Chapter 62: Chu Mu, King of Prison Island!

Chapter 62: Chu Mu, King of Prison Island!

“Constantly killing trash and useless people is truly a disrespect to your identity……” the coated teen slowly walked onto the plaza battlefield.

The teen didn’t summon any soul pets. Even against Chu Mu’s Ice Fairy, which was full of killing intent, he still kept his calm composure. He seemed totally not worried that Chu Mu’s Ice Fairy would suddenly extend an icicle and pierce his body.

The teen didn’t intentionally lower his voice. With the entire battlefield silent, anyone with a sliver of soul power could hear what he said.

Chu Mu slightly creased his brows, his eyes watching the guy who had been watching from the sidelines the entire time.

Of course, Chu Mu had noticed this man. Before, he also heard He Lang mention the Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen. Sure enough, this fellow had appeared!

“Originally, if a famous person like you started a massacre, I, Yang Luosen, wouldn’t want to bother your interests. However, I have no other choice now, because the person you are killing is my good for nothing little brother……” The mysterious teen slowly spoke.

The Luo Region was near Nightmare Palace’s territory, so news from the Nightmare Palace always reached the Luo Region quickly.

Undeniably, as a Nightmare Prince with a title starting with Luo Region, he was naturally the strongest member of Nightmare Palace within the Luo Region. Not only this, other than the Luo Region Sect, it was very hard to find anyone that could compete against the Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen!!

In the Luo Region, the Luo Nightmare Prince’s fame was even higher than the top tier youth expert Tian Ji. Even within Nightmare Palace, the Luo Region Nightmare Prince was a top tier expert more famous than Tian Ji. Tian Ji was known by the public of Luo Region, yet this Luo Region Nightmare Prince was even more famous, basically representing the strongest young member in all of Luo Region!

Because of this, when this mysterious young man called himself Yang Luosen, everyone in the stadium was immediately subdued. No one had thought that the matchless Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen would appear at the Recommendation!!

The final goal of the Recommendation was to select the strongest people from each area and send them to Luo Region City to compete in an even more cutthroat competition. The reason Gangluo City’s Recommendation nature had changed this much was because, even if the strongest members of Gangluo City were sent to Luo Region City, they would still be easily eliminated.

Yet, the Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen was completely the kind that was a popular contestant to become the champion in Luo Region City. The appearance of such a young expert in a little Gangluo City Recommendation was unbelievable!!

“Old city master, is this really the Luo Region Nightmare Prince - Yang Luosen?” The  Zhou Family clan head Zhou Guixian said with a face of shock.

Yang Kuo, seeing that Yang Luosen had intervened, slightly eased the tension in his face and nodded heavily. “He is……”

Knowing that the mysterious Yang Family contestant was Luo Region Nightmare Prince Yang Luosen, the entire plaza battlefield flared up!!

“Yang Nightmare Prince, this is Gangluo City’s Recommendation, we might not be able to hold a famous entity such as yourself, how I see this is……” The host of the event realized that this entire Recommendation’s goal had changed already, so he immediately voiced his thoughts very politely to the authority of Nightmare Palace, Yang Luosen.

“This Recommendation, from the very beginning, couldn’t have continued normally. Didn’t you notice that there’s a fellow who doesn’t belong here that’s playing a game of slaughter?” Yang Luosen looked at the host and said lightly.

“How so? Is it because of the Chu Family Chu Mu’s actions? His actions are a bit……” The host immediately glanced at Chu Mu.

“A group of stupid people.” Yang Luosen laughed, looking closely and intimidatingly at Chu Mu, no longer caring about the host’s words.

“You, if you don’t want to die, get lost.” Chu Mu said coldly. So what if he was against the top tier expert Luo Region Nightmare Prince? If he was an obstruction, Chu Mu would kill him all the same!

“Haha, truly like the rumors, cold as a glacier and ready to kill and shed blood at the slightest notice!” Yang Luosen smiled and continued.

“The majestic Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince is falling as low as using these trashes to release your emotions. This guy definitely won’t let you satisfy your killing, so let I, Yang Luosen, have a fight with you……”

While everyone was still surprised by the appearance of the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen’s words created an even larger ripple throughout the audience!

Immediately, the entire ten thousand people exploded into conversation!!

King of Prison Island, Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince!!

In recent times, Nightmare Palace recently had a new star emerge. In a short time, his name had spread far and wide, and he was known as the most ominous and powerful young expert!!Just not long ago, many people could still remember, in the auction house, the mysterious man that walked by everyone who looked down on all the respectable people of Gangluo City!

At the time, people confirmed that Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince was in Gangluo City. A month had passed, so everyone thought that the top tier young expert had left Gangluo City already for a different place, but no one would’ve guessed that the young expert was still in Gangluo City!

Yet, what was even more unpredictable was, when the cold faced expert shed his mask, it was Chu Mu, who everyone took as a laughing matter four years ago!!

Chu Mu was the King of Prison Island?

The Chu family Chu Mu has since long ago been known by everyone in Gangluo City just because of that laughable lost soul. Yet, the Nightmare Palace Prison Island King was famous everywhere, becoming the nearby region’s most discussed expert in a short few months. These two people, to the people of Gangluo City, had no connection whatsoever. If not for Yang Luosen revealing otherwise, who could’ve connected the two matters?!

“From even more accurate information, though the Prison Island King is a Spirit Teacher, he only has two souls, so the reason his fame was even greater when he beat Tian Ji was because he only used two soul pets to defeat the three Blue Nightmares of the top tier expert Tian Ji!”

“Didn’t the Chu Family’s Chu Mu lose a soul as well?”

“The Prison Island King, Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince only has two souls, meaning he also lost a soul. Can it be that the Chu Family’s Chu Mu really is the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince, and the only one to survive the dangerous Prison Island that was occupied by 3000 prisoners?!!”

People’s discussion nearby constantly echoed through the old Family head Chu Ming’s ears. His long lost grandson was actually the top tier expert, the Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince.

This meant that, in the four years Chu Mu was gone, there were three years where he was accompanied by noone, except killing to survive the three thousand prisoners of Prison Island!!

Such an intimidating aura formed through long term killing, the calmness after killing, the shocking strength that could easily kill an opponent in one hit…...Chu Ming felt that Chu Mu’s title of Prison Island King was very surreal, yet connected everything- it seemed to be the only explanation!

“Speaking of the past four years, Chu Mu had always avoided it with vague descriptions……” Remembering asking about Chu Mu’s four years, Chu Ming’s heart wavered. Though Chu Ming didn’t know how dangerous Prison Island was, just hearing about the cruel competition and the great feat of one person surviving among 3000 was enough for Chu Ming to understand just how much blood and tears were shed for Chu Mu to be refined into the cold and arrogant youth he was today!

Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince - Prison Island King - Chu Mu!!

After Yang Luosen said that, the entire stadium blew up again!![1]

The Chu Family’s Chu Mu, was also Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince!! No wonder after four years he had become this merciless and apathetic, and no wonder he could look down upon the entire Yang Family with such arrogance!!

“Chu Mu……”

At this moment, everyone in the Chu Family scrutinized this glacier-like man, especially the brothers and sisters who grew up with Chu Mu. The shock in their hearts was indescribable. Why had there been no news of Chu Mu for four years, and why did his power increase so greatly after four years…...

Prison Island King, these three words were enough to explain all of Chu Mu!

At this point, everyone’s look towards Chu Mu changed. Not only did it have hope, but also shock after learning about the truth. There was also respect for the young man who survived four years of refinement through life and death!


“It seems like your influence has already surpassed even mine……” Yang Luosen smiled. At this moment he could distinctly feel the entirety of Gangluo City being stunned by Chu Mu!!

“Dead people will not need influence.” Chu Mu said apathetically.

What Chu Mu needed was definitely not the identity of Prison Island King, but instead, he needed the change he underwent through the past four years. This was to shock the entirety of Gangluo City, making the family feel proud of him, and making enemies shake because of him!

“We can’t avoid a fight!” Luo Region Nightmare Prince said.

The Luo Region Nightmare Prince turned around and looked at Lanyu City’s old host and said lightly, “Old Ling, let’s make you the witness for the fight between I, Yang Luosen, and the Prison Island King Chu Mu. When the battle ends, spread the message to everyone to let them know who is truly the strongest of Luo Region!!”

The host, who was called Old Ling, stared blankly and suddenly realized that this Recommendation has completely morphed into the peak battle between two top tier young experts. Old Ling’s expression immediately changed and said, “Both of you are powerful characters of Nightmare Palace, why have a duel in this little Gangluo City……”

“Be the witness; I want to kill, he wants to die- it’s perfect!” Chu Mu glanced at the host and said.

The host, Old Ling, looked stuck in between a rock and a hard place. No matter if it was the King of Prison Island or the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, both these young men were top tier experts of Nightmare Palace with superior positions, causing even him, a vice city master of a ninth level city, to be fearful and respectful.

The host was very helpless. He didn’t think there would simultaneously be two Nightmare Princes in Gangluo City and, even more, he didn’t expect the two Nightmare Princes to start a duel that could cause a sensation throughout the regions in his Recommendation!

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