Chapter 611: Enormous First Rank Tribe

Chapter 611: Enormous First Rank Tribe

At the nighttime feast, the Chu Family began to discuss the imminent disaster. Nobody really had much of an appetite, and only Chu Mu’s return could barely relax the mood.

 Only, everyone knew that the Chu Family was facing an enormous problem right now. The top priority was dealing with this problem.

“A ninth rank disaster means that at least one peak monarch will appear.” at this moment, Chu Ming spoke with a soft elderly voice.

Chu Tianheng glanced at his old man and knew that he didn’t want to hide the possible enemies that could appear in this calamity.

Chu Tianheng originally hadn’t planned on saying anything. After all, this was easy to shake the hearts of everyone defending the city. If he didn’t tell everyone and everyone continued to defend, perhaps this could exhibit the utmost strength of this family.

However, now that Chu Ming had already exposed this, Chu Tianheng felt that speaking about it was best.

"A peak monarch… your Chu Family should be able to deal with one right?” Young Lady Xiao Yi was shocked.

Young Lady Yi Xiao clearly didn’t realized how serious this disaster was. There unexpectedly was going to appear a monarch rank soul pet. One had to know that in the entire Western Region, only her father had a peak monarch rank soul pet!

Chu Tianheng and all of Chu Mu’s uncles shook their heads, helpless.

“It seems that we have to invite Luo Region Sect’s and Great Chu Family’s experts. We don’t have the ability.” said Chu Tianlin.

To the side, Sun Yuan revealed a slightly shocked expression, because he didn’t expected a peak monarch to appear.

Sun Yuan himself couldn’t be sure if the expert he dispatched secretly had a peak monarch. If he didn’t, then dealing with the disaster would be very troublesome.

“Our Chu Family cannot deal with the one peak monarch in the wilderness. As for the disaster’s servant rank legion, warrior rank legion, commander rank legion and monarch rank legion, the monarch rank legion’s strength altogether is probably equivalent to two peak monarchs. The commander rank legion’s strength is equivalent to one peak monarch, while both the warrior and servant rank legions are each equivalent to a peak rank monarch…” Chu Tianheng said to everyone.

Everyone quickly showed shocked expressions, not understanding the meaning behind Chu Tianheng’s comprehensive analysis.

Chu Tianheng saw that nobody understood what he meant and gave an explanation.

“This strength estimation was obtained from Great Chu Family by me. A ninth rank disaster is equivalent to a ninth rank community.” 

“One peak monarch will definitely appear. Underneath the peak monarch are high class to pseudo monarch creatures. Approximately ten of them are equivalent to two peak monarchs. In other words, adding together all of the monarch rank creatures in the ninth rank disaster, it’s equivalent to three peak monarchs!”

Chu Tianheng’s words immediately stunned everyone!

There were over twenty people at the table and for a moment no one said anything.

Chu Tianheng saw that the expressions on everyone’s faces was one of shock. He seemed to have expected this. In truth, when he understood the true meaning of a ninth rank disaster, his expression was helpless.

“Combined, the monarch rank creatures are equivalent to three peak monarchs. Isn’t this ninth rank disaster too terrifying?!” finally, Chu Ying broke the silence at the table.

Chu Tianheng bitterly laughed and continued: “This is just the monarch rank creatures. There are over 300 commanders and together they have the strength of a peak monarch. There are then 3000 warrior ranks who also have the strength of a peak monarch. Finally there are 30,000 servant rank creatures who equally are the same strength as one peak monarch. In other words, in this half a month, we will need to face an army with the strength of about six peak monarchs.” 

The atmosphere at the table was originally strange. Nobody was able to find a solution. Now that Chu Tianheng had given a full explanation of the ninth rank disaster, everyone’s faces was even more shocked!!

“This… how can we possibly deal with this?!! Since you knew how terrifying it was, why didn’t you say anything earlier? You must immediately leave this place! Could it be you want everyone to die here?” Young Lady Xiao Yi immediately stood up and spoke with agitation. 

Young Lady Xiao Yi’s words also caused the others in the family to want to retreat.

Strength equivalent to six peak monarchs. One had to know that the number of high class monarch rank experts the Chu Family was able to invite was only countable with one’s fingers, let alone peak monarch experts!

Right now, everyone’s thoughts were the same. Were they going to keep eating or pack up everything and leave?!

“Don’t worry. This is the combined strength over the ten days of the disaster. The ninth disaster will not turn out in full strength in one day.

If the disaster lasts for ten days, then we’ll only be attacked by 0.6 of a peak monarch army. In these ten days, everyone’s soul pets can take turns fighting.” Chu Tianheng saw that everyone’s expressions had changed and hastily gave an explanation. 

Chu Tianheng’s explanation caused everyone’s expressions to ease.

Indeed, the disaster couldn’t come out in full force at once. Therefore, they would have an easier time defending the city.

“Young Lady Xiao Yi, can you invite senior city lord?” Chu Tianlin politely asked.

Xiao Yi shook her head and said: “My father cannot personally come out. If something unexpected happens, then Western Region will be even more chaotic. I can only invite two elders each with one high class monarch to help. Additionally, I can take a team of guards.”

“That would be even better. Then we’ll wait tomorrow for Luo Region Sect and Great Chu Family’s people. If they have experts, then we will have more hope.” Chu Tianheng could barely muster a smile as he spoke.

As he spoke, Chu Tianheng intentionally shot a glance at Chu Mu.

In truth, during the entire discussion, numerous people had paid attention to Chu Mu’s actions. Especially Chu Tianheng. He discovered that it didn’t matter whether he spoke of the truth behind the disaster or the problem of reinforcements, Chu Mu just sat there without changing his expression. He was calm as if things were normal. He seemed like someone who wasn’t involved in this. 

“Chu Mu? Why haven’t you said anything?” Chu Tianheng couldn’t help but ask.

Sun Yuan swept his gaze over Chu Mu and in a half mocking voice said: “Could he be scared silly?” 

Chu Mu was completely absent-mindeded to everything going on, because he was presently pondering how to get rid of the first rank tribe that possessed the spirit source, not this ninth rank community...


Chu Mu didn’t immediately slaughter his way into the tribe because he didn’t have enough strength.

The entire tribe was enormous, and while Chu Mu could have used Mo Xie to get rid of the pseudo monarch, the pseudo monarch probably wasn’t incompetent and wouldn’t just appear to let Chu Mu kill it. Instead, it would send numerous of its troops to wear down Mo Xie’s fighting strength...

The king of hell himself was easy to defeat, but the innumerable little demons were too troublesome. The king of hell would definitely hid behind his small demons, so Chu Mu would have to carve out a path of blood in order to have a chance.

When Chu Tianheng spoke of the ninth rank disaster’s numbers, Chu Mu rubbed his chin and pondered about the numbers in a first rank tribe.

Old LI had given him an approximation of the first rank tribe’s numbers: Under the one pseudo emperor would definitely be three or more peak monarchs and under them would be about ten high or middle class monarchs.

Merely the peak monarchs and high/middle class monarchs combined had the strength of about 5 peak monarchs. 

However, there would probably about 100 middle to pseudo monarchs. Without three peak monarchs, he would not be able to deal with them.

Therefore, in the first rank tribe, if all of the monarch ranks combined their strength and came out to fight him, they would have the fighting strength of about 10 peak monarchs.

Moreover, ten monarchs was barely comparable to a pseudo monarch!

In Chu Mu’s current soul pet formation, Mo Xie was preordained to fight the tribe’s pseudo emperor.

The White Nightmare was an invincible monarch but could at most deal with three peak monarchs.

With Zhan Ye’s Broken Limb Rebirth and Brave Stinging Heart, it probably wasn’t a problem for it to deal with two peak monarchs. 

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s group fighting was invincible and if it was thrown into the middle class and pseudo monarchs, its high class monarch strength effect would allow it to contend with a peak monarch. 

If the Binding Wind Spirit and Ghost King worked together, the Ghost King would become the defensive shield, stopping the majority of attacks while the Binding Wind Spirit could use its wind techniques to engage in group slaughter. If the two high class monarchs worked together, their strength was barely equivalent to a peak monarch.

As for the Ice Air Fairy which had reached the peak monarch rank, if it worked with the Ghost King, it was probably able to deal with two peak monarchs in a group fight. 

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had the weakest effect in a group fight, but it was fast. Adding on a ninth rank soul armor, when it fought at night, it would be able to run circles around a peak monarch and could thus barely be considered a controller. 

If these soul pets worked together, they wouldn’t be able to fight a pseudo monarch, but they would be useful in a group fight. If they used their strength together, they would be able to fight the monarch rank legion.

Of course, Chu Mu could not summon all of his soul pets to fight. He had to think of methods to prolong the fight.

The tribe’s population was enormous. Even if Chu Mu only occupied a small portion of their territory, all of the monarchs would not come out in full force just because of three invaders. 

Even if they did all come out, Chu Mu could flee. Three soul pets that were very agile could only be caught by pseudo emperors and peak monarchs.

Therefore, Chu Mu only had to have enough physical strength and being able to simultaneously summon wouldn’t be much of a problem.

The problem was that the tribe still had commander rank, warrior rank, and servant rank legions.

There would be 1000 commanders, and this required three peak monarchs to deal with.

There would be 10,000 warrior ranks, and this would also require three peak monarchs.

There would be 100,000, and this would require at least three peak monarchs.

Most importantly, the commander rank, warrior rank and servant ranks would definitely be mere fodder, so dealing with them would require the emperor rank Mo Xie to expend all of her physical strength.

Using Old Li’s repeated warnings to explain things to Chu Mu: “If you want to deal with the first rank tribe in one go, you must have three pseudo monarchs to have a sure chance of winning. Therefore, if you don’t, you must consider other options and use various unorthodox methods.” 

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