Chapter 620: Terror Seized, The Trapped Seven Color City

Chapter 620: Terror Seized, The Trapped Seven Color City

Chu Mu’s white nightmare was already tenth phase top tier monarch rank. As long as he got the soul items, Chu Mu had hope of strengthening to another emperor rank.

Once he has three emperor ranks, Chu Mu would be even stronger. At least, single handedly taking on a first rank tribe would be no problem.

Of course, the one able to become emperor rank with the right soul items was only White Nightmare.

White Nightmare has a subtype, so it would need double the resources.

Multiple type soul pets and single type soul pets had a clear difference when it came to strengthening. For single type soul pets, Chu Mu just had to find one emperor soul item of the right type and just strengthen. One times the cost would be enough to reach emperor rank.

With multiple types, he had to find a soul item of the same multiple types, needing double the resources to strengthen an emperor rank. He couldn’t split up the types and strenghten them separately.

Worth noting was, fighting ranks couldn’t be split up and strengthened, because it would cause a permanent weakening of the sub types.

For example, White Nightmare was Other, fire, beast, and dark type. Its main type was Other, while its sub types from strongest to weakest were fire, beast, and dark.

If he split up the strengthening and bought other type soul items to strengthen white nightmare to emperor rank, such strengthening would bring white nightmare to emperor rank. However, the fire, beast, and dark types would permanently weaken. Compared to a monarch rank’s soul pet, these sub types at monarch rank would be almost worthless, making white nightmare a normal emperor rank.

Even if he bought fire type, beast type, and dark type tri-type soul items to make up, it won’t have any significant impact.

Chu Mu’s soul pets in reality had examples of type weakening: Night Thunder Dream Beast and Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Night Thunder Dream Beast’s thunder type was almost gone, while Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s beast type was also weakening.

Chu Mu’s main soul pets were all many types. Zhan Ye was beast and insect type, Mo Xie was, White Nightmare even had four types. They were all bottomless holes. His other soul pets needed to reach emperor rank too.

Old Li only knew of one spirit source. He didn't even know how long it would take to find another one. So, missing this opportunity, Chu Mu’s growth would be significantly slowed!

Chu Mu and the defector young woman’s agreement was life and death within six yeares. In this six years, Chu Mu had to try his best to reach high class emperor rank, or else how would he be able to enslave that woman? This spirit source he had to obtain.


While Chu Family’s members were considering Luo Region Sect’s take-over, Chu Mu was also naturally thinking of how to deal with these pesky Luo Region Sect people.

The discussion was clearly heavy, but Chu Tianheng didn’t have any other plans. Finally, Chu Tianheng could only said: “Chu Mu, this time the family is completely reliant on you.”

“En, let’s plan but not act, watch and see what happens.” Chu Mu said.


Since seven color city had a lot of experts appear, the issue of the disaster was no longer the main problem.

However, something no one had expected happened!


In the morning, all of the night patrol members of Chu Family all suddenly disappeared without contact. If not for the periodic reports CHu Tianheng required from them, Chu Tianheng wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong.

The disaster mainly came from the south side, so if the south side patrols disappeared, everyone could guess that the panther species first rank tribe had dispatched their troops. However, no news came back from the other three directions either, making it extremely strange!

The same day all sides lost contact, the first rank tribe’s monarch rank army brought the rest of thier troops over!

With the appearance of the disaster, peoples’ attentions naturally fell back onto defending seven color city.

No matter Luo REgion Sect or Sun Yuan factions, if they wanted to take the spirit source, they had to use seven color city as a foundation, so they wouldn’t slack on protecting seven color city.

Sun Yuan’s faction actually came from merchant alliance. When the monarch rank army came, merchant alliance only told the man called Sun Pan to go forth to control the situation.

In Luo Region Sect, though everyone fought, after destroying all of the monarch ranks, they still looked very relaxed. It seems like they indeed were hiding strength. It was no wonder that even facing the commander rank army, they didn’t even bother to attack for fear of tarnishing their idnetity.

After they solved the ninth rank clan disaster, the seven color city people all let out a breath of relief. That night, the remaining ten thousand or so residents all celebrated.

These residents mostly stayed in seven color city because they had no where to go. Since they heard that Chu family was staying, those who believed in Chu family stayed. Now that the disaster was fixed, they naturally were even more supportive of Chu Family.

The disaster was solved. However, Chu family couldn’t relax at all.

That is because Chu family people have already noticed that the entire seven color city seemed to be in lock down!

Chu family had sent many people outwards to send messages, but they all disappeared once they left. No one came back into seven color city, even those who went towards the north end where there weren’t any disasters…...


Three or four days after the seven color city’s calm after the disaster, the city was shrouded by a strange sense of death.


“Clan master, the great leader Zheng Nan came back.” Chu Si reported in the Chu Family hall.

“What’s up?” Chu Tianheng hastily asked.

The mercenaries that Zheng Nan lead were all hired by Chu Family with gold. In the later stages of the disaster, their usefulness was lower, so when the disaster ended, they took the gold and left.

Chu Tianheng noticed that the surrounding atmosphere of Seven color city was very wrong, so he told Zheng Nan not to leave. Zheng Nan felt that his mercenary army was massive, so even if there was something strange near seven color city, he probably wouldn’t be stopped, so he chose to leave.

Yet, Zhen Nan who left just came back, meaning something must have happened!

“He’s unconscious right now. With him were his other leaders, all heavily injured. As for his mercenary army, none of them got back. Not sure if they left, or……” Chu Si couldn’t continue.


City north, a handsome dream beast nimbly travelled amongst the barren slopes.

Riding this nimble creature was a black clothed young man. His face was stern, eyes bright, with a cold glint amongst his eyes.

This man was Chu Mu. Not long ago, Chu Mu headed towards the territory of the first rank tribe.

The first rank territory was very agitated, causing Chu Mu to not dare to fight his way in. After gathering some information, he decided to return to Seven color city.

Yet, the moment he returned to seven color city, the mercenary army disappeared. Chu Mu quickly ran to the north to look and see the situation.


Passing over a mountain, Night Thunder Dream Beast jumped to the highest point of the slope and looked down the slowly descending landscape…...

Between the hills, one could see a lot of bright red things flowing. Further ahead, scattered white things were faintly visible between hills.

The red streams were clearly blood flowing between the hills. The white stuff were the remains of devoured corpses!

WIthout guessing, one could know that that was the burying grounds of the thousand strong mercenary army!

“Old Li, is there something else wrong with seven color city?” Chu Mu said heavily.

“I don’t really know; I think the situation is a little out of hand now.’ Old Li said.

With Chu Mu’s strength, leaving seven color city woulnd’t be much of a problem. However, Chu Mu didn’t dare to go far becuase he felt that there were dangerous creatures prowling all around seven color city. If Chu Mu walked far and one direction suddenly exploded, all of seven color city would definitely be killed, including all of Chu Family!

“Heng, you’ve got guts to run here.” Suddenly, a soul remembrance came from another hill.

Chu Mu glanced over and saw a soul pet trainer riding a horned beast.

This man Chu Mu had seen before; it was Sun Pan, who participated in the monarch rank disaster.

Monarch rank disaster, Chu Mu didn’t participate in. Luo Region sect and Sun Yuan’s faction were more than enough to deal with it. Chu Mu simply told his devil tree battle soldier to continue to train.

“Didn’t you go east?” Chu Mu replied.

“None of your business.” Sun Pan said mildly.

Sun Pan indeed went east to recon, but…...

Yet, this expert with hidden strength encountered a hidden clan!

Sun Pan, confident in his strength, wanted to dive right in to achieve connection with the outer world. However, the group of soul pets were far stronger than Sun Pan imained. Sun Pan himself barely escaped from the army after getting stuck deep in it.

Forced, Sun Pan escaped towards the northwest all the way until the north face of the city before finally escaping from the group of monsters.

Sun Pan wanted to save face, so there was no way he would explain that to the young man that he escaped from the east side.

“Then how is the situation that way?” Chu Mu was incredibly wise. With a few detailed glances at Sun pan’s horned beast, he had guessed most of it anyways.

“Not very hopeful. One could say that seven color city is completely surrounded.” Sun Pan had seen Chu Mu’s devil tree battle soldier. Now that Chu Mu was riding another high class monarch rank soul pet, he could guess that Chu Mu was probably a first tier young generation expert of tinaxia city.

While Sun Pan and Chu Mu communicated, he also rode his horned beast towards the hill CHu Mu was at.

He specially glanced at the blood flowing mountain and lost his composure for a second before slowly speaking, “You aren’t weak, so you probably guessed the situation.”

“En, its at least a tenth rank clan, if not a first rank tribe. No matter if you or the luo region sect people, leaving will be tough.” Chu Mu said.

“As long as you know.” Sun Pan nodded and continued, “We come from merchant’s alliance. I heard that our family’s Sun Yuan was here, so I wanted to come along to fix your family’s issue along the way. However, we encountered this instead and are stuck in the city. Though I don’t know why these creatures aren’t attacking the city, staying here is certain death.”

“I know, if you have anything to say, just say it.” Chu Mu of course knew Sun Pan wasn’t completely truthful. Coming from merchant’s alliance, he had probably come for the spirit source as well.

“Luo Region sect’s people definitely only care for themselves, selecting a direction to escape. You aren’t weak and are still young. There’s no point in staying with such a small family and dying. You can join us and escape from another direction.” Sun Pan said.

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