Chapter 616: Great Disaster, Blood Colored Sunset

Chapter 616: Great Disaster, Blood Colored Sunset

Chu Mu noticed that after the Little Hidden Dragon killed an enemy, a thread of special soul essence floated into its Dragon Soul Pearl.

These dead souls were undetectable by others. Only the Little Hidden Dragon and Chu Mu whose souls were connected could see this.

Moreover, through the Little Hidden Dragon’s soul connection, Chu Mu was able to approximately determine how many dead souls it had absorbed!

“Whatever, I’ll stake it all!” Chu Mu  gritted his teeth, determined to add the specter attribute to the Little Hidden Dragon!

The Dragon Soul Pearl was extremely special. Moreover, after absorbing all of the souls, the specter type would naturally become a point of dominance. In order to create an even stronger Hidden Dragon, Chu Mu could only stake it all!

“Since you’ve decided, then young master needs to find a specter type spirit item before the Little Hidden Dragon evolves from the second to third phase. This specter item may be very hard to find, but if you spend a lot of money, you should be able to find one.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head, but his heart dripped with blood! 

The Little Hidden Dragon was only at the second phase, and was considered an infant pet. Its physical strength was not unlimited and after using a few powerful techniques, much of it would be exhausted. In the subsequent fight, it was only able to kill about 1000 servant rank Black Rock Leopards. 

All together, the Little Hidden Dragon was able to kill 1500 enemies, collecting about 1000 servant rank souls. 

Of course, for now these dead souls weren’t of any use. After almost all of the Little Hidden Dragon’s physical strength had been exhausted, Chu Mu didn’t stay here any longer, and brought the Little Hidden Dragon back to the city wall.

Upon reaching the city wall, Chu Mu recalled the Little Hidden Dragon back to its soul pet space.

The Little Hidden Dragon had obliterated a huge group of enemies, lessening the pressure on the mercenary spirit soldiers. There wasn’t much suspense in the rest of the fight, and the mercenary spirit soldiers were able to, by around noon, obliterate all of the servant legion. 

After Chu Mu recalled the Little Hidden Dragon, he didn’t stay any longer. He said hi to Chu Si before heading to the Chu Family residence. 

After Chu Mu had left, the leaders, Zheng Nan and Chu Si, as well as the other leaders on the city wall all had rigid expressions!

A soul pet’s phase and stage was approximately determined by experienced soul pet trainers through looking at a soul pet’s aura and appearance. When Chu Mu’s Little Hidden Dragon had been thrown into the servant rank legion, Zheng Nan, Chu Si and the other leaders had been further away. They had only guessed it was an infant pet under the fifth phase.

However, just after Chu Mu returned, these people saw the Little Hidden Dragon clearly and all had expressions of disbelief!!

“That… that…. Is definitely only a third phase or so infant pet!!”

Previously, they had estimated Chu Mu’s soul pet was a high class monarch because only a fifth phase or so high monarch would be able to exhibit such strength.

But upon closer examination, they abruptly realized it was a third phase or so infant pet. If it was only at the third phase, how high was its species rank?!!


Chu Mu naturally didn’t know that Chu Si and the others had been scared so silly by his Little Hidden Dragon that they forgot to command the battle. Instead, he just slowly made his way home.

Just as Chu Mu stepped into the courtyard to the left of the entrance, he found a beautifully figured beauty crouching next to the pond. She was panting as she struggled to lift the adjacent rock and throw it into the pond.

Chu Mu glanced at the beauty and hesitated. He decided to take another way around his courtyard, but this beauty happened to turn around and saw Chu Mu standing there. The slight sadness on her face immediately blossomed into a beautiful smile.

“Big brother Chu Mu.” the beauty immediately stood up and floated to Chu Mu as if she was a spotlessly white cloud. In a very natural fashion, she grabbed Chu Mu’s arm and looked at him very cutely. 

The beauty in front of Chu Mun was Chu Mu’s younger cousin, Chu Yishui. The last time he had seen her, she was just a young girl. But now she was lovely and beautiful, emanating with charm. 

Chu Mu gave a slight laugh and said: “Why are you here by yourself all sad?” 

“Hmph, it’s because of Luo Region Sect’s people!! Luo Region Sect’s people are even more arrogant than bigger sister’s teacher. They are practically like a group of bandits!” as Chu Yishui spoke, she got angry.

Chu Mu was thinking of dealing with Luo Region Sect’s people, and promptly asked her what had happened.

So it turned out not long before Chu Mu had returned, Chu Mu’s fifth uncle, Chu Tianqi had brought Luo Region Sect’s experts here.

Luo Region Sect brought a total of ten people. Five of them were middle aged people and five were young people. Of the five middle aged people, one of them was Luo Region Sect’s Hall Master. He was a mighty expert with a peak monarch rank soul pet. His name was Luo Qiufeng!

Luo Qiufeng was famous in Western Kingdom and even the masters from the Great Chu Family had to be polite towards him.

This Luo Qiufeng was naturally very unkind, and once he entered the Chu Family, he immediately started disparaging the Chu Family’s shabbiness. 

Luo Qiufeng was extremely strong and others could only bear it in silence. Under Luo Qiufeng were another four middle aged experts with high class monarchs. Luo Qiufeng’s young brother, Luo Qiusheng, was even more shameless and said that a single one of his soul pets was as strong as the entire Chu Family.

The elders being so rude had caused the Luo Region young members to act even more arrogantly. Among them was a young man called Luo  Tong. When he had been strolling around, he saw Chu Yishui’s beautiful appearance and had begun frivolously flirting with her. Chu Yishui was angry but couldn’t say anything. She ultimately could only run here and vent her anger on the pond.

“Big brother Chu Mu, I feel that these people from the big faction have come here not to help us but to provoke us. My father said we must bear it since they came from a big faction and naturally are unsatisfied with coming to our small family. If we contradict them, our family has no hope of stopping the disaster. Moreover, Luo Tong has bad intentions towards me, but father said I still have to swallow my words!” Chu Yishui seemed to have finally found someone she could grumble towards and spilled all the displasure in her heart.

Chu Mu comforted the young beauty while thinking of the Luo Region Sect problem.

Luo Region Sect suddenly appearing with a peak monarch rank expert at Chu Family was probably a bit too much. This really made it difficult to believe that they didn’t have ulterior motives. 

The entire first rank tribe had a total of 30 peak monarchs. In the disaster, an army of six of these peak monarchs would appear.

Moreover, the group of people from Luo Region Sect weren’t weak and could help him get rid of a few peak monarchs. Once the tribe’s strength was weakened, Chu Mu would have even greater assurance.

“Luo Region Sect’s people are too arrogant. I have to teach them a lesson!” Chu Mu silently pondered. 


The pace of the disaster was even faster than the Chu Family had previously estimated.

There were about 30,000 in the servant rank legion and that day they managed to get rid of 10,000. But on the third day, the warrior rank legion began to mix in with the servant rank legion!

There were about 1000 in the warrior rank legion while the servant rank legion had 10,000.

It was impossible to defeat this group just relying on the mercenaries. Thus, the experts who the Chu Family had recently gathered in the past few years lined up on the city wall, fighting with the warrior and servant rank legions!

This fight lasted a long time. After fighting for two days, the enormous legion seemed to show signs of weakening.Approximately on the fifth day of the disaster, the 10,000 servant rank legion was pretty much obliterated while the remaining 500 warrior ranks broke into Seven Color City. They destroyed many of Seven Color City’s defenses, causing many parts of the wall to collapse. 


The fight lasted from dawn until dusk before it finally stopped!

The captivating red sunset illuminated the flowing blood inside and outside the city. It accentuated the remnants of this bitter fight in a shocking manner. Dead bodies littered the streets, walls, hills and ruins. Among them were also numerous soul pets from the human side. Occasionally one could see a few soul pet trainer corpses...

The disaster was undoubtedly very miserable. Moreover, this was merely the beginning stages. The commander and monarch rank legions had yet to appear. When that time came, the entire Seven Color City would probably run red like a bloody river. 

The disaster didn’t give the humans any chance to rest. Early in the morning of the sixth day, they received news from a messenger soul pet trainer that an even larger legion was attacking from the south side. It would arrive probably just before daylight! 

The Chu Family never expected this disaster to be such a violent surge!

Probably in a few days, it would already be the disaster’s strongest waves. Chu Tianheng had called awake the Luo Region Sect and Great Chu Family experts that night to have them prepare. 

The Chu Family’s four masters were lazy as they didn’t seem to want to make a move this early.

The Luo Region Sect’s people were even more arrogant and didn’t even appear. They instead said that if the monarch rank legion did not appear, then not to call for them.

It didn’t matter if the two sect’s people made a move, but Chu Mu himself had to stand on the city wall.

In truth, Chu Mu had continuously stood on the city wall. The moment he discovered a creature that was overly powerful, he would have his Night Thunder Dream Beast kill it. Otherwise, the previous wave of creatures would have been mixed together with this one.

“Fellow masters, you guys had better make a move. The commander rank legion will definitely appear. If you do not make a move, we won’t be able to protect this city.” Chu Xian anxiously spoke to the masters.

“I know, I know. Isn’t it just a commander rank legion? What is there to be afraid of?” Master Jian Shang impatiently said.

“Haha, watch the might of my Devil Tree Battle Soldier!’ Zhang Ying laughed.

As he spoke of a Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the adjacent Chu Mu threw a glance at this old man with a perverted gaze.

Chu Mu had also planned on letting his Devil Tree Battle Soldier attack. Presumably Zhan Ying’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier was a high class monarch. THus, when this wave of the disaster appeared, they would be able to see whose Devil Tree Battle Soldier was even more domineering in group fights! 

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