Chapter 618: Who’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier?

Chapter 618: Who’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier?

“That kid? Who are you kidding? How could he have a high class monarch rank soul pet?” Zhang Ying quickly realized who the Chu Clan young men were pointing to, so he specially glanced at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s age was only around twenty something. Zhang Ying might even double him in age. How could such a literal youngster have a high class monarch rank soul pet, one that was clearly much stronger than his devil tree battle soldier!

The other three teachers were all glancing at Chu Mu while controlling their own soul pets as well. They found it similarly hard to believe that the devil tree battle soldier came from one young man.

In the group fight, wood type always had a decisive advantage. One could say that the tyrannical devil tree battle soldier’s effect was probably same as the sum of the four high class monarch ranks of the teachers.

No matter who the Devil Tree Battle Soldier belonged to, the four were uncomfortable after the situation they were supposed to control was taken over by a dominant devil tree battle soldier!

Chu Qian, Chu He, Chu Lang all kept an eye out for Chu Mu, but noticed that Chu Mu didn’t seem to be controlling his soul pet, and was instead just watching the masses of creatures from the edge of the city building.

The three of them all had their own soul pets to control, so naturally they couldn’t specially run to Chu Mu and ask. Though the devil tree battle soldier reduced a lot of pressure they were experiencing, getting distracted in these large magnitude battles could easily create accidents.

Yet, standing in the city building commanding the battle, Chu Tianlin smiled, not joining the fight.

From the very beginning, Chu Tianlin had noticed that the devil tree battle soldier was Chu Mu’s.

Chu Tianlin already knew that Chu Mu had high class monarch rank soul pets. However, even after having mental preparation, CHu Mu’s devil tree battle soldier displayed a group combat strength that caused even Chu Tianlin to gasp in admiration. Especially, this one high class monarch rank devil tree battle soldier was killing larger groups than the four high class monarch rank soul pets combined. This feeling caused Chu Tianlin to feel redeemed!


This soul pet invasion lasted an entire day. Only until the night did it finally calm down.

Originally, when the 150 commander ranks appeared, they needed a dozen mercenaries to group up to defeat one organism, which would have made the battle even more hard-fought. However, the situation was much better than they thought due to the four high class monarch ranks and twelve middle class monarch ranks that joined the battle.

What caused the battle situation to become even better was the devil tree battle soldier that shocked everyone, who’s owner was still unknown!

Someone estimated that, of the 150 commander ranks and 500 warrior ranks, this devil tree battle soldier probably killed 50 commander ranks, at least 200 warrior ranks, and over 1000 servant ranks.

Of such a large disaster group, almost a third of it was killed by devil tree battle soldier!

One had to know that the experts from Great Chu Family that they spent a lot of money on had only killed around a third of all enemies combined. By comparison, one could see just how formidable the devil tree battle soldier was!

“This devil tree battle soldier could fight an entire day, truly overpowered.” Profiteer teacher said in a low voice.

Zhang Ying stiffened his face. He enjoyed feeling everyone’s respectful and envious gazes. Originally, with his wood type soul pet, he could have been the most outstanding one in this life and death battle, saving countless people's’ lives. Yet, all of the fame was taken away by the devil tree battle soldier. Even if this devil tree battle soldier indeed was incredibly powerful, Zhang Ying couldn’t have any good feelings towards it or its master.

The four teachers weren’t actually that weak. After all, other than the high class monarch ranks, they each had three middle class monarch ranks.

Yet, no matter the high class monarch ranks and middle class monarch ranks, they were easily wounded in group fights. Once they were more severely wounded, they would quickly retract them and send other secondary soul pets up.

The effect of secondary soul pets were naturally weaker. However, the devil tree battle soldier’s defense and life force was even more incredible; in that chaotic battle, it continued to fight for an entire day, yet they couldn’t find a single mark on it. If not for its limited stamina reducing its technique casting later on, this devil tree battle soldier would have killed even more enemies!


The fight was entering the clean-up phase, slowly calming the atmosphere.

Chu Qian tiredly retracted his soul pet, and specially glanced at Chu Mu before slowly walking towards him.

“Chu Mu……” Since Chu Qian came back to the family, she hadn’t even had the chance to talk to Chu Mu yet.

Chu Mu smiled lightly. Seeing Chu Qian’s tired appearance, he said caringly, “You seem very tired.”

Every soul pet trainer, after a whole day of controlling their soul pets in battle, would use up most of their mental power.

“Not bad, but you…….they said you just came back a few days ago. I thought I would never see you again……’ Chu Qian said quietly.

Noticing that Chu Mu was gently looking at her, she instead couldn’t make eye contact. A blush blossomed on her pale face. Good thing it was at night, meaning no one could see her redness.

“There were some matters I had to handle, so I came back.” Chu Mu’s original plan was to head east. But, if he did that, he wouldn’t return to the family this early.

This return to the family was truly an accident. Chu Mu couldn't say much, so he simply kept his light smile as he told Devil Tree Battle Soldier to come back.

Chu Qian didn’t know what to say for a moment. Suddenly, she noticed a green figure slowly climbing up the city wall and walking over, ending up behind Chu Mu.

Chu Qian stared blankly because she instantly recognized the devil tree battle soldier that had destroyed a third of all enemies!

This moment, the “devil tree battle god”, as Chu family members and the mercenaries called it, was right behind Chu Mu. What this meant was already clear to Chu Qian!

“This devil tree battle soldier… truly is your soul pet!!” Chu Qian opened her small mouth and stared in astonishment.

Chu Qian’s surprised shout quickly attracted the attention of the nearby tired soul pet trainers. Indeed, everyone on the city wall noticed that the “devil tree battle god” had returned to its owner.

And its owner was merely a twenty-something young man!

“Who is this young man? How is he so powerful, with one soul pet able to match the four great chu family experts!”

“I remember, I think its the son of the fourth brother of clan leader. He’s one of the young masters out for training, called Chu Mu.”

“I was just about to go berate the kid for standing on the city wall and doing nothing, simply watching. Who knew the devil tree battle soldier was his? Good thing I held back on the cursing……” A Chu family member turned pale at the memory.

“If not for the devil tree battle god standing right beside him, i wouldn’t believe it is his soul pet even if you bludgeoned me to death!”

In the entire battle, the most glamorous, sturdy, and fierce member was this devil tree battle soldier.

The owner of this devil tree battle soldier was also a mystery that everyone wanted to know.Now that the answer was revealed and the master turned out to be a young man, it caused another commotion through the tired crowd!

As the discussion sounds got louder, people came to the conclusion that the man wasn’t actually young but just seemed like it. From their knowledge, not even the most powerful young generation expert in Tianxia City had this kind of soul pet.

Of course, regardless of age, someone with such a powerful soul pet deserved respect from everyone!

As for Chu Mu’s age, Chu Qian, Chu Lang, Chu He, and Chu Tianlin knew the best.

After Chu Mu gave the devil tree battle soldier a recovery medicine,  everyone crowded up, looking nothing like having just gone through an entire day of fighting, instead all pumped up.

“It really is your soul pet, we didn’t believe it at first! Chu Mu, how did you train it, how did you make your devil tree battle soldier this powerful in such a short time!” Chu Lang was the first to shout excitedly.

“This devil tree battle soldier is definitely top five in all of western kingdom.” The untalkative Chu He said directly.

High class monarch rank, one has to know that Chu Lang and Chu He were still commander rank! The distance was truly too large!!

Chu Qian’s emotions were even greater. She had spent so much effort calling her four teachers over from Great Chu Family. Who would have thought that, after the eye-opening fight at Great Chu Family, this man in front of her had grown this much and completely outshined her four experienced teachers.

“The things that Chu Mu said at the dinner were all true then!!” Chu Lang’s gaze was heated, as if he wanted to immediately pry open CHu Mu’s soul pet space to see what other powerful soul pets he had.

“Chu Mu, what did you say at the dinner?” Chu Qian quickly asked.

“He said…..’ Chu Lang was just about to answer excitedly.

“Yep, what are you all surrounding Chu Mu for? The battle’s over, just go take care of your soul pets!” at this moment, Chu Tianlin humphed coldly, telling off all the chu family members that were slowly nearing!

These Chu family disciples all wanted to hear what this powerful teen had to say, yet Chu Tianlin interrupted.

Chu Tianlin couldn’t possibly let Chu Mu expose his strength this early. After all, Chu Qian brought her four experts, and the Luo Region Sect people were even bigger assholes. He had to show them who was better!

The moment he thought of the words the Luo Region Sect people said, Chu Tianlin got heated!

Before when Chu Mu told Chu Tainlin that Luo Reigon Sect may have ulterior motives, Chu Tainling was in disbelief, and he was about to thank them for coming to their rescue. Now, he knew that these people were indeed with bad intentions, so he only had anger for them.

So, before Luo Region Sect fought, Chu Tianlin couldn’t let Chu Mu’s strength get leaked, or else how could he embarrass them?

“These teachers have truly spent great effort for this disaster. Chu Tianlin represents all of Chu Family to thank you. Presumably, experts are tired. We have prepared all the medicine your soul pets may need……’ After Chu Tianlin finished telling off the young generation, he faked politeness and said to the teachers.

“No, no, just a small help, small help.” The profiteer was the first to react, laughing dryly but his tone was much more polite this time.

“Hehe, it isn’t a big deal, sub clan master you are too kind.” The other experts added.

Chu Tianlin specially looked at the teachers faces as surprise, embarrassment, and shame appeared. The only thing that was missing was the previous smug and condescending looks that belittled Chu Family…...

This caused Chu Tianlin to feel incredibly pleased. He had waited for this day since the moment he had to receive them!

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