Chapter 624: Barbarian Valley, The Life and Death of Seven Color City (1)

Chapter 625: Barbarian Valley, The Life and Death of Seven Color City (1)

On the slope, the panthers comfortably basking in the sun lifted their heads in confusion as they looked confused at the devil tree battle soldier that slowly walked towards their territory.

These panthers seemed to have gotten used to the peace, not realizing that this was an invasion. Instead, they slowly got up and all locked their gazes on the devil tree battle soldier.

These panthers had no idea that countless roots of death were slowly extending towards them underground!


Suddenly, devil tree battle soldier lifted his head and let out a bloodthirsty roar towards the entire slope!!

The devil tree battle soldier’s eyes were blood red. The Blood Natural Wood it set up in the ground immediately came out of the surface and instantly rooted at least a hundred panthers!

The hundred panthers had no time to react at all before being pulled by a huge force towards the devil tree battle soldier’s location!

“Pu!!!!!!!! Pu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A hundred roots broke through the earth’s surface and disrupted the peace like a hundred sturdy steel beams that suddenly were pulled taut!

The devil tree battle soldier controlled the bloody natural wood and pulled all hundred roots at the same time!

The hundred panthers all immediately left the ground and went flying into the air, quickly gathering at devil tree battle soldier’s location!

Chu Qian, Chu Lang, and Chu He all lifted their heads. Seeing a huge group of panthers coming, they blanked for a brief second before all frantically summoning their soul pets.

The two teachers didn’t dare hesitate either, telling their high class monarch rank soul pets to attack.

Devil tree battle soldier at the same time he pulled a hundred panthers towards itself, it grew out spear like wood spikes out of its chest!

These natural wood pikes were all a meter long, their points glinting dark red. As devil tree battle soldier’s hand swept across, a dozen wood pikes flew out at alarming speeds!

The natural wood spikes had great piercing power. Every pike created a forceful gust that brought a sharp whistling sound with it.


The natural wood flew out, instantly piercing a lot of the panthers in the air and sending blood splattering everywhere!

The dozen natural wood spikes didn’t only kill its own count; many panthers were pierced by each pike!

“Ao!!!!!!!!!” Devil tree battle soldier again let out a howl.

Immediately, another wave of pikes flew threw the air, piercing over!

“Pu!!!! Pu!!!! Pu!!!! Pu!!!!!!!!!!”

More panther species were pierced by the natural wood as they were dragged over, letting out wailing screams.

Devil tree battle soldier let out seven full volleys of natural wood pikes over a mere three seconds.


Panther bodies flew down. A hundred panthers, none of them lived, all landing in front of the devil tree battle soldier, leaking blood out that quickly became a stream…...

The people behind Chu Mu had already summoned their soul pets and were ready to kill enemies, yet after they found out they were all dead, they were all flabbergasted.

“These…… These should all be high class warrior rank right……” Chu Lang’s voice said quietly.

Before Monarch rank, the rank jumps weren’t too large. High class warrior rank and commander ranks were very close. A few normal attacks able to kill a hundred panthers, this killing rate was something only emperor ranks could do!

Devil tree battle soldier’s roots pulling and wood spikes were all very low level techniques. To a top tier monarch rank, they were indeed normal attacks, so how terrifying would it be if it cast a technique!



Suddenly, a roar sounded in the mountains.

In the hole of every slope, even more deep yellow eyes lit up, lighting up the sides of the slopes like stars!

In the caves, a fierce looking black panther crawled out and swiftly jumped to the top of the slope.

The black panther species inside the caves were incredibly numerous. After a crowd came out, another few groups came out. In a short second, the entire slopes and walls were full of yellow eyeballs!

The amount of panther species was already uncountable, but the feeling of getting watched by so many organisms was truly shiver inducing!

“I will prioritize commander ranks, the weaker ones you guys handle.” Chu Mu said.

The rest of them didn’t have a good expression but all nodded, swiftly summoning their other soul pets.

Chu Qian and the two teachers were four control, Chu Lang and Chu He were triple control, as they had 18 soul pets total.


A few hundred panthers ran over, looking like a black landslide that was falling in the valley, swift, wild, and turbulent!

The devil tree battle soldier’s eyes went bright red as he stepped forward, directly stepping over the previous panthers’ species and slowly inched his natural wood roots forward.

“Natural wood roots!!” Chu Mu commanded!

Devil tree battle soldier’s two thick arms suddenly extended forwards towards the landslide-like panther army.

Blood natural wood pierced straight into the tide, killing at least 20 panthers!

“Natural wood whip!” Chu Mu cast a follow-up technique!

The natural wood branch didn’t retract after flying out. First, it went from hard to soft as it became two massive python like branches that swatted towards the sides.



Two branches flew around, the landslide created by the couple hundred black panthers immediately showed signs of collapsing, immediately slapping panthers aside, shattering their bones and sending blood out!

Seeing the panthers all getting sent aside in groups, the three people and two teachers behind Chu Mu were all swallowing hard. Top tier monarch rank was top tier monarch rank, it was so domineering!!

Chu Qian’s three people and the two teachers didn’t dare to be slight either. Their elemental soul pets were all attacking the large panther army. Wind, lightning, fire, and ice, these four destructive elemental techniques were all there. After a wave of techniques flew over, another large group of panther species died.





In the barbarian valley, countless noises mixed together. The seven color city residents outside the barbarian valley were all standing there with unease, all pale-faced.

The seven color city had thirty thousand people. These thirty thousand people had were around 1000 people that could fight, but it was limited to servant rank because even if they had soul pets, they could only be used to travel.

With such a large group of people appearing near the edges of a forbidden realm, no one could calm down, especially when they heard the barbarian valley roars and agitated rumblings.

Chu clan had a total of 500 people. Half of these were family members without any fighting strength. Around 200 people had around warrior ranks strength, and around 30 had commander rank strength. These were mostly soul pet trainers that have been brought in by chu family, but weren’t named Chu. However, their loyalty were all rather high. Then, there was Chu Tainheng, Chu Tianlin, and a couple of Chu Mu’s uncle generation that were pseudo-monarch rank.

Their strengths were all improving these years. Especially, Chu Tianheng had a miracle that caused his strength to increase. Adding the fact that seven color city resources were plentiful, all fo their strengths grew. Chu family strength was way higher than the gangluo city phase.

200 warrior rank Chu family members were split up evenly around the 30,000 people team. Thirty main members were even spread out further. Once any emergency happens, they could react in time.

Core members, as well as great chu family’s elders,  were at the front and back of the team.

Chu Tianheng planned it this way clearly because once a clan attacked, Chu family’s people would protect the citizens of seven color city until death.

Of course, chu family members knew that, whether these ten thousand peoples’ lives could live through would depend on Chu Mu. At the edges of this forbidden realm, chu family’s members were incredibly weak. Any clan could collapse them.


“Clan leader, we’re done!” A chu family member ran over to Chu Tianheng face paled as he said with some despair.

“Clam down and speak slowly.” Chu Tianheng’s heart tightened but he didn’t panic because of this sentence.

“Panther species tribe has noticed us and are coming from barbarian valley. They’ll reach here in two hours.” Chu family main members said.

“Tianlin, you go into the valley and tell Chu Mu the news.” Chu Tainheng said.

Chu Tianlin nodded and immediately rode his Mo Ye beast towards the slopes.

“Clan leader, quickly make a decision. We’re at the half valley right now, and there’s only one exit behind us. Once the panther species come killing, other than into the valley, we have no where to go. In these two hours, there’s no way they can clean up the ninth rank clan.” The member started panicking.

“Go forth and look around some more. Don’t let the news leak. They’re all normal people, so if they find out the panthers are coming, they will fall into chaos, which would cause more people to lose their lives with bad organization.” Chu Tianheng siad.


“Don’t waste your time, the only chance you have is to enter the valley!” Chu Tianheng said louder.

“En, I’ll go look around further.”

After this member left, Chu Tianheng’s eyes slowly became complicated as he rode his light rhinoceros.

He glanced at the couple ten thousand people. Though they were all tight faced, they clearly didn’t know that life and death would be determined in two short hours.

“Tianheng, don’t give yourself too much pressure. No matter how many rank city, you are a good city master.” The old Chu Ming patted Chu Tianheng and said in a low voice.

“Father, I wasted half my life and have only become better in this latter half. After becoming city master of seven color city, I never thought of abandoning them. Not because this seven color city could bring us any benefits, but because this seven color city let me feel the blood burning I had felt when I was young. After twenty years of reality rubbing off on me, I almost forgot the oath I swore in front of all my ancestors to become a city master. Now, I had just picked it up and had found new hope in seven color city, I don’t want it all to get wiped out in this disaster, I really don’t……” Chu Tianheng said with complicated emotions.

“I understand……” Chu Ming lightly sighed.

And only him as a father can truly understand the real emotions of this never laughing, stern son.


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