Chapter 613: Servant Rank Army Invasion

Chapter 613: Servant Rank Army Invasion

Chu Mu summoned Night, not letting Night use its dark aura to hide.

Night could hide its aura and strength so that none of Chu Lang and his family could see his true strength.

When the Night released its aura, it immediately caused a large surge of dark energy, sending surprised shivers down all of Chu family residence’s soul pets.

Very quickly, all of Chu family residence soul pets let out calls, creating a commotion!

Chu Mu immediately told Night to retract its aura again, in case it caused any issues.

After Night Thunder Dream Beast’s display, how could Chu Tianheng and Chu Tianlin not believe? They were almost tearing up from excitement!

The disaster was Chu Family’s greatest issue. As long as they could fix it, Chu family would definitely develop at a flying pace in this resource rich city. It was even possible that they would become the greatest family in western region in a few years. If Chu Mu helped a little, they definitely could even take over some of their own territory.


Late night, when everyone was about to sleep, a lady’s voice came from the clan master’s room.

“Tian Heng, why do I see you smiling all night, even when sleeping? I haven’t seen you like this in a while.”

“Hehe, our Chu Family is going to take off…..”


As for Chu Tianlin, he flipped over and over again on his bed. Every time he thought of Chu Mu’s powerful strength that could solve the family’s greatest issue, Chu Tianlin would get excited all over.

Thinking back, Chu Family was reverent towards high class monarch rank experts. Telling them to help would require a large fee, and even so they had to be careful and watch their attitudes.

Chu Tianlin knew that those experts with high class monarch ranks were all arrogant and looked down upon Chu family.

Tomorrow, these people were probably about to come. Presumably, these people would again assume an air of superiority over the little Chu Clan.

Chu Family’s invitation was sent out a long time ago, yet these experts delayed their arrival until the disaster was about to happen. If the disaster had come a little early, their family would have been destroyed. THus, on the surface, Chu Tianlin was extremely respectful towards all experts they invited, but he was very dissatisfied with these people.

Now, Chu Tianlin could completely disregard them. A single Chu Mu could replace all of them!


Morning came. On the dust covered roads, four men slowly made their way to seven color city on their soul pets.

Beside the four men, there was a beautiful lady. This lady was clearly in a hurry, saying anxiously, “Teachers, Seven Color City is almost ahead, let us hurry.”

“Since we’re almost there, then we shouldn't worry about catching the extra couple minutes. You go to the family first, and tell them. My devil tiger is tired from running these days. If your family has any high quality beast type soul core, prepare them. Also, get some hot water. Its fur is getting dirty, and it loves to be clean. The hot water better be laced with beast type soul liquid as well.” The youngest man said.

This man was around thirty years old. With a small mustache, he looked like a unscrupulous businessman.

In reality, his nickname in great Chu Family was “profiteer”; not only was he stingy, he also took advantage of everything he could.

If not for Elder Tu’s face, spending this money to tell "profiteer" to come to this rural place was no go. This was what the profiteer was thinking of right now!

This time, Chu family spent around 300 million. 300 million wasn’t a small sum for the profiteer, but to run this far for 300 million to do a tough task like prevent a disaster, the profiteer felt it was not worth it.

Since it was not worth it, he of course had to find somethings from Chu Family, or else he truly would be losing money on this deal.

Chu Qian had already notified his family members. She knew that these teachers had taken a lot of effort to bring over. Though profiteer teacher was very harsh, she didn’t dare say anything, only able to reply, “Don’t worry, as long as teacher can help us Chu family get through this disaster, we won’t ever forget teacher’s deeds.”

“Little girl, don’t say all that right now. We’ll only fight by situation. If the disaster truly is too hazardous, we suggest you evacuate.” An older long haired teacher said.

Chu Qian looked troubled. This means that these teachers would all leave some power in reserve. If they did this, it was truly tough to stop a ninth rank calamity.

The other teacher was riding a terror wolf. This middle aged man constantly glanced at Chu Qian, his gaze often wandering down to Chu Qian’s skinny waist and curves below. Clearly, this teacher’s intents weren’t pure.

This teacher’s name was Zhang Ying. He was infamous in Chu family for being the ill-intent elder that harassed female disciples. If not for his decent strength, he probably would be hated by everyone by now.

Chu Qian had long since noticed that Zhang Ying’s intentions weren’t pure, but because of her family’s situation, she had to ask him for help anyways. After all, there truly weren’t that many people in Great Chu Family that were willing to help. This was after Elder Tu speaking up, or else Chu Qian wouldn’t possibly be able to invite high class monarch rank experts.

As they spoke, Seven Color cCty neared. The four Great Chu Family teachers instantly saw the seven color city gate.

However, when they saw the city gate, the smiles on these teachers dropped. When they walked into the city truly, their displeasure wasn't even disguised.

  “How is this a ninth rank city? Other than it being big, it isn’t even as good as an eighth rank. If I knew this, I wouldn't even have come. Damn it!” Profiteer was the first to speak up, face full of disappointment.

Zhang Ying also laughed strangely and specially glanced at Chu Qian.

“With the city walls this poor, how could they defend against the disaster.” Long haired old soul pet Guo Li said.

The last teacher remained silent.

Chu Qian was embarrassed, not knowing where to point. She could only change the topic by talking about their reception.

Chu Qian knew of this appearance issue of her family, indeed needing improvement. However, these were dire times.

“Second uncle.” Not long after stepping into the city, Chu Qian smiled as she saw Chu Tianlin and a group of Chu family members along the streets in welcome. 

“You’re back, hehe, presumably these are the experts of Great Chu Family? Sorry to trouble you to come this far to help us. I Chu Tianlin am incredibly grateful.” Chu Tainlin came off his soul pet and said very politely to the four.

“We’re tired, bring us to rest.” Profiteer’s displeasure wasn’t disguised at all. He didn't even look Chu Tianlin in the eye as he rode his multi colored devil tiger ahead.

The profiteer’s multi-colored devil tiger was clearly a middle class monarch rank. The other three were similar in strength as well. Having transportation soul pets of middle class monarch rank, it caused Chu family members to all sigh at the power.

If it were one day ago, Chu Tianlin would definitely be greeting them with a face full of smiles. Even if they were rude, he would feel it was worth because they were truly powerful.

Now, things were different. Facing these Great Chu Family experts with attitudes, Chu Tianlin kept a smile but said in his heart, “Attitude? Heng, once you realize you group take all our money yet are still less useful than my nephew, let’s see what attitude you put on then!”

Thinking about the moment their faces turn sour as Chu Mu embarrassed them, Chu Tianlin chuckled in his heart.

The people eating on the dinner table last night were all core family members. Chu Tianlin and Chu Tianheng had told everyone to not randomly proclaim Chu Mu’s strength. In reality, other than Chu Tianlin and Chu Tianheng, no one else knew if the news of Chu Mu having high class monarch was real, so they could only question it secretly.

The members that came out for reception weren’t at the dinner table. They naturally didn’t know that there was a young expert in their family. Now that they suddenly saw many experts riding middle class monarch ranks, they were all excited, discussing and envying them.

“We will wait here for Luo Region Sect experts. Chu Ji, you bring Chu Qian and these elders to rest.” Chu Tianlin said.

“Yes.” Chu Ji said, as he respectfully led these experts to city master hall.

“Second uncle, these teachers’ attitudes are always like that……” Chu Qian said apologetically to Chu Tianlin in a small voice.

Chu Qian was ashamed at heart, especially when she saw an elder liek Chu Tianlin lower himself for these teachers.

“It’s fine, you’re tired too, go rest. Your father and mother both miss you.” Chu Tianlin didn’t mind it.

Why would Chu Tianlin care? The more polite they are to them, these self-righteous fellows would be more embarrassed when they had to fight. Chu Tianlin was a troll too, so he knew he should disguise himself.

Chu Qian nodded, following the displeased teachers towards city master hall.

Many of the seven color city merchants had moved away, leaving the entire city dead. To the Great Chu family experts who had all grown accustomed to the bustling urban nature of Wogu City, coming to such a dilapidated place naturally ruined their moods. To them, not leaving instantly was already being incredibly nice to the small Chu family.



Suddenly, on the south side, strange sounds appeared, as if thousands of horses were running through mountains, valleys, and slopes!

Chu Tianlin was at the north gate. When he turned around, he quickly noticed the rising smoke on he south side that almost covered the entire desolate slope. The majestic nature caused everyone to suck in a breath!

“The servant rank army appeared!”

The Chu family leaders all lost their calm and said!

Chu Tianlin was the calmest of them all, saying, “It’s only a portion of the servant rank army. Its like a probing force. Don’t panic, family master will solve it. We just have to stay here.”


The news of the servant rank army sending probes quickly reached the Chu family.

Family master Chu Tianheng immediately sent the command to the hired soul pet trainers at south city to go into alert.

Though the servant rank army probes were large in number, it shouldn’t be too hard to deal with for Chu family. So, other than the commotion in the beginning, there wasn’t any real impact.


“Servant rank army? Perfect, give little hidden dragon some training. There wasn’t much chance to get so much training against servant ranks!”

In a courtyard, a black clothed young man smiled and glanced southward.

On the young man’s shoulder, a plump dragon excitedly rubbed its paws together, while grinding its cute little dragon teeth!

The second phase little hidden dragon should find dealing with a group of tenth phase commander ranks an easy task.” Chu Mu thought to himself.

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