Chapter 621: Peak Monarch, Devil Tree Battle Soldier

Chapter 621: Peak Monarch, Devil Tree Battle Soldier

“Isn’t following behind Luo Region Sect as they break the encirclement even safer?” Chu Mu raised his eyebrows as he spoke.

A smile rose on Sun Pan’s face as he said: “There are enemies on all four sides, but when I just came from the eastern to northing side, I discovered that these strange creatures are very mobile and the moment an overly strong person appears somewhere, they will immediatley gather there. There will thus be a large number of enemies there and it would be difficult to break out of this for a short while. Moreover, the longer one takes to break out, there is a chance even more creatures will encircle him.”

Sun Pan paused and glanced at the young Chu Mu. With an expression that illustrated his experience, he said: “Have Luo Reigon Sect’s people break the encirclement first from some location. This way, the other creatures from two sides adjacent to it will gather at that spot and then we’ll be able to leave from one of those directions.”

After hearing Sun Pan, Chu Mu’s expression didn’t change, but he was shocked by this fellow’s sinisterness. He unexpectedly wanted to use Luo Region Sect’s people as cannon fodder.

Sun Pan and the other had hidden their strength and they wouldn’t be much weaker than Luo Region Sect’s five elders. If they feigned ignorance of the current situation, Luo Region Sect definitely wouldn’t want to bring extra cumberances with them in order to ensure their survival. They would try and break the encirclement as fast as possible. When that time came, it would be much easier for Merchant Alliance to break the encirclement!” 

“You can bring a few important family members with you, but you have to care for their own safety. I suggest that you don’t bring more than three. After all, in your family, aside from those two family leaders, the others are all dead weight. As for those few old fellows from the Great Chu Family, you can also have them come with us. It’s up to them if they want to bring people with them.” said Sun Pan.

The four masters from the Great Chu Family were all afraid of death and they would only bring Chu Xian with them at most. They definitely wouldn’t care about the survival of others. After all, with their strength, it was also very difficult for them to break the encirclement.

Chu Mu definitely had the strength to break the encirclement by himself, but the Chu Family had 500 people, of which 100 were disciples. The important members numbered 20.

The triple control Chu Mu would not be able to protect 20 people in a community that numbered in the thousands. Even with an emperor, it would be rare if someone didn’t die.

If he chose to break the encirclement, Chu Mu had to choose Merchant Alliance and the Great Chu Family while selling out Luo Region Sect. Then, he could take the 20 important family members away.

Only, whether Merchant Alliance’s people would be willing to allow Chu Mu to bring so many people even if he showed them all his strength was a problem. After leaving, whether he would be able to obtain the spirit source was another problem.

Moreover, Chu Mu felt that it would be difficult to make the Chu Family give up on the 400 family members and tens of thousands of citizens left in Seven Color City with nowhere to go.

“Let me think about it more. I’ll give you my answer before Luo Region Sect’s people breaks the encirclement.” Chu Mu said to Sun Pan.

“You shouldn’t have any useless feelings of mercy. When the catastrophe arrives, you will discover that any such mercy is a joke.” said Sun Pan.

“I won’t leak your plan.” Chu Mu calmly said.

Sun Pan didn’t say anything more and rode on his Rhinoceros away.

“So young and with such strength. Truly hard to come by. However, youth is youth and he doesn’t understand how to scheme, nor does he have firm resolution. He’s still trying to hold onto things with no meaning. Does he truly believe that he will be able to protect his entire family by himself?” after Sun Pan left, he began to silently laugh.

When Sun Pan left, Chu Mu continued to remain on the mountain slope.

Approximately half an hour later, a silver and small figure suddenly ran over from far away. It was running at an extremely fast pace. Sun Pan’s Rhinoceros wasn’t even as fast as 1/10th of it.

When the small figure reached Chu Mu, it agilely jumped onto Chu Mu’s shouler and let out adorable cries.

The one that had come back was naturally Chu Mu’s small Mo Xie. Chu Mu had had her maintain her pitiful state to understand the true situation.

“There are that many?” Chu Mu muttered to himself as his expression grew heavier.

“Wu wu wu~~~~” the small Mo Xie looked very worried.

“Can you use Species Calamity to get rid of them?” asked Chu Mu.

“Wu wu~~” the small Mo Xie shook her head.

The limit of Mo Xie’s Species Calamity was the middle class monarch rank.

If Species Calamity were to have effect, the precondition was that there was no leader among the enormous community. Back when Mo Xie had used in on the Blood Beast Altar, she had to kill all of the high class monarch rank statue guards first before the technique would have effect.

Among this community, there were definitely leaders above the middle class monarch. Thus Species Calamity wouldn’t last very long.

“Old Li, why on earth has the scale of creatures surrounding the city reached a first rank tribe?” asked Chu Mu.

“They’ve definitely spilled out of the third rank tribe in Western Marsh.” said Old Li.

“I already know that. Quickly think of a method to save Seven Color City.” said Old Li.

“How can we protect Seven Color City? I can’t think of a solution right now, but now that the third rank tribe from Western March has come to occupy this territory, there can only be one reason.” Old Li jumped out and extended a black haired claw.

“The emperor rank leader from the third rank tribe wants to occupy the spirit source?” said Chu Mu.

Old Li nodded his head. He laughed and said: “Young master, even the third rank tribe has made a move. This means that the spirit source is a bit special.”

“You’re saying that the spirit source isn’t that simple?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, definitely. A third rank tribe’s scale includes one low class emperor and three to five pseudo emperors. Each pseudo emperor will command a first rank tribe. In other words, a third rank tribe is three to five times the scale of a first rank tribe and has one low class emperor in it.”

“Normally, tribes will live together in harmony. The leapord species first rank tribe is on the southern slope so the Western Marsh tribe suddenly becoming active is definitely because the leapord tribe occupied some resource that it shouldn’t have. This is a huge slice of cake that even a third rank tribe is willing to tread through water and fire for.” said Old Li.

“This spirit source has just showed itself and there are already two factions fighting over it. But more than that, soul pets are also fighting over it.” Chu Mu bitterly laughed.

Old Li laughed and had the smug “I told you this spirit source was precious” look.

“It seems that I have to raise my strength as fast as possible. Tonight I’ll try to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Hopefully I’ll succeed.” Chu Mu muttered.

There was still another half a month before it reached the optimal time to strengthen it. After all, some of the spirit item that strengthened it to the high class monarch rank stil reamined and he normally would have to wait until the medicinal effects completely vanished.

Just recently, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had been engaged in continuous large scale fights and had obtained ample training. Presumably, it would be able to completely absorb any remaining medicinal effects from the spirit item in half a month with these large scale rights.

After returning to the family, Chu Mu had Chu Tianheng gathere all the disciples in the government residence so as to protect against Western Marsh’s legion from suddenly attacking the city.

Chu Mu explained the seriousness of this encirclement to Chu Tianheng. As for the course of action, it would be best if Chu Tianheng and the others made a decision.

Once he explained the situation roughly, Chu Mu returned to his residence. The pressing matter was to raise his strength, otherwise he would be poewrless against the first rank tribe’s legion.

The tenth rank wood type soul crystal had been obtained by Chu Mu in Zhanli Kingdom. Moreover, Chu Mu still had an emperor rank wood type soul crystal from Tian Ting.

Therefore, as long as he was able to raise the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to a peak monarch rank, he would only have to wait half a year or if there were continuous fights, three to four months, before he could raise it to the emperor rank. Thus, Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier emperor was about to be born!

Accordingly, the significance behind strengthening the Devil Tree Battle Soldier from the high class monarch rank to the peak monarch rank was huge. It would also have implications on its group fighting abilities in Seven Color City.

If it was able to evolve to the peak monarch rank, it would have even greater effect in community and tribe fights than the invincible among monarchs White Nightmare. As long as it didn’t fight peak monarch ranks head on, in group fights it would be able to obliterate the equivalent of four peak monarch rank legions. 

The first rank leopard tribe had already exhausted some of its military force in this disaster. Its remaining military force was equivalent to 20 peak monarchs. If the Devil Tree Battle Soldier successfully evolved, Chu Mu’s fighting strength would be equivalent to 20 peak monarchs and he would be able to fight them!

Chu Mu summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Using a spirit item to strengthen a soul pet was more effective after a good fight.

Chu Mu had it eat the wood type soul crystal before using soul remembrance to guide the pure wood type energy from the soul crystal into around the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body.

Single attribute strengthening was much easier than multiple attribute strengthening. Chu Mu was currently an eight remembrance spirit master. It wasn’t difficult for Chu Mu to strengthen this time especially since he only had to guide a single attribute. 

The higher the soul crystal rank, the more energy it contained. Only high remembrance soul pet trainers were able to successfully guide the energy. Therefore, it one’s soul remembrance was too low, even with spirit items, the chances of failure would greatly increase.

Additionally, when strengthening a multi-attributed soul pet, one had to simultaneously guide multiple attributes. If the soul pet trainer’s guiding abilities were insufficient, there was equally a chance of failure. This was one reason why many soul pet trainers would rather strengthen single attributed soul pets and not multi-attribute soul pets.

The Devil Tre Battle Soldier had been gradually strengthened by Chu Mu from the third or fourth phase warrior rank level. Chu Mu was incomparably familiar with its body’s internal composition and its soul. When he integrated the soul crystal’s energy into and around its entire body, he guided it with skill.

Quickly, all of the tenth rank wood type soul crystal’s energy had been absorbed. None of it had been wasted.


Suddenly, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a carefree roar. It suddenly opened its two arms and a cyan light with smatterings of red emerged before retracting into its body!

“Success! Peak monarch rank!!” Chu Mu saw an even high ranked fifth rank wood type strength crystallization slowly appear on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. A smile rose on his face.

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