Chapter 614: Little Hidden Dragon Slaughtering the Servant Rank Army

Chapter 614: Little Hidden Dragon Slaughtering the Servant Rank Army

Seven Color City’s south side was a flat slope. After the slope was a grey yellow mountain.

Inside the mountain, the plants were very sparse. Most of the rocks were barren, so once soul pet clans ran past, one could definitely see them clearly.

The spirit soldiers on the city walls saw tens of thousands of servant rank soul pets start their invasion, and their faces were very grave.

These spirit soldiers were mostly soul pet trainers that were hired by Chu Family. Their average soul pet strength was around tenth phase high class servant rank, and they were around 1000 in numbers.

Every spirit soldier could summon two soul pets, so their magnitude was around 2000 high class servant ranks. Of course, spirit soldiers could switch soul pets and continue battle, so they could maintain their 2000 high class servant rank fighting strength for a while.

Yet, after glancing over, there were at least ten thousand soul pets in the servant rank army, dense and surging over violently. Though the humans had a city wall, facing the smoky onset, it still brought them immense pressure.

“Everyone, don’t fear. They are mostly middle class servant ranks. Our average strength is higher than them!” Chu Si used his soul remembrance to tell everyone, lifting everyone’s spirits.

Leading the group of spirit soldiers was the original Chu family guard leader Chu Si. Standing next to Chu Si was the original Chu family guard leader Chu Si. Beside him was the leader of these mercenaries, Zhng Nan. He was a spirit master rank expert.

Behind Zheng Nan were ten leaders, all spirit teachers.

The leader Zheng Nan was calm, showing his manner as a great leader. Facing the tide-like Black Rock Panther army, he remained calm.

Black Rock Panther: Beast World - Beast Type - Panther Species - warrior rank

Though these Black Rock Panthers were all warrior rank, none of them were tenth phase, so their average strength was tenth phase low class servant rank to top tier servant rank. If these Black Rock Panthers were all tenth phase, this mercenary spirit soldier group definitely couldn’t handle it.

  “Summon your soul pets!”

Great leader Zheng Nan shouted out loud using soul remembrance.

Immediately, up and down the city wall, colorful soul pet summoning symbols lit up. In a short few seconds, 2000 soul pets appeared on the south city gate. Because their average strength is high class servant rank, they didn’t lose in grandeur to the Black Rock Panther army!

In team battles, morale was incredibly important. Once their morale was up, all the mercenaries started shouting along with their soul pets, sending rumbles down the entire southside of the city!!


The battle began immediately. Elemental world soul pets lead the attack, sending waves of all types downwards in bombardement!

Very quickly, the south city slope was covered in flying flesh and dirt, sending the situation into chaos!

After the elementals used their techniques, the beast world soul pets dashed forward, sending earth-shaking roars throughout the battlefield!!


Chu Si stood at the top of the city building and looked over the battle situation.

Even Chu Si himself hadn’t witnessed many battles as large as this one. Seeing tens of thousands of soul pets battle, it invisibly evoked a hot bloodedness in him. If he didn’t have to command the entire battlefield, he probably would have leaped off and started killing these bastards that are trying to destroy Chu family’s efforts!

Chu Si was just getting excited when he suddenly noticed a person taht had crept up to him without anyone noticing. Turning around, he was taken aback.

“Young master Chu, why are you here?” Chu Si immediatelys mield.

The person who came was the white clothed Chu Mu. For the young master Chu in frotn of him, CHu Si had nothing but respect. He was extremely powerful, yet he was still humble and low-profile, hundreds of times better than those young generation experts that feel self-important.

“I’m here to deal with some servant ranks.” Chu Mu said.

“Young master Chu Mu, these are all servant rank battles; though their magnitude is great, they’re small characters after all. You shoudl save your strength fo tth estronger armries afterwads.” Chu Si thought that telling Chu Mu to fight was truly wasting good power.

“No worries, I’m training my new soul pet.” Chu Mu laughed and said. As he spoke, he glanced over at the thick mass of Black Rock Panthers.

Before Chu Si could stop him, Chu Mu sudenly jumped off the city wall and agily dartedf through the spirit soldier and black rock panther army, reaching the densest part of the Black Rock Panthers’ formation within a few blinks of their eyes.

The great leader Zheng Nan beside Chu Si was shocked as he said, “This young man’s strength is truly exceptional!”

As the leader of the mercenaries, even Zheng Nan felt that if he dind’t summon soul pets, he wouldn’t be able to pass through a large gropu of tenth phase servant ranks as if entering an empty psace!

“Hehe, of course, he’s our strongest member in the family, not young generation!” Chu Si said with a chuckle and a lot of pride.

Zheng Nan saw that such an expert had appeared and was secretly strange, wondering what new soul pet he was about ot summomn.

Since it was a new soul pet, it definitely didn’t reach tenth phase. However, by his estimate for Chu Mu, its species rank was at least monarch rank.


Servant rank army?

Even in a commander army, Chu Mu would be able to pass freely around in their ranks!

As for the weak servant ranks, even if Chu Mu just stood there and let their attacks hit him, he wouldn’t lose any blood. And, with Chu Mu’s ability to shide his aura, the Black Rock Panthers couldn’t even find Chu Mu.

“My goodness, who is that? He’s standing in the densest part of the servant rank army! Is… that person still human?”

“None of the Black Rock Panthers are attacking him! How does he do that?”

At the top of the city wall, many people saw the man in white in the center of all the Black Rock Panthers!

One has to know that around him were tens of thousands of these creatures. As a human, standing ghost-like amongst all these cruel Black Rock Panthers was a shocking scene!


“Little fellow, attack, the more you kill the quicker you grow!” Chu Mu patted the fat little Hidden Dragon on his shoulder.

“Shasha~~~~~” Little hidden dragon saw this many Black Rock Panthers and its little eyes were little crescents from smiling. It adorably jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder and sat down on a Black Rock Panthers’s back.

“Beng!!!!” Little hidden dragon’s body was small, but its real body weight was released the moment it jumped down!

This sit immediately broke the middle class servant rank Black Rock Panther’s back, instantly killing it!

After killing one black rock panther, the nearby black rock panthers quickly noticed the little hidden dragon’s threat and let out angry attacks.

A cyan glow appeared aroudn the little hidden draogn. This glow expanded and, as it blossomed, the little hidden dragon’s body also expanded!

The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had a Dragonify spell that coudl make its body smaller. Cyan Hidden Dragons don’t have this ability, but th elittle hidden dragon got this species technique after receiving the jade spring sacred blood.

Dragonify shrunk it. Little hdiden dragonw as second phase fourth stage, so its real size was near Chu Mu’s height!

So, while originally the little hdiden dragon wasn’t even up to the knees of the black rock panther, after the cyan light, the black rock panthers only came up to the little hidden dragon’s hip!

“Owooo Hou!!!!!!!!” After its body reverted, little hidden dragon wasn’t adorable at all anymore. Its fierce cyan dragon claws swiped forwards, sending five black rock panthers that were readyu to attack back, knocking over a dozen black rock panthers before finally tumbling to a stop.

The little hidden dragon didn’t even use any techniques. Using jsut raw power, the dozen black rock panthers nearby became corpses, not standing a chacne!

“Cyan dragon claw!” Chu Mu commanded.

The little hidden dragon locked onto the densest patch of black rock panthers and five cyan glows lit up on its claws!


Five cyan  blades flew outwards. These five lines ripped the black rock panthers up, clearly leaving a large opening in the black rock panther army!

“Heh, this claw killed at least a hundred black rock panthers!” The big leader Zheng Nan and the other leaders discussed with a sigh.

“Indeed, that’s probably a sixth phase monarch!” Chu Si exclaimed. From his position, he could clearly see the opening in the black masses that was made, as well as the corpse heap that resulted!

“If I’m not mistaken, thats a soul pet below fifth phase.” The great leader Zheng Nan had a well-trained eye.

“Under fifth phase? Having such power under fifth phase, this is likely a middle class monarch rank!” Chu Si said with some envy.

Chu Si only now had a pseudo-monarch rank soul pet. Yet, Chu Mu immediately brought out a middle class monarch rank. How coudl Chu Si not be envious?


“Okay, try the combined power of dragon and emperor rank!” Chu Mu commanded.

“Awooo!!!!” Little hidden dragon let out a wild roar. Suddenly turning its body, its half mature wings opened up, sending a gale outwards that flipped a couple of black rock panthers away!

The little hidden dragon lifted its skull, both green dragon power and blue emperor power gathering in the hidden dragon’s mouth simultaneously!

“Aoo Hou!!!!!!!!!”

A thick beam of dragon light spewed forth from the little hidden dragon’s mouth, forming a glamorous cylinder that travelled parallel to the gorund!

The light was nearly unhindered. No matter how many black rock panthers it hit, it woudl pierce right through, flying form the center almost to the city walls!

On this straight line, including the collateral damage, nearly 300 black rock panthers were hit…...

These 300 black rock panthers almost fell to the ground at the same time, having massive holes in their body that gushed out blood, dying almost instantly!!!

This attack was incredibly glamorous. Many mercenaries controlling elemental soul pets on the walls saw it and shouted out loud in surprise, almost forgetting the neemies they were facing themselves.

Spirit soldiers like them did their fair share of work if they could kill 10 black rock panthers.

Yet, a single technique from another person instantly killed 300 black rock panthers. The difference in strength was truly astounding.

Of course, if these mercenaries found out that this person was merely training his “baby”, their dignities would all be shattered beyond repair!

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