Chapter 610: Luo Region Sect with Ulterior Motives

Chapter 610: Luo Region Sect with Ulterior Motives

Sitting in the main hall, the first to come forth was grandfather Chu Ming. After Chu Mu saw his grandfather, he was gratified, but at the same time sad. After all, the old man was getting weaker and weaker. No one knew how long he could last. If they were disturbed by these disasters, in his distraught, he may just pass away.

Human life spans could only be increased through raising one’s own strength. Normally, reaching soul emperor is the only way to increase one’s life span. So, for Chu Ming’s gradual aging, Chu Mu couldn’t do anything.

As an old bodied man that got a little too excited, he was tired within a couple of sentences. Chu Mu told people to come and take Chu Ming back to rest.

“My body is getting weaker and weaker, when its dinner time… first talk with uncle and them…..the family is in the middle of a lot of troublesome matters right now……” Chu Ming coughed but left with some reluctance.

Chu Mu nodded, supporting the old man for a bit before returning to the main hall.

After coming back to the main hall, Chu Tianheng and Chu Tianlin appeared already, getting even more excited when they saw Chu Mu.

CHu Mu politely addressed them and the two uncles asked a bunch of questions. Chu Mu answered them all, not hiding anything.

“This means your strength must have increased greatly. It seems like you can relieve a lot of stress from us this disaster.” Chu Tianheng said.

Initially, Chu Mu’s strength was already very near Chu Tianheng. Now that this many years have passed, Chu Mu’s ability was probably the most powerful of the entire clan. As long as Great Chu Family and Luo Region Sect all come help, they indeed could stop this disaster.

“I will solve the root of this disaster, uncle and second uncle you don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Chu Mu said seriously.

“It isn’t as easily said than done to solve it completely…....” Chu Tianheng shook his head helplessly.

Solve the root? Chu Tianheng had been here for many years, and had long since understood the terrifying root of the disaster. Unless the western kingdom master brought experts from all regions to fight, there was no getting rid of this disaster source.

As for the western kingdom master and region masters, their territories were all very safe, so why would they attack for seven color city?

Chu Tianheng and Chu Tianling both believed that Chu Mu’s current strength was definitely powerful, to a point where they couldn’t imagine. However, facing a disaster bewildering world that would require all region experts to stop, how could they believe Chu Mu could stop it by himself?

Chu Mu was just about to talk when a special rose scent floated over. Before Chu Mu had the time to smell it closely, an energetic and beautiful girl appeared in front of CHu Mu.

“Haha, you really came back. I thought you had long forgotten the little clan we are.” Chu Ying patted Chu Mu’s shoulder and said carefreely.

Chu Mu had recognized Chu Ying. For Chu Ying’s attitude, Chu Mu understood it, so he simply nodded gently and said nothing.

“Why do I feel that you’re much more scholarly now? You were cold before like a killer.” Chu Ying immediately asked.


That word used on Chu Mu was too much. Chu Mu simply got better at hiding it, not staying emotionless at all times like before.

“Know your place, where are your manners as a girl? Sit aside, and don’t talk unless I tell you to!” Chu Tianheng gave Chu Ying a glare.

Chu Ying seemed reluctant, but didn’t dare to defy Chu Tianheng, so she obediently sat aside, simply staring with her flashing eyes at Chu Mu. Even if she said nothing, Chu Mu knew she wanted to ask how powerful his soul pets were.

Chu Tianheng knew that Chu Mu had just come from thousands of miles away, so it wasn’t proper to mention the disaster before he could even catch his breath. So, he told a female house manager to bring Chu Mu to a clean room to rest first and wait until dinner before continuing to talk.

Chu Mu didn’t need to rest so, after going into his room, he let out the playful little hidden dragon.

Two months have passed, one of which was passed through battle. Little hidden dragon was second phase fourth stage already, so its strength was low class warrior rank to some degree.

Now that they had time, Chu Mu brought little hidden dragon into the courtyard to practice.


The little hidden dragon was happy to exercise. Seeing a rock in the courtyard, its cyan body suddenly flashed as cyan glow gathered on its claws!

The cyan glow represented the power of a dragon, so the power that exploded was much more powerful than its own power alone!


A rock as tall as a person was directly shattered by the little hidden dragon, scattering it everywhere.

“Adding on the dragon power, it reaches low class warrior rank. Once it grasps its emperor powers, its strength should rise drastically again.” Seeing little hidden dragon this violent at second phase, CHu Mu was moved. In another short while, the little hidden dragon would probably dare to battle in western kingdom.


As Chu Mu was training little hidden dragon, ice air fairy’s chime-like sound reverberated through Chu Mu’s mind.

Ning was awake!

Chu Mu was overjoyed, and he quickly cast an incantation to summon Ning in front of himself.

Ning’s strength definitely grew at an explosive rate. When Chu Mu summoned it, it almost froze the entire courtyard over. If not for Chu Mu quickly telling Ning to stop releasing its aura, the entire Chu family residence would have been frozen.

“Ninth phase high stage top tier monarch!” Chu Mu was overjoyed. Seeing the ground immortal ice work, it indeed gave ice air fairy great benefits. Not only did it raise it to top tier monarch rank, it grew to ninth phase high stage. 

Ninth phase high stage top tier monarch, its strength was probably similar to tenth phase high stage monarch. And raising from ninth phase high stage to tenth phase isn’t difficult.

“This time, the disaster isn’t small. We’ll rely on you to show off your powers in a few days.” Chu Mu rubbed ice air fairy and smiled.

Chu Mu’s binding wind spirit had elemental group attacks, but its wind type damage couldn’t match ice type in the end. Ice Air Fairy of course had to serve as the main power.

“Ling~~~~~” Ice Air Fairy smiled simply, unable to wait to show Chu Mu its new powers.


At dinner, other than Xiao Yi and Sun Yuan who also appeared, Chu Mu knew most other people, since they were all one of his.

Chu Tianheng first said some words to welcome Chu Mu and cheered him. As for the others, they naturally knew Chu Mu’s status in Chu Family, so they all exchanged greetings for a while with him too.

As for Lady Xiao Yi and SUn Yuan, they were all very confused as to why Chu Family would be this hospitable to a young generation member. One had to know that even them, as noble guests, haven’t received such treatment.

Though it was dinner, because of the urgent nature of the disaster, the conversation still ended up on it.

“What rank disaster is it this time? Is there any accurate news?” Chu Mu also felt the main worry was to resolve this issue, so he opened his mouth to ask.

“Probably ninth rank disaster. In about three days, there will be servant rank clans that will be forced out by the powerful soul pets. Following, more powerful soul pets will continue to appear.” Chu Tianheng said.

Hearing that its a ninth rank disaster, Region Master princess Xiao Yi’s expression shifted too and said, “Ninth rank disaster, a ninth rank city will be destroyed for sure. Didn’t you say it was only eighth rank before?”

Chu Tianheng laughed bitterly, “Ninth rank could be a conservative estimate. Lady Xiao Yi indeed didn’t come at a convenient time.”

“On about the tenth day, the real disaster will appear.”

“Since you chose to stay, we have to defend the south, west, and east sidse well. The south side definitely will have the most vicious attacks, so our family will be in charge of defending it. Luo Region Sect will send a group of experts of soul master rank. They will arrive around tomorrow and will help us defend the west side. The east side will be dealt with mercenaries we hired as well as great chu family helpers……” Chu Tianling started splitting up the work.

They’ve already split up how they should protect the city. However, as the disaster level rose, and with new members, they obviously had to change things up a little.

After speaking, Chu Tianlin specially glanced at CHu Mu and asked, “Chu Mu, what do you think?”

“Why is Luo Region Sect willing to help?” Chu mu asked curiously.

“This, your fifth uncle knows people from Luo Region Sect. However, it is strange because fifth uncle’s friends aren’t high up in luo region sect. Yet, a few pretty famous experts are coming over this time. If not for this, I wouldn’t dare stay in Seven Color City either.” Chu Tianlin said.

“That’s why…...having help is naturally good……” Chu Mu insinuated other meanings.

“Then what are your thoughts, or should we defend the disaster the way I said it?” Chu Tianheng asked.

Since everyone thought of Chu Mu as the strongest person, they naturally had to listen to Chu Mu’s suggestions.

Chu Mu shook his head, and didn’t have any opinion to give.

Servant rank army? Perfect, Chu Mu’s little hidden dragon needed training, he’d kill however many would appear.

As for the warrior and commander rank armies, he’d let the group attacking ice air fairy, devil tree battle soldier, and binding wind spirit take care of them. Chu Mu didn’t find it worrisome at all.

Instead, the appearance of Luo Region Sect caused Chu Mu to feel that something was up.

Logically, Luo Region Sect’s power was beyond Western Kingdom, and they should have a good few soul emperors even. Luo Region Sect mostly looked for powerful or high potential candidates to please. Chu Mu didn’t understand why Luo Region sect was so eager to help by sending experts to Chu family.

“Young master, don’t guess anymore. Either Qin Menger brought news back to Luo Region Sect saying you, the winner of battle of the realm, is from Chu Family, and Luo Region sect was simply throwing an olive branch over, or Luo Region sect came for the spirit source I mentioned. In reality, they come every once in a while to check it out to see if they had a chance to get it. This time, helping Seven Color City escape from danger was not their true intentions. Coming to get further information and potentially find a break-in point to the spirit source was the real intention. I feel that the second option is more likely, too.” Old Li said.

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