Chapter 626: Levelling the Mountain Range, Fox Monarch Totem

Chapter 626: Levelling the Mountain Range, Fox Monarch Totem

“Quickly flee!! The leopard tribe has arrived!!!”

A wanderer at the back of the group shouted.

Immediately after, the group in front of him, who were neighbors on the same street, broke into a run while looking backwards in fear.

Shouts began to ring out and the several thousand people at the back who still hadn’t entered the valley began to cry and shout. There was no longer any order, as everyone was just running as fast as they could. 

There were even a few young woman who were moving together in a circle. But when the torrential aura from the leopard species assaulted them, they became so scared they just squatted on the ground and didn’t even have the strength to run. They were trembling from head to toe and didn’t stop shrieking.

However, it wasn’t only these few women who were like this. A few people with weaker willpowers had been so scared by the leopards’ auras that they just crouched on the ground.

“Quickly get up!! If you stay here you will die!!” a few lower rank soul pet trainers were able to maintain their reason and hauled up these people who were unable to move and tried their hardest to force their way into the valley.

The closer the leopard species got, the stronger their aura was. The people with weaker willpowers were unable to even breathe. Chu Tianheng, when he arrived at the back, saw a few thousand people lose the ability to move and his heart sank.

The leopards were getting closer. The slope was already crammed with people and among the few thousand people, only about a thousand of them would be able to enter. The remaining two thousand people, including those who didn’t have the courage to take another step, could very well be slaughtered by the leopard tribe!

“Pull them in.” Chu Tianheng hastily gathered the Chu Family members behind him and had them have their soul pets pull them in.

But the number of Chu Family members were limited. They would only be able to save as many as they could.

The stronger the aura became, the more people there were that lost the ability to move. The two thousand people at the back’s chaotic shouts were gradually swallowed up by the rumbling in the distance.

“Chu Mu, what about Chu Mu. Has anyone seen him?!” Chu Tianheng searched everywhere. Right now only Chu Mu could save the two thousand people.

“He was just there now…” Chu Tianqi surveyed the crowd.

“Over there! He… he’s gone in the direction of the panther tribe!!” Chu Ying let out a cry and pointed at the undulating mountain range in the distance!

Chu Tianheng and Chu Tianqi immediately looked in that direction. Abruptly, they discovered that in between two mountains outside the valley was a black clothed Chu Mu!

Even more shocking, beside Chu Mu was a silver bodied pet with nine demonic tails dancing about. It was a noble creature that stood there calmly. In front of the leopard tribe that was like a black wave that enveloped the mountain range, it not only lacked cowardice but also had its own atmosphere that the naked eye was unable to see. It covered a large part of the mountain and caused the rampant panther legion to slow down!

Its mere aura was able to overcome the innumerable leopard legion!!

Chu Tianheng, Chu Tianqi, Chu Ying, and other Chu Family members were shocked by this scene. The leopard tribe was a disaster that was difficult to stop. It was a disaster that humans could only look on, helpless at. Yet, a single nine tailed soul pet was able to slow it down. Such powerful strength allowed them to witness what true strength was. It shocked the hearts of humans. It was like a god that dominated everything!

In between the two mountains, Chu Mu breathed in the air full of the leopard species stench.

Chu Mu’s field of view was very wide, and he could see numerous mountains in front of him. However, he wasn’t able to see the entire leopard tribe legion since it was too big. Even Chu Mu himself had never faced a legion with tens of thousands of soldiers.

“Mo Xie, raze the mountains to the ground.” Chu Mu slowly said.

He pointed at the mountains only about five hundred meters tall. The base of the mountain was several thousand meters in diameter. If normal people wanted to cross it, they would take a very long time.

The mountain range was unbroken and spanned nearly ten kilometers. Within the ten kilometers was the leopard tribe legion’s most concentrated area.

The legion moved very quickly, resembling a dark layer of cloud that one would often see floating through the mountain range. They quickly covered an even closer mountain.

“Wu wu wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Mo Xie raised her head and let out an emperor’s cry!

Her nine tails were fully unfurled and sin flames intensely burned. Immediately, it dyed the surrounding mountain range in a red color!

The flames rose up and various faintly discernible totems of sin words quickly appeared under her feet. The totems grew increasingly beautiful as they gradually began to rise up...

As the sin flame totems began to rise up into the air, they slowly disappeared. However, at the same time, they began to appear on the mountain the leopards were running on.

The sin flame totem was originally merely a weak firelight that ignited above the mountain. However, as Mo Xie’s energy condensed, it gradually began to expand, transforming into a shocking flame inscription curse. It resembled a large cloud that covered the mountains in the distance!

“What… what is that?!!” Chu Tianqi’s heart was filled with billows. He stared closely at the enormous dark red flame pattern above the leopard mountains!

The flame totem was imprinted in the sky. The firelight resembled a scorching sun that shined like a light screen!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, on the mountain range, sin flames ignited amidst the black mass of the leopard legion. The flames torrentially burned and even though they were tens of kilometers away, the people standing outside the valley were able to clearly see the outline of the sin flames!

The flames flew up like countless flaming dragons. Their bodies danced underneath the sin flame totem. The moment one of the countless black leopards touched them, they would immediately disappear!

The sin flame totem was still full of boundless pressure and caused the mountain burning to begin collapsing!

“Long long long long~~~~~~~~”

The sin flames were torrential and the mountains were unable to bear such powerful burning. With a loud sound, they began to crumble.

This included the mountains nearby which were filled with leopards!

These mountains were not weak mountains. They were full of thick large stones that were very hard to destroy.

As for the people standing outside the valley, they could clearly see the sin flames cover the mountain. The mountains took a long time to collapse as they were gradually burned down by the flames...

The sin flame totem flames reached the peak of a mountain. The flames were dazzling and practically made it so that noone's eyes could open. The amount of dazzle was much more intense than tens of suns hanging above the mountain range!

Everyone was unable to open their eyes. Both the outside of the valley and inside the valley was dyed dark red. A surging heat wave passed through the mountain range from a dozen kilometers out, reaching the two thousand people outside the valley!

The fiery red persisted for a long period of time. Two thousand people were still in an absent minded state of mind. They could only sense that the heatwave was continuously onslaughting them, and the ground that was continuously shaking. There was also a loud sound ringing in their ears like rolling thunder.

Not long later, everything began to slowly dissipate. 

Normal people could not recover their sight so quickly. Only soul pet trainers were able to see what truly happened in the distance.

“The mountains… the mountains were razed!!” 

Chu Tianheng was the first to recover his vision. However, when he found the leopard tribe amidst this fiery red world, he saw a shocking scene!!

Those were several mountains!! A single technique was able to completely raze them to the ground!

The surging black tide had disappeared somewhere and it had been replaced by chaotically moving black dots on the mountain. They were dispersed and were completely incomparable to the previous black tide which aura covered the heavens and earth!

“Too inconceivable, too inconceivable!!” Chu Tianqi’s eyes were about to pop out. In front of the panther tribe, everyone was about as small as a rice straw in a large ocean. A rice straw should have been unable to overcome the large ocean. Yet, a single technique had done just that. This was indescribable with words!

Chu Ying stared with astonishment at the distant mountains that were still in flames. She was someone who often went out to the wild to train. She had previously seen ninth rank techniques that had caused destruction she was envious of. However, compared to the sin flame totem, those ninth rank techniques were about as different as a light wind compared to a hurricane!

Chu Ying guessed that Chu Mu’s strength was probably much higher than Sun Yuan’s. However, a young generation member was ultimately a young generation member, and could not reach a state that worthy of other people’s reverence. 

However, during this migration, the strength Chu Mu displayed completely surpassed her expectations and even surpassed her knowledge of soul pets’ destructive powers. Up until now, she had never seen a soul pet rely on one technique to raze a mountain range to the ground, obliterating a leopard legion!!

“How… how is this a peak monarch rank’s strength…” the Great Chu Family’s master, Zhang Ying, was stunned.

Of everyone present, probably only Zhang Ying was clear what rank a creature had to be to create such a destructive force!

“If it’s not a peak monarch, could it be…” Chu Tianheng, Chu Tianqi, and the others abruptly realized something!!

Chu Tianheng had heard Chu Mu say that the high class monarch rank soul pets were his secondary soul pet formation. Therefore, he had subconsciously believed that Chu Mu had peak monarch ranks as his main pets.

After that, Chu Tianheng didn’t inquire any further because he felt that this answer was already shocking enough!

He never expected that Chu Mu’s soul pets would have surpassed the monarch rank range!

One had to realize that Western Kingdom was incomparable to Tianxia City. To any person here, a soul pet that surpassed a monarch was practically a god-like existence!!

The people who saw the scene first were shocked. Thus, when the two thousand people were able to see the flames clearly too, they discovered that the disaster’s leopard tribe had disappeared amidst this dazzling fire. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Finally, these people even began to kneel on the ground, believing that Seven Color City’s guardian deity had descended, helping them obliterate the disaster!

Every city would consecrate its own guardian deity. This guardian deity was always a powerful city that allowed a city to walk out of the darkness and into the light!

In reality, everyone understood that these guardian deities were the powerful soul pets of powerful experts because only a human’s soul pets would protect humans.

Right now, in their hearts, this nine tailed ostentatious fox monarch creature was Seven Color City’s new guardian deity!


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