Chapter 619: Eyeing Covetously, Soul Emperor’s Lackey

Chapter 619: Eyeing Covetously, Soul Emperor’s Lackey

At night, some fo the weaker soul pet trainers controlled their plant world soul pets to start cleaning up the battle field. Soul cores, soul crystals, innard crystals, these three things dug out of the soul pets’ bodies were all goodies that are used to power the economy and strengthen soul pets. Especially soul crystals; once they appeared, they gained a great amount of wealth.

The soul crystals of the 150 commander ranks were mostly ninth and tenth rank. If one had a couple, it was worth a couple 100 million in gold. To a family like Chu Family, this wasn’t a small sum.

Other than collecting soul cores, soul crystals, and innard crystals, the corpses had to be dealt with as well or else the blood scent would float extremely far. Some naturally bloodthirsty beasts would get attracted, possibly leading whole clans of soul pets over. After all, to the west of the city was Qingfeng Wetland, which was directly connected to a third rank tribe Western Wetlands!

Qingfeng Wetlands was a small marsh. Under countless short grey-green shrubs, there were always hidden a few ponds reflecting the starlights.

The humidity was quite heavy in wetlands, causing it to always rain. The habitants of this area therefore were mainly lizard or humid-loving insect species.

The bleak moon was up high, scattering its mellow light down. When it was night time, the entire wetland was always shrouded with an oppression, with occasional shrieks breaking the silence, giving off a hackle-raising feel.

The cold wind blew through. In the seemingly silent wetland, one could always see the upper body of a black shadow suddenly appear to devour some water-drinking organism in one gulp, sending a shriek through the wetlands before going back to silence.

“The next time, if anyone gave me gold to watch this area, I won’t do it even if they pay double!” From a bush, a low whisper came out.

“Qingfeng Wetlands isn’t a safe place. Have you not heard? No one in all of Western Kingdom has ever gone through Qingfeng Wetlands to reach the deeper regions.” Another man’s voice came along.

“Entire western kingdom?” The grumbling man said questioningly.

“Yes, the entire western kingdom! No one had ever gotten through. Those big characters, like city master, region master, and even Kingdom master included……”

“Heavens, then how terrifying is this Qingfeng Wetlands…...I…...Why do I feel as if a lot of things over there are wriggling.” The complaining man suddenly felt his entire body shiver.

These two people were sent by Chu Family to patrol the night. The Qingfeng Wetlands were a hidden threat. Even though the main focus was the South slope, they couldn’t forget about this region.

“Don’t scare yourself, how could they be coming the moment we speak……” The other patrolling man said nonchalantly. As he spoke, he peeked his head out to look further into the Qingfeng Wetlands. Yet, with this glance, his expression froze!

“There really is something crawling over!!” The two shouted and quickly summoned their soul pets.


Two claws flew past. The complaining man’s middle class warrior rank soul pet that he just summoned was immediately ripped apart, sending blood everywhere over him.

The patrolling member was scared stiff. Before he was even able to run, four more shadows darted out, all very quick, killing their warrior rank soul pets in one technique!


A scream echoed through the night as the two patrols were almost simultaneously ripped into shreds.

As they were killed, the two patrols also saw a scene that caused them to lose all hope of escaping!

A black mass - sharp clawed organisms were wriggling through the vast wetlands in the thousands, almost like a low-hanging cloud slowly enroaching!!

If four or five could kill two warrior rank soul pet trainers in a few short seconds, how terrifying would the disaster this large army would cause!!

The moon was still hanging high as the dark tide like army slowly inched nearer to human society in the silent night. Yet, the couple regions on the south west side of western kingdom, there were tens of millions of people who knew nothing of this…...



Seven Color City Chu Family Residence

“They truly are intolerable!!” Chu He suddenly slammed the table and stood up, face full of anger!

Of the Chu family members, Chu He was the least talkative and also the most mild in temperament. It was very rare he would be this angry about something!

Tonight, Chu Family inner members had called together a family meeting where only direct descendants of Chu family could attend.

“Everyone, I’m sorry. Though I guessed Luo Region sect would send experts here and that their motives weren’t that simple, I didn’t think they would propose such a ridiculous plan. I brought trouble to us all.” Chu Tianqi said ashamed to everyone.

Chu Mu’s fifth uncle Chu Tianqi always was abroad managing the family’s businesses. The connections the family had were all managed by him, meaning Luo Region Sect people were contacted by him as well…...

“Fifth brother, you aren’t to blame.” Chu Tianheng said steadily.

“Heng, help us defend against the disaster and give them control of seven color city so that chu family can become a subordinate of their faction? Not only are they stealing our city, they want us as manual labor as well, what kind of bullshit joke is this?” Chu Tianlin even started swearing!

A few days ago, Luo Region Sect’s Luo Qiufeng had vaguely brought this matter up, which caused Chu Tianlin to become incredibly angry already. Yet, tonight, Luo Qiufeng directly gave them the ultimatum. Not only did they laugh at Chu Family’s weakness, they even threatened them, telling Chu Family not to be too obstinate, less they anger Luo Region Sect and have no place left to go in all of Western Kingdom as well as the nearby Kingdoms!

“Chu Mu, you guessed correctly. These bastards aren’t here to defend the disaster!” Chu Tianlin continued to say.

Luo Region Sect’s power was great and covered many kingdoms west of Tianxia City. They wouldn’t turly care about a small Chu Family’s life and death. Let alone, they sent top tier monarch rank experts. Connecting it to the issue of spirit sources, one could deduce that they were here to steal resources.

Chu Mu himself knew. If he needed spirit resources to feed his emperor rank soul pets, he must steal from some already saturated factions, so having collisions with great factions would be inevitable.

“Second uncle, that Luo Tong accidentally spoke too much to me today. Their elders’ strengths aren’t as simple as we think.” Chu Yishui said quietly.

Originally, the stronger Luo Region Sect was, the smaller the impact the disaster woudl have on seven color city; it was a win win scenario. However, these luo region sect wolves were here to annex Chu Family. Even if they could defend the city successfully, seven color city would be lost. If they knew this, Chu family would have just abandoned this city instead of becoming Luo Region Sect’s labor force.

“Yishui, you try to get more information from that guy to figure out their strengths.” Chu Tianlin said. Chu Tianlin knew Chu Yishui was smart and witty since she was a child, meaning Luo Tong wouldn’t be able to get much from her.

“Oh, okay……’ Chu Yishui nodded.

Chu Mu didn’t speak from beginning to end. He at first was curious; if Luo REgion sect were sending people to scout out the spirit sources, sending experts with only top tier monarch ranks doesn’t seem to be enough. It turns out these people had hide their strength.

Chu Mu could even imagine Luo Qiufeng and Luo Qiusheng’s expressions. They were definitely full of disdain and mockery as they watched Chu Clan, laughing at Chu Family’s ignorance and stupidity as they shocked the small family to silence with only a small portion of their strength.

It was good that Chu Mu could keep his composure and not reveal his strength so brashly. Or else, if Luo Region Sect secretly plotted against him or asked for reinforcements, Chu Mu would have a harder time dealing with them.

“Oh right, Sun Yuan’s helpers are here. Chu Ying, how powerful are they?” Chu Tianheng asked.

“I…...I don’t know. Sun Yuan originally said he was going to send some old henchmen from his family over. However, a young man and a couple of subordinates aged around thirty years old came instead. Sun Yuan was extremely respectful to the young man and his subordinates, calling them elder.” Chu Ying said.

“Able to take down the guest boat business for Chu family this easily and leaking that he could help Chu family grow further, this Sun Yuan definitely isn’t as simple as he’s letting on.” Chu Tianheng siad.

“That Sun Yuan is a fourth remembrance spirit master. Such a remembrance level is pretty ahead even in the rankings of both kingdoms. He definitely is a young master of some great faction.” Chu Mu said lighlty.

In Tianxia City, young generation members reaching fourth remembrance spirit master was incredibly rare. Able to reach such a level meant that he wasn’t a normal person. Chu Mu had guessed that early on.

“Fourth remembrance spirit master!!” Chu Ying immediately called out.

From what Chu Ying saw, able to reach spirit master was already a great achievement, let alone fourth remembrance! She never would have guessed that Sun Yuan had hidden so deeply.

“Sun Yuan probably won’t be harmful to us. If calls people over, then I can’t say for sure.” Chu Mu said.

The people Sun Yuan called over Chu Mu had seen as well. The mysterious young man Chu Mu glanced at, a sixth remembrance spirit master, which was incredibly high. No wonder Sun Yuan was so respectful to him.

As for the three subordinates that the young man brought, Chu Mu couldn’t be sure of, but they definitely weren’t weak. As for where they were from, Chu Mu had no clue.

“Young master, this little seven color city suddenly got this many experts isn’t a coincidence. Without needing to say, ninty percent of them are here for the spirit source, all the lackeys before the soul emperors. Recently, there have been a great many disasters. As a first rank tribe continuously sends armies towards human society, their inner territories were more vulnerable and bare. Probably news of a spirit source appeared there, attracting these soul emperors’ attention.” Old Li said.

One spirit source bringing in this many wolves, seems like emperor rank resources truly are in great demand.

“Thousand spirits could create a tenth of an emperor or keep an emperor rank for three years without battling. That spirit source could create thousands of spirits at once or even more, and give up a couple hundred every month after. The importance of this is very clear. Young master should know that this can’t fall into other peoples’ hands.

Emperor rank resources are already scarce. Chu Mu has to prepare to provide for a huge group of emperor ranks, especially the little Hidden Dragon. Chu Mu couldn’t possibly let another faction take it!!

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