Chapter 609: Return to Family

Chapter 609: Return to Family

After Old Li said this, Chu Mu’s heart was shocked.

First rank tribes were like first rank kingdoms. Seven Color City was incredibly built at the edge of a clan. Without the proper strength, the development of this city truly was a miracle!

“What rank are Western Kingdom and Zhanli Kingdom?” Chu Mu asked.

“Western Kingdom, not considering Luo Region Sect, is definitely a first rank kingdom. Zhanli Kingdom is also first rank. Nearby Luo Region, North Ice Kingdom are all second rank Kingdoms. These four kingdoms are are third rank kingdoms.”

“Simply speaking, first rank kingdoms have at least a pseudo-emperor rank, second rank kingdoms have many pseudo-emperor ranks. Third rank kingdoms have low class emperor, fourth rank kingdoms have many low class emperor ranks, fifth rank kingdoms have middle class emperor rank…...

Chu Mu indeed didn’t systematically understand this, only knowing to train with his head down and kill his way through young generation.

Only now did he know that humans of region, kingdoms, and realms had very complete systems. Similarly, there are corresponding organisms categories of clans, tribes, and empires…...

A city, if built near a bewildering world of different level, would definitely be full of catastrophes.

Clearly, Seven Color City was built in such a difficult position. Compared to a clan, the resources will definitely be great, enough to match the resources of a Kingdom. However, the disparity in strength was too large. It wouldn’t be long before the seven color city would change owners again.

Chu Lang didn’t know that Chu Mu was talking with Old Li and continued to speak

“Qing Fengpo originally needed to come clean, so Chu Clan welcomes Lady Xiao Yi’s arrival. Though her attitude truly isn’t that good.” Chu Lang continued.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t mind. Asking, he said, “Are Chu Xing and Chu Ning back?”

Speaking of the two, Chu Lang’s expression changed slightly and he shook his head, “Ever since they got to Tianxia City and gave us a letter back, we never heard from the two of them again.”

“No news?” Chu Mu looked astonished.

Chu Mu clearly remembered that Chu Xing and Chu Ning would write back to the family every once in a while. Before, Chu Mu thought Chu Lang didn’t mention the Battle of the Realm at all because the letters haven’t arrived yet. However, he didn’t think that after this long, not even Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s letters got back yet!

Chu Mu immediately explained the general event of him meeting Chu Xing and Chu Ning in Tianxia City and joining soul palace.

Chu Lang heard and was astonished, saying, “We indeed didn’t get their letters, so we thought they had encountered something unfortunate.”

“However, if they are unscathed that is great news. If they could join Soul Palace, their strengths would definitely increase greatly!” Chu Lang said admiringly.

After the battle of the realm finished, Chu Xing and Chu Ning said good bye and left to travel back. If they were delayed, then indeed they wouldn’t be back before Chu Mu.

If the family hadn’t received the letters, that means they don’t know the situation at battle of the realm. No wonder Chu Lang was excited when he saw him, but had no other emotions…...

Chu Mu was actually secretly wondering why there wasn’t any shock factor that came with him as a first tier final honor winner of Battle of the Realm.

Of course, Chu Mu was worried about the letters. Was it that soul alliance had already followed clues back to Chu Clan? He had to find an end to this.

“Since they’re on their way back, they should be fine. Let’s return to the clan. Grandfather, uncle, and the siblings must all miss you.” Chu Lang said.

Chu Mu nodded and rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast, raising many surprised shouts from the streets as he ran straight towards seven color city city hall.


Chu Clan’s residence couldn’t be described as grand or luxurious. It was just the best out of this city. Even compared to their residence in Gangluo City, this residence was simpler.

“With constant disasters, even well constructed residences could get easily destroyed, so we’ve been frugal these years with this residence.” Chu Lang said.

“Who is in charge of city planning?” Chu Mu asked.

“Second uncle.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu nodded. Since second uncle was in charge of city planning, once he sees Chu Tianling, Chu Mu naturally wanted to let him construct without any worries. After all, this entire city, including their residence, was way too simple. This wasn’t a scene Chu Mu wanted to see.

Entering the main gate, he walked to the front, Chu Lang immediately told the servants to tell the family members that Chu Mu was back.

Most of the servants were new, so they didn’t know who Chu Mu was. However, since Chu Lang commanded, they just had to do it.

Chu Lang led Chu Mu to the hall. Chu Mu felt that if he wanted to lift the family up, he had to see everyone and solve all issues at once.


In the back courtyard, the clearly older Chu Ming sat in a chair and fed little fishes in the pond.

On Chu Ming’s shoulder was an eagle type soul pet. Its eyes were expressive and sharp. Though it was small, it was definitely a fearful bird.

In a moment, a servant came up and whispered into Chu Ming’s ear.

Chu Ming immediately stood up excitedly, face full of surprise and joy. Throwing down the fish feed quickly, he walked quickly towards the great hall. Seeing the old man so hurried, the servant was confused.

In the loft, Chu Tianheng sat by the window, watching outside with a face full of worry.

Beside Chu Tianheng was Chu Tianling. He sighed, “If you have no other way of solving it, then we have to leave this city quickly. We can lose the city, but we can’t lose the people.”

“I know, but these years of development, we’ve made many enemies in Western Region and even Western Kingdom. Especially Lu Family was especially glaring at us. If we switch family cities, we will soon face the combined vengeance from many families.” Chu Tianheng said.

“Brother, is there any news from Chu Qian? Didn’t she say she would bring a bunch of experts from Great Chu Family to help us out?” Chu Tianling said.

“They should be here soon. However, from the letter, Great Chu Family seems to be facing a severe problem too. Chu Qian may not be able to bring back that many experts. Luo Region Sect we told Tian Ren to contact already. Hopefully, in the next period, Tian Reng will bring some Luo Region Sect experts over.” Chu Tianheng said.

Luo Region Sect and Great Chu Family were the largest two factions in Western Kingdom. If they could bring experts from them, the disaster issue this year should be solved.

“Clan master, vice clan master, young master Chu Lang said young master Chu Mu is back and is waiting in the great hall.” A small female servant slowly walked up and whispered quietly to the two.

Seeing the servant walk up, Chu Tianheng reflexively thought it was trivial matters and waved for her to leave.

However, Chu Tianling quickly reacted and was surprised!

“Chu Mu!!”

“Chu Mu!!!”

Both of them almost simultaneously yelled the name out. Looking at each other, the two clan masters quickly went down from the loft, their usual composure in public completely gone.


On the training grounds, Chu Ying was training her own soul pet when a word from a servant caused her eyes to light up.

“Chu Ying, who is Chu Mu? I hadn’t heard of him before.” the man beside Chu Ying said.

This man was dressed cleanly, clothes lavish and medium built. He seemed like a person of status.

“Sun Yuan, he’s a prodigy of our family, originally our family and Yang family……’ Chu Ying was just about to speak about the past when she remembered Sun Yuan was an outsider that probably shouldn’t be hearing it, so she quickly switched focus to how talented Chu Mu was.

“So its a direct descendant of your family without real blood relations. If he truly is that powerful, why have I never heard of the name Chu Mu?” The man called Sun Yuan said with disdain.

It had been many years since Chu Mu became famous throughout western kingdom. Young generation always had highly fluctuating fame, so having left for a few years, Chu Mu had been forgotten by everyone.

Sun Yuan was from Zhanli Kingdom. When they left to train, they met Chu Ying. He was particularly fond of Chu Ying’s gallant and straightforward attitude. It was also because of Sun Yuan that Chu family could steal the guest boat business.

Thus, Sun Yuan was a great guest of Chu Family.

In reality, Sun Yuan had great background. Let alone the guest boat business, even the crystal business between two Kingdoms, he had the confidence to get. However, facing a clan in ninth rank city, he truly was too lazy to reveal his full identity as young master of merchant’s alliance of the two large kingdoms.

While holding his own identity back, Chu Ying suddenly started greatly praising another man. As a young generation, he obviously got upset. However, Chu Ying didn’t have the sensitivity of most women, so on the way to the great hall, her praise and love for Chu Mu wasn’t disguised or ceased. This caused Sun Yuan, who hid his identity and lowered himself to her level, to become somewhat upset.

“Since he’s that powerful and he's back, shouldn’t he be able to solve your family’s hidden issues alone?” Sun Yuan laughed coldly, saying with a slight mocking tone.

“This…...he is one person after all. Speaking of which, you told me your clan members will come help out. When will your people come?” Sun Ying was completely oblivious of his upsetness and continued to ask.

“They’ll come within the next few days.” SPeaking of this, Sun Yuan smiled.

To get Chu Ying, Sun Yuan put in great effort. Of course, to make it more shocking, he never revealed anything, instead secretly telling merchant alliance experts to come help Seven Color City out.

Sun Yuan had never said how many experts would come. But, the moment the experts came and lined up, the entire Seven Color City will presumably be shocked!

After that, there was no way Chu Ying wouldn’t run into his embrace!

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