Chapter 612: High Class Monarch Rank Secondary Pet Formation

Chapter 612: High Class Monarch Rank Secondary Pet Formation

“Chu Mu, uncle was speaking to you.” Chu Lang who was sitting next to Chu Mu pushed his arm.

Chu Mu was in deep thought just now, and Chu Lang’s push forced him to wake up. He suddenly discovered that everyone was staring at him strangely.

“What?” Chu Mu opened his eyes wide and swept his gaze over everyone. He didn’t know why everyone was looking at him like this.

Everyone was speechless. Who on earth would let their mind wander in such an important family discussion. Even if he came back to his senses and asked everyone “what”, this was probably something everyone should have asked him!

The adjacent Chu Ying instantly let out white smoke and sharply said; “Uncle has called you a number of times, and you seemed to have lost your soul. You didn’t even acknowledge him. What are you thinking about!” 

“Oh, oh.” Chu Mu then put his eyes on Chu Tianheng and said: “Uncle, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I was only asking for your opinion.” said Chu Tianheng.

Chu Tianheng understood Chu Mu and knew that he didn’t really understand to respect his elders. He could see that he really was thinking of a problem just now.

“Just now what was the approximate scale of the ninth rank disaster?” Chu Mu had heard a bit when he was pondering his problem and asked a question.

“There are the equivalent of six peak monarchs over ten days of the disaster.” Chu Tianheng promptly repeated his words.

“Oh, that’s very good.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

The ninth rank disaster definitely came from the first rank tribe. If there were about six peak monarchs appearing, then this would greatly lessen the pressure for Chu Mu!

“What’s good?!!” the arrogant Young Lady Xiao Yi finally couldn’t resist, and rudely spoke to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu merely glanced at her and ignored her targeting him before saying: “Nobody needs to worry about the disaster. Just prepare the defenses you need to prepare. It will be fine.” 

Chu Tianheng, and everyone in the saw that Chu Mu was so confident, and couldn’t help but muster smiles. Chu Tianying stared at Chu Mu with her phoenix eyes, wanting to know what soul pets Chu Mu had.

“So you’re saying that you’re very strong, and that you don’t even need to be afraid of this disaster?” Sun Yuan perked his eyebrows. It seemed that he was asking something harmless, but he really did not like Chu Mu’s calmness. 

Chu Mu merely glanced at him, somewhat surprised that this fellows soul remembrance wasn’t that low.

Since his soul remembrance wasn’t low, his strength definitely wasn’t weak either. Chu Mu was silently curious as to why he came to the Chu Family. However, when he saw Sun Yuan’s look of dissatisfaction at Chu Ying’s concern for him, Chu Mu quickly understood.

“Eh, Chu Mu, you just came back. The family has encountered a thorny problem, and we want you to help everyone get rid of it. I really don’t know what to say…” Chu Ming saw that Sun Yuan was making a provocation and intentionally cut him off.

“Grandfather, don’t worry. Most of my soul pets are high class monarchs, and their group fighting abilities are extremely strong. I’ll be able to take care of one side myself.” said Chu Mu.

“That’s good, that’s good.” Chu Ming saw that Chu Mu was being very serious. Thus, he subconsciously nodded his head… however, he thought about it for a second and abruptly felt that something was not right… 

“High… high class monarchs!!!”

High class monarchs!! Chu Mu had just said high class monarchs!!!

This sentence startled everyone!

The number of people in Western Region that possessed high class monarchs could probably be counted. They were all extremely famous experts. Even Xiao Yi whose father was the city lord could only have two experts with one high class monarch soul pet each to come.

If Chu Mu said he had one peak monarch, he would still have shocked everyone. However, Chu Mu had said “most of my soul pets are high class monarchs”. Everyone understood the meaning behind this!!

“Chu… Chu Mu, did I just hear correctly? You just said most of your soul pets are high class monarchs?” Chu Lang, sitting next to Chu Mu, was the first to ask and intentionally added emphasis on “high class monarchs”.

Right now, everyone’s eyes were on Chu Mu.

Chu Mu merely nodded his head with a calm face. Yet, Chu Mu’s calmness made everyone feel a bit uncomfortable. One had to know that these were high class monarchs!”  

“This friend, you really have a group of high class monarchs? All at the tenth phase?” Sun Yuan asked once more.

Chu Mu looked at everyone’s shocked gazes and inconceivable expressions. He showed a slightly bitter smile on his face.

Indeed, when he mentioned his strength, they only half believed him. Fortunately he had said only high class monarchs. If he had said peak monarchs or even emperors, wouldn’t they have just thought he was ill? 

Chu Mu wasn’t someone who would summon his soul pets to prove how strong he was.  Therefore, he held back and said “most of my soul pets are high class monarchs”. He never expected that mere high class monarchs would warrant such a huge reaction!

“Hmph, I’m full.” Young Lady Xiao Yi suddenly stood up. She looked completely unsatisfied and left the dining table first.

Xiao Yi had already disapproved of Chu Mu’s independence of action. When he mentioned “most of my soul pets are high class monarchs, people could believe whatever they believed, but Xiao Yi didn’t believe it!

One had to know that the only person who dared say something like this in Western Region was her father. Yet, a young man had mysteriously appeared and said he possessed this kind of strength. This was completely impossible!

Chu Tianheng glanced at Chu Mu. He believed that Chu Mu’s character made it so that he wouldn’t joke about this stuff. If he said he had high class monarchs, then he had to have them. Moreover, it wasn’t merely one.

Originally, Chu Tianheng had planned on thoroughly inquiring into this, but then realized there were outsiders present.

If Chu Mu had this kind of strength, protecting him was the most important because the Chu Family didn’t only have the danger of the disaster.

“Everyone please settle down. We should discuss this matter again.” Chu Tianheng said to everyone.

Chu Tianheng was the family leader. He clearly didn’t want talk about this, yet numerous people in the Chu Family were fervently staring at Chu Mu, and it seemed they didn't’ really believe Chu Mu had this type of strength!

Chu Ying was the first person who couldn’t help but ask. However, Chu Tianheng glared at her and she could only restrain herself. However, her eyes didn’t leave Chu Mu.

To the side, Sun Yuan’s expression was unsightly. On the one hand, it was because Chu Mu had indicated he was very strong. So strong that it exceeded his expectations. On the other hand, Chu Ying’s eyes hadn’t even looked at him once since the meal started. This made Sun Yuan very uncomfortable.

“I estimate they’re all eighth or ninth phase high class monarchs. He’s a soul pet trainer who focused on strengthening ranks. Although these people are not many, but there are a few of them in larger kingdoms and Tianxia City. Hmph, if I put my effort on my soul pets’ ranks, perhaps they also would have reached the high class monarch rank.” Sun Yuan silently came up with his own conclusion.


After the dinner and everyone left, Chu Tianheng and Chu Tianlin immediately took Chu Mu first. Chu Lang, Chu Ying, and the other young people could only watch with disappointment as Chu Mu left. Clearly they wanted to find Chu Mu to seek the truth.

“Chu Mu, was what you said at the table true?” Chu Tianlin asked his question again.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu’s two uncles didn’t believe Chu Mu, but that high class monarch ranks were too rare. In the entire Western Region everyone that had one high class monarch was a famous person.

“First uncle, second uncle, I came back this time in truth for the source of the disaster. In other words, that first rank tribe.” Chu Mu had been planning on discussing this matter with his two elders. After all, the spirit source’s business could only be dealt with by relying on the Chu Family. He would not be able to deal with it since he was travelling everywhere. 

“First rank tribe? Isn’t that many times stronger than a ninth rank calamity? Moreover it’s said that this legion has an emperor rank creature?” Chu Tianheng’s expression was that of astonishment. 

“Yes, this first rank tribe has the resources I require. In the future, I will need to rely on you two uncles to help me manage it.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“Chu Mu, you’re not joking, right? We can’t even deal with a ninth rank community right now. As for a first rank tribe… we would have to mobilize every expert in Western Kingdom.” said Chu Tianlin.

“About this. First uncle and second uncle don’t need to be worried. The high class monarch ranks are only my secondary soul pet formation.” Chu Mu didn’t hide anything. After all, when he got rid of the first rank tribe, his two uncles would definitely be able to guess what kind of strength he had.

After he spoke, he could only look on helplessly because after his two elders heard him, they were extremely stunned.

“Chu… Chu Mu, you… you can’t just say this so casually. I… your second uncle… am growing older and older. My heart...can only stand so much! Chu Tianlin was extremely rigid as he spoke.

A high class monarch rank was the strongest existence in Western Region to them. This kind of expert required an enormous sum of money for their Chu Family to invite. Even if the expert was not famous at all, they would not necessarily be able to invite the expert. 

It could be said that the crucial part of the disaster was Luo Region Sect and the Great Chu Family and how many experts with high class monarchs would arrive.

Whether the Chu Family would continue to prosper was all reliant on experts with high class monarchs! Therefore, each expert with a high class monarch was someone that the Chu Family had to consecrate like Buddah! 

Chu Mu’s two elders thought that with Chu Mu’s current age, being able to possess a group of middle class monarchs was already extremely extremely rare. Together, they would be able to deal with a high class monarch rank.

These two middle aged men never expected that Chu Mu would have a group of high class monarchs!!

On the dinner table, the group of high class monarchs had already made their excitement hard to contain. If it wasn’t because outsiders were present, the two of them would definitely have been more excited than the younger generation. After all, this matter involved the entire family’s fortunes. 

Ultimately, Chu Tianheng and Chu Tianlin hadn’t even recovered from their shock of him having a group of high class monarchs when Chu Mu had told them the high class monarchs were his secondary soul pet formation. This shocked the two of them so much they both felt dizzy! 

High class monarchs as a secondary soul pet formation!!

These two middle aged men had lived for over half their lifetimes already, but this was the first time they had heard someone say something like this!

Moreover, it had come from a twenty year old young man from the Chu Family. If any other Chu Family disciple said something like this, these two elders would have immediately given them a fierce reprimanding before putting them in isolation to ponder over their mistakes, and reflect on their thoughts running wild. 

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