Chapter 623: Seven Color City, Great Migration (2)

Chapter 623: Seven Color City, Great Migration (2)

On the south side of seven color city there was the large south slope.

This south slope had become a frequent training ground of seven color city soul pet trainers. Further south of this slope were clear hill-like geography, rolling and vast without bound, creating many mountain barriers like a natural barrier separating human society from soul pets.

In this mountainous region, there was one of the threats of all of western kingdom - Panther Species tribe.

In the past decades, Panther Species tribes occasionally sent disasters, around the magnitude of fifth or sixth rank clans. In the close few years, the Panther Species tribe had become increasingly agitated. In the last few years, there were multiple seventh rank clan attacks.

Especially this time, the ninth rank species disaster was the largest in a few decades.

A ninth rank magnitude disaster would have caused lethal damage to seven color city. With that many experts appearing form all over to alleviate the danger, this should have been an event the entire city was celebrating. However, the disaster wasn’t nearly as simple as just a first rank tribe.

Third rank tribe, western wetlands was a complete forbidden realm, not belonging to human territory. This time the western wetlands’ invasion not only caused seven color city and western region to fall, it would swallow the other two regions on the entire south side of the western kingdom.

A tribe rank disaster had appeared in western kingdom!

This news quickly spread through all of western kingdom, including the nearby Zhanli Kingdom, Luo Kingdom, North Ice Kingdom, and Yuan Kingdom.

This tribe level disaster had erupted very suddenly. Not a single scholar or researcher anticipated it. When western kingdom reacted, the important places of that region were completely taken over by the western wetland organisms.

The only thing worth celebrating was Luo Region Sect and merchant alliance both had pseudo-emperor soul emperors in western kingdom. After the two spirit emperors fought back, they finally stopped the spreading of the tribe level disaster, protecting the western kingdom’s other regions.

Luo Region, Jia Region,  and Wogu Region and other central regions were still safe, but the north regions started sending soul pet trainer armies to help. In a short while, however, they wouldn’t be able to help at all.

Luo Region, Jia Region, and Wogu region were all in self defense, so sending soul pet trainer armies to help the west side regions weren’t possible.


The Kingdom Capital of Western Kingdom was in Luo Region’s Luo Region City.

Luo Region Sect traced its earliest roots back to Luo Region. Later on, as the faction grew up, it moved to Luo Kingdom, becoming a leader of a second rank kingdom. The power remaining in western kingdom Luo region city was just the old faction.

Thus, sitting at western kingdom’s old Luo Region Sect, there was at least one more pseudo-emperor spirit emperor.

Western Kingdom had another powerful faction, which was great Chu Family!

Great chu family was a big family helped up by the third rank kingdom Yuan Kingdom. There was also a pseudo-emperor rank spirit emperor that was there, which was great chu family’s family master.

In reality, great chu family’s power was enough to govern an entire kingdom.

However, the great broken sting valley was a threat that couldn’t be unwatched by great chu family and wogu city. The great chu family soul emperors had to restrain the valley.

So, once the western kingdom had a great disaster, the soul emperors that could help really were just the luo region expert and the coincidentally appeared western kingdom merchant’s alliance spirit emperor.

Western kingdom capital city master residence hall

“Western region, XIling region, Langhe region have completely fallen. Langhe region is a little better with QIngshang there retired. Western region and Xiling region are completely lost.” The man at the main seat of the hall said.

The man was large and burly with dark skin. The emperor formation people all called him Luo Hei instead of his actual name. Those below him all called hi kingdom master, so not many people truly know his real name.

“Why is nightmare city completely responseless. The nightmare palace people are too quiet.” Merchant alliance spirit emperor Sun Qiming said clearly angrily.

Between Western Kingdom and Eternal Ocean was the Eternal Mountain range that extended east to the massive Nightmare City, which held many spirit emperors. It’s said that an old elder from nightmare palace’s previous generation was there to cultivate his mind.

The disaster definitely couldn't reach Nightmare City. However, Nightmare Palace is at the very least one of the most powerful factions of the nearby kingdoms. Refusing to let any news out was too cruel and impassionate of them.

“Don’t count on them. They’re still busy with Eternal Ocean Ocean Beast…… in summary, western world was beyond help!” Kingdom master Luo Hei said.

“If we knew that western wetlands would fight back, we shouldn’t have ever touched the spirit source. Now that the situation is like this now…..” Sun Qiming lowered his voice and said.

“This just means the spirit source was indeed large. Even the Western Wetland’s emperor isn’t willing to sit out. We have to hide the reason of the disaster erupting, and no one can know. I will go get help from Luo Kingdom. Once they sweep clean western wetlands, the spirit source will be ours. In fact, maybe our strengths will have a breakthrough again.” Luo Fei said.

“Don’t worry, I’m not stupid. We went against orders to dig up the spirit source and caused a leakage instead of getting anything. The result was the great disaster that caused two regions to fall. I know, I know, its a large crime. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in Maze Prison.” Sun Qiming said with dread.

“No one will know of this. The city nearest the spirit source, seven color city, was destroyed too, so no evidence can be found.” Luo Hei smiled.

Sun Qiming then nodded with relief and said, “Let’s control the disaster now. The situation is kind of severe now. If we don’t fix it and the old fellows in Yuan Kingdom find out, we have trouble too.”

Luo Hei nodded.



Barbarian Valley was the resting grounds of the Panther Species. In the Luoshan Mountain Range, there was a special mountain called Barbarian Valley that was also called Luo Valley by the locals.

The Barbarian valley had a ring of mountains around it that reached the clouds. Even monarch rank soul pets have troubles climbing over it. The entire place seemed like a village fenced off by countless wooden stakes.

A hundred years ago, the Barbarian Valley was actually an eighth rank city that was subordinate to ninth rank seven color city.

Later on, with the rise of the panther species, the entire Barbarian Valley was lost. With this loss, the entire region was taken off by soul pet researchers, rendered grey on all maps.

This valley had a path full of weeds. This path used to be a wide passageway as well as the only path towards the inner regions of the valley.

This path was extremely wide, similar to a ninth rank city main street.

However, this path was covered in green moss, submerged in layer after layer and creating a large piece. The two sides were slowly rising slopes that had many holes in. The sunlight could only reach the edges of these holes.

The afternoon sunlight was high up falling down, lighting up the edges of the caves near the caves.


Outside the caves with sunlight, a few wild panthers with black patterns laid there basking in the sun. Throughout the path, a few hundred Panthers stayed in a napping state, letting out yawns occasionally.

“This group of beasts, they don't even know they’re surrounded by western wetlands, still resting in the sun so carefreely.”

In the shadows of the path, a faintly visible figure stood there, black pupils glancing the path full of wild panthers.

“Usually, when tribes started disasters, it’s because they’re population is a little too proliferous and their resources were no longer enough to sustain that many Panthers. Once the disaster succeeds, the territory will be expanded and resources will increase. If the disaster fails, the population decreases and the tribe stabilizes again.” Old Li said.

“That’s why……” Chu Mu smiled and said, “Then I’ll help them reduce their population further.”

Occupying the Barbarian valley is a ninth rank clan magnitude. The reason Chu Mu dared to go against the path towards here and bring a large group of people in was because of this barbarian valley.

When Chu Mu came to scout the place out, he found the old address fo the barbarian City. And then, with some papers in seven color city, he found that this barbarian valley was actually extremely advantageous geography. It was easy to defend and hard to attack. As long as they cleared out all the inner panther species and told seven city people to hide in it, with Chu Mu blocking off that path alone, they could protect all of Chu family and seven city residents.

Seven color city was too flat. Under the situation of being surrounded, even if they could barely protect against first rank tribes, they couldn't protect all four sides.

In this barbarian valley and barbarian valley city’s old address, however, it was the perfect spot. Once they hid everyone in this old address, Chu Mu could stand at the path and block off all the invaders by himself!

Defend, and he could save everyone in the city!

Attack and he could eliminate panther species and get the spirit source!

It was truly win-win!

“I didn't want to see everyone in seven color city lose. Along this path, we never got attacked by western wetlands’ tribe, or else people wouldn’t reach here so easily. Western wetlands probably plan on gathering forces near here to completely get rid of panther species. So, this south side didn’t have any species” Old LI said.

“En, as long as they get rid of the ninth rank species, seven color city would probably be safe.” chu Mu said.

Seven color city residence ware safe. In the following weeks, as long as Chu Mu got rid of all the panther species nearby, they would have true insurance against disasters.

“Devil tree, help us open a path!” Chu Mu smiled and started an incantation to summon his devil tree battle soldier.

Devil tree battle soldier slowly walked forward from the shadows, its blood red eyes becoming even more threatening as its strenght was as much stronger than a normal top tier monarch rank!

“Chu Mu, your devil tree battle soldier……”

Chu Qian, Chu Lang, and Chu He came along with Chu Mu with profiteer teacher and Guo Li teacher. When they discovered Chu Mu’s devil tree battle soldier was even stronger, they all stared blankly!

“Top tier monarch rank!! My god, just kill me instead!!” Profiteer was nearly howling!

Chu Mu’s devil tree battle soldier was already the sum of them four while it was high class monarch. Now that its top tier monarch, how terrifying would it be!~

Guo Li rubbed off a little sweat and thought to himself, “Seem like picking to go with Chu family was definitely the right choice. This kid is truly insane!”

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