Gangluo City who hadn’t actually come into contact with the outside world also had no way of knowing the height at which both Chu Mu and Yang Luosen were at.

However, just from the way the vice city lord from the ninth ranked Blue Feather City treated these two young men, one could understand what the unknown height that they stood at in Nightmare Palace signified!

“Younger sister, you are a bit unaware. How about this; the entire Gangluo City is controlled in the hands of the Yang Family, and the Yang Family is like our Chu Family, but a mere branch of the Great Family. The most flourishing cities in the Luo Region are all controlled by the Yang Shi Family...

However, you should know that the faction with the most power in the Luo Region definitely is not the Yang Shi Family. Instead, the Luo Region Sect has great influence over the several surrounding territories. The Luo Region Sect’s influence is enough to rival the Wogu City’s Great Chu Family.

Nevertheless, above both the Luo Region Sect and the Great Chu Family, standing on top of a myriad of cities within the world presides the Nightmare Palace, whose position is even more superior. It means to stand as the strongest faction!! Nightmare Palace can have numerous cities, and their experts number as many as the clouds in the sky. Any young peak expert from there is enough to sweep through all of the Luo Region’s young experts!”

Chu Xing, who had a rich understanding of the outside world, explained to the somewhat ignorant Chu Ying.

Listening to Chu Xing’s description, Chu Ying opened her mouth in astonishment. After a while, she finally asked: “Then, Chu Mu being addressed as the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince, and also whatever the Prison Island King is, what kind of status is that….”

“The Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince is a Nightmare Palace peak expert who abruptly rose in power over the past few months. Even disregarding his Prison Island King status, his mere victory over the Nightmare Palace expert Tian Ji should already be enough to explain everything. Tian JI was someone who was enough to wipe out all of our Luo Region’s young experts…”

Chu He, who had never spoken before, finally said something. Moreover, as he spoke, his eyes never left Chu Mu...

“Yes. The Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince, aside from surpassing our Luo Region and along with the Nightmare Palace’s peak expert Yang Luosen, there probably isn’t anyone who is his opponent!”

Chu Ying’s previous shock was only from everyone on the battlefield’s reaction, as well as that terrifying flare up. After listening to Chu Xing and Chu He’s explanation, her heart was full of an even further uproar ***!!

Gangluo City was only a tiny eighth rank city. The strongest person that came out of the Recommendation in Luo Region City was simply looked down upon. To Chu Ying, the strongest person in Luo Yu City was already a bit eminent and unapproachable. Yet, she absolutely would not have thought that Chu Mu’s status unexpectedly surpassed the strongest person in Luo Yu City!

Sweep through the entire Luo Region!! These six words were easy to say, but how many people could truly do it?!!

“How… how did Chu Mu suddenly… is he really Chu Mu?” in this instant, in the eyes of the Chu Family disciples, this young man gave them a completely unfamiliar feeling. In truth, from the moment Chu Mu returned to the Chu Family, no one had seen the true Chu Mu.

“Four years. I didn’t think that in four years, fourth brother who lost a soul and nearly didn’t become a soul pet trainer had already reached such a level in an even vaster region. In the past, I’d only heard these things from other people, and simply didn’t believe that this would happen to someone right next to me. In this lifetime there’s no way to reach that level…” said Chu Xing.

“Chu Mu has already leapt out of our narrow minded world.” a while later, Chu Xing finally spoke with a bit of surprise.

“Can’t Chu Mu only summon two soul pets? Although his Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier are powerful, but…” Chu Ying still felt that it was a bit hard to believe.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about that odd soul pet that just instantly killed two pets and a person? I think that neither the Ice Air Fairy and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier are Chu Mu’s main pet.” said Chu Xing.

Unexpectedly, the Ice Air Fairy that had practically swept through all of the Yang Family’s experts wasn’t Chu Mu’s main pet. Then, how powerful was Chu Mu’s main pet? In this moment, Chu Ying didn’t dare to think any further.


“The two honorable Nightmare Princes, how do you plan on swapping points?” asked Lin Huang.

“I’ve heard that the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince has lost a soul, so I, who possess three souls have a clear advantage. Therefore, let’s just do a one soul one on one fight! Four soul pets are the limit!” said the Yang Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen.

After speaking, the Yang Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen intentionally looked at Chu Mu and said: “Nightmare Prince Chu, what do you think of this competition?”

“I don’t care, but I like to kill.” indifferently replied Chu Mu. Even though he had lost a soul, Chu Mu had never believed that he would lose to a three soul opponent. In reality, Chu Mu didn’t want to fight this sort of restricted fight either. However, what was one rule to him? No matter the method of fighting, Chu Mu would fiercely step on his enemy under his feet!

“In that case, then it will be a single control fight with a limit of four soul pets!”

In the soul pet domain, there were very many different forms of showdowns between soul pet trainers. There were methods of fighting purely between soul pets, and there were ways in which the soul pet trainer could participate. Aside from this, when summoning soul pets, there were different kinds of fighting methods.

For instance, single control fighting was very common in the soul pet trainer showdown realm. Each soul pet trainer would only summon one soul pet to fight, and the contest would completely be the most direct form of battle between one soul pet of the soul pet trainers!

Single control fights could be regarded as the best embodiment of a soul pet’s strength in a fight. After all, once there were a lot of soul pets, the superposition of techniques, attribute counters, species coordination, use of tactics etc. were numerous factors that influenced the outcome of a battle. However, single control fights was a fight only between two soul pets. Perhaps such a fight didn’t have the beauty of numerous techniques and practiced coordinated tactics, but it had the contest of pure strength!!


The two could already be said to have surpassed the realm of a fight between Luo Region’s young peak experts. How shocking was that?! Looking at the two men facing off, the hearts of the tens of thousands of people around the plaza battlefield surged up because, perhaps, they would have never been able to personally witness such a fight like today in their entire lifetime!!

As for Yang Luobin, he was currently standing under the battlefield, and he could only look at Chu Mu from below. In this moment, nobody would pay attention to the exceptionally petty and lowly Gangluo City’s strongest youth when compared to these two grand Nightmare Princes. The only thing that existed was the profound grief felt by those who once used contemptible methods on Chu Mu!!

It would be alright if Yang Luosen won; perhaps he would still survive. However, if Yang Luosen lost, then he would definitely die!!


“Then, could the two honorable Nightmare Princes please summon their first soul pet to fight!” Blue Feather City’s Lin Huang swept his eyes over the two young Nightmare Palace experts and with a rather serious tone, spoke.

“Ning!” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate at all and decisively had the Ice Air Fairy lead the battle!

“Ling~~~~” The Ice Air Fairy hadn’t killed enough and, when presented with the opportunity to face even stronger opponents, it appeared to be extremely excited!

On the plaza battlefield still remained the remnants and tatters of the Ice Air Fairy’s terrifying ice type magic. Even next to Yang Luosen was the profound sword pit that had nailed Yang Fa’s corpse!!

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen began to chant an incantation. His chanting wasn’t hasty or slow. He didn’t intentionally speed up, nor did he intentionally delay. As he summoned, one could clearly feel a wave of cold air diffusing in the surrounding air. Once it began diffusing, a few ice shards began to condense and drift about in the air...

A snowy white pattern gradually appeared in front of Luo Region’s Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen. Ray after ray of ice beams began to blossom in the air...

Black Crystal Ice Fairy!!

Its whole body was snowy white and spotless like jade. It was pure and limpid, and sparkling and translucent. A head of snowy white hair waved in in the air amidst the sweeping ice cold aura. The upper half of its body was a perfect humanoid sculpture, while the lower half was a collection of eminently restless chaotic black crystals. This caused the noble ice and snow creature born in the polar freezing ice to half-float in the air!

Black Crystal Ice Fairy: Elemental Kingdom - ice type- fairy species - high class commander rank

A sixth phase third stage Black Crystal Ice Fairy!!

It was identically from the Elemental Kingdom, was identically the ice type. It was also of the fairy species, but the Black Crystal Ice Fairy was situated at an entire rank higher than the Ice Air Fairy. Moreover, from its terrifying ice aura, one could see that this Black Crystal Ice Fairy wasn’t of some average breed. Not only was its talent powerful, but it had also undergone sixth level soul crystal strengthening!!

Soul core and soul crystal training was extremely crucial. Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, when at the sixth phase, could already perform such powerful ice type control. One aspect of this was the Ice Air Fairy’s rank and talent, while the other aspect came from Chu Mu’s exceptionally strict method of training. When it came to soul cores and soul crystals, he definitely was not the least bit stingy. While on Prison Island, Chu Mu even killed a few extremely dangerous soul pets just to provide his soul pets with a delicious meal.

In one glance, he knew that Yang Luosen’s Black Crystal Ice Fairy wasn’t of ordinary quality. Most likely, just this one soul pet was enough to sweep through all of Gangluo City’s young experts!

“This Luo Region Nightmare Prince is very terrifying…” the Chu Family disciples were instantly stunned by the Luo Region Nightmare Prince’s soul pet. As long as one had a bit of soul pet knowledge, he or she would be able to see that Yang Luosen’s Black Crystal Ice Fairy clearly surpassed Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy!

No sign of change occurred in Chu Mu’s state of mind. His eyes were fixated on Yang Luosen’s sixth phase third stage Black Crystal Ice Fairy and he quietly waited for the witness to announce the start of the battle...

“Fight, begin!!”

A dignified voice rang out, and the bundles of flame on the plaza battlefield violently burned. Compared to the previous pale white color, it had changed. This time, the flames appeared to be a slightly dark blue color!



The two ice type soul pets simultaneously chanted ice type incantations while also simultaneously finishing their chants. Suddenly, two Ice Blade Storms that resembled enormous flying snakes emerged on the plaza battlefield. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, they collided on the plaza and, in the next instant, a cold icy storm burst forth in all directions!!!

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