Chapter 629: Barbarian Mountain’s Leopard Emperor, Emperor vs Emperor Part 1

Chapter 629: Barbarian Mountain’s Leopard Emperor, Emperor vs Emperor (1)

Without monarch rank soul pets attacking, everyone’s soul pets were able to use techniques at will.

The leopard soldier line was already 200 meters away, and when the techniques landed, there only remained a few scattered and heavily injured leopards painfully howling.

Chu Mu saw that everyone was cooperating, preventing the leopard legion from making their way over for a while. Promptly, he focused on the White Nightmare’s fight.

The Black Winged Leopard Monarch lept into the air, flapping its black wings. It continued to launch its bone spikes down. 

The White Nightmare was able to fly and quickly arrived in the air to fight the Black Winged Leopard Monarch. It clearly wanted to leave the battlefield to prevent its weak species members from being affected by the nine underworld devil flames.

The nine underworld devil flames had soul burning powers and very effective on the leopard species. If the two peak monarchs fought on the mountain ridge, a huge part of the legion would be affected by the nine underworld devil flames. 

“White Nightmare, ignore it. Get rid of those high class monarch rank Black Winged Leopard Monarchs first!” Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare.

The White Nightmare was easily provoked. If Chu Mu didn’t order it around, it would waste even more time.

The peak monarch couldn’t compare to the White Nightmare when it came to speed. After Chu Mu’s order, the White Nightmare used Demonic Phantom and flitted through the air. Continuous phantoms transformed into a long shooting star of flame! 

The White Nightmare’s flitting speed grew increasingly fast, creating friction against the air. Dazzling white sparks flew everywhere as it smashed into a high class monarch rank leopard! 


The high class monarch rank leopard was two to three level lower in strength than the White Nightmare with a secondary attribute. The White Nightmare’s single attack knocked it flying. It’s black body was caught on fire by devil flames!

The other two high class monarch rank leopards immediately surrounded it and launched black phantom attacks at the White Nightmare, preventing it from pursuing their companion!

“Displacement Specter!” Chu Mu immediately gave an order, having the White Nightmare use this technique!

When the White Nightmare landed, its body burned with devil flames, rapidly burning its own body to ashes.

The two high class monarch’s technique caught fire as they attacked the air; however, the White Nightmare had already disappeared from its location!

The nine underworld devil flames sprang up again. and the White Nightmare astonishingly appeared in front of the high class monarch rank leopard it had knocked flying. Its claws accurately grabbed its neck and it held it up in the air!


Nine Underworld Explosion! 

The White Nightmare’s palm surfaced with a dazzling exploding flame. This high class monarch rank leopard’s neck was instantly blown apart and its body landed in several pieces on the ground.

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!”

The peak monarch rank leopard let out an angry roar. Its black body transformed into imposing bone claws that slashed down underneath the dusky sky!! 


The peak monarch rank technique had terrifying power. It was able to chop apart the location the White Nightmare was at as well as the mountain under it. An astonishing fissure spread from this mountain ridge to another mountain ridge! 

The White Nightmare had just finished its attack, and was unable to dodge. A wound was left on its body!

The White Nightmare’s ninth rank soul armor was of limited use in the peak monarch realm. Moreover, the Black Winged Leopard Monarch’s attack was not weak and could not be looked down upon.


The wounded White Nightmare let out an angry roar. Its palm with devil flames made a sweeping motion, forcing the two pursuing high class leopards back. It disobeyed Chu Mu’s order, and made its way into the air to launch a mad attack at the peak monarch! 

The angered White Nightmare was able to use Resentment Gathering to increase its strength. To the White Nightmare, the small wounds on its body would not affect its fighting strength.

Quickly, the White Nightmare launched an even more imposing nine underworld devil flame attack. The Black Winged Leopard Monarch was a regular peak monarch and was unable to contest against the invincible monarch with multiple attributes! 

Chu Mu originally wanted to command its fight, but when he saw the White Nightmare fight so savagely, he didn’t bother. Instead, he let it do what it wanted.

Chu Mu shifted his attention back to the Binding Wind Spirit and Ice Air Fairy. The majority of the two elemental soul pets’ attacks landed on the area where the leopard legion was most concentrated!

The White Nightmare was indeed very tyrannical. While Chu Mu was focused on slaughtering the leopard legion, he could hear the peak monarch rank Black Winged Leopard Monarch let out extremely painful cries. 

These miserable cries were far away from everyone, yet the old men heard it and darted their gazes towards it. They immediately discovered that the peak monarch, which was a threat to everyone, had been killed by the White Nightmare! 

They had no conception of time right now, and were just numbly commanding their soul pets to attack. However, they were sure that it hadn’t been long since Chu Mu had sent his White Nightmare to deal with the peak monarch leopard. In such a short period of time, it had been able to kill it. Such strength was terrifying! 

“White Nightmare, focus on the monarchs threatening us!” Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare. 

“Nie~~~~” the White Nightmare broke into a smile. Its devilish eyes swept over the increasingly concentrated leopard legion as it floated in the air.

If the leopard emperor did not appear, the White Nightmare was the strongest soul pet on the battlefield. Unless three peak monarchs simultaneously appeared, or a group of high class monarch surrounded it, the leopard legion would not be able to stop the White Nightmare’s arrogance! 

The fight lasted from dusk until late at night. Chu Tianheng, Chu Tianqi, Chu TIanjue, and the two master’s soul pets had all overspent their physical strength or been heavily wounded.

After their main pets finished fighting, they summoned their secondary pets to continue fighting. They coordinated with Chu Mu’s two elemental soul pets to engage in large scale slaughter. The equivalent of half of two ninth rank communities had died on this mountain! 

The tide-like leopard species had clearly been reduced. The fighting abilities of the old men had pretty much reached their limits. Among them, one of Chu Tianjue’s secondary pets had been killed by a high class monarch leopard’s sneak attack. Thus one of his souls was wounded.

“Tianjue, are you ok?” Chu Tianheng saw that Chu Tianjue’s face was pale and asked out of worry. 

“No problem, I won’t die.” Chu Tianjue already had four souls. Losing one soul pet had dealt damage to his soul, but he could still fight.  

As the leopard legion was reduced, the old men were eventually unable to endure. Not long later, Chu Tianqi’s secondary soul pet had been ripped to pieces by a group of commander rank leopards because he hadn’t recalled it in time.

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~” wind sickles swept through. The group of commander leopards were already injured so when the powerful wind sickles arrived, practically none of them were able to defend against them. Flesh and blood flew everywhere as they were sliced to pieces!

Chu Mu had sensed that Chu Tianqi’s secondary soul pet was in danger. However, his Binding Wind Spirit’s technique was still a bit slow, because it had overspent its mental strength. 

“First uncle, fifth uncle, sixth uncle, and you two. Go back to the valley first. Leave the rest here to me.” Chu Mu spoke as he recalled his Binding Wind Spirit back to its soul pet space. 

“Your soul pets don’t have much fighting strength left. Let’s retreat together.” Chu Tianheng saw that Chu Mu didn’t intend on leaving so he hastily spoke to him.

“If the Leopard Emperor exists, it will be able to destroy Barbarian Valley in a few techniques. It’s a huge danger so I need to get rid of it.” said Chu Mu.

Only an eighth rank community sized leopard legion was left. This was the best opportunity to kill the leopard emperor. If he missed it, the leopard emperor would flee and continue to occupy its territory before seizing the territories of a huge number of communities. If he wanted to kill it then, he would have to face a legion that numbers in the tens of thousands. 

“But…” Chu Tianheng was still a bit nervous. 

Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit, Ice Air Fairy, and White Nightmare had reached the limits of their fighting strength. 

The Binding WInd Spirit and Ice Air Fairy had expended a huge amount, since their chants pretty much hadn’t stopped. Nonetheless, a majority of the leopard legion had been annihilated. 

As for the White Nightmare, it had become a monarch assassin. The moment a monarch rank soul pet that posed a huge threat to everyone’s soul pets, it would go and kill it. This included the peak monarch and six high class monarchs that had appeared at the end. 

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