Chapter 608: Community, Tribe, Empire

Chapter 608: Community, Tribe, Empire

“I’ll deal with this problem. Since the family city is in Seven Color City, I’ll head to Seven Color City.” said Chu Mu.

The spirit source Old Li mentioned earlier was in Xiling Region, which was bordering Western Region. Chu Mu never expected that the family’s city would be in a city rather close to the spirit source. If Chu Mu wanted to obtain a long-term spirit source, he really needed to greatly assist his family.

“That’s perfect. I don’t have anything to do for the time being, so I’ll accompany you back. I’m sure that when the family sees that you have returned, they will be very excited.” said Chu Lang.

As he spoke, Chu Lang had Chu Shenghua manage the crystal store business. 

“This spatial ring has a few soul cores, soul crystals, and crystals. You can take it as a small gift I brought back.” said Chu Mu. He then handed over this spatial ring that wasn’t of use to him.

This spatial ring was pretty much used only to hold scraps, so he just handed it over to Chu Shenghua.

Although Chu Lang really wanted to know what gift Chu Mu had given, he didn’t ask. Regardless, anything Chu Mu gave couldn’t be simple.

Promptly, Chu Lang woke up his Ice Winged Tiger, planning on immediately bringing Chu Mu back to Seven Color City.

Not long after Chu Lang and Chu Mu left, a shocked cry rang out from the crystal store.

The voice came from Chu Shenghua, who had already prepared his heart. Yet, he never expected that there were over a thousand soul crystals and crystals. Moreover, there were dozens of eighth rank soul crystals and crystals and even one ninth rank! 

This store had never engaged in ninth rank crystal business since they had always been a part of auctions in the marketplace. How was this a small gift? This was practically enough to monopolize this entire large shop with spare change left over!

Chu Shenghua let out a silent sigh. Exactly how shocking of a stage in strength did this young man, who had changed the fortunes of the family, reach?


Chu Lang had an Ice Winged Tiger so he could fly. This was definitely much more convenient. Chu Lang originally planned on having Chu Mu ride on his Ice Wing Tiger back with him.

However, Chu Lang awkwardly discovered that Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast’s jogging pace was much faster than his Ice Winged Tiger. He could only helplessly have the Ice Winged Tiger flap its wings as hard as it could to follow Chu Mu.

En route, Chu Lang recounted the family situation over the past few years to Chu Mu.

Due to Seven Color City, the family had developed with great speed, and already possessed numerous eighth rank territories. 

It didn’t need to be said how rich the resources of eighth rank territories were. At least every year they would be able to obtain a middle class monarch infant pet from them. It was completely different from the small Chu Family from before. 

Having occupied these resources, the family was able to purchase various valuable spirit items. His uncle’s generation had greatly grown in strength. The strongest naturally being Chu Tianheng.

The aptitudes of Chu Tianheng’s soul pets were not weak, and the majority of them were at the seventh rank bottleneck for a long period because he couldn’t obtain resources. 

However, over these few years, Chu Tianheng had spirit items and would frequently fight against Seven Color City’s natural disaster. One of his main pets had also obtained a great stroke of luck. Right now, Chu Tianheng’s strength had greatly increased. A number of his soul pets had reached the tenth phase and he was already a famous expert in Western Region.

Many soul pet trainers relied on luck, and once they obtained a stroke of it, they would surge in strength.

Of course, encountering these things would often be accompanied with extreme danger. It wasn’t everyone who was like Chu Mu that would crazily enter bewildering worlds frequently. Normal people would only go once or twice before losing their courage. Obviously, there was no need to speak about strokes of luck...

The Chu Family’s second ranked expert was Chu He. Chu He was part of the young generation and he originally was a very talented soul pet trainer. Back then, his strength hadn’t been much inferior to Chu Xing.

A region was subordinated to a kingdom and the strongest strength in a region would probably only have a tenth phase peak monarch. Moreover, people with these strengths would often be in the kingdom city. They didn’t enjoy staying in small places, especially places like Western Region that was rather far away and rather destitute. Perhaps even a peak monarch didn’t exist here… 

Therefore, Chu Mu estimated that even with just one soul pet, his strength was probably in the top ten of this region.


In about three days, Chu Mu and Chu Lang had reached Seven Color City.

Originally, Chu Mu thought that Seven Color City was a ninth rank city that was definitely more prosperous and majestic than the eighth rank Gangluo City.

However, when Chu Mu saw this city, he was clearly shocked in his heart.

This city was far from being as majestic as he had thought. Moreover, aside from being much larger than an eighth rank city, the inside was very average, or perhaps even less… 

The streets had cracks in them everywhere, and the stone houses were both short and old. The crowds of people were loud and noisy, so this clearly was a community of people without much order among them. Even the most important city wall had certain parts of it that showed clear signs of collapse. 

“This… although Seven Color City doesn’t look like much from its appearance, the profits are rather good.” Chu Lang slightly forced a smile as he spoke. His current appearance looked as if his close relatives had come to visit after a long while, and he was embarrassed from his own home being in a shabby condition. 

Western Region ultimately couldn’t compare with Luo Region Secto’s Luo Region. Seeing these circumstances, Chu Mu understood this. 

The family had grown more prosperous day by day, but had been established in this extremely worn down city. It was probably the case that in these few years, the blood and sweat the family members had spent was even more than in the dozens of years in Gangluo City. 

Walking along the rugged main street, Chu Mu only saw extremely simple and crude stores. The majority of what was being exchanged was crystals, soul crystals, soul cores, and a few energy rocks. Clearly, this was a city with many ores. Otherwise, with how broken down this city was, there probably wouldn’t be so many people visiting. 

The largest downside of this city is the natural disasters and the fact that the creatures around it are too savage. First uncle has spent much time searching and discovered that if the natural disasters and surrounding hidden dangers are dealt with, Seven Color City will definitely develop more than Western City. 

Chu Mu was about to say something when someone from a carriage moving quickly peeked her head out. She glanced at Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast, and showed a shocked expression.

“Chu Lang, who is the person next to you? Introduce him.” the woman peeking her head out from the carriage gave a very direct question.

“This is Chu Mu, my younger cousin. Young Lady Xiao Yi has come to Seven Color City again. Are you planning on going to Qing Feng Wetland to hunt?” Chu Lang wore a smile as he warmly spoke with the woman inside the carriage.

“You know, yet you’re still asking. I want to roam around the city and buy a few things. You go back to your family and tell them that I have arrived. Have them prepare the things they need to…” Young Lady Xiao Yi spoke with arrogance. 

After speaking, she glanced at Chu Mu, but before waiting for Chu Lang to introduce her to Chu Mu, she immediately had her carriage continue on.

This woman’s carriage was being driven by two Star Wilderness Devil Colts. Moreover, their phases and stages were very high. Merely from looking at them, one would know that her status was not low in this region.

Chu Mu glanced at the woman but didn’t say anything. Only, her commanding and bossy attitude made Chu Mu uncomfortable. 

“She is the Region Lord’s daughter. She is also the a young generation expert ranked in the top five of our region. Every once in a while, she will come to our Seven Color City and go to Qing Feng Wetlands to hunt and train. When she comes, it is us that receives her. She is a rather frequent visitor.” explained Chu Lang.

“Qing Feng Wetlands?” asked Chu Mu.

“Qing Feng Wetlands is a huge obstruction to our family’s development. Inside lives a large group of high phase and stage and high ranking soul petse. Our family has spent a large sum of money numerous times to hire mercenaries to clear up the place. Otherwise, transporting goods through the area would be greatly obstructed…” said Chu Lang.

After Chu Lang finished speaking, Old Li’s voice floated over and said: “Qing Feng Wetlands is on the border of Western Wetlands. Western Wetlands is truthfully very close to a forbidden region, and is a ninth rank bewildering world…” 

“A ninth rank bewildering world. Then there are emperor rank creatures there?” hastily asked Chu Mu.

“Yes. In truth, the ranking division of bewildering worlds is not strict and is applicable to soul pet trainers under the emperor rank. After all, to these soul pet trainers, a tenth rank bewildering world is the very highest.”

“Then how is it divided?” asked Chu Mu.

“Within the human world, most of the bewildering worlds are mixed bewildering worlds. The species inside haven’t actually reached a genuine scale. Instead, inside forbidden regions, most of the soul pet species have formed enormous systems. For example Binding Wind Holy Region’s Fierce Wind Demon Empire and Great Broken Sting Valley’s Heavenly Devil Insect Empire. 

Underneath these empires are also the concepts of “tribes” and “communities”. 

Using common conventions to draw an analogy, a community is akin to a city. You humans divide cities into ten ranks. A tenth rank city is called a region city, and underneath you just call them cities: a ninth rank city, an eighth rank city etc… 

In truth, calling them ninth rank cities, eighth rank cities, and seventh rank cities are all just everyday names for them. But they should truly be called ninth rank region cities, eighth rank region cities etc… the region that the ranked city belongs to also becomes the same ranked region. For example, Seven Color City is a ninth rank city, and its territory is a ninth rank region. 

A first rank community is equivalent to your first rank region, or what you call a first rank city. A ninth rank community is equivalent to your ninth rank region and has equivalently the same amount of territory and population as this ninth rank Seven Color City. 

Above a tenth rank region is a first rank kingdom. A first rank kingdom is equivalent to a creature’s tribe.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu had been very confused at the beginning why a region city was just a small region that had for some reason been classified among in the highest tenth rank. So it turned out that ninth rank cities, eighth rank cities and seventh rank cities were just small regions. 

“Seven Color City’s disaster comes from a first rank tribe with pseudo emperors!

Moreover, the source of Qing Feng Wetlands, Western Wetlands, is even more terrifying. It is a third rank tribe with low class emperors! 

A small region that is equivalent to a ninth rank community doesn’t even have peak monarchs. Wanting to survive among the cracks and at the edge of this enormous tribe is extremely frightening. After developing and prospering for a few years, you should quickly move again…” said Old Li.

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