Chapter 628: Meet Panther Species Head On (3)

Chapter 628: Meet Panther Species Head On (3)


After the destructive wind completed, a massive swirl quickly picked up, spiraling downwards from the high points of the mountain. One could clearly feel hundreds of powerful wind gusts pass between the panther species tribe!

As long as the binding wind spirit got plenty of time t cast techniques, its destructive strength definitely could increase manyfold. The panther species didn’t have very good wind type defense, so the front group of panthers was easily tossed away.

Of course, the amount of panthers that came from each mountain was incredible. The binding wind spirit could only pick up and throw away a couple. Very quickly, more from other positions of the army charged over, their claws approaching like a vortex of claws.

“Let me!” Old lecher Zhang Ying said. He controlled his devil tree battle soldier to quickly throw open a large root net that captured all the attacks!


The roots were easily shattered, but it also successfully defused the first group of panthers’ attacks.

And this time, ice air fairy’s technique was already complete!

Star Falling Frost!

Frost fell, becoming countless points of starlight that fell with the sunset, falling from the high skies.

The frost slowly penetrated into the panther species body, slowly freezing these organisms bones, blood, and muscles. The cold aura instantly set the entire mountain into a winter season, causing all plants to start to wither!


Dozens of warrior rank panther species started freezing over as a result of this technique. After an assault from Chu Tianheng’s light rhinoceros, they all became frozen chunks of meat that flew everywhere!

The other elemental soul pet techniques all finished after both Ning's and Binding Wing Fairy's. The sum of all these monarch soul pets was not weak either, falling whole groups of warrior rank soul pets!

A the black cloud like panther species group immediately lost over a thousand. WHen the second wave came, ghost king’s rock type prowess was completely displayed. A massive mountain came down from the skies, causing the mountain valley to shatter open.

Under the obstruction of the ghost monarch king, another thousand panther species bodies fell down. The panthers that managed to come out of the gaps in between these techniques didn’t even have a chance to cast a technique before getting ripped to shreds by everyones’ beast type monarchs.


On top of a mountain range, a long panther emanating a dark aura let out a roar, its terrifying yellow eyes staring deadly at everyone.

This was a top tier monarch rank panther species!

At its shoulder armor, two sword-like bone protrusions stuck out, while two gruesome black bone wings completely made up of black spikes grew out of its back!

The top tier monarch Black Winged Panther monarch suddenly flapped its wings. Immediately, black wind blew like ten thousand arrows flying out, carpeting everything from the mountain to the soul pet formation of the people.

Every spike was strong enough to pierce stone. This pouring rain like bone spike fell down, causing everyone’s soul pets to get pierced to some degree. Many of the elemental soul pets’ techniques were interrupted in this process!

“This is a top tier monarch rank black winged panther monarch!!” Zhang Ying called out. After speaking, Zhang Ying quickly told devil tree battle soldier to cast wood wall to protect a few weaker defense soul pets.

“There’s a few black winged panther monarchs beside them. They’re all about high class monarch rank. If we were restricted by them, we would quickly be surrounded by the panthers!” Chu Tianjue said.

They had five high class monarch ranks total. The rest of them are middle class monarch rank , low class monarch rank, and pseudo-monarch rank. Such a formation was enough to deal with commander rank, warrior rank, and servant rank armies. However, once a panther species monarch rank army appeared, their line of defense would probably be collapsed!

“I will deal with them.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Tianheng especially gave Chu Mu a glance because they all knew that Chu Mu still hid a powerful soul pet stronger than monarch rank. Once that soul pet attacked, even top tier monarchs would die!

However, once these people killed their way over, they never saw this soul pet appear. Seeing Chu Mu wanting to bring out his trump card, everyone was excited to see this nine tailed powerful organisms' true appearance.

“Ghost king, come back.” Chu Mu cast an incantation to bring Monarch Ghost King back into his soul pet space.

Chu Mu still had a lot of soul power medicine that Ye QIngzi gave him. With this soul power medicine, Chu Mu could guarantee that his soul pets could be summoned.

After retracting the ghost king, Chu Mu cast another incantation!

This incantation caused Chu Mu’s body to suddenly sprout white nine underworld devil flames, making him seem even more demonic.

The cold devil flames gave everyone shivers. Chu Tianheng, Chu Tianqi, and Chu Tianjue, as well as the two experts all, noticed that Chu Mu was summoning another soul pet and was astonished. More astonishing was that this special devil flame was the Nightmare Palace white nightmare’s signature power!!

“White…….white nightmare!!!” The lecher Zhang Ying was the first to stare wide-eyed!

Zhang Ying in great Chu family more or less had some communication with nightmare palace people. He knew clearly that a normal white nightmare was already middle class monarch rank. Once tenth phase, with a little bit of strengthening, it would already be much stronger than the devil tree battle soldier!

So, the middle class monarch rank’s White Nightmare was something Zhang Ying yearned for.

And clearly, the white nightmare Chu Mu was summoning definitely wasn’t as simple as middle class monarch rank. It reached top tier monarch rank!

The white nightmare, once top tier monarch, was invincible in its realm similar to dragon species. Unless it met another duo main type soul pet, there rarely was any organism that could contest its dominance!

As for the top tier monarch rank Black Winged Panther Monarch, it wouldn’t even stand a chance!

With the appearance of the invincible monarch white nightmare, these old men all showed varying expressions of shock and surprise. They were surprised because, with the addition of the invincible monarch rank, their strength would be even stronger. They were shocked because they could hardly believe how Chu Mu had this many powerful soul pets at such a young age!!

“White devil, kill them!” Chu Mu stepped back as the devil flames of Chu Mu became White Nightmare, a striking smile on its face1

In the storm like bone spikes, white nightmare’s body was like a ghost. After two sprouts of flames, it went from their mountaintop to the one the black winged panther monarch was at!


Nine underworld devil flame tides blossomed gorgeously, quickly devouring five black winged panther monarchs. One of these high class monarch rank black winged panther monarchs didn’t react in time to throw up any defenses, causing it to be burned skinless under the powerful soul devil flames. Even if they haven’t died, they definitely will lose their ability to fight.

“Houhou!!!!!!!” Top tier monarch rank black winged panther monarch clearly felt the danger of the white nightmare. It swiftly jumped out of the devil flames and rolled a distance down the slope, putting out the devil flames on it.

The top tier monarch’s reactions were incredible, but the high class monarchs weren’t spared. The other three black winged panther monarchs’ souls were burned, causing their strength to be greatly reduced!

“This white nightmare is truly domineering. That's a top tier monarch and four high class monarchs!” Chu Tianheng said with some fright!

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