Book 2 Chapter 61 - Yang Family, A Great Catastrophe Is Imminent

Chapter 61: Yang Family, A Great Catastrophe Is Imminent

Who knew what those merciless killers would do? Yang Kuo was well aware that this situation could not be solved by words. He clenched his teeth and fiercely said: “Yang Fa, go up!”

Yang Fa was the third strongest competitor. After hearing the family head’s words, his face instantly paled.

Just like what everyone was afraid of, Yang Fa had identically suffered from the terrifying killing intent emitting from Chu Mu’s body. If he were to go up, he would definitely be killed!

“Move your ass up there! Don’t lose my Yang Family’s face!” loudly roared Yang Kuo once more when he saw that Yang Fa was unexpectedly hesitating!

Yang Fa trembled all over and, with great difficulty, strode forward one step. However, he didn’t dare to take another half a step!

“Go up, otherwise you’ll die right now!”

Suddenly, a strange voice rang out from behind Yang Fa. Yang Fa instantly felt a cold shiver, as cold sweat began to roll down his forehead!

With the threat of death, Yang Fa could be certain that if he hesitated even a bit more, blood would definitely fly on the spot!!

Finally, Yang Fa stepped forward again and, trembling with fear, walked onto the plaza battlefield. When he faced the cold killing intent of Chu Mu, he felt as if he had sunk into the depths of an ice cave where it was dark and cold...

“Big brother, what are you…” Yang Luobin’s face was ashen, and his gaze was on the mysterious young man next to him.

“If you don’t want to die first, then shut up,” the mysterious young man said coldy.

Yang Luobin was stunned. He looked at the mysterious young man, but didn’t dare to say anything more.


The referee had already felt the nature of the fights in this round of the Recommendation clearly change. He intentionally looked at Chu Mu...

“Summon your soul pets…” Chu Mu indifferently spoke to Yang Fa in place of the referee.

Yang Fa didn’t dare to hesitate at all, and he instantly chanted an incantation. In one go, he summoned all three soul pets.

Chu Mu also chanted an incantation. Suddenly, piece after piece of ice crystals glistening in cold light began to float around Chu Mu’s body. As Chu Mu’s right finger drew a circle, they slowly condensed in front of Chu Mu...

Due to Chu Mu’s killing intent, the plaza battlefield had experienced a temperature drop. As the Ice Air Fairy appeared with its two hands still covered in blood, the plaza battlefield turned even colder. Even the spectators on the outside could clearly feel a cold air sweep through!

Of Chu Mu’s soul pets, the one that had killed the most was Mo Xie. After Mo Xie was the Ice Air Fairy!!


The Ice Air Fairy wasn’t the same naive small elemental type from back then. It could sense the resentment and anger in Chu Mu’s heart and, after it appeared, it also used its grievance and killing intent to transform into a bone chilling frosty cold that it dispelled!

Chu Mu tilted his head and looked at the stunned referee.

The referee immediately woke up and said: “Fight, start!!”

The flames on the pillars in the center lit up once more. Originally they were eminently gaily-colored, but for some reason, everyone seemed to feel that the flames were now unexpectedly a bit more pale colored. Ostensibly, they had been influenced by some strange force!

“Ning, Ice Sword Formation!”


The chanting of the fairy incantation was extremely short. Piece after piece of dazzling ice crystals quickly began floating above the Ice Air Fairy’s head amidst a cold wind that swept up!

The small pieces of ice crystals coagulated and, after the short chanting finished, they astonishingly formed sixteen enormous ice swords that frighteningly hovered above the Ice Air Fairy!


A sharp cry rang out. The Ice Air Fairy’s ice swords shockingly streaked across the air of the battlefield and smashed towards Yang Fa’s soul pets!!

The Ice Air Fairy’s Ice Sword Formation had been seen by everyone before, and its power was definitely that of the seventh rank. However, what made everyone incessantly shocked was that this time, the sixteen ice swords unexpectedly didn’t simultaneously strike. Instead, they formed a shocking diagonal line that successively penetrated Yang Fa’s weakest warrior rank Nine Eared Needle!!


Elemental Kingdom soul pets had a very high level of control towards elemental techniques!!

The sixth phase second stage Ice Air Fairy not only controlled the excellent superposition technique Overlay but it had also learned the technique Microcontrol!

“Beng!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!!”

Despite Yang Kuo taking various defensive measures at the beginning, no matter how he defended, this absolute damage ice type technique rendered his defenses useless!!

The warrior rank Nine Eared Needle fundamentally could not dodge the first six meter ice sword. The subsequent sixteen ice swords proceeded to pierce its body, smashing its body into the depths of the plaza battlefield!!!

“Frost Poison Invasion!”

The death of a soul pet meant that its master would die!

The terrifying Frost Poison Invasion seemed to move through the mental remembrance feedback. The instant the Nine Eared Needle died the poison traveled back to the master, and froze Yang Fa’s body!!

“Soul remembrance defense…”

Yang Gebin was just about to say something to remind Yang Fa, but discovered that he was already too late...

Yang Fa, whose heart was filled fear, had still forgotten. Or perhaps Yang Fa, in his past fights, had never been aware that ice type soul pets could possess such a terrifying killing technique!

The moment the Nine Eared Needle died, Yang Fa’s face instantly paled. Then, he began to turn ashen as his five pores began to slowly emit a frosty air!

The first appearance of the icy frost occurred in his expanded eyes. Once the eyeballs were completely frozen, Yang Fa’s body immediately stiffened, as if it had transformed into an ice sculpture. Then, it slowly fell backwards...


Yang Fa’s body of blood and flesh was like a sculpture that suddenly split into a myriad of pieces after crashing to the ground. Piece after piece of frozen flesh, limbs, and blood dispersed as they chaotically scattered over the ground...

The vast number of people watching the plaza battlefield normally should have felt an ardent fervor because they possessed it. Yet, when they saw Yang Fa’s body come crashing down into pieces, everyone couldn’t help but coldly shiver!

There were no noises of discussion and clamor like at the end of fights in the past. The current Recommendation tournament had already fully surpassed what everyone had imagined. They could only, carrying extreme shock in their hearts, watch this fight with their eyes opened so much that they couldn’t be opened any more!


“In the past, fourth brother said that participating in the Recommendation isn’t a time to defeat others, but rather a time to kill others. I had only thought it was something that fourth brother had said casually. I didn’t think that…” said Chu Ning very rigidly.

Chu Ning knew that Chu Mu’s strength was very strong, and that he was probably not even weaker than Chu He and Chu Xing. However, he didn’t think that Chu Mu’s strength would be so terrifying. His Ice Air Fairy’s fighting strength was fully comparable to a sixth phase high talented commander rank. It could easily use a seventh rank technique, and it could further use Micro Control to strengthen during a seventh rank technique. Such an attack, unless it was a sixth phase soul pet with high defensive talent, would be very hard to defend against.

Among all of the Yang Family’s experts, there weren’t very many sixth phase commander ranks. Even if there were, they were very ordinary, and were simply not equal to Chu Mu’s highly talented Ice Air Fairy that had undergone first-rate training.

In Nightmare Palace, those that were so called first rate experts, in front of Chu Mu, were just like weeds, easy to kill. There wasn’t even a need to mention the young experts of these tiny families!


“Yang Na! Go up!!”

Yang Kuo’s face was twitching. A fight they were originally definitely going to win had now suddenly been ridden with so many variable. Presently, this old fellow could only watch with open eyes as his third generation disciples were mercilessly slaughtered by Chu Mu!!

“No, no, I give up. I… I don’t want to die!” Yang Na simply didn’t dare to go up. The difference in strength allowed him to understand that if he went up, he would definitely die!

Yang Na flusteredly ran out of the arena. Evidently, he didn’t want to follow the previous two people’s course of action.

Suddenly, a fissure opened up under Yang Na’s feet and a terrifying ice spike abruptly pierced out from within!!


The ice spike, which was 20 meters high, appeared at a strange instance. Even though the adjacent Yang Luobin had felt it, he wasn’t able to raise a warning in time. He could only watch the body of fleeing Yang Na be pierced alive. A frightening lotus of blood flew everywhere!!

“This… this…”

The referee standing to the side aghastly stared at the ice spike. For a moment, he simply didn’t know what to decide!

“You… you how can you violate the regulations!” Yang Luobin was struck dumb. He fully didn’t expect Chu Mu to unexpectedly ignite the flames of battle off the stage and kill Yang Na, who didn’t dare to go on stage!!

“Regardless of whether you come up or don’t come up, you all must die!” Chu Mu stood on the battlefield. He fundamentally didn’t pander to the Recommendation’s rules!

Yang Luobin’s face went ashen, then white. He intentionally moved closer to that mysterious Yang Family youth and seemed to be beseeching his protection!

The Yang Family had five members in total. It hadn’t even been ten minutes, and three of them had miserably died!

Yang Kuo’s face twisted together; his gaze closely looked at the Yang Family’s mysterious young man. Condensing soul remembrance into a voice, he somewhat angrily asked: “Why won’t you make your move. Could it be that you really want to watch all of our Yang Family’s third generation disciples be massacred?!”

“In your Yang Family, aside from Yang Luobin, what do the deaths of the others have anything to do with me?” asked the mysterious young man in an indifferent tone.

“You…” a rush surged from Yang Kuo’s stomach and he nearly spat out blood!

“You fellows offended Nightmare Palace’s Xia Guanghan. Xia Guanghan is a ferocious person, and your clan will sooner or later be exterminated.  Right now, it is merely a game of killing between your family and a fellow who has desire for revenge… however, on Yang Luobin’s behalf, I will defeat this Chu Mu and give the Yang Family members who attended the Recommendation a way to survive. I suggest that your members don’t randomly run about. Otherwise they won’t even know how they died.” slowly spoke the mysterious young man.

In the face of a large crisis, Yang Kuo wasn’t able to sense it at all!

Yang Kuo abruptly looked around, and shockingly discovered that, around the entire plaza battlefield, he could faintly see a few ice cold black figures that stood amongst the crowd like statues!!


“Big brother, I beg of you to quickly make your move. Otherwise, the next one to die will be me…” Yang Luobin had completely generated fear towards Chu Mu, and he entreated piteously!!

The corners of the mysterious young man’s mouth rose and he said: “Luobin, you’ve run out of luck, your family unexpectedly incurring the hatred of someone you simply can’t afford to offend…”

“Simply cannot afford to offend? Big brother, I don’t understand your meaning? This fellow should have died four years… but…” said Yang Luobin.

“You’ve heard of a person, right? At age fifteen, he entered the securely closed savage Prison Island filled with three thousand Nightmare Palace prisoners. At the age of eighteen, he became the Prison Island King, which caused a stir throughout the entire Nightmare Palace. Afterwards, he defeated the reputable peak young expert, Tian Ji, and became the newest dazzling star of the entire Nightmare Palace!” slowly said the mysterious young man.

Yang Luobin was stunned. He immediately nodded his head and said: “I’ve heard, I’ve heard, but what does this have to do with Chu Mu…”

A smile rose on the mysterious young man’s face. He didn’t say anything, and gradually stepped forward as he indifferently walked past Yang Na’s corpse that was still dripping with blood. While all of the Yang Family disciples were stunned by Chu Mu’s massacre to the point that their courage had even broken, he unexpectedly didn’t have the slightest trace of fear as he stepped onto the bloodstained plaza battlefield!!!

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