Chapter 627: Facing the Panther Species Tribe (1)

Chapter 627: Facing the Panther Species Tribe (1)

Where the fire burned in the valley, Chu Mu was there, standing,as the burning gale messed up his hair.

In the previous fight in immortal city, the structure was hundreds of times stronger than normal cities. When Mo Xie released her emperor rank power, Chu Mu was already shocked.

Now, seeing a few mountains instantly becoming flatground, even Chu Mu himself had to sigh. Emperor ranks truly were emperor ranks. Though their energy consumption was massive, they had correspondingly destructive power!

“This technique is too powerful, but it probably will waste five spirits……” Old Li’s voice transmitted over faintly.

From before, the sixty spirits from the deserted young woman had already been used up. In the following time, Chu Mu didn’t let Mo Xie battle, so he only used up 60 spirits.

Compared to 1000 spirits, these five weren’t really a waste. Of course, this was with the precondition that Chu Mu got Tian Ting’s personal ring. Without these 1000 spirits, Chu Mu indeed couldn’t withstand such usage.


Countless mountains started shaking as a heart shaking roar came from far away!

This voice went a couple dozen kilometers, creating air waves that clearly shook the nearby mountains!!

“Is it the panther species emperor?”

Chu Mu strained his eyes as he looked around, immediately seeing a thick beast cloud shrouding the place where mountain met sky, creating a massive black shadow that caused the nearby region to become incredibly strange!

“This one technique of the fox is equivalent of putting a banner saying “I am an emperor here to ruin your place” over your sin flame totem. How could that emperor rank panther stay put in that case!” Old Li said.

“That’s good, it’s time to get rid of it anyways!” Chu Mu saw that pseudo-emperor rank had already roared to assert dominance and knew the battle was inevitable, so he didn’t back off.

“En, young master quickly get rid of the panther species, and take the one-time spirit source resource immediately. Or else, once western wetlands comes, young master won’t have a chance anymore.” old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded and summoned Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Monarch Ghost King forth, ready to take on the entire panther species!

“Panther species had already been weakened by around a forth by the disaster. There was around a fourth in the barbarian valley as well. Now that Mo Xie had wiped out a bunch more, there should only be less than half. By killing my way over, I just have to get rid of the two top tier monarch ranks and their armies, and then kill the emperor of panther species to be done.” Chu Mu thought to himself.

Though that pseudo-emperor rank was already showing its might, it wouldn’t appear immediately to fight against Mo Xie. It definitely would send its armies over to waste Mo Xie’s stamina. Only when Mo Xie was tired wouldl it fight.

As a ninth phase low class emperor rank, Mo Xie was similar strength to a tenth phase pseudo-emperor rank. If her stamina were wasted, she definitely wouldn’t be the emperor rank’s match. If Mo Xie can’t stop this panther species emperor, Chu Mu’s other soul pets definitely wouldn't be able to stop it either!



The ground shook as another wave of panthers came!!

Panther species emperor this time truly went all out!!!

“This panther species tribe was much larger than I had previously estimated. This is approximately two ninth rank clans’ amount!” Old Li felt the panther species tribe’s aura and said.

Mo Xie had already casted the strongest demon type technique once when getting rid of the barbarian valley group, which enraged all of the panthers and baited them into the trap the devil tree battle soldier set up, or else Chu Mu couldn’t clean out the entire barbarian valley this quickly.

Before, to let the two thousand people get up, Mo Xie cast another big technique, which wasted her stamina. In the following battle against the two times ninth rank clan, Chu Mu couldn’t let Mo Xie waste her stamina again.

“Mo Xie, come back, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, come back!” Chu Mu started an incantation and retracted the devil tree battle soldier and Mo Xie who both needed to conserve their stamina.

“Ning, binding wind spirit!” Chu Mu cast an incantation and summoned his two elemental soul pets.

“Monarch ghost king, use all your rock type techniques to stop the armies from nearing. Ice air fairy, binding wind spirit, don’t hold back on the killing.” Chu Mu said to his three elemental soul pets.

After completing the elemental formation, the mountains started shaking even heavier.

Glancing over, they could see an even larger swarm of panthers were coming from the beast type cloud of the panther species emperor.

Outside the valley, people quickly noticed that even more panther species were coming, meaning an even larger disaster was about to come!

Except, it wasn’t shocking to these people just how terrifying the disaster. Instead, they were shocked that there was a single black clothed teen that always stood between the mountain and panther species…...

His small figure was almost negligible, but he single handedly had an aura that seemed to stop the entire tide, it was a sight that all of them would never forget for the rest of their lives!

Chu Tianheng used his soul remembrance to watch the single silhouette face off against the army. At this moment, he felt something in his heart rolling, and his whole body felt like it was burning up!

“When I was young, I never could reach that height. Is it that I have lost the bravery to change when I got into middle age?” Chu tianheng asked himself!

  ”Suddenly, he made a decision and said to his family members, “You, bring the remaining people into the valley!”

“Clan master, you are……” The main members were all dazed. This moment, he noticed that Chu Tianheng had summoned all his soul pets!

“Though its effect is limited, killing some commander, warrior, and servant rank panthers definitely isn’t a problem!” Chu Tianheng said determinedly. At this moment, his eyes were shining with a light of unprecedented resolution!

Before everyone realized, Chu Tianheng was already riding his middle class monarch rank light rhinoceros towards Chu Mu.

“Clan master!”


Chu Ming, Chu Tianqi, Chu Tianjue watched the Chu Tianheng dash away hastily and their hearts were abroil.

They all knew of Chu Tianheng’s steady nature. They never would have thought he would join a battle like a young generation soul pet trainer against an undefeatable enemy!

In the coming ten years, this was the most unexpected thing Chu Tianheng has ever done!

“Yes, how could Chu Mu fight for the family alone!” Suddenly, Chu Tianqi bit down and summoned his low class monarch rank armored beast.

The armored beast ran with power, stepping on the hills and mountains along with the other four monarch rank soul pets following behind Chu Tianheng.

These two old mens’ actions caused Chu family members to be tongue-tied.

Seeing the two brothers kill their ways over, Chu Tianjue cursed angrily and finally rode his soul pet out too.

“Chu Ying, what are you doing! Go back and bring the rest of the people into the valley!” Chu Ming said loudly.

Chu Ying was just about to dash outwards with her father Chu Tianjue but stopped her.

“The fortune tellers said I have a life disaster this year, and they were right! If I can get back, I’ll kill that bastard!” Old lecher Zhang Ying spit out saliva, and finally rode his middle class monarch rank soul pet in with a high class monarch rank devil tree battle soldier.

The silent Chu Moying teacher also hesitated, but seeing that the fearful Zhang Ying had dashed out, why would he stay here? Thus, he casted an incantation to summon his wing type soul pet into the sky!

In one second, the old men all rode their soul pets into the massive panther army, not losing in aura the slightest either!

In the mountains, Chu Mu saw that these people came to assist and smiled as well.

Ghost King, Binding wind spirit were all high class monarch rank, and Ning was ninth phase top tier monarch rank. If they wanted to cast high level elemental techniques, they had to have a safe casting environment.

This group of old men, compared to the entire panther species tribe, was indeed small. However, together, protecting Chu Mu’s Binding Wind Spirit and Ice Air Fairy was more than enough. Killing these panther armies would be much easier!

“Chu Mu, your soul pet can cast all the techniques it wants, we won’t let a single panther near you!” Chu Tianheng jumped off his light rhinoceros and said seriously to Chu Mu.

Even if Chu Mu saw Chu Tianheng’s warm blood calming down, he nodded, “Uncle’s soul pets all have good potential. WIth some training, they can all become stronger.”

While they spoke, Chu Tianqi, Chu Tianjue and the two experts from Great Chu Family came over. The old men all didn’t waste tiem talking. All their monarch rank soul pets created an even larger formation that protected Chu Mu and binding wind fairy in the center, while the other soul pets went aside.

Panther species emperor had already locked onto Chu Mu’s aura, while the armies were also going towards Chu Mu.

Even if the panther species wanted to go around Chu Mu and kill towards the valley, their strength was enough to stop anything from entering.

After entering the valley, Chu family’s thirty or so commander rank members, 200 warrior rank members, and 1000 servant rank members as well as Chu Qian, Chu Lang, Chu He, and  the two great chu family people at the slope, the panther species couldn’t kill its way in in a short while!

“They’re here!” The Chu Mo in the air immediately dropped down from the skies and added themselves into the main formation.

The binding wind spirit’s attack range was the furthest. When the panther species was still a thousand meters away, it started casting an incantation that lifted up destructive winds!

Chu Mu needed to let binding wind spirit reach top tier monarch rank. Once they returned to tianxia city and got the wind type emperor rank soul item, Chu Mu’s wind type emperor would be born!

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