Chapter 629: Barbarian Mountain’s Leopard Emperor, Emperor vs Emperor Part 2

Chapter 629: Barbarian Mountain’s Leopard Emperor, Emperor vs Emperor Part 2

The formation of the six high class monarchs was even stronger than the soul pets of Chu Tianheng, the old men, and Chu Mui’s two elemental soul pets. The White Nightmare naturally sustained numerous injuries after fighting them by itself. After all, three high class monarchs were able to fight one peak monarch. Thus, the six high class monarchs weren’t easy to deal with. 

“Night, protect them as they go back.” Chu Mu recalled the Binding Wind Spirit, but summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Chu Mu understood that there were definitely commander rank and monarch rank leopards hiding in the mountain ridge. They would take advantage of the night’s cover and launch sneak attacks on the already exhausted humans. If he had Chu Tianheng just leave like this, he was afraid that they wouldn’t even make it back to Barbarian Valley before being killed!

“Hui~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast stepped out of the night. It expelled a dense darkness aura, and caused the Night Control effect to envelop the area around it. 

With Night Control’s protection, even a peak monarch leopard would be deterred from sneak attacking a night soul pet. Therefore, with Night leading the way, they were definitely safe.


Suddenly, a roar with a boundless wild aura reverberated from the end of the mountain ridge!!

Everyone could feel the entire mountain ridge violently tremble under their feet!!

The palpitating roar was a dozen mountain ridges away, yet they could still feel their ears vibrate. Chu Tianheng and the others all had faces full of fear. They looked at the mountain ridge in the distance under the moonlight. They suddenly discovered that a torrential beast aura dark cloud had covered half of the stars and moon in the sky and it was surging towards them!!

It finally appeared!! The emperor rank ruler of the tribe!!

“That’s… that’s… the Barbarian Mountain Leopard Emperor!!!” The wave of darkness spread everywhere, covering the earth and heavens!!

The aura was much larger than the combination of two ninth rank communities and resembled a natural disaster. There was no way to stop it or flee!!

Zhang Ying and Chu Moying both had pale faces. They tried their hardest to take deep breaths, but found it hard to even breathe!

“An emperor rank creature!! A true emperor rank!!!!” Chu Moying and Zhang Ying were the only ones here who had witnessed their family leader’s soul pet with this type of an aura!!

Back when the Heavenly Devil Insect Emperor had appeared in Wogu City, their family leader had fought several thousand meters in the air. Yet Chu Moying and Zhang Ying could still feel that fearful aura. 

At this level of a fight, even a high class or peak monarch would be instakilled! 

“You guys leave! Hurry!” Chu Mu hastily said to them!

Chu Mu never expected that the leopard emperor would take the initiative to attack. Moreover, it was moving so quickly!!

Chu Tianheng and the others were injured. The moment the Barbarian Mountain Leopard Emperor attacked, even if Chu Mu had Mo Xie, its emperor rank technique’s AoE energy would crush them to pieces! 

The mountain ridge and horizon had been engulfed by the leopard emperor. This powerful majesty caused the old men to tremble in fear. 

Promptly, they didn’t hesitate to follow Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast to flee to Barbarian Valley.

The Barbarian Emperor moved very quickly. Several tens of mountain ridges away was very far, and someone standing so far away shouldn’t have been in any danger.

However, Chu Tianheng and the others thought that death was very very close to them. Each time they turned around, their scalps would go numb, and fear would take over their minds! 

Not only Chu Tianheng and his two brothers, but even Zhang Ying and Chu Ying had never felt the fear from being locked onto by an emperor rank soul pet. The shiver that went from head to toe was akin to having one’s neck locked onto by a death god. No matter where they hid, those eyes would follow them. Eventually, it would suddenly appear and take their lives! 

“Run!” Chu Mu shouted at them again! 

The emperor rank leopard moved faster than Chu MU had imagined. Moreover, this angry emperor clearly wanted to kill everyone. Chu Mu himself had just stepped into the emperor rank realm and besides when he was in the half devil state to fight an emperor, this was the first time he truly fought an emperor rank soul pet!

Chu Tianheng and the others didn’t dare delay. They rode on their secondary soul pets diligently through the undulating mountain ridges!

Under the boundless night sky, half of the horizon had been covered by the leopard emperor’s majesty. Compared to this, the fleeing Chu Tianheng and the others were like slow moving ants in a sandstorm. Even if the Barbarian Valley was very close, if they weren’t able to stop it, they would be caught and swept into a sandstorm of death! 

Feeling the terror of an emperor, Chu Mu immediately chanted an incantation! 

Sin flames ignited beside Chu Mu. A dark red flame began to slowly burn in the pitch black mountain ridges. 

Nine gorgeous flame tails unfurled. They resembled nine life-like sin flame dragons that coiled around the mountain ridges as they unfurled! 

After mutating to the Seven Sins Fox, the length of Mo Xie’s fully unfurled tails was hard to estimate. They would unfurl in all directions and they even touched the adjacent mountain ridge. 

Two tails snaked down the mountain ridge while three other tails wrapped around it. The other four tails danced in the sky with the flames burning on them! 

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the Mo Xie in the sin flames let out a cry!

In front of the surging leopard emperor black clouds, Mo Xie’s three tails curled around the mountain ridge suddenly tightened!

“Long long long long~~~~~~” the mountain range violently shook, and the foundational rocks at the bottom completely collapsed!!

Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie’s back. Mo Xie began to step into the air and her nine tails all locked up a mountain ridge, completely lifting up the earth before swinging it behind her!

Lifting up a mountain ridge!!! 

Zhang Ying turned around and his eyes nearly popped out. He had a look of inconceivableness, as a hundred meter high mountain range was being waved around!

What terrifying strength!!!

Nine majestic tails waved around and instantly, the night sky was filled with flaming dancing dragons. A dark red light shone over the Barbarian Valley and the people there could distinctly see gorgeous tails dancing about as well as the mountain ridge waving around!

A mountain ridge swept across a dozen. The scattered leopards on the mountain ridges looked up and saw a mountain ridge fly over their heads. It scared them so badly that they began to flee in all directions!

The mountain ridge flew further towards the leopard emperor!

Suddenly, an abnormally black figure leapt out. From a distance, it looked like a black speck. However, its incorporeal majesty was much larger than the flying mountain much larger in size than it!

The astonishing flying mountain abruptly came to a halt. Numerous fissures appeared on the mountain, quickly spreading!

“Beng!!!!!!!!!!!” an enormous sound reverberated around the heaven and earth. The entire mountain exploded under the black figure’s attack. It transformed into countless pieces of rock that flew everywhere!!

“Long long long!!!!! Long long long!!!!!!!!!!!”

Each piece of rock was incomparably large. They fell down from the air, causing deep craters in other mountain ridges. It was like a meteor shower that blew up the surrounding ground. 

As for the leopards following beside their emperor, the flying shattered pieces of the mountain crushed them to death! 

The energy that had crushed the mountain transformed into a wave of air that swept through the pitch black mountain ridges. Not long later, it reached Chu Tianheng and the others who were far away, nearly knocking their soul pets over!

“Too terrifying!!!” Chu Tianjue swept his eyes over the enormous rock that had fallen here and his heart trembled as he spoke.

This was the first time these old men had felt an emperor rank’s strength so close. The feeling of minuteness in their hearts involuntarily arose! 

This was an attack five to six thousand meters away. The scene of the mountain blowing up in the night sky caused a huge blow. What could they do in front of such strength?! It would all be futile!

Outside the Barbarian Valley, the Chu Family members that had remained to watch transformed into statues. Shock layered their faces. The clash had occurred dozens of kilometers away, but everyone’s hearts were violently trembling!! 

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