Chapter 617: Obstructing A Side of the Battle Alone, the Devil Tree’s Might

Chapter 617: Obstructing A Side of the Battle Alone, the Devil Tree’s Might

Chu Mu wanted the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to fight, because it had had a month of ease. Chu Mu had a tenth rank wood type soul crystal. The disaster this time was so concentrated together than the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could obtain ample training time. Chu Mu planned on letting the Devil Tree Battle Soldier act as the main force. Afterwards, he would immediately try strengthening it.

If the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was able to reach the peak monarch rank, Chu Mu would have even greater hope of obliterating the tribe.

The commander legion didn’t have many creatures in it. Only about 150. However, most of them were tenth phase commanders. If they were high class commanders, they would have fighting strength equivalent to Chu Mu’s ninth phase monarchs from before. This was definitely not a legion that could be underestimated.

Moreover, alongside the commander rank legion, there were about 500 left from the warrior rank legion while the servant rank legion still had 5000. Although there were far from as many as the third day, their strength was much stronger than the third day!

The commander rank legion was very organized, and they weren’t scattered. They also attacked like a tide. The Chu Family had set up a few defenses outside the city, but these were useless to such a large group of charging creatures!

“Master, that commander rank legion has arrived.” Chu Xian spoke with a face of worry.

She was the first to summon a soul pet, which seemed to be about a tenth phase middle class commander. In the young generation, she could barely be considered remarkable. However, in the entire scheme of things, her strength was very lacking. She could only summon a long-ranged attack soul pet as she attack the enormous wave of commanders from the city wall.

Aside from Chu Xian, Chu He, Chu Lan,g and the other young generation members all summoned their soul pets!

Most of their soul pets were about the commander rank. Besides Chu Xian who could quadruple control, the others could only triple control. In total, there were only a dozen or so commanders. This was of extremely limited effect against an enormous legion of 150. 

“You small fellows aren’t of any use. Watch me!” Master Jian Shang faintly laughed. As he spoke, he immediately dual summoned.

Master Jian Shang had one high class monarch and three middle class monarchs. This was his strongest main pet formation. It was truly much more remarkable than the entire commander legion.

Zhang Ying, Guo Li, and the silent master all had a soul pet formation that consisted of one high class monarch and one middle class monarch.

After the four of them finished summoning, the environment immediately surged up. Especially when the mercenary spirit soldiers and Chu Family members saw these monarchs fight one against ten, they all had a whole new level of respect towards these old men. They all showed expressions of adoration. 

“So it turns out they are Great Chu Family experts. I’ve been disrespectful.” the leader of the mercenaries, Zheng Nan, respectfully said.

Zheng Nan’s mercenary group’s strength was limited, and probably when the commander legion arrived, they would collapse and they would suffer heavy losses. However, once these experts participated, the situation would immediately reverse. 

Jian Shang, Zhang Ying, and Guo Li all had expressions of satisfaction. They clearly enjoyed being looked at by everyone.

“150 or so commanders. Although there are a lot of them, we can deal with them. You guys can just deal with those warrior and servant ranks. Leave the commanders to us.” laughed Jian Shang.

After speaking, Jian Shang intentionally raised his eyebrows at Chu Xian. His intention was that they were about to use so much effort, so after this is over, we’ll see what your Chu Family is going to do. 

“That Devil Tree Battle Soldier is very tyrannical. Even numerous commanders have been instakilled! Whose soul pet is that?!” the Chu Family disciples pointed in shock at the battlefield as they watched. 

Although the battle was very chaotic, a soul pet that was able to take charge of an entire area could be clearly seen. Especially when the majority of the soul pet trainers guarding the city had split up the battlefield into areas that they were in charge of to lessen the pressure. They would be able to tell if some powerful soul pet had appeared to help them break a siege. 

When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was mentioned, Zhan Ying’s face was even brighter. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was obviously his high class monarch. It was a famous group fighting soul pet in Western Kingdom!

“My Devil Tree Battle Soldier has definitely killed the most enemies. The fight has only persisted for thirty minutes, but at least ten commanders and 200 warriors ranks have fallen at the hands of my Devil Tree Battle Soldier.” Zhang Ying proudly thought to himself.

As he was proud, Zhang Ying threw a glance at Chu Xian.

However, Zhang Ying suddenly discovered that Chu Xian’s eyes didn’t seem to be on his Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Not only her, but the Chu Family disciple who had just let out a cry wasn’t looking at his Devil Tree Battle Soldier either. Instead, they were focused on another spot on the battlefield.

 “What’s the matter? Could there be two Devil Tree Battle Soldiers?!” Zhang Ying was stunned.

He turned his head and indeed, Zhang Ying abruptly discovered, in between the warrior and commander legions, a two hundred meter tall Devil Tree Battle Soldier

This Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t seem remarkable and was easily swallowed up by the soul pets. However, its tyrannical roots were like a hundred cyan pythons that madly moved about in the hundred meters around it.

Piercing, twisting, cutting, sweeping, and whipping. When warrior rank creatures were hit by these group wood type attacks, they were undoubtedly dead. As for the commander rank creatures, if they weren’t able to dodge, it would also be hard for them to escape death!

Zhang Ying was even more shocked because this Devil Tree Battle Soldier evidently possessed the poison attribute and sprinkled poison in the hundred meters around it. It was a slow-acting poison that had great destructive force on huge groups. Every once in a while, he would see creatures with serious wounds suddenly collapse for no reason, before just dying! 

“Who… whose Devil Tree Battle Soldier is that?!” Zhang Ying finally asked.

Zhang Ying’s words caused the surrounding people to be confused. Chu Xian confusedly asked: “Isn’t that master’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier? Master Zhang Ying hasn’t summoned this Devil Tree Battle Soldier before. Now that I’m seeing it today, it truly is powerful!”

Zhang Ying was praised like this, and should have felt pride. However, his Devil Tree Battle Soldier wasn’t being engulfed by the commander rank legion right now. How could its majesty compare to this Devil Tree Battle Soldier that was wantonly trampling the enormous legion by itself?! 

Chu Xian saw that Zhang Ying looked awkward and quickly reacted. She shockingly covered her small mouth and said: “Could that not be master’s soul pet?” 

Zhang Ying shook his head.

Chu Xian, Chu Lang, and Chu He all stood to the side. They all knew that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier dominating an area by itself wasn’t from the Great Chu Family’s master. Thus, they searched the surroundings in shock, wanting to know which expert had summoned such a tyrannical soul pet that had suppressed the powerful commander rank legion outside the city wall.

“Didn’t Chu Mu also have a Devil Tree Battle Soldier?” at this moment, Chu He thought of something and her gaze fell on the adjacent Chu Mu.

“Yes, Chu Mu had a Devil Tree Battle Soldier.” Chu Lang nodded his head. At the beginning he seemed to have not reacted, but if one looked closely, his face was actually painted with shock! 

“Could it be that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier that has killed dozens of commanders and nearly a thousand warriors is Chu Mu’s?!!” Chu Lang cried out in astonishment! 

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