Chapter 622: Seven Color City, Great Migration

Chapter 622: Seven Color City, Great Migration

The fifth rank wood crystallization was pavilion wood. Normally, only emperor rank wood type soul pets would have fifth rank wood crystallizations. Thus, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier being able to comprehend it at the peak monarch rank made Chu Mu’s smile even bigger. 

Being able to possess wood type crystallization didn’t mean the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had emperor rank strength. However, it would allow it to be much stronger in the peak monarch realm as compared to soul pets that only possessed fourth rank wood type crystallization.

Attribute crystallization was similar to demon beast type soul pets’ attacking weapons. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier comprehending pavilion wood was equivalent to a demon beast equipped with a tenth rank full form offensive soul equipment at the peak monarch rank. This greatly compensated for the diverse yet weak attacks of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Unless it encountered a fire type soul pet which countered plant kingdom soul pets, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would be able to face even peak monarchs head on.

“Very good, very good. It was even able to make a breakthrough with comprehension at such a crucial moment. Young master’s soul pets are truly resolved at improving!” Old Li laughed.

Chu Mu pat the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s shoulder and a smile formed on his face. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s evolution helped Chu Mu resolve a bit problem.

Although it hadn’t reached the emperor rank, with its powerful and multiple technique releases, along with wood type group techniques, it was in no way inferior to emperors in group fights. Most importantly, it was also able to protect many people.

“Young master, with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, you’ll be able to get rid of the leopard species tribe by yourself. The current problem is Western Marsh’s involvement and the fact that numerous people in the Chu Family still need your protection.” said Old Li. 

“I have a solution. Although it’s dangerous, I can still give it a try.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s solution naturally would not only include protecting the entire Chu Family, but also obtaining the spirit source!



“Chu Mu, are you joking?” inside the great hall, Chu Tian stared at him with his eyes wide open.

The Chu Family’s principle members were inside the great hall and when everyone heard Chu Mu’s plan, their faces changed. 

“This is too dangerous. If there’s a small accident, all of us and the several tens of thousands of people inside Seven Color City will be dead!” Chu Tian firmly objected.

The young generation members were all seated there, ashen faced. They didn’t dare raise any objections. 

This time, it had truly reached a time for the Chu Family’s choice. Earlier everyone had been discussing whether to hide in cellars and to wait for Western Kingdom to arrive with aid, or to cast aside a majority of the members and only let a small group of the Chu Family break out of the siege. 

Hiding in cellars could only be used if the city hadn’t fallen into enemy hands yet. The moment the city fell, even if they were hidden in cellars, they would still be killed. After all, the powerful soul pets would be able to smell the scent of humans.

As for having only a small portion of the Chu Family break out of the seize, the other 500 members of the Chu Family would be sacrificed. Thus the ones that survived would live in guilt. After all, it wasn’t everyone that had so-called “merciless tactics” in their heart. This was over 400 lives from one’s own family and over 30 thousand civilians.

No matter the choice, it was extremely difficult for the Chu Family.

“The Western Marsh legion will swallow up Seven Color City sooner or later. We definitely can’t save it. We can only change locations.” Chu Mu seriously said.

Chu Tianheng’s expression sank and for a while he didn’t say anything.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were on Chu Tianheng. They all knew of the present situation and no matter the difficulty, they had to make a decision.

“Chu Mu, we’ll do as you say! There are 500 people in the Chu Family and 30 thousand people in Seven Color City without anywhere to go. Their life or death rests completely in your hands!” finally, Chu Tianheng spoke and his gaze fixed on Chu Mu.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect everyone as best as I can.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

Chu Mu was confident in his strength. What he needed was Chu Tianheng’s complete faith in him; otherwise, if they were delayed at all during their migration, they would be completely wiped out.


That night, Chu Mu told his plan to Merchant Alliance’s experts.

Merchant Alliance’s experts were all smart people. None of them wanted to be trapped here to death. If they joined the migration to protect Seven Color City’s people, things would be much safer.

“Are you joking?? You want to bring a few tens of thousands of people and make your way into the southern side’s leopard tribe? Has you mind broken?!!” Sun Yuan loudly cried. 

“Even if I believe the fact that you have the assistance of an emperor rank soul pet and are capable of destroying the leopard tribe, I definitely cannot take this risk. The further south we go, the closer we are to the forbidden region. Finding an exit from there is suicide.” said Sun Pan.

Sun Pan was very disappointed because Chu Mu clearly didn’t plan on joining them as they broke the siege. Instead, he incredibly stupidly wanted to bring everyone from the city with him as he escaped this dangerous predicament. 

There were over 30,000 people in the city. Such a large target, the moment they exited the city, would practically become a pile of fresh prey. Those savage and hungry creatures would definitely fight over them. Therefore, even if Sun Pan believed that Chu Mu had the assistance of an emperor rank soul pet, he definitely wouldn’t join Chu Mu’s plan. That would lead to an even more miserable death than Luo Region Sect’s people. 

“The southern side doesn’t have the Western Marsh’s community. If we go in the opposite direction as them, this isn’t a bad idea. The fallen valley inside the leopard species territory with walls on all four sides is really much safer than Seven Color City. It’s a place of refuge. It’s a pity that this variable is too big. I admire your guts and your strength, but I can only wish you the best of luck.” said a young six remembrance spirit master. 

Chu Mu glanced at this calm young man. He wasn’t as emotional as Sun Yuan when he talked. Clearly, this was a young man with judgement ability. 

“SInce that’s the case, I’ll also wish you all good luck.” Chu Mu also knew that he had no way of begging them to join. This plan was predicated on their trust and immense courage to put one’s life at stake. The fact that they didn’t join was their own matter.

“My name is Sun Silong. I hope that we’ll have a chance to meet again in the future.” the young man called Sun Silong gave a faint laugh and expressed friendliness. 

“The strength of Western Marsh’s legion isn’t inferior to a tribe. I estimate that they are going to occupy the entire Western Region soon. As for whether this situation occurs in other regions, I’m not sure. But you must be careful.” Chu Mu saw that Sun Silong was rather friendly and gave him a word of warning. 

After Chu Mu finished speaking, the few people from Merchant Alliance revealed shocked expressions.

Before waiting for them to react, Chu Mu had already turned and left. For a moment they didn’t know if what Chu Mu had said was true or false.

“Young master, do you believe that he has the assistance of an emperor rank?” Sun Pan asked in a low voice.

“Sun Yuan sneered and said: “It’s definitely some fabricated lie he used to get us to join in on his absurd plan. As for a first rank tribe surrounding Seven Color City, how is that possible?!” 

“We know most of the people in the surrounding few kingdoms with emperor rank soul pets. Moreover, does there exist a person with an emperor rank soul pet at that age?” 

Although Sun Silong was young, he was clearly much more calm and acute than the others from Merchant Alliance. He calmly replied: “There actually was someone in Tianxia Realm with an emperor rank soul pet whose age was only about 20.”  

“Could… could young master be referring to the person barred from entering the competition…”

“Soul Palaces’s Chu Chen!! That young man who obtained the Battle of the Realm’s first grade ultimate honor!!” Sun Pan abruptly reacted and let out a shocked cry!

“That should be impossible, right? I heard that Chu Chen is an expert raised in secret by Soul Palace and is the same level of an existence as Soul Palace’s crown prince. How could he appear at such a small family. Even if they are both surnamed Chu, that doesn’t mean it’s him, right?” said Sun Yuan, who didn’t really believe it.

“This… if he really is Chu Chen, then what he said could very well be a reality. If Western Marsh has reached the scale of a first rank tribe, then the entire Western Region will be occupied by them. With our strength, we may not be able to break out…” 

Sun Silong shook his head and continued to speak: “If he is Chu Chen, he will only possess that one emperor rank soul pet. His other soul pets will probably not be of use. It will be too hard for him to eradicate the leopard tribe. The danger is too high. It’s best if we just stick to our own plan.” 

The others all nodded their heads. They ultimately trusted in their own strength. 


After Chu Mu told his plan to Merchant Alliance, he was planning on going to Luo Region Sect to take a look.

Right now everyone was in the same boat. If Chu Mu wanted to protect everyone in Seven Color City, he naturally hoped that these people would join him. This was the case even if these fellows had previously proposed such rude and contemptuous requests for the Chu Family. 

However, just as Chu Mu was heading to Luo Region Sect, he shockingly discovered that these people had already left! 

“They are too rude! They didn’t even let us know before they just fled like this! They even said to let them take charge of the city. If Seven Color City was governed by them, they would just flee the moment danger arose. The civilians in the city wouldn’t be able to survive!” Chu Lan who had followed Chu Mu began to let out a string of curses!

Chu Mu didn’t consider himself to be good or bad. Instead, he was like Ye Qingzi’s principle: he would save as many people until it meant he would be injured. 

However, Luo Region Sect’s actions today were truly the epitome of degrading human nature! They didn’t even let others know before fleeing!

Chu Mu knew that the chances of having them join him were close to zero. However, their actions were really infuriating. It served them right that they were being used by Merchant Alliance’s people. 

When Luo Region Sect had previously proposed swallowing up the Chu Family and Seven Color City, Chu Mu had been very disgusted by them. Now that they had fled by themselves, this made Chu Mu feel even more disgusted towards them.

“Even if they fled, I’ll still annihilate them.” Chu Mu’s eyes were cold and he began to emit killing intent.


After Chu Tianheng made his decision, he spent the entire night congregating all of the residents in Seven Color City. He announced the large scale fleeing plan. 

Everyone who remained in Seven Color City were all old residents and they were more clear about Seven Color City than anyone else.

The situation over the past few days had never appeared in the past few tens of years. Therefore, the residents had already predicted that the disaster was about to arrive. 

Originally, the thirty thousand people had guessed that the Chu Family that had only governed this city for a few years would forsake this city and leave.

However, when Chu Tianheng, the city lord, announced his decision, the thirty thousand people in Seven Color City were moved. 

They were extremely clear that when the disaster arrived, they were just hindrances. Yet, a leader was now going to bring such a large group of them away while also placing themselves into the jaws of death. Such a huge action caused tears to well up in their eyes.

Thirty thousand people should originally have been one enormous team that would be extremely difficult to manage. However, this time everyone was extremely self-aware and completely accepted the Chu Family’s management. 

When dawn arrived, the huge group of people began to move south.

On the city wall, Chu Mu who was riding on Zhan Ye watched the boundless team of people. His emotions were a bit complicated.

He himself didn’t know either if bringing so many people to flee towards the leopard tribe’s valley was a smart decision. All he could do was try his best to eliminate the enemies in front of him… 

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